Deep Down Tokyo Game Show play test report
posted on 09.18.13 at 02:28 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Japanese outlets go hands-on with online PlayStation 4 game.

Deep Down will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show this week. Japanese outlets, however, got an early hands-on with the upcoming PlayStation 4 title. Below is our translation of‘s report.

When you start the game, you can select your character’s equipment. In the Tokyo Game Show demo, you can select the “Armor of Raven” or the “Armor of Infantry.” There is no difference in performance between each, and both are equipped with spears. Weapon types are also being prepared, but there are no details on it yet.

Afterwards, you’re tasked with picking your skills, but in the Tokyo Game Show demo, everything is pre-set. At this time, Capcom could confirm 21 skills. There are three attributes (neutral, positive, and negative), each with seven skills (that make up the 21). You can choose three neutral, two positive, and two negative skills.

Whether you wield the spear to perform a spin rush, or hold the spear to rush with an assault there are many skills that will assist you in battle, as well as skills that will temporarily raise your abilities, or tell you where enemies and items are.

The player will have three kinds of skills. Inside dungeons, by collecting items and performing other tasks these skills may change, and their current status will not only be displayed on screen, but also in the color of the light bar on the controller.

Depending on the skills of the character, there will be different restrictions in effect. Positive and negative skills may work in contrast to one another, and as such when positive skills are in use, negative skills will become unavailable (and vice-versa). Negative skills will be available regardless.

Once you’re able to control your character, control information will be displayed on screen. Depending on the weapon, attacks are divided into weaker and stronger. Just like in shooter games, the L2 button will dramatically increase your accuracy. However, without the use of the L2 button attack motions will change, and with weaker attacks you can back step as you attack. Depending on the situation of the battle there is some value in fighting like this, so you’ll want to make sure to try it out.

To use skills and magic items, use the directional pad to select the icon you want. However, because using the left stick is difficult to operate at the same time, preparing your skills and magic items before battle is the best way to play without becoming confused.

Delve deeper and deeper into dungeons. Maps create themselves each time you re-enter, so by climbing in and out of dungeons you can see the easier and more taxing maps, as well as the flat but expansive maps. Of course, because enemies, traps and items will rearrange themselves differently each time, the type of map will greatly influence the level of difficulty. Immediately after warping to a dungeon you may find a trap immediately in front of you, or a monster directly behind, and tension can rise in an instant.

The player’s goal is to obtain the dungeon’s hidden mementos, find the magic square, and then escape. By touching the controller’s touch pad a three-dimensional map will display showing your current location, and the location of the magic square. Nonetheless, dungeons are complicated and exploration is not easy, and traps and monsters lie in wait along the way.

Weapon attacks are performed as already mentioned, but using the L2 button will set up the weapon, and R1 / R2 will launch your attack. The shining white eyes of the monster known as “Hog,” introduced at the Tokyo Game Show, are its weak point. However, because it’s hard to aim at its eyes, you’ll have to first take out its legs to get it to kneel down before making efficient damage.

Of course, when skills and magic items are available, you will be proactive. Magic items can be reused fewer times than skills, however they boast the power to bring down a Hog in a hit. Furthermore, the red-burning Flaming Arrow and the rolling tornado Titan’s Breath graphics will give you a taste of what this next generation of gaming can offer.

By timing your attacks to the rhythm of the Hog’s blows, you can also repel the monster. If successful you will defend yourself from attack, and while there is the risk of ruining your weapon in the process, there is also value in trying, especially if you are carrying a weapon, such as the spear, which cannot otherwise be used to defend.

When using warp points you may find the path before you littered with monsters, while other times sparse with only one treasure chest.

While the Hog is the only monster to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show, there will be a lot of variation between monsters, and their colors, weapons, and attacks.

By the way, for those who aren’t good at action games, there is a “Casual Mode” being prepared. If you select this mode at the start of the game, there is little chance you will be killed by monsters. Also, clearing a dungeon within the time limit will be an even match. challenged the game five times for the sake of collecting data and, when the layout wasn’t all that complicated, clearing a dungeon could be done smoothly. It really seems that the automatically-created dungeons really influence the difficulty level, depending on their structure. It’s all luck, so challenge these dungeons with caution.

The demo only offered single-player, so the anticipated online play remains veiled. The whole of Deep Down has yet to be revealed, but the graphically impressive battle scenes are rich and worth seeing. If you are planning on attending the Tokyo Game Show, I recommend heading to the PlayStation booth and trying Deep Down out for yourself.

We’ll close this with some controls:

  • Character Movement: Left Stick
  • Camera Movement: Right Stick
  • Run: Hold L1 while moving
  • Map Display: Pad Button
  • Weapon Prepare: L2 Button
  • Weak Attack: R1 Button
  • Strong Attack: R2 Button

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery. For more, read our translation of Famitsu’s interview with Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono here.

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  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler


    and i hope theres more than just dungeons

    • Jay

      “Dungeons” aren’t necessarily dark prisons and caves… I like to think of dungeons as areas with a central theme. Demon’s Souls is a good example of how varied “dungeons” can be.

  • Franggio Hogland

    That control scheme…?

    Oh well I’m ready to roll!

  • Invisbin

    I like how they’re using the touch pad. Nice one capcom.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I can’t wait to see more footage of this.

  • LunarHaven

    I have this feeling the game might end up feeling a bit empty. Are there a lot of characters living in this world? Or just an empty dungeon crawler with no story at all? Not sold on this at all.

    Also, that Knight armor, the gameplay style etc. reminds me WAY too much of Demon’s Souls. I am not a fan when companies try to ride on the fame of other titles. They often come out as pretty soulless when their made with that mind set.

    • Jason Mounce

      And would you have any idea how many times people consider something a ‘Soulless Clone’ when if they simply thought more on the positive side it could be considered a great tribute to the success through which From_Software have made for themselves? They’ve been making these kinda games for a long while since of King’s Field before Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. Why complain if more people are making games similar to it? Having just Dark Souls 2 and only having that game series with that kind of dark, unforgiving gameplay…..we need MOAR. The game is beautiful, clearly has great dedication behind it, and it’s not JUST some kind of ripoff, that much should be noticeable already but of course, we’ll have to wait for launch.

      Capcom made Dragon’s Dogma not too long ago as a new IP which borrows elements from their own game and a few others (Aka Monster Hunter) and the like. It did great, was a great game, and I enjoyed it. This is along the lines of Dark Souls + Assassin’s Creed so far to my eyes, I can’t wait to hear more about it just as I was anticipating Demon’s Souls when I first saw it in a JP trailer.


      • LunarHaven

        I kind of disagree with wanting more of this, even the main creator of Demon’s and Dark has said he doesn’t wish to run the concept into the ground by making too many similar games. And he’s also stated that he doesn’t want the Dark Souls franchise to release 10 games etc. which would make the concept lose it’s edge.

        I think copycats like Deep Down may be helping this kind of game lose it’s magic one day. But hey, I don’t want to CRUSH Deep down yet, I am still interested in seeing more. Just a bit worried.

        • Jason Mounce

          Well, to be fair of course. Being worried is fine. Just, due to the demographic of these games? I don’t see any negative impact, it’s not like it’s going to get milked and turn into the next COD because it just doesn’t fit a mass demographic, it’s built for hardcore, story-driven gamers. There’s a good 1-2-3 million in that audience if anything for the average point in time. Just, since it can’t be milked out in such a way, it’s either it does well, is received well by critics and gamers and sequels come out for engrossing and expansions on the story that people came to enjoy or it does bad and it warrants that Capcom doesn’t try to make a sequel.

          I don’t see a negative outcome since these games cannot be Calladutified. It can suck, and all it means is you can avoid it and good gamers know to then stick with the ORIGINAL team behind the ‘genre’ aka From Software because they got the magic. Just as of all the Monster Hunter ‘copies’ whether Ragnarok Odyssey, Soul Sacrifice, Gods Eater, Lord of Arcana, or Dragon’s Dogma(Which is made by Capcom who made Monster Hunter anyways). None of those ‘clones’ really had any effect, people may play or like it but they know that Monster Hunter is the one that is more of the ‘Original Monster Hunter Game’ and any copies didn’t weed it out or do it any wrong, just created more variety for those who enjoy that type of game, yuh know?

          • LunarHaven

            Well, disagree with A LOT you just wrote. Dragon’s Dogma has nothing in common with monster hunter, but yes, those other games you mentioned do and I’ve avoided them like the plague. They are great examples of what I am talking about. Soulless copycats that have little unique going for them that I find hard to support.

            I mean, Deep Down even goes as far as to make screenshots of the knight in angles that makes everyone go: Is it Demon’s Souls 2!? It’s pretty pathetic I think, but hey, we’ll see how it turns out lol

            • Jason Mounce

              Wut. How does Dragon’s Dogma have nothing in common with Monster Hunter… must not have ever fought the bloody dragons…..or most bloody bosses…..or the god damn Ur-Dragon…. Serious, if you haven’t played the game, or gotten far…Don’t pretend you know the gameplay. Everyone had called it the Monster Hunter + Shadow of the Colossus game, so, you can disagree all you want, it won’t change the facts of its gameplay mechanics.

              Subjective Opinion.

              Just, calm down on those judgemental traits.

              • LunarHaven

                lol Sounds like you are getting angry there, take it easy man, the Shadow of Colossus ideas were definately INSPIRATIONS, didn’t look or functioned OR feel like Shadow of the Colossus though, that’s the difference here. You could climb the head of hydra’s in Dogma, and cut the heads of at points you were climbing to. Also, fighting huge monsters doesn’t equal to Monster Hunter.

                • Jason Mounce

                  Nothing in my post would represent any form of anger, your Troll-level is miniscule. Even so, I have nothing more to say to someone so desperate for attention and of low intelligence.

                  I didn’t mean to tell you to calm down which infact rustled your jimmies though.

  • Raiu

    Interesting…. Now I’m intrigued and wanting to try it out as soon as a demo is released… Hopefully…..

  • Zackasaur

    I remember that people were really negative about the Demon’s Souls demo at TGS, and then the game came out and blew some minds.

  • Omega_Shiro

    I am hoping this will be heavily story driven as shown. Starting to think after that recent trailer there will be a modern area to move about in to. I wounder just how many memory’s are in the game will there be many stories of others lives in the game world and what they are searching for ? I am on the edge of my seat I love themes like memory dive and a good story too.