Caius and Yeul return in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
posted on 09.13.13 at 07:19 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Latest screenshots show Caius, Yeul, buildings, and battles with Snow and Noel.

Square Enix has released new screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII revealing the return of Caius, who Lightning fought 500 years again in Valhalla, and his companion, Yeul.

The new images also delve deeper into the buildings of the Wildlands and Luxerion areas, as well as battles with Lightning and her former allies Snow and Noel.

View the screenshots at the gallery. Check out a bonus costume collection video below. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • Alkaid

    Ya know it took me nearly a year to notice this! Trivia time!

    Tales of Xillia and Final Fantasy XIII are both the thirteenth installment of their series! (we knew that for a while)
    In the games there is a character who’s objective is kinda difficult to categorize is called Gaius/Caius. (good/bad/neutral)
    Both heroes of the thirteenth installment are a bit indecisive about him, but overcome it in the end.
    They see Gaius/Caius as “someone to look up to”/ “as a friend”
    Noel and Jude also have (as you can see) the exact same number of letters.
    Both games have a sequel which uses a “time traveling/shifting” theme.
    Also they are both about a God/Goddess which needs to be protected in a way, and uses a vessel for his/her own accord to fight against “fate”. (Milla Maxwell and Lightning)
    Both games were kinda rushed, while Xillia had to be the 15th anniversary title, Square Enix didn’t want to delay the release of XIII further.
    XIII-2 is basically the first Final Fantasy where the player is able to get different costumes and accessories, which is common in all Tales games. But editing them to such a degree was also a new feature in Xillia.
    They have a different ” enemy surprise attack mechanic” than in the previous games of the series.
    XIII and Xillia also share a similar leveling system which is similar
    to the sphere grid from X (FF10), but in Xillia it’s without level
    And they both use a slightly altered battle system, which is much more similar to older games of the series. DR-LMBS sideview in Xillia (instead of the precise SS-LMBS overhead view from Graces) and for XIII a variant version of the ATB system from older FF titles.
    Both follow-up titles use yet another upgraded version of it.
    Plus both second games of either Xillia and XIII-2 re-use some of the places and models from the first games (some are slightly altered) as well as the same engine.
    While Xillia 2 and XIII-2 still feature some of the old cast, they can’t really be considered as the main characters anymore.
    The sequels also feature some kind of “choice” system.
    This leads the player to different endings, while there is only one true ending in both games.

    The only thing where they actually completely drift away from one another is this game here. ..Costumes aside…
    Actually there are some more similarities, but I don’t wanna bore you guys to death and it’s high likely that most of you already knew all this to begin with. xD
    And now I wanna have a Milla Maxwell Returns: Xillia 3

    • Bobby Jennings

      Don’t forget how much the logos look alike. Green for Xillia and XIII, pink for Xillia 2 and XIII-2

      • Alkaid

        And you are right about that! Except that it’s the whole font for Xillia while XIII/XIII-2 is more Amano Artwork based. Makes one wonder, if the dev studios somehow inspired each other in certain ways. xD

        • Bobby Jennings

          I think that’s definitely the case. Final Fantasy with the costumes had to come from Tales.

          • AuroraXIII

            Actually, Toriyama games typically feature costume customisation.
            FFX-2 and The 3rd Birthday come to mind.

            • Bobby Jennings

              I’m mainly talking about costume DLC, however you do have a point.

    • PrinceHeir

      thanks for the insightful info!

  • new_tradition

    Omg, FINALLY Caius shows up. I was seriously doubting his inclusion for while there, lol.

    Yeul doesn’t seem as…different as she was in RotG xD

    • Budgiecat

      Yeah really…this game so far didn’t even seem to have any villains..

  • DriftSlave

    Lightning finally gets exposed as the Red Mage she always was….I dig it….along with alot of those costumes. Butler Lightning….is just win…

  • Jay

    I just hope FFXIII never returns after this last one… This does seem to be the most promising one out of the trilogy though.

  • Zackasaur


    He is definitely one of the best character in FF history.