Grand Theft Auto V sales surpass $1 billion in first three days
posted on 09.20.13 at 12:54 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Take-Two and Rockstar Games set new entertainment record.

Grand Theft Auto V reached worldwide retail sales of over $1 billion in its first three days of release, Take-Two has announced.

$800 million of those sales were earned on the first day of release.

Last year, Call of Duty: Black Ops II broke the record for biggest entertainment launch by earning $1 billion in 13 days. Today’s news sets a new record by 10 days.

Grand Theft Auto is a cultural phenomenon and Rockstar Games continues to redefine what can be achieved in interactive entertainment,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “We are incredibly proud of the extraordinary critical and commercial response to Grand Theft Auto V.”

Grand Theft Auto V launched on Tuesday, September 17.

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  • Xaltmas

    Dolla dolla bill y’all.

  • Alkhan

    GTA V has made more than all of Capcom’s total assets x6 in just 3 days.

    That is awesome.

    • shogunknight

      Capcom? Why capcom?

    • Budgiecat

      Capcom CEO: “Quick! Scrap the new Demon’s Souls—I mean Dragon’s Dog–I mean Deep Down idea! We need to make an open world sandbox game featuring three annoying anti-establishment main heroes set in obnoxious fictional American setting with guns and hijacking and other bad satirical parodying stuff! Hurry! We need to do some research on this? Turn the TV and lets watch some reality TV for pointers…”

  • AnimusVox

    One BILLION dollars *pinky to mouth*

    • Charlottes Guardian

      I read it in the voice. I wasn’t even trying to, it just took over my body lol.

  • Bob Obb

    That’s pretty impressive but you gotta consider the budget was nearly $300M, and the $1B figure isn’t profit, just revenue. So right now they probably just broke even.

    • Yuri4prez

      Yes but whats $1B in copies sold? 14 million copies or so? In 3 days? there are over 150 million active ps3/360 users out there. Expect this number to go up. How about when being released on next gen and PC? Sure there is no confirmation, but we all know it’ll happen.

    • Aly Hesham

      you just said it yourself…300 M$ was everything including marketing…they got 700 M$ is that not profitable ?

  • DarthNemesis

    its ironic because it is 100 billion overrated too.Will be trading it in next month for beyond 2 souls a game that deserves this success but wont get it.

    • Xaltmas

      Man, you are so cool. I wish my tastes were as refined as yours.

      • Yuri4prez

        Just an opinion. SOme people love GTA, others don’t.

        He is right about one thing though. Beyond will go under the rug, just like a lot of new IPs that deserve better. Heavy Rain, Enslaved, etc.

        There is no place to make money in the gaming world unless you are COD, or GTA.

        And that sucks.

        • Xaltmas

          Heavy Rain was a commercial success, so I don’t see why Beyond wouldn’t be either.

          • Yuri4prez

            Well, it sure as hell didn’t sell 10 million copies in a week, and Beyond won’t either. It didn’t even sell 5 million since release.
            It’s not about how much it sells, it’s about the recognition it gets. Games that deserve to be played rarely do, but mindless violence outshines innovative ideas every time.

            Even if Beyond is the greatest game ever made, it will be ignored, cause everyone will playing:

            COD 49
            Assassin’s Creed 22

            So on, and so forth.

            • Bobby Jennings

              Don’t forget Tales, Hyperdimension, Final Fantasy, Ys, TiTS. Yeah don’t forget those.

            • Budgiecat

              People in the West like whats shoved in their faces even if it’s crap.
              The popularity of Reality TV has shown us this.

        • Jay

          Last of Us made plenty of money… MGS V will make plenty of money. I’m not a big fan of Ninja Theory and Heavy Rain is very niche…

          As much as I dislike COD, I understand it fits a very large demographic of gamers, and the same goes for GTA. There’s still room for smaller games to have success though, just look at Journey.

        • DarthNemesis

          This is why GTA is bad for the industry like COD, they kill creativity and new experiences. GTA5 is not even better than or as good as the PS2 games. I used to really like the franchise, but it has not lived up to the hype as of late. I really do not believe anyone who says this game is great. RDR was much better to me and I finished that game.

        • Budgiecat

          People like glorifying stupid behavior. GTA excels in parodying and satiring people doing stupid things which is all to prevalent in America. It’s like R* is purposely showing the stupid side of America and like the idiocy that is Reality shows, which is just a reflection of that same type of idiocy, people buy into it anyway.
          “nigga this nigga that stereotyping to the max, curse in every sentence, blow people away with no care in the world, act like a psychotic public shooter, white trash meth addicts, and abusive to women pervasivness, threats of underage rape, homophobic insults and shallow materialistic greed and selfishness’ It’s all shown in the game. No subject is held too taboo.

          Yes the game can be fun but it’s pointing the finger at society and laughing at how stupid people are and the stupid people are buying into it. R* takes full advantage of just how people act by glorifying it. GTA is reflecting modern Western culture and behavior at it’s worst. Its like watching a train wreck, You can’t help but rubberneck…

      • Budgiecat

        It’s because you say nigga too freely and you think slapping around prostitutes is fun and not demeaning to women. That’s not cool

    • McPoo

      How does Beyond 2 Souls deserve this success? How much of it have you played?

      • Yuri4prez

        Got to agree on that. I think it’s fair to say looking at history, R* = quality. Buying a GTA game, you know you are going to get your money’s worth.

        Quantic = great ideas, SOMETIMES good gameplay/story.
        You never know until you are playing what you are going to get.

        I see what this guy is saying though. Another risk dashed by poor sales, while the rehashes, sequals, and AAA games make all the money.

      • DarthNemesis

        1. GTA is obsolete once the new version comes out and they still have not fixed the many flaws of the game.

        2. The game is not wowing me or keeping me interesting like other GTA games and is just pushing the line of shock value. with no interesting story.

        3. B2S looks like a better game and I trust my judgement since I have been playing games since I was 5.

        4. GTA is juvenile and immature and at age 29 I feel that I have out grown the franchise. The use of the “N” word is also annoying and disturbing since millions of white kids will play this game and they are already obsessed with using the word as GTA5 over uses it or could have not used it at all.

        5. I might not have played B2S, but I have played many games better than GTA5 this year alone.

        This is why I hate GTA time, too many blind and psycho fanboys running rampant lol.

        • McPoo

          1. In what way are previous games obsolete? That comment makes no sense. If anything, the fact you think they don’t fix the flaws prevents the older games from being obsolete.

          2. Fair enough it doesn’t wow you, it’s impressed a lot of other people though. It may not be to your taste, but it most definitely is to mine. The story doesn’t rely on shock value anymore than games like Killer is Dead or Dragons Crown rely on it.

          3. Good for you mate. This isn’t a point, but good for you.

          4. Juvenile and immature? Sure it’s got some silly humour, it’s also got a lot of satire though. I think Final Fantasy is a juvenile series, along with most JRPG’S. Their main plot line is ‘spiky haired ladyboy must save the world from ULTIMATE doom’. That’s juvenile, there’s no depth to it.

          5. Care to name some of these games? I too have enjoyed a few games as much as I’m enjoying GTA V this year. The ones that spring to mind are TLOU, Bioshock Infinite, State of Decay, Lego City: Undercover, and Injustice. Oh, and Animal Crossing. I’ve enjoyed all these games immensely.

    • TheFoolArcana

      Why not just go watch a movie instead?

      • Yuri4prez

        Why not just go play a movie instead?

      • CosmicNova

        I never got the jest of this joke. Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and The Walking Dead game, requires the player to control characters and choose paths to continue story progression. If you did nothing, the game and the story wouldn’t proceed anywhere.

        Just because the game doesn’t have the gameplay formula of, character level ups, weapons upgrades, point and shoot everything; doesn’t make it a movie.

        • Yuri4prez

          I remember playing Heavy Rain for the first time. I didn’t put the controller down until the game was finished. I was playing standing up at times. I would pause the game and pace back and forth trying to decide what choice to make, and weighing the options.

          When I finished it, I told all my friends it was the best GAME I ever played.

          Of course that feeling dwindled after playing ti again, but I will always remember the first time. No game, ever has done that to me.

          SO I agree. Some people want run and gun, sex mini games, headshots, etc for it to be called entertainment, and that joke was made just for them.

          • TheFoolArcana

            If you two get up off your high horse and stop trivializing games with HEADSHOTS AND SEX I’ll explain why I think that joke is validated.

            My definition of a game requires the game to have set mechanics that don’t undergo many drastic changes over the course of the game. Heavy Rain has none of this and on top of that it actually does feel like a movie. The mechanics are there just to be there. One moment you’re turning off the shower, another you’re opening the fridge, another you’re dodging someone’s fist, another you’re yelling Shaun’s name, and so on and so forth. The motions you make to do these actions may be the same too. Nothing is consistent. Even visual novels, another medium that are constantly berated for not being games, are better than Heavy Rain in this regard. Take Steins;Gate for example. Sure its a lot of reading, but what you do on Okabe’s phone, how you respond to text messages, whether or not you send the d-mail, change the outcome of the story. The core gameplay is simple, easy to understand, and, once again, it’s consistent. And its that aspect, that makes it feel like the player feel like they are a part of the world, a part of the game, rather than just watching everything unfold and pressing some button prompts when they come up. The end result of the latter is a feeling that this could just as easily work as movie, they’d just have to choose an ending that would work best for it.

            And that’s why I don’t consider Beyond, Heavy Rain, Indigo, or the Walking Dead a game.

            • Yuri4prez

              That’s why YOU don’t consider Heavy Rain, Beyond and Walking Dead a game?

              I’m sorry. I forgot I wasn’t allowed an opinion.

              What you don’t consider a game, is considered a game to others. you know that. IMO, I it is considered a game, bacuase you are simply not just watching a 10 hour cut scene. You must pay attention to what is going on. You have to act quickly, or suffer for it. You solve puzzles, interact with the world. Sounds like a game to me.

              my watch a movie comment was not intended at you, I’m sorry if you took offense, but what you bring up proves what I am saying. You don’t ONLY have to love tits and guns games to hate story heavy games like Heavy Rain, hell MGS series could almost be considered that too, and it’s not….But people complain about it being a movie as well.

              Either way, doesn’t matter.

              • TheFoolArcana

                Yes, that’s why I, personally don’t consider those games. I stated that in the first sentence didn’t I?

                Alex Smith commented that he never understood the jest of the joke, and both of you trivialized what games are. I responded accordingly, explaining to both of you why I said what I said. I don’t mind you having an opinion, but when you generalize and say something ignorant like “some people want run and gun, sex mini games, headshots, etc for it to be called entertainment,” then of course I’m going to take offense. I can tell you didn’t really read my post either considering your comment about story heavy games. After all, I wouldn’t reference a visual novel, 30 hr one at that, if I had problems with anything story heavy. Please try not to make too many assumptions in the future.

                • Yuri4prez

                  Damn, why all the hate!? Didn’t I say I was sorry for offending you or your opinions and tastes?

                  You’re my brother. And I love you. I read your comment and understand what you think is a game and what isn’t.

                  What did you expect? You shit on a game others including myself like, with the “iwatch a movie instead” joke, and we are on a high horse?

                  I already said, doesn’t matter. Like what you like. You have your reasons for finding these games not to your liking, and I do.

                  And you know there are those of us out there that only l play and hold up high the “trivial” things I mentioned.

                  I’m not trying to argue with you. Thank you for the back and forth.

                • Budgiecat

                  Well you’re an idiot if you think Beyond and Heavy Rain weren’t games. They have puzzle elements and element of choice. Even the fucking Heavy Rain DLC mission is a game. There’s a game over if you don’t do things correctly in terms of avoiding the killer who is trying to murder you in his house.

            • Budgiecat

              Steins;Gate is an exception though. Most visual novels have you just reading with hardly any choice options.

              You’d have been better to cite other examples like Time Travelers, Virtue’s Last Reward, Ace Attorney series, Hotel Dusk/Last Window, Time Hollow, 999, Another Code R/Trace Memory, Again, Jake Hunter, Trauma Center/Team, Lifesigns: Surgical Unit, Policenauts, Snatcher…

              Heavy Rain IS a game. You felt tension as Jason’s father in situations where you were forced to make a decision to either shoot yourself or cut off your finger to save your other son etc…

              And Beyond you have free reign control as Aiden in real time space.

              Wtf did you even watch the trailers or interviews for that one?

          • DarthNemesis

            That’s how I feel about every GTA game, but the hype ends within a week or 2 and I never beat the games. The hype has ended within the first 2 hours of GTA5 for me.

        • DarthNemesis

          The story in Quantic Dreams games are actually interesting with great characters unlike any GTA game. I always get bored of GTA, but I finished Heavy Rain.

          • McPoo

            Yeah, Heavy Rain was full of great characters (lol)

      • DarthNemesis

        Your comment missed its sarcasm and humor mark and is way off. How about instead of going to a strip club in GTA5 I actually go to a real strip club? That is the only thing interesting this game thus far.

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      That’s an opinion not shared by the general consensus.

      • DarthNemesis

        Well I really don’t give a damn about what the general consensus is as I am not a sheep. The general consensus is that cigarettes are cool to smoke too …even though they are not.

        • Xaltmas

          Man, I hope I can be like you when I grow up.

        • Bryce Blalex Douglas

          That was the general consensus 15 years ago. Now it’s looked down upon by most.

          While some things the general consensus follows do suck, not everything first. People love the GTA series because it’s a good quality series. It may not be your cup of tea hell it’s not really my cup of tea but I can recognize Rockstar makes a quality fun series.

          So calling people sheep because they like GTA and probably won’t buy Beyond Two Souls is unwarranted. Every game has it’s audience and you can’t be upset when a game finds it’s audience with a huge amount of people.

          • Budgiecat

            In a way there ARE Sheep that do buy the game though based on marketing hype that will not buy Beyond because it probably won’t be marketed the same way.

            Plus, guns and reckless psychopathic destruction…you know, America sucks that up.

            The funny thing is R* makes fun of and satires just how shallow people act in the West nowadays (‘Righteous Slaughter’ FPS and ‘Life Invader’ and ‘Bleeter’ app anyone?) and its many of those same type of shallow people that flock to buy said game.

            Not saying there’s regular people who buy the game for fun, but there are a LOT of shallow bandwagoners due to hype that helped to generate this success in sales. And R* parodies those people in the game.
            These are the same people that will probably drop their iPhone 5 they bought 2 months ago for an iPhone 5C because its got some pretty new color options…

            • Bryce Blalex Douglas

              You can’t equate people buying the new GTA with people buying a new Iphone. The last GTA came out like 4 years ago. A new Iphone comes out every year. It’s a difference.

              People buy GTA because they know it’s going to be fun or they’ve heard it’s going to be fun and want to try it out. For a lot of non core gamers GTA: San Andreas was probably one of the few games they played on the PS2. It’s one of the few games that appealed to the masses on the PS2. So it only makes sense that when the new one comes out people will buy it in droves. If the game sucked then the people who are buying it off of name alone would be sheep. But it doesn’t suck and therefore they aren’t sheep.

              And you mentioned Sleeping Dogs in another post. Sleeping Dogs and GTA may be sandbox games but they’re not the same. Sleeping Dogs deals with Chinese culture. GTA deals with satire of American culture. Sleeping Dogs may be a good game. Hell it may even be better than GTA, but it’s game setting and story caters to more of a niche crowd than GTA and therefore it won’t be played by everyone.

              And just like Sleeping Dogs you can’t compare Beyond with GTA. They are two totally different types of games. Beyond, in no way shape or form, caters to the same target market as GTA. That’s like saying Mario and Final Fantasy cater to the same groups of people. Every game won’t be as successful as another because they have two different target audiences. If you can’t understand that then this conversation is moot.

              • Budgiecat

                The setting of Sleeping Dogs shouldn’t matter. and it shouldn’t be considered ‘niche’ just because of lol setting. That is stupid and somewhat could be even considered racist. A good game is a good game regardless of the story setting.

                I’m not getting a game because it’s set in ‘AMERICA WITH GUNS’.
                I’m getting it because I think it might be good.

                Anyone that does the former is a sheep.

                • Bryce Blalex Douglas

                  No, anyone who does it just may not want to play a game based on someone else’s culture. Same reason why not every one watchs foreign movies. Same reason why everyone doesn’t read books about someone else’s culture. Same reason why people read comics and not manga or vice versa. Video games are no different. It just so happens that American culture is the one culture that everyone can somewhat relate to so a game based on American culture versus a game based on Chinese culture will probably turn out to sale better. They aren’t sheep it’s just people tend to familiarize themselves with their own culture.

  • Zancrow

    A lot more work was put in GTA V than in BlOps, I bet, so I guess they deserve it more.

    • SuperLuigi

      Well blops was made in one year. Gta was around 4 years of development with a bigger budget. I would imagine it would def have more involvement in development.

  • LordKaiser

    Now all the games will be sand box next gen.

    • Yuri4prez

      Could be worse…. Could be FPS dogs confirmed over and over like it is now.

    • King-Podigy-X

      I rather have more sandbox’s than FPS’s.

      • Budgiecat

        How bout FPS sandboxes set in the modern era with online multiplayer and in game online sport games multiplayer where the main character is also a professional Baseball/Football/Basketball and renowned Soccer player and also happens to have a magical portal where he can transport himself to a mystical medieval world where he can also slay dragons and orcs as well as travel to distant worlds in a spaceship as a space marine saving the universe one alien planet at a time from space vampires and space zombies while also having time to enjoy online fighting tournaments and online vocaloid rhythm singing gameplay and buying DLC dress up merchandise to go on dates while enjoying visual novel style dating sim elements?

      • Karl Josef

        Dying Light – a zombie, sandbox, parkour FPS game xD

    • TheBlackRabbit

      yep their needs to be a balance somewhere but the power shifts every gen or so. Pretty much a cycle at this point ^^;

  • King-Podigy-X

    In the words of Dr. Evil

  • DriftSlave

    Much Deserved.

  • Jay

    COD knocked off its throne… Tis a good day.

    I wasn’t a huge GTA fan, but I can’t deny this game’s greatness. This may surpass Read Dead Redemption on my Rockstar list.

  • almostautumn

    People sure like playing the same game over and over, I guess.

    • McPoo

      That’s why Final Fantasy’s such a popular series.

      • Yuri4prez

        Everybody likes playing the same game over and over, be it good or bad.

        How many Super Mario Bros. games are there? People know Super Mario games, and know they will like them. Same with other genres

        • Budgiecat

          Final Fantasy isn’t the same game over and over.

          • McPoo

            I’d argue that they are.

            • Budgiecat

              Right….that’s why FF XV is a real time action RPG with an open world, Final Fantasy Tactics is grid based isometric strategy game, Final Fantasy XII RW is a 2D sprite based Real Time Strategy, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is a simulation life/town breeder, FF XIV and XI are MMO’s, and FF XIII is a turn based linear hallway fest where you only have control of the main character

              All the same. Right.

              • McPoo

                That’s a lot of different ways to say ‘RPG’.

                • Budgiecat

                  Now you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing.

                  I don’t do autographs…

                  • McPoo

                    So you’re saying you won’t sign my breast?

    • Yuri4prez

      People stick to what they know. I would be lying if being hip and trendy didn’t have anything to do with it. Afterall, we all knew this game was going to be a smash. It was the “Cool” game this year. It sells like hotcakes, no surpise there.

      At least R* puts work into it’s games and tries to make them great, they could always change a few skins, and setting, and put the same game out every September…

    • Xaltmas

      Man, you know that thing that’s really popular? Yeah, fuck that thing!

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      Yes people do. It only helps that the last GTA came out years ago. People love playing games they know, they also love playing new games in between the release of familiar games. Go troll somewhere else please.

      • Budgiecat

        Wonder why Sleeping Dogs wasn’t a bigger success then. It does things that you can’t even do in GTA V (like attacking multiple opponents melee fashion in a Batman AA style with Yakuza like environment finishes) as well as Vanquish style third person shooting and Pursuit Force style car to car stuntman leaping acrobatics and free running parkour style on foot chase sequences….

        name recognition hype?

        • Zero

          Yes. The name Grand Theft Auto plays a big role in selling all of these copies. No doubt about it.

          It would likely sell 2 million or more on launch date, even if the early reviews said it was awful.

        • Bryce Blalex Douglas

          You equate name recognition hype to not worth 1 billion in sales. People buy the game because it’s GTA yes. Like I’ve said before, GTA was probably the first video game to appeal to the masses. People who hardly ever play video games will play the new GTA because they had fun playing GTA: San Andreas (still the highest selling GTA to date.). So yes, a part of the reason it’s sales were so good is because of the name. It just so happens that the game is a very good one that people can have fun with.

    • DarthNemesis

      They sure do and the formula has gotten stale which is odd that reviewers are still sucking on the sack lol …they will never top San Andreas.

    • Bobby Jennings

      As long as it isn’t coming out every single year, and actually tries to develop, then yes.

  • fireemblembeast

    Lol we had to write about this today in my 3D animation and Game design class

    • Raul

      Cool. Where are those schools? :)

      • fireemblembeast

        Just a certain high school in Connecticut
        Actually the class is new this year :3

  • AnimusVox

    Has anyone here played this yet?

    • Gustavo Rosario

      Yup Yup and I love it. Can’t wait for GTA Online. I’m disappointed at the amount of hate its getting just because its a AAA game. It’s still superb on every level and if these sales continue to help the franchise so be it. And before you call me a fanboy know that I hated GTA IV it lacked the immersion of San Andreas and previous titles.

  • Budgiecat

    These arent even worldwide sales as the games not out in Japan or Brazil yet

    • Lavos

      It is out on Brazil, it was out yesterday.

    • Sal Romano

      Worldwide sales = sales from everywhere it’s been released.

  • Raul

    You have to be really braindead to play and hype this kind of games over and over again.

  • LordKaiser

    One question:

    If Rockstar make a sandbox game as excellent as this but with another theme, let’s say a Vigilante will it sell like this? Will you buy it? (Max Paine 3 don’t count as people harshly judge it “cuz it was not max paine” without even playing it).

    • McPoo

      I probably would, if it looked decent. I’ve bought and enjoyed pretty much every Rockstar game since GTA3, with the exception of Table Tennis and Max Payne 3, which I didn’t really like.

      A decent concept and knowing they were behind it would be enough to have me interested.

  • Elvick


    I don’t really have an interest, but I’m sure it’s a fine enough game for those who like games like it.

    But good grief. I really hate casuals. There are tons of other games that deserve a piece of this pie far more than GTA… (among other overrated and overselling games like CoD) And I say casuals since GTA and CoD are steeped in pop culture so everyone knows about them. That’s why those types of games sell so much more than games that they have no knowledge of. Like Killzone or any JRPG not Final Fantasy.

    • McPoo

      Are you saying Killzone deserves better sales?

      • Elvick

        No where did I say that.

        I’m saying half the people that bought GTAV have no knowledge of Killzone, or anything that isn’t mainstream. ie; CoD, Sports games, GTA, Pokemon, Mario. Which is why these sell significantly more.

        And I think it sucks that casuals only buy these few IPs. When there are plenty of other games that should do better than they do. The Okamis of the industry.

        • McPoo

          Ooh sorry, I misread the final few lines.

          So what you’re saying is that games more people know about, sell more?

          In which case does the blame lie with the consumer, or with the publisher for their marketing efforts?

          • Elvick


            There’s no way to justify GTA level marketing on a new IP.

            And consumers stick with what they know.

  • Karl Josef

    It’s not about the name of the franchise it’s about how much fun it can give to you. Haters of GTA gonna hate. (we’re not mainstreamer :P)