Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram dated in Japan
posted on 09.19.13 at 12:09 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Magical girls arrive on PS Vita in Japan on December 15.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram will launch for PS Vita in Japan on December 19 for 5,980 yen, Namco Bandai confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show.

A Limited Edition Box will also be available for 8,980 yen. It includes a copy of the game, special designed box, art book, original soundtrack CD, candy witch sticker type cellphone cleaner, product codes for five extra in-game costumes, and “Homura’s Time Travel” for cellphone game Voice World.

Pre-order bonuses for the game include “Mami Tomoe’s Hotline” for Voice World.

For more details on the game here.

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  • ekibyougami

    Well, Hello Birthday Gift to myself! Time to preorder the LE!

  • Zackasaur

    I would love for this to be localised. :c

  • fyi1191

    “Mami Tomoe Hotline.”

    Is she gonna haunt us?

    • Sevyne

      Mami Tomoe Hotline is clearly going to be a tips and tricks Hotline.

      “Mami Tomoe here to give you the heads up!”

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Looks great but damn the person playing is horrible

  • Elvick

    God, it’s night and day. Namco Bandai kills it on PS Vita in Japan. Worldwide? Barely anything.

    Makes me sad.

  • Kurisu Makise

    No need to even fret about localization. I love Madoka so much that I’m ready to import. (Hopefully I can snag the Karen Rider PS3 game with it)

  • Chardo

    video is private..?

  • almostautumn

    Video is private :( Fix this Gematsu; I want to seeeeeeee!