13 minutes of Drakengard 3 gameplay
posted on 09.09.13 at 11:56 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, Square Enix announces voice cast.

Square Enix debuted 13 minutes of new Drakengard 3 gameplay footage during the game’s latest Nico Nico information broadcast today.

The publisher also confirmed voice actors for the game’s Utautai sisters. They are: Two (Chiwa Saito), Three (Mamiko Noto), Four (Ayana Taketatsu), and Five (Shizuka Ito).

Watch the new footage below. The Access Games-developed action RPG is due out for PlayStation 3 in Japan on December 19. A localization has yet to be announced.

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  • bloodiOS

    The gameplay looks nice to me but I still find the screen-tearing and frame rate fluctuation during battle disappointing. The delay is warranted if they can get those issues sorted out.

    • enorka miho

      It does not matter much as long as they are fun, the plot is unique and so are the characters..

      • bloodiOS

        I disagree, as long that it’s a part of the game, it matters, so I’ll criticize any aspect that stood out negatively.

      • almostautumn

        I disagree. I play videogames because videogames have gameplay; that is what separates videogames as an artform. Therefore, if the gameplay is noticably lacking (technological hiccups do affect overall gameplay) than it’s just not worth it.
        I enjoy a good plot and roster of characters like everyone else, but that’s not what I play videogames for; that’s why I read literature.

        • 罪罰


        • rurifan

          I read a recent interview with some guy from Platinum Games (Bayonetta), and noted that he repeatedly emphasized that they focus on gameplay first. He specifically mentioned solid 60fps being necessary for responsiveness. That paid off spectacularly for them, I wish more developers would follow suit.

        • enorka miho

          Literature is not as engaging..I am not saying it is not interesting or whatsoever.. It is just that, Gaming a a platform that is unique in terms of story telling because you are involved in their story.. It is an interactive media. Hence, they made way more impact than any other entertainment media.. That is why you heard stories where it was used to help people overcoming their psychological issues. It may sometimes even change life, more so than a book can do… People may be inspired like what Persona 4 did to fans out there, if you ever bother to even find out about it.. And it happens since the PSOne era or earlier. Do not tell me that the graphics in PSOne or even PS2 is that great.. Tearing or not it does not matter!People love it for the story and For the gameplay which at times are even faulty.. And despite all that, people still love to game regardless.. Unless you are someone who play games just for the sake of playing… Then I am sorry to even say anything like this to you..

          By the way, I just realised that everyone here just speaks about graphics? Ok.. Sorry, my bad.. I am so out of here… No more commenting in Gematsu… Last one here..

    • Tsukiru

      Well, they specifically delayed it to fine-tune the game and fix these problems. It was supposed to come out on October 31st, which is very close, but they delayed it until December. I’m sure the issues will be resolved. The game has only gotten better over time since it was first revealed.

      • bloodiOS

        That’s what I’m hoping for.

    • rurifan

      Ugh, tearing is so pathetic; it ruined Killer Is Dead. Bayonetta was beautiful and ran at a solid 60fps on X360, and it came out how long ago? Studios releasing games with such huge technical flaws these days should hang their heads in shame.

      (But yeah, here’s hoping the delay pays for some serious polishing!)

      • bloodiOS

        Well, seriously, Access Games honestly isn’t anywhere as experience or as good as Platinum Games, their games never looked great nor do they perform all that well, and now they have to develop for the nightmare that is the Cell *shrug*. I do at least hope that they can at least lock the frame rate at 30fps without any fluctuation though. That said, while it certainly was day and night comparing to the PS3 version, the performance of the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta also had its fair share of fluctuation and a considerable amount of screen-tearing, too. By the way, the PS3 version of Killer Is Dead tore like a beast, but how did the Xbox 360 version perform? Better perhaps, due to the game being powered by UE3?

        • rurifan

          Surprisingly, the tearing in Killer Is Dead is worse on X360. It’s unplayable on both platforms as far we were concerned.

          (As far as Bayonetta on X360, I just played through 3/4th of it and can count the number of tears visible on one hand. Platinum Games, please teach these amateurs how to make games. :)

          • bloodiOS

            An UE3 powered game performs worse on the Xbox 360?! Grasshopper Manufacturer sure is a strange bunch *LOL*

            As for Bayonetta, that’s just the beauty of high-octane games aiming for 60Hz, the chaotic actions and the high refresh rate hide the fluctuation and screen-tearing pretty well. Games that aim for 30Hz on the other hand… it’s nice if the frame rate stays constant and screen-tear-free but err, any hiccup and we’ll see right away.

  • Budgiecat

    Not that excited because you only play as one character. Kinda dumb nowadays with these type of games….

    • rurifan

      Do you mean only one character is ever playable? I assumed all the sisters would be…

      • DrForbidden

        No, from what I understand, most of the sisters serve as antagonists. At most, Zero and One will be playable.

        Now that all the characters have been revealed, though, I too am thoroughly disappointed that we don’t get to play as the other sisters.

  • rurifan

    I can’t see anything at all through all the muddy compression artifacts…

  • ShinGundam

    Looks fun

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for the game, but why low quality video :(

    • DrForbidden

      Yeah, I agree. 240p? Awful.

      • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

        I’m not 100% sure. I think Nico Nico is typically not known for HD video. Since the source of this video is Nico Nico, I suppose it’s to blame.

        • bloodiOS

          That depends on the video right? I’m pretty sure I saw 720p footage on Nico Nico before, running beautifully at 60fps (well, not quite.) Like this one:


          • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

            I suppose it does. i just don’t typically see Nico Nico HD videos.

            • bloodiOS

              I think this one is slightly better, being 360p:


          • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

            I’ll have to try and check that out. Way too tired from work tonight to watch it. I’ll download it for later.

            Edit – I responded to wrong comment. This was meant for the 360p link you posted below. Sorry about that.

      • gamelayer

        I saw a bunch of red squares attacking a gang of brown squares. Cool game!

  • PrinceHeir

    not to mention the voice cast is insane!

    Chiwa Saito, Mamiko Noto, Ayana Taketatsu, Shizuka Ito!!

    Mamiko Noto is my favorite!!!

  • Serovath

    gameplay looks meh. the music on the other hand…