Disgaea D2 gameplay, screenshots
posted on 09.25.13 at 10:50 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New media just before European release.

NIS America sent out new gameplay clips and screenshots of Disgaea D2 tonight.

The PlayStation 3 sequel to the original Disgaea is due out on October 8 in North America and this Friday, September 27 in Europe.

Watch the footage below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • GhostNomad

    This reminds me that I need to get back to work on Disgaea 3 before D2 arrives in the mail… <.<

  • bloodiOS

    Oh, come on! I haven’t even got started on 4 yet!

    • GhostNomad

      …. Shit. I knew I was forgetting a Disgaea game. God damnit Annie.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        That’s her name! Don’t wear it out! lol :3

        • GhostNomad

          Oh I’ll do whatever I damn well please!………

          *throws uncooked macaroni at name*

      • DesmaX

        You forgot the best one

        • GhostNomad

          I forget a lot of things about the gaming world T~T

    • Elvick

      That was almost a full two years ago. It’s not like you didn’t have time between releases.

      • GhostNomad

        Because everyone always gets every game as soon as it’s released, right? There’s still people who haven’t played FF VII :P

        • Elvick

          Did I say that? I said there was plenty of time inbetween release. It’s not like it was 2 months ago.

          If 2 years is “too soon” for someone, then it’s not even worth mentioning that you’ve not gotten around to it.

          • GhostNomad

            Hey, maybe it was just inconvenient timing! I know it’s become a little inconvenient for me since I’m in the same position as Annie. Haven’t even started 4 yet, and now I’m going to have D2 sealed up and collecting dust for anywhere from a few months to several years! Not to say that it’s a problem that’ll be the end of my world or that I want sympathy, much less that I’m upset with the devs for pushing out a new game when I’m not ready for it.

            In the same sense, people complain when they purchase a new phone/TV/random piece of technology and then a few weeks later, the new, super awesome version comes out when you haven’t even gotten to enjoy your current purchase to the point where you feel you’re ready for an upgrade.

      • bloodiOS

        I still have to clear my backlogs which even involves a good amount of PS2 games, and I tend to put RPG on low priority since they’re more time consuming. I’ve also been actively spending more time on anime and manga and Gematsu… I don’t know, I guess the idea of trying to clear that mountain of backlogs gives me too much anxiety, I ended up not getting started at all.

  • Willgaea

    It’s always crazy damage every time Nis shows game play or screen shots. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen level 1-50 damage, which is all you really need for the story. It’s like their staple to show off transmigrated level 100000 damage.

    It’s like they know if I see that damage, it will become fun goal to get to. Has anyone else made a list of the games they have to get. If I didn’t have this list I’d lose track of all the awesome games coming out.