Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix now available
posted on 09.10.13 at 09:27 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Watch the PlayStation 3 high-def remaster's launch trailer.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is now available for PlayStation 3 in North America, and will be available to European consumers this Friday.

The collection includes high-definition remasters of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and theater scenes from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

Watch the launch trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Kefkiroth

    And the wait for 2.5 begins.

    • DarthBrian

      The long, arduous wait. T_T

      • Alkhan

        I’m expecting it to be released sometime in the late spring of 2015.
        I also predict FF XV will release sometime between Jan-April 2015.
        I also predict KH 3 to release in either late 2015 or Jan 2016 at the latest.

        • JoJo_649

          Maybe they have a prophet on their side xD

        • DreamDrop♥

          2014. KH comes out once a year and they don’t have one for next year yet. III will be 2015.

          • Zackasaur

            Well, they’re -trying- to release a KH game every year. They take forever to make because of their stunning quality, but they also make more than one simultaneously. It’s worked so far, and I do expect 2.5 HD in 2014 like you do.

            I honestly don’t expect KHIII in 2015, though. But we’ll see!

            • DreamDrop♥

              DDD was the last none remake before III. They’ve already announced that much. I think they’ll get it done, especially now that they already have one under the belt. Crank that out and move all teams to work on KH3.

            • Anime10121

              Yep, I’m guessing 2016 at the earliest now. And more than likely a 2017 release for the west.

          • Alkhan

            Nomura spoke with IGN recently and said that FF XV and KH3 aren’t even being developed at the same time and that well have to wait a while for KH3

  • miyamoto

    oh look at that!

  • Zancrow

    Just read a review.
    Looks like a really well made HD rerelease.
    But, for some reason, SE decided to not include the German dub!
    I’m still gonna get it, because it’s KH, but SE makes it really hard for me to like them.

  • Adol Christin

    Getting mine today :)

  • bloodiOS

    My pre-order should arrive today, if Best Buy doesn’t mess it up.

  • McPoo

    What to people think on the pricing of this compared to WWHD?

    Has more work gone into the visuals of WWHD, or is it about the same as this? And as far as I know, neither HD update adds much, if any new content, so does bundling two games together help combat this?

    I just think that £25 for this is pretty good value, as it’s two HD updates you’re getting, while Nintendo are charging like £40 or something for WWHD. If there’s a big difference between the visual improvement between the two games though I can see why it might cost more.

    • bloodiOS

      I personally think this could have been cheaper given that it doesn’t really improve anything all that much and one of the three games packed in it is basically a long cutscene. I think the FFX|X-2 collection deserved the price more as it actually has a lot of improvements to the graphics. Wind Waker HD may have some serious improvements but overall it still feels like one single highly elaborated HD-remaster, so I don’t think it deserves that price tag. I personally think Wind Waker should be at least 60% cheaper. But of course, overpriced HD-remaster isn’t exactly new, as before Wind Waker HD, we already have Tales of Graces f came out at full retail price despite being more or less an HD-remaster title, but no one really cares since its original never made it oversea. Let’s not Capcom’s lazy HD ports and Konami’s fail-ports, all of which doesn’t really deserve their price tag

      • Zackasaur

        I actually disagree that FFX/X-2 has more improvements to the graphics. Both HD collections enhance the textures and have new character models, in addition to the usual upgrades of resolution, AA, and framerate.

        Mind, KHI was always a prettier game than FFX, though both were stunning for their time and continue to show the world what good art direction can do.

        Graphics aside, the KH 1.5 collection definitely had way more overall effort put into it, when you factor in the live soundtrack, hours of new scenes (358/2 Days), new camera control, etc.

        I’ve had both collections pre-ordered for ages. c:

        • bloodiOS

          The source material might be better but really, there doesn’t seem to be that much being put into the HD remaster for KH at all, but intensive efforts clearly has gone to the FFX|X-2 collection and really even hours of cutscenes doesn’t change the fact that they’re mostly just cutscenes from 358/2 Days put together into a giant cutscene, that has no AA.

          • Zackasaur

            Your post is factually incorrect. Literally every effort put into FFX/X-2 HD (sans remixing the OST, which is a controversial choice anyway; most would prefer that they upgrade to a high quality live version like KH 1.5 HD instead) is already in KH 1.5. And then there is a laundry list of even more efforts put into the KH collection. They’re both great efforts, but it’s not even comparable.

            And I’ll point out that your part about 358/2 Days is untrue. Not only is it not “mostly just cutscenes from 358/2 Days,” (it’s mostly newly animated and voices scenes made specifically for this HD release, which is not content just pulled from the original version) but it has AA.

            EDIT: The one thing I will say, though it’s another topic entirely, is that I wish I could buy KH 1.5 HD a second time for the Vita, like I am for FFX HD. :c

            • bloodiOS

              Doesn’t change the fact that they’re just cutscenes. Either way, I find the improvement in the FFX|X-2 more obvious to me. But let’s stop here as this is going nowhere.

              • Zackasaur

                Well, you’re welcome to an opinion, even if it is factually wrong. :P

                Nonetheless, they’re both wonderful efforts.

                • bloodiOS

                  And fairly priced unlike most others and especially Wind Waker HD, that I agree.

                  • Zackasaur

                    Yeah, that’s definitely true. With the effort put into both of these (not to mention the wealth of content), I’d have honestly paid $60.

                    $40 for each of them (with art book material, too!) is great. It’s the same price as much less impressive HD remasters.

                    $50 for Wind Waker HD is pretty absurd. lol I felt like $40 for Halo HD was pretty absurd, too.

                    • bloodiOS

                      What do you think of Resident Evil: Relevations HD? Capcom charged it for $40 when they couldn’t be bothered to change the audio from stereo (Dolby Digital) to surround sound?

                    • Zackasaur

                      That was just astonishingly lazy. :/ The laziness definitely doesn’t warrant the $40.

                      It’s not unusual for a console upgrade of a handheld game to cost $40+, so the pricing is pretty standard. It still feels high, though. Again, that’s mostly because of the low quality.

                      Definitely now how one handled an HD remaster…

        • Budgiecat

          FFX HD doesn’t just enhance the textures; it out right replaces them completely. I’m talking about the background textures.

          Also Samurai Warriors 2 HD is looking to be very impressive as that also replaces whole background textures and adds more enemies to the battlefield…

      • Gigus

        Konami should have never chosen High Voltage Software to do the Zone of the enders HD -__-

    • Zackasaur

      They’re both bigger-than-usual efforts for HD upgrades, but this one is definitely the better and more fairly priced package. I’ll list a few things to consider here:

      1. They’ve redone textures, created new character models, etc. Not only is it 1080p, 60fps, and full of anti-aliasing… But the assets themselves are improved.

      2. They’ve redone all the sound in surround sound. On top of that, they recorded the entire soundtrack with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra for this release.

      3. This is the first time we get Final Mix in the west, which does indeed include extra content.

      4. The 358/2 Days portion of this release is almost entirely new content! They not only redid the scenes from the game in HD. They also converted the story of the game into hours of new scenes. They had to get all the voice actors back to record for it.

      5. They’ve improved controls. In KH Final Mix HD, you can control the camera with the right analogue stick, for example.

      6. Plus, yeah, it’s a massive wealth of content for a low price.

      • McPoo

        Ah cool, I didn’t know a lot of this stuff tbh, thanks :)

        I wonder how the Fable HD remake will compare to these two too.

        • Zackasaur

          No problem, mate!

          Fable HD will no doubt not compare to the amount of work put into KH 1.5 HD. lol There are a few reasons for that, but it’s just not the same kind of concerted effort.

          However, Fable HD and Wind Waker HD will be very comparable efforts. They’re both pretty overpriced, but they have higher-than-usual graphical efforts put into them. From what I know, Wind Waker HD should be the bigger improvement of the two, but they’re definitely similar HD upgrade concepts. If you’re a die-hard Fable fan, you’ll be pleased.

          • McPoo

            Yeah I do quite enjoy the Fable games so I’ll be picking it up.

            I think it’s priced at a point where it’s decent value for money. Even if there’s not a huge amount of changes, £27 for an HD update of The Lost Chapters is a fair price, in my opinion. Sony’s efforts are usually excellent value for money as they bundle 2 or 3 games together for a reduced price, and Wind Waker just seems like poor value, as it’s £40!

          • DreamDrop♥

            7. The battle system has been redone.

      • KingNigma

        Wait. It’s 60fps?

      • Bobby Jennings

        Is it truly 60FPS? Cause that’d make it a buy for me honestly.

    • Azuardo

      I know that WWHD has had some changes made, like the Triforce hunt quest has now been trimmed down so that only 2 or 3 pieces will need to be found in the sea (I think). Some other things were changed, like the Tingle Tuner thing (because of no GBA connection), and Miiverse stuff has been added. Obviously none of this warrants the price to be what it is at all. WWHD really should be in the £20-30 range, like any HD re-release.

  • Zackasaur

    My body is ready.

    • Budgiecat


      *throws your body in a cauldron*

  • Yuri4prez

    Picking mine up in about an hour. Sad, I won’t be able to play it till after work…

  • DarthBrian

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    But I’m going to have to because UPS sucks. >_<

    • Anime10121

      That they do! They generally ALWAYS deliver when I leave for like 10 minutes.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      lol enjoy your game being delivered at 8pm

      • DarthBrian


  • Solomon_Kano

    Picked mine up this morning! Got the very last preorder to come with an art book at my shop.

    Whoever decided on the book’s design gets mad props. It actually looks like a Winnie the Pooh book I had as a kid, which goes nice with the whole Disney feel. The cover being a bookcase is a nice touch, too.

    One thing to note though: the art book is also the case.

    I dunno if that’s been done before, certainly the first time I’ve come across it, but yea. The back page of the art book holds the disc. Still not sure how I feel about it. I don’t dislike it, it’s pretty neat, but it also means I won’t be setting the game with my other PS3 games.

    • Gigus

      I like the artbook and the art content thats inside. What I don’t like about the artbook is how it was made. Theres literally a huge amount of glue stuck to the first and last page -__-. I thought I just got the bad production one but seeing the unboxing videos that are popping up on youtube proves that the artbook was poorly made.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I think I may just be ignorant, but huge amount of glue?

        • Gigus

          Yup. Of course its not regular store bought glue XD. You can just watch the video I posted. As the commentator opens the book, you can see that the first page is not opened all the way. If you do not believe me just open your copy lol. I really wanna believe that I’m just unlucky with my copy but there are several other videos on youtube that prove it.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, okay. I figured that’s what you meant. Yea, that threw me off when I opened mine as well.

            • Gigus

              Yup, I’m hugely disappointed by it though. I really do not know why they made it like that. Kinda ruins the value of it. I can’t really complain (too late already XD) cause it is a free artbook.

              Another thing that does bother me is that pre-order trailer. Its false advertisement. The trailer shows off alot of concept art that isn’t in the 24 page artbook XD.

              • Solomon_Kano

                Really? I hadn’t even seen the trailer beforehand lol.

                • Gigus

                  Just youtube it. I am aware that they had a little disclaimer saying “Final art may vary”, but they should have not advertised something they aren’t going to commit too.
                  Lulz, I just noticed the downvotes I’m getting. I guess they have to find out for themselves when they open their copy XD.
                  I really hope they don’t do this to FFX/FFX-2 HD for those who pre-ordered to get the limited edition :/ Have they announced an official release date yet?

                  • Solomon_Kano

                    Maybe they already have it and don’t want to believe lol.

                    Still no release date on X/-2 HD, funnily enough. There’s a limited edition Vita! … but still no date lol.

                    • Gigus

                      I spoke too soon. X/X-2HD artbook might by the same as KH. Its 24 pages only. I really hope they don’t put a huge amount of glue.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      Well, I guess we’ll see.

  • DreamDrop♥

    Time to beat KH for the 13th time! And CoM for the fourth!

    • Anime10121

      Would’ve been perfect if you beat COM for the 7th time!

      “Seven of light, 13 of pure darkness”

      • Zackasaur

        Haha, too true!

  • Invisbin

    Put an hour into and I must say, it looks BEAUTIFUL.

  • Warboss Aohd

    had it pre ordered, should have it pretty soon.

  • Zackasaur

    YES! I picked up my copy. <3

    It's beautiful.

  • LordKaiser

    Could no pick it up today so I’ll go tomorrow. (Bad weather)

    • Zackasaur

      Ouch, sorry about that!

  • KingNigma

    Just picked my pre-order up after school and can’t wait to start it this weekend. Unfortunately missed out on the artbook because of my late ass but went ahead and pre-ordered FFX so I don’t miss out again.

  • DarthBrian

    It has arrived! woo!!!!

  • new_tradition

    Just got my LE :3

    I’m in the middle of playing Xillia, so I want to finish that first, but I’m strongly considering at least watching the 358/2 Days scenes since it unlocks some cards in Re:CoM, right?

    • DesmaX

      And easy 100%, of course

  • Revorse

    I know I’m gonna sound like a complainer but I have too. I really don’t like when artbooks and the actually place to store the game are one and the same. It probably cuts down on cost for them, but I like it when they are separate. I have a thing about boxes and having them line up straight in my shitty “collection”

    • Zackasaur

      I agree, but at the same time love this nice packaging.

      It’s Kingdom Hearts, so it’s tempting to buy it twice. lulz I own a lot of unnecessary KH copies for collection purposes.

  • Anime10121

    …UPS SUCKS :(

    Edit: I FINALLY got my copy, but got a question for everybody else who has it. Is it just me, or is the game disc EXTREMELY hard to get outta the “Artbook case”? I though I was gonna nearly break the disc in half trying to pry it from the case. I think maybe my case is a little defective :(

    • Zackasaur


    • Revorse

      Me too. I was pretty fucking scared to be honest.

      • Anime10121

        Wow, so they actually made it like this on PURPOSE? Come on Square, KH deserves better than faulty packaging. I mean everything’s just so perfect, just HAD to mess something up huh Square :(

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea, for a second I had some trouble, but then I tried from another angle and it came out.

  • Kobracon

    Drat…..forgot it came out this week. Burned a hole in my wallet for JBA All Star Battle…

  • Elvick

    I really hate the artbook case for the game… I mean it’s nice visually, but not practical.

    Got this, Dragon Fantasy: Book II, Puppeteer and Killzone Mercenary today. Though Killzone didn’t come in the mail for some reason. D:<

  • Zero

    I should get my copy sometime this week. ^^

  • PrinceHeir

    unfortunately i canclled my order in the last minute(due to some stupid reason)

    oh well i got Puppeteer instead so that’s good.

    i’ll be getting 2.5 HD Remix Day 1 along with 1.5 for sure!