Akiba’s Trip 2 character trailer: Shion Kasugai
posted on 09.29.13 at 10:36 PM EDT by (@salromano)
The prodigy CEO of Daishihon Pharmaceutical.

The latest Akiba’s Trip 2 character trailer highlights Shion Kasugai.

The 26-year-old pharmaceutical company CEO was introduced earlier this week. She’s a prodigy who takes an interest in the Magaimono case, and appears before the protagonist often.

Watch the trailer below. View some screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Eclipse

    I have a feeling that she’s going to end up being my favorite character.

    If it was never mentioned that she was voiced by Nakamura Eriko, then I never would’ve known. Her voice was so different in the 1st game as Kitada Mana.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Nee San!

  • Alkhan

    What are the odds of the first one being localized?

    • Kevadu


    • Audie Bakerson

      Possible as a fan translation, but unlikely. It’s not really particularly good anyways.

      Bug all the translation studios if you want this one (Don’t forget the new Sony Third Party Studios!). This one has some remote chance due to being on a system that didn’t crash and burn horribly in the west.

      • MosquitoLemon

        I disagree wholeheartedly on the idea that it’s ‘not really particularly good’! The main flaw of the original was the massive slowdown during battles, which they fixed in Akiba’s Trip+. The story is pretty good (Acquire actually has people that can write a good scenario with branching paths, unlike all these AAA devs), Akihabara is impeccably recreated, and there are a ton of in-jokes and tie-ins.

        Compared to all the half-assed anime bullcrap released for the PSP, Akiba’s Trip was super good, especially for being an original IP in a time when most studios are terrified of doing something new.

        • Audie Bakerson

          I’ll admit I can’t really enjoy the story or in-jokes with my Japanese as limited as it is at the moment, but the combat system is pretty shallow, especially once you get a special move which owns pretty much everything with no effort (but there are plenty of issues, like how easy it is for either side to get corner locked, or how unlike WotS, multiple opponents actually attack all at once despite the combat system not really being suited for it), so as a GAME, I can’t really recommend it. The sequel looks like a huge improvement on the combat though (actual crowd control moves!) and I’m looking forward to it.

          There is DEFINITELY worse on the PSP, even just counting titles that actually left Japan, but that doesn’t make it a GOOD game.

          • MosquitoLemon

            bwah! To each his own! But I get your point, they could have put a little more effort in the battle system