Ar no Surge first details and screenshots
posted on 09.29.13 at 06:28 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Gust's first RPG set in the world of Surge Concerto.

Gust has shared the first official details and screenshots for its newly announced PlayStation 3 title Ar no Surge.

An RPG entry in the developer’s PS Vita communication game series Surge Concerto, Ar no Surge is headed by Akira Tsuchiya, who also directed the previous games. It is set in a world where “songs are the power of magic” and “the power of thoughts become bonds.”

Here’s the story synopsis:

On a planet called La Ciela, humans and “Genomes,” a life-form who possess a spirit exceeding that of humans, once co-existed. But from the loss of this beautiful green land, the people spread. Seeking a new planet, the people who flew on the space ship were known as the Shield of the Gods, who now live in front of the impassible “Felion Wall.” In a geofront called Orei, they live their quiet lives.

The seasons never change in this inorganic space. Before they could notice, this became a world for humankind. But even so, they lived strongly. From the weathered rubble they built small houses, and from the metal ground that grew no shrubs or trees they made fields for fruits and vegetables using the skills that had been lost and dreaming once again.

However, their lives were not peaceful.

The mysterious life-forms known as Sharl suddenly appeared. They kidnapped the people of Orei. Humanity had no technology to stand up to the Sharl with their wondrous power of “song magic.” Then one day, after thousands of years, without even a gust of wind, the Felion Wall opened.

From the inside of the wall emerged a people referred to as the “Ancient Ones,” possessing the same song magic as the Sharl and the knowledge to use lost abilities. With this, people assembled within the wall and began to quest for the truth behind the outbreak of the mysterious Sharl.

And a bit about Felion:

The astronomically centered control tower attached to a residential area. The princess of the sky governs the streets of people. The complicated Geofront is a very high-tech town, and groups of skyscrapers towering 40 stories above the ground are connected with passageways. The Neons that color the exteriors and building walls are in scientific wear, and inside the city cast an oriental light.

Inside the ancient ones and two kinds of ‘modern people’ who have lived for thousands of years awake from the cold sleep of the planet era. But their common enemy the Sharl, as well as the modern peoples’ respect for and fear of the ancients’ song magic, make their relationship amicable. But although this city that is exposed to the wickedness of the Sharl is closed in by the great wall known as the Shield of the Gods, there are still many modern people who live around its exterior.

The main scenario consists of town, field, and battle parts. The story progresses as you switch between main characters Delta and Arshes.

In town, players can synthesize items at the mixing shop, or power up characters using Genometrics, which lets them enter their hearts to resolve past issues and wounds.

In battle, players will protect the heroine, who has the ability to use powerful song magic, by fighting ahead of her in the front lines. Battles will include some sort of action element, which will be detailed in a follow-up report.

Finally, a bit about the characters.

Delta Lantanoir is our hero. He is a young man who came out from inside the Felion Wall when it opened. He was protecting the city from the Sharl as one of the original members of the elite organization “Plasma.” Within Plasma, he was a member of the special strategy team “Genometh,” but was discharged after an incident. He now runs a restaurant called “Cook de Delta” in Felion.

Arshes, a mysterious humanoid robot, is our second character. His manufacturer, manufacture location, equipped functionality, and specs, etc. are all unknown. However, considering he carries weaponry, it highly probable that he was built for combat.

Ar no Surge is due out for PlayStation 3 in Japan on January 30, 2014. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

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  • GhostNomad

    This sounds pretty good so far. Looking forward to the follow-up with more details on the combat!

  • Bob Obb

    Where are the cute girls I’ve come to expect from Gust? Hype slowly dissipating…

    • Ritsujun

      You should quit gaming for good.

      • alangato

        I think he never started

      • GhostNomad

        Aren’t you the dude who’s always commenting “eww” this and “gross” that? You’ll fit right in on GameFAQs.

      • bloodiOS

        Good, eh? In which way?

    • Warboss Aohd

      not really, JRPGs these dayz are too reliant on Fanservice an’ young girlz.

    • bloodiOS

      Their flight was delayed.

    • Arcana Gear

      You know, they always announce the Main first and later goes to announce the other playable characters…..

  • Sevyne

    Sounds pretty good so far. I’m glad that they aren’t tapping back into the Ar Tonelico trilogy seeing as it has properly concluded, but are still making something like it. Would have been a shame to never see a game like them again. Hope they turn this into another trilogy. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more on this one.

  • Gariya

    Looks pretty cool. Seems like PS3 will still get JRPG support even after PS4 gets released.

    Funny how Xbox 360 was THE JRPG home console in the start of this gen but at the end of the day, the PlayStation hardware is once again the home console for the most JRPG.

  • echokanon

    Is that you Battler?

  • bloodiOS

    I hope it has anti-aliasing.

  • fyi1191

    His weapons look like those Price Tag Machines. Still awesome.
    And beware monsters, he is gonna price tag each and every one of you!

    • Sevyne

      Price Gun Tonfas!

  • Eclipse

    The is sounding pretty identical to Ar tonelico, which is great~!

    • Warboss Aohd

      woz thinkin’ da same, if gameplay iz anythin’ like Ar Tonelico 1 an’ 2, dat is a good thing.

    • Arcana Gear

      it’s cause Gust doesn’t have the rights to use the Ar tonelico IP, so they had to change some things to dont be sued, but yes this si the ar tonelico spiritual successor.

      • Eclipse

        Indeed, I’m aware of that.

        To tell you the truth, it doesn’t bother me that much that they aren’t making a new Ar tonelico game, mainly because I thought that the 3rd game wrapped things up perfectly.

        • Arcana Gear

          you mean the third? and yes they did, if they made a new AT game i would wish for a new saga like they do with the atelier ones.

          • Eclipse

            Yikes! I meant the 3rd game >_<

            Yeah, a new saga would be wonderful. I know that quite a few people want to see a Ar tonelico prequel, but I'm not too sure how that would work out…

            • Arcana Gear

              actually there is a lot of lore (in japanese) that could give many series, to have a ideia the three godnesses history is a little bit of the total history of the world that it’s in bonus material.

            • gangrelion

              Well, for those who want to see more of the old Ar tonelico universe beyond the third game, there are two light novels that tell a new adventure about how humans can be ass holes and almost kill themselves. It’s actually a interisting story. Hope the ar tonelico community can translate it someday.

      • Sai

        What? AT was developed by Gust, created by Tsuchiya, only published by Bamco, nothing else. Surge Concerto is straight up the same universe as AT, there’s even a damn Gergo in Ciel Nosurge.

        • Arcana Gear

          Ar tonelico was a collab of Gust and Banpresto. And no they never stated that Ciel no surge was of the same universe than AT cause of it, only let somehints in a place and another, you can see that they changed a lot of names cause of it.

          • aquagon

            No, Tsuchiya already stated that Ra Ciela and Ar Ciel both exist in the same universe, the universe of EXA_PICO, in an interview he gave to 4gamer at the beginning of the year, before the first volume to the soundtrack and the Genometric Concert were released. Even the scientific concepts from Ar tonelico (Wave Science, H-Waves, U-Waves, Tz-Waves, D-Waves, Song Magic based on H-Wave->D-Wave conversion) are still being used with the same exact definitions they had in there.

            • Sevyne

              You seem to know your stuff!

  • Ace

    Delta, stick it in her back slot.

  • KiQun

    Tonfa user? It’s been a while since Lloyd Banning from Zero/Ao no Kiseki.

  • Arcana Gear

    Wait a little i have to pick my jaw that it’s on the floor…
    Loving it, ar tonelico ip was great, shame that it’s a limbo, so a spiritual successor it’s great. And by the way that this was spelled maybe we can go into everybody mind now? Dont knoe but it would be great ^o^
    and a pic from my favorite AT girl….

    • Sevyne

      Ar Tonelico’s story was concluded proper. There would be no real reason to revisit it, so I don’t really see what’s such a shame. I’m glad they are continuing on those ideas (because the games were excellent), but that story was done. As long as Gust can continue on with those themes, everything is just fine in my book!

      • Arcana Gear

        but i wanted that they did what they do with atelier sagas, they change worlds every saga, Iris saga, Arland saga, Dusk saga.

        • Sevyne

          Well think of this game as being kind of like that then. That’s what it kind of is. As long as we’re getting more games of this kind, that’s what matters most!

      • aquagon

        They still had to tie-up some loose ends in material outside of the games, such as novels or the new songs that were included in the Kurt Hymneth compilation.

        • Sevyne

          Eh they probably could have, but they really didn’t need to. The actual main story was concluded. The rest could have possibly served as spinoffs in maybe some sort of visual novels (which I wouldn’t mind at all), but I don’t see what else they could have done with the rest of the material.

          • aquagon

            Although it’s a shame that the final hurrah the parties from the three games did to save Tyria had to take place in a novel instead of the game proper, and this also made us miss out on what would have been the ultimate Hymmnos song (EXEC_NEARZENVA/.) if it appeared as it was described on it.

  • Nitraion

    Hope battle system is not like 3….
    if you want the game more tales-sy battle system…
    at least give more skill and ask advice from tales team
    then again i advice to adapt battle system on 2 and evolve it from there again with more skill and song magic

    • Arcana Gear

      yeah, At3 battle system was more swallow than At1, the song magics were so linear and uniteresting…….

      • Nitraion

        Yeah even i didn’t finish AT3 because of that :/
        i finished just one path and i feel that is not real ending…
        and don’t remember at all

  • gangrelion

    He actually doesn’t look like a teenager! Nice! And he has an apron? It kind of makes sense since he has a restaurant. He also don’t fight with a sword! He looks very cool! Sort like a battle cook! Such a unique main character!

  • Budgiecat

    Nice main character design. Here’s hoping the females are also designed respectively and not so much typical loli moe-fest creepy cringe inducing.

  • Rebellion14

    I love the MCs character design, looks awesome. Hope the rest look just as good.

  • Presea

    I really like the MC design. :D I was really happy to hear of an Ar Tonelico/Ciel No Surge somewhat-but-not-really-sequel, I really hope this gets localized!

  • Elvick

    If the music is anywhere near as perfection as Ar Tonelico, sign me up. Oh, the games are great too… but I’d play them for the music alone.

    • aquagon

      Well, this game’s predecesor (Ciel Nosurge) did a great work with its music too, so we can look forward to what Ar Nosurge will be bringing to the table. I’m already waiting for the first trailer featuring Akiko Shikata’s music.

  • talesoffan

    I loved Ar Tonelico 3 despite the battle system getting boring after a while. This looks and sounds similar and promising. Hope it gets localized. I’ll be there day one.