Win Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn + a One-Year Subscription
posted on 08.09.13 at 11:15 AM EDT by (@KazumaLynx)
Why do you want to play Square's newest MMORPG?

Hey, guys! Your friendly Gematsu community moderator Zero here. This is the first of hopefully many contests I plan to have on Gematsu. I’m really excited to get started!

We’re giving away a copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with a one-year subscription (a total $196 value), which is coming out for PlayStation 3 and PC on August 27, and next year on PlayStation 4. Two runner-ups will also win a copy of of the game, without the one-year subscription.

To enter for a chance to win, all you need to do is explain in detail why you want to play A Realm Reborn. I’ll be reading all of your responses.

The contest closes August 19. Winners will be announced on August 22. Good Luck!

Additional Details

This contest is open to everyone. No restrictions apply. The top response selected will win a one-year subscription to Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn and a copy of the game on their choice of PlayStation 3 or PC. The one-year subscription will begin after the one month free trial ends.

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  • VitaminC

    I wish to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn because I have never played a subscription-based MMORPG before, I have not had the internet service to play online games until this year, and in general cannot exactly afford a monthly MMO subscription.

  • Martian Wong

    After seeing Cloud’s Buster Sword and his Braver limit break, my interest went though the sky. I want to play as Cloud again!! Thank you So much!

  • Tim

    I haven’t played an MMO in years and after seeing how fun and beautiful the game looks I really want to try it out. It looks like it will be very fun to just explore the beautiful environments. :D

  • beye

    I played Final Fantasy XI for six years. MMO’s are my favorite type of game to play. This is a great game from what I have seen of it and looks to be closer to the successor for XI. I have been down on hard times the past few years but I was able to aquire a PS3 recently. Most of my gaming collection had to be sold off because I had lost my job, a decision I have regretted. Thank you for considering me.

  • Megakon

    I would like to play Final Fantasy XIV: ARR because I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, but haven’t been able to play none of the mmo’s because I didn’t have the means to play them at the time. Also I’ve never played a subscription-based mmo before because I coudn’t afford them, but recently have been wanting to play one, especially this one since the style of the world it’s in is my favorite among the games. Was let down when I heard no one liked the first release of it, but hearing about all the changes and improvements from everyone and seeing all the new features got me excited. Even tried to apply for the beta, but my attempts failed.

  • auron9393

    I have been in love with the final fantasy series since I
    played my first game in the series when I was 5 years old. The first final
    fantasy I played was Final Fantasy 6 for the SNES. Back then, I did not know
    the game too well but I knew I loved playing it on my Father’s super Nintendo. After
    that, my parents bought me the my first gaming console, the Ps1. One of the
    first games that was bought for me for this console was Final Fantasy 7. I was
    around 7 or so then and I was still very unfamiliar with how great and
    impactful these games I was playing were but I knew that this game was just as
    great as FF6 so I knew I needed to have it. I had a love for the series that I
    didn’t even realize. I continued to buy the games. By the time I was 13 or 14,
    I had all of the final fantasy game from 6-12, except for 11. This was always
    an issue for me because I loved every final fantasy I played and I was never
    allowed to play 11 because it was online.
    Ironically, this was around the same time I completely acknowledged my
    love for the series. I began to replay all the games and purchases the ones I
    did not play such as FF 1 and 2. From there, I began to buy all the version of
    the games for the console and by the time I realized, I became a Final Fantasy
    collector. I collected the series games, sequels, figures, and even artwork. Unfortunately,
    even when my parents knew my love for the series; I was still not allowed to
    purchase the game. When I was finally allowed to play games online, I immediately
    searched for Final Fantasy 11 but I realized the experience had died out and
    not many people played it anymore but they had a solution and that was Final
    fantasy 14. I was so excited to get my hand on the game but when it came out I
    could not afford it. So I waited until Christmas to purchase the game but when
    I was finally able to play it, I was told it was the biggest waste of time. I didn’t
    want to believe it but when I researched about it, it tuned out it was true.
    The game did terribly and I knew purchasing it would not be worth it but I
    still had hope. I am so glad I did!!!

    I am 19 now, and my love for Final Fantasy and Square Enix
    in general is at its highest it has ever been. I have a large collection and
    games and collectibles and it continues to grow but when I heard they were
    redoing FF14, I could not believe it. I got my hand on the beta as soon as I could
    and it looks and feels amazing. This is everything I want in a videogame and I can’t
    until its release.

    When push comes to shove, I was this game because unlike the
    many games I have played, No IP has ever sparked my passion for gaming like the
    FF series. To imagine me being able to play this game online Just makes the
    game even more awesome to me.

  • Locksus

    I want to play FFXIV, because it seems to combine the best elements from both the Final Fantasy series and the MMORPG genre. It has lots going for it; Beautiful soundtrack, tight and fun gameplay, a huge world with tons of activities and things to discover. The story seems to play a big role in the game as well, which I like.
    I’ve played many MMOs in the last decade or so, and I’ve spent countless hours and days playing everything from WoW to GW2, and I think I recognize a great MMO when I see one.

    Another big reason why I want to play FF XIV is to make new friends and engage in various activities with them. I think these games are a great way to bring people together.

    And finally, and I’ll be frank, I cannot afford paying for the monthly subscription at the moment, which is why I definitely want to win the game with the one-year subscription.

  • Lamawagon

    I want to play FFXIV: ARR because the game renewed the adventuring spirit in me.

  • Antilogic

    already preordered the Collector’s Edition and I’m really excited for this game….if I get another copy I’d gift it to a friend so we can play together…..and a 1 year subscription would be awesome!!!

  • Astrid Huang

    I’ve been waiting for this game and I’ve already tried beta phase 3 on PC. I must say it’s beyond my expectation. The main reason why I want to play it so bad is because I love walking around in Gridania, which is surrounded by nature. That place really gives me the calm feelings that cannot be replaced with anything else. I like sitting by the watermill, and just see the greenery surround me. And the trees are moving because of the wind.. I really like it. The next reason is because we can actually customize pretty faces with FF style for our characters. I feel like I can finally made myself as a FF character. The gameplay system is also quite addicting for me, especially when there’s FATE around. The nice thing is, from my experience, there’a a lot of nice healers who keeps healing other people when they need it, even if they didn’t ask for help. I never saw this in other MMORPGs. This made me feel more comfortable in playing the game. The music is also nice, it’s a bit classic but very much FF style. I like the chocobo’s theme when I was riding it :) And I love it when my chocobo jumps! One more thing, there’s a Lightning costume and it sure has made me want the game even more, because Lightning is one of my top favorite FF characters.

    Anyways it’s nice to see Gematsu is finally holding its first contest :D

    • Astrid Huang

      I don’t know if I’m allowed to post additional comment (well, the contest still open so at least I’m gonna try :P), but since the open beta has just been opened, I just want to say that I tried playing as arcanist and OMG I love arcanists! And Carbuncle is so cute! More reason to play the full version. And this time my starting city is Limsa Lominsa and OMG.. I love it too! Not as much as Gridania but the plains outside Limsa Lominsa has a great view. I’m attached to that place.. It just shouts “freedom” to me.. The thing that I could never see by living in a big city. I also love the fact that now our lips are talking when we type something. Such improvements are very much welcomed! XD Now I can’t stop posting my FFXIV pictures to instagram.. I’m so in love with this game!

  • samsoja

    I played ff since 20 years ago, and am excited to play FF 14 on 27th of august. i already played the beta version, and i cant stop playing the game.

    this is the first time i’m playing a online game with a subscription, i skipped FF11 for the pc, but now its on ps3, my mind has changed :P i don’t know how much u need to pay, but i think it’s gonna be worth it :D thanks

  • Xeclarm

    I want to play FF XIV because I’ve never played a subscription based MMO because I can’t afford it. Hell, I haven’t even played an MMO seriously. Only tried them for a while then quit. At first I wasn’t actually THAT interested to play it, but when I tried the Beta test, I just fell in love with the game, It’s really fun, and the story’s also interesting, but I feel sad because I know I can’t play it once the Beta’s over because it will be subscription based.

    But with this offer, the one year subscription will help a lot! For me, getting the game itself isn’t the problem but it’s the subscription that’s preventing me from playing it. Which is why I really want to win this for the One Year subscription.

    I’m not gonna say I want to play this because I’m an FF fan, because frankly, I don’t play that much FF games, I just want to play because, as a gamer, I think this is a great game and it’s really fun to play.

  • Hyacinth15

    Why? Because it’s Final Fantasy AND MMORPG combined!! I got super excited when I saw the first trailer! But after I read news about it, I know I can’t afford the subscription because I don’t have enough money to pay monthly for that (and because I’m not in the countries where the game will be released). And I think I can’t even buy the game. But to know that this game is THAT awesome (after I watched trailers, and since I don’t have PS3), I just really really want to play this in my PC.

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    I’m really eager to try FFXIV , Since i never got to play the ‘Beta’ and this would also be my first MMORPG on a console. Plus, out of many MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would be a blast to try out!

    The Graphics are amazing as SE has done a great job of defining the world of ‘Eorzea’ in FFXIV, The detail is well done. Characters, Cities, and many other locales look fantastic! Thus, making the game very much intriguing to be played.

    Battle system seems fluid. bu somewhat rigid. Boss fights are quite tough as seen from the gameplay trailers. Weapons, items and exploration of natural resources makes me nostalgic as I played FFs over the years and it’s been totally awesome to see that happen in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

    Races and Job System really builds the game, such as you can choose whatever type of person you want to be, a male character or female one. The job system ranges over 10+ different jobs or classes to be selected to the player’s preference, so I think it’s pretty neat!

    Last, but not the least, The interface has changed and it appeals much better than what the original FF:XIV had.
    One Year Subscription seems fair, so i thought it would be better than paying monthly, since I’m still unable to work.

    Thanks Zero and the entire Gematsu staff, for proposing this brilliant idea of giveaway.

  • Joshua ‘Near’ River’z

    I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy series, and i really want to play FFXIV:ARR , sure i was dissapointed with the original one, but this version got renewed and all of the great stuff or content coming to this version.

    From what i’d seen so far in all of the trailers and previews, FFXIV: ARR is an MMO with a grand design, addicting and fun class-based RPG, and also there are the cross promotion things :) .

    I also saw some impression from my friends who play the beta, and to be honest, it was the one who make me more interested in playing this one. They rebuild and redefine the world (erozea), the interface has changed, and i wouldn’t mind to get a one year chance to play it.

    FF XIV really do deserve a second chance with ARR, it looks like SE really was taking feedback from the fanbase to make it more and more enjoyable and worth to play.

    All of that stuff starting to piqued my interest for this MMO, so i really want to get a chance to play this one. Wouldn’t miss one of the greatest FF MMO’s !!!.

    Thank you for your consideration of making this giveaway event, i really do appreciate it.

  • anz108

    I really really want to play FF14 not because it is square enix and it has final fantasy title. it’s because I do belive that this mmorpg can really satisfy what i want for an mmorpg like the graphics are amazing and the world is so huge and I know that the community is very challenging and I can meet intereseting people in different nations and hopefully i can also develop better friendship with the help of the game itself. and I never played mmorpg like this.

  • PintSizedPurple

    I want to play FFXIV because of the great lore that comes with the series. The FF series always comes with an interesting story and narrative, and this would be my first time playing a subscription one. Watching gameplay videos has gotten me super excited, with a nice selection of races and classes to choose from.

  • ogglock

    I really want to play FFXIV because you can ride around in chocobos. If you see a PYT(pretty young thang) you can roll up next to her and show it off. That’s the main reason why I want to play FFXIV also i heard there’s combat in the game too, that’s pretty nice.

  • Raian Targino

    I want to play FFXIV because I have a unique disease called “I-have-to-play-FFXIV-or-else-I-die”.
    Please, help me, I don’t wanna die! >.<

  • Takane Shijou

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been genuinely excited to play an MMO, more than a couple of years at this point. After playing the original FFXIV and concerned with how that turned out at first, I honestly didn’t have much hope for this title in general. But after the staff changes, a new vigor was placed inside the game and community as a whole. Watching things change from that December onwards has been a wonderful process to witness, and seeing a production team in charge of revamping something like an MMO in this state is an endeavour that’s really never been done to this degree. Being open with ideas and plans that Yoshida and the team have for the game is a process I’ve of yet to see any other developer have with such changes, and it’s been a great ride so far through all of it.

    Playing through the final stages of the 1.0 series to the eventual servers being shut down was a tad depressing, seeing as how far the game went with the changes the new team set in place. And then working up to speed through Alpha and the various Beta stages, it became rather apparent that the new vision they had for FFXIV was something I wanted to be part of. I’m greatly looking forward to the launch later this month to reconnect with many of the people I met through this, and looking forward to meeting all the new players wanting to join in with the relaunch of it. Just being able to play in a whole new world and see how the landscapes changed over these years is going to be one heck of a nice change of pace.

    Overall, I want to see what the future has in store for Final Fantasy XIV, and what we as players can do to help evolve that with the creators.

  • Frei Casull

    With MMOs it’s been about the friends I make and play with whether it’s in real life or just online. I made a few friends during my time in Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV (version 1) and I enjoy playing with them. Some of them I made just trying to learn about Final Fantasy XIV before it’s initial release and we’ve been sticking together even through the rough weeks after launch in which many considered the game to be a disaster. We got to see the game slowly transform in version 1 with introduction of Final Fantasy elements that were missing and various updates that finally lead up to the announcement of A Realm Reborn.

    It’s been a fascinating experience to watch this game go from it’s initial state to what it is now. I don’t know of many games where you get to see that happen as with most MMOs that fail to launch as badly as this one did initially end up closing their doors. SE put a lot of love and care into this project as it did have a huge impact on the company and the series and it shows. I plan on continuing to play the game well into the future with my friends and hopefully make new ones in my journey in the game and really look forward to see what else they have in store for us in FFXIV.

  • max

    Because i want to believe again in mmorpgs. I played a lot of wow in the past years, but at this time the game is just to old, and no longer can satisfy my necessity of adventure. Maybe i just grow up, and no longer can enjoy this type of games, but maybe(and just maybe) playing a game based on one of my all times favorites sagas; a saga with like a lot of people I grew up playing, can again wake up on me my inner adventurer that can provide me the same adrenalin and satisfaction that at some point wow could give me.

  • Kobracon

    After the amazing Final Fantasy X (IMO pls don’t start a fight here), I anxiously awaited the next Final Fantasy. Back then my internet was crap. I could barely play Ragnarok Online and was severely left out of the MMORPG experience that everyone in my school was talking about.

    When I heard about FFXI, I was excited, only to find out that it’s both Pay to Play and an online game. Thus I knew it was gonna be a looooong wait before I can play another main FF game. What was there waiting for me at the end of the long wait? Final Fantasy XII…..The period between FFX – XIII is such a dark time full of disappointments to me.

    At first, when FFXIV rolled around and I heard it was online, I didn’t give it a second look, only to hear terrible things about it. Then FFXIV: ARR came about. I had heard they were trying to fix things, listening to the community and such. With my internet far better than it was back then, I decided to sign up for the beta because I thought “Why not?”

    Surprised to actually get in the beta one day, you can pretty much say the rest is history. I couldn’t wait for each beta weekened. Bought a new keyboard specifically for my PS3 just so I can stop talking like a cave man (“Me on PS3. No kboard”) and communicating through emotes.

    Missing the first online FF experience entirely, I’m happy to say that FFXIV:ARR has gotten to me. It feels like other basic MMORPGs but yet different. It combines the good from others in the genre and made a smooth experience that didn’t feel like a complete grind.

    All in all, regardless of whether I win this or not, I will be seeing all of you in Eorzea one way or another!

  • Bimo Satrio

    Because its a Final Fantasy game!! Duh XD

  • Cess007

    ‘Cause i will totally lost myself on the game :) I tried to lots of ways to get on the beta, and just could play a bit on a friends PS3. But what i played, i loved it.

    I want soo badly to play online along my friends on this game :)

  • Wong Zhi Hao

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because i had alot of fun during the close beta and i made alot of friends that i do not have in real life, i want to find a place i belong and to find some confidence and i hope ARR can help me with that

  • helldragon

    ive pretty much played every Final Fantasy there has ever been and i look forward to Final FantasyXIV A Realm Reborn. with every game i lose myself in a awesome world. i played Final Fantasy XI for 12 years met some amazing friends. who shared in my adventures in Final Fantasy XI the world was Vana’diel had lots of fun times even sad times friends come and go but u keep on going remembering all your friends who were just adventuring with you memorys of raids or even funny things they did like maybe aggro the boss before your ready lol ive played the Final Fantasy XIV a realm reborn beta and i can tell i will have many many memorys of Eorzea meeting new friends as well as continuing the fight with old ones. u ask me why id wanna play FFXIV a realm reborn? id answer the journey where i start and where i end the victorys and the defeats im ready to lose myself in another world meet new friends and laugh cry im ready for this journey and so are my friends in the trailer black hooded guy says its the tale of the crystals demise u can bet we will not let that happen and thats what has me so hype is we will save the world and ur not alone everyone can help

  • BizarreJelly

    I want to enter this realm reborn for I have a mission. To max my level and be renowned for my mighty power? No. To travel to exotic locations breathing in the lush locals? No. To amass a fortune so large I can digitally retire? No, but that does come into my mission. In-fact all of the above come into my mission, they will all be gained if I am successful. My mission is simple – revenge. I want revenge. Revenge against someone who many years and MMORPG’s ago was once considered a friend.

    “Revenge!? This sounds serious?” Oh it is my friends, a very serious often cold served dish. To cut a long and epic story short; my tale of revenge began 14 years ago in another world by the name of Everquest. I was foolishly befriended by a Wizard named “iPwn4breakfast” who later turned out to be the worst person I have ever met, and nemesis. He destroyed me – my equipment, my gold, my experience, everything was taken from me. And after what seemed like an endless climb to get strong again, and the struggle to find him again – he fled… To another world. I was devastated, I felt empty. “I was so close!” I typed. I had to find him again – I couldn’t let this go. So I gave chase, I left the friends I made in that world and followed his trail.

    My chase has consumed many years of my life, and I have traveled many worlds in pursuit. Ragnarok Online, Lineage 2, Maple Story, World of Warcraft, Priston Tale, Mabinogi, Seal Online, Trickster Online, Grand Chase, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Aion, The Secret World – all these worlds and the same has happened, we both gain our followers and we train for our epic showdown, yet everytime the climax is reached he flees. When he fled once more in the Secret World – leaving me in Transylvania… I felt exhausted, myself and my team had failed once more. I couldn’t push them again: “We can’t keep doing this” I thought, so I gave up on my revenge fueled mission and started to do normal things… Questing – “huh, this is nice.”

    My time of peace did not last long however… I received a private mail from a spy I had planted in iPwn’s ranks. For a while I didn’t want to open it, but in the end I couldn’t help myself. It had only one word in its box of text: “Eorzea”.

    “So that’s where he has fled to this time…” suddenly I was filled with my old dark emotions, the hunt shall begin again. “Assemble, we have work to do.” I sent to my faithful companions all plucked and gained from my world spanning travels. As we prepare to world jump once more, I swear to myself for the 15th time.


  • shogunknight

    Wow, this is lovely. Well, this would be the first final fantasy i play online. The game feels like a blend of FF5 (job system) and FF12. Havent tried the beta but Square did a really great job on this edition. Its not very common to find a pay to play game that is worth it (when theres F2P titles like Tera, Aion, Vindictus among others) and they really deserve any jrpg/rpgfans money for purchasing this. Good luck to everyone participating and buy this game!!….if you dont get the prize XD

  • Invisbin

    Thanks for the opportunity Gematsu.

    Truth be told, I haven’t played Final Fantasy from the start. I haven’t been a fan of Final Fantasy for a long time either.

    I started playing Final Fantasy games back in 2011, with FFVII being my first. I fell in love quickly due to the overt the top monster designs and incredible music.

    Since then I’ve played FFI-XIII-2, with the exception of XI, because it was an MMO. As a console player I couldn’t get into games on my PC because they always lacked the flair that I needed.

    I’d go from Maple Story, Rumble Fighter, to Grand Chase, 9 Dragons, and even the free trial to World of Warcraft, but I just couldn’t get into it as much as a console game.

    I didn’t get a chance to play the original FFXIV, because at the time I wasn’t into Final Fantasy. One A Realm Reborn sent out a beta code for Ps3 just a month ago, I was ecstatic to play.

    When I first logged in, I couldn’t believe how immersed I’ve become with the game. The character creation process was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! I wanted more, so I created my character and was thrusted into the world as a Thaumaturge. After my first kill, I couldn’t stop playing. Fire, Blizzard, Fire, Blizzard, these spells are ROUTINE in the series and it helped bring the Final Fantasy feel to the mmo world, making me want to play more and more.

    That coming Monday, I asked a friend to play with me, and to my disappointment, he told me the beta was only available on the weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds right now to even support the game or the monthly fee since I’m without a job so, so I’m hoping I can get some time in with the open beta. I’m completely in love with this game, and I want to make it my first mmo to play religiously.

    I’ve never been so drawn into an mmo world, and the fact that it’s Final Fantasy just sings all the right tunes for me to enjoy it. I’d love to have this game, it’s the only game right now holding me over until next gen…and until this releases on it!

    Thanks for reading Gematsu.

  • Bangarang

    Dearest Eorzea,

    I am writing to you with utmost appreciation…

    From Moogles to Miqo’te, no series has ever scratched my gaming itch as much as Final Fantasy. Submerging myself in worlds such as Midgar, Galbadia, Spira, and many others, I have allowed myself to be fully engulfed in the pristine design of each carefully crafted location. These aren’t just games, they’re experiences.

    What makes A Realm Reborn even more alluring is that I won’t get to experience these adventures alone, but with a team of like-minded Final Fantasy lovers, all in it to quest until our heart’s content. Grinding and gathering, leveling and looting, all will prove to be endlessly rewarding if I am granted the chance.

    As a lover of the series, its characters, lore, game play, and all that it has to offer, I hope to delve into not just this experience, but my also the heart of my character, to become a part of the world that thrives on adventure. So let it be known that my desire to play is not solely based on the thrill of a new title, but more importantly, the opportunity to explore a world like no other with friends a like.

    I’m more excited than a chocobo with a bushel of gysahl greens :)

    – Bangarang

    PS – Thanks, Gematsu, for this amazing opportunity!

  • Daniel Royster

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because I want to f*ck sh*t up and get bitches

  • Michelle Robinson

    Thanks a bunch for the opportunity!

    I’ll be playing FFXIV: ARR for many reasons, but the most important reason for me is to experience the game with my friends. I played version 1.0 from launch until the servers went down, and it was such a fun journey to go through with the people that I met along the way. I plan on playing regardless of a free copy or subscription, but it would be wonderful as a college student to have an entire year taken care of :)

  • Capel

    Never done stuff like this before and I may not be all fancy with my words and endless tales, but heres goes,

    FFXI was suppose to be my first and last mmorpg but After playing FFXI for 7 years I can say many things like the first time I reached 75 and 99 to the time I finally obtained a relic or reaching a lv100 craft, what I was doing at that moment and where it was I remember it all, or the first time you travel to Whitegate and find where everyone was hiding.

    But some things change over time despite how inevitable it is, friends were lost, some gone for good, some just moving on to other things, however much they change though, I’ll never forget the memories that FFXI has brought me over the many years, Its thanks to that that I became the person I am today.

    I do plan on playing FFXIV regardless just because I miss being able to explore places and finding that one rare item that nobody has heard about yet. — Capel, Cerberus

  • Nus Tsab

    Because I love the way FFXI played and everytime I think about the game, it makes me want to buy the game again. Because I miss every inch and aspect of my San d’Oria and her anthem. I miss shielding my allies from the killing blow. I miss giving aid to those in dire straits. Give me something to come back for every time I think of you; A Realm Reborn.

  • RanndyReed09

    I’ve played the original Final Fantasy 14 and I have to say I never been more sadden and disappointed in Squire Enix in my whole life. I grew up playing Squire Enix’s games and love all of them with FF5 being my personal favorite. This game has alot to prove to me as a Squire Enix fan, its make or break for the company, because I have all but lost all faith in Square Enix but I am praying that this game will bring me back!

  • Jeffrey Sarmiento

    I want to play a realm reborn because since I’ve never played an mmorpg I thought I’d give this one a try and from what I’ve seen it looks like an amazing game. So hopefully im one of the lucky ones. Thank you for the taking time and hopefully I win:)

  • noctony

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because I remember all the good times I had on FFXI. It’s been a couple years since I have logged in with my Galka Paladin but I haven’t forgotten all the fun I had or the places I have been. I never liked the looks of any MMO until I watched my cousin playing around on XI, the next week I decided to play. Back then to me the game itself looked amazing, starting out as a low level you spend a lot of time walking long distances to your next objective but I really didn’t mind at all. The world was vast and gorgeous no matter where you are in the game the environment looked spectacular day or night from the canyons to the highlands and forests. On top of all that I have always loved anything Final Fantasy. I tried wow and I was bored in a week of the trial, in XI there were always people around to talk to and party up with making the experience that much better. I’ve never had people be so nice or helpful to me in any other game. Now I have seen game play and screens of A Realm Reborn and the game looks beautiful the engine looks 10x better than XI which I thought was already great. I understand this is not the same exact game and the game play and story is different since it’s not technically the same world but that’s ok. The character customization looks awesome and i’m excited about exploring every nook and cranny of the new world.

    Thanks Zero and Gematsu for the opportunity

  • Gummy367

    I never played the original FFXIV, which I guess is fortunate. But I was a part of the Beta Phase 3 for ARR. I am a big Final Fantasy fan. I always wanted to try a Final Fantasy mmorpg after hearing that FFXI was an mmorpg, but never got the chance to, that is, until the beta for FFXIV: ARR. I’ve played other mmorpg’s, and I don’t know if it’s just the appeal of being a Final Fantasy, but I felt like I could get hooked into FFXIV: ARR more than I have any other. I had a blast! Even if I didn’t play with people I knew in real life, it wasn’t hard finding other people online to party with. The scenery was just gorgeous. Not everything was perfect, but I would like to find out what the final release has in store.

  • Danikun

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this. I really hope i win. I just want final fantasy to have fun. Honestly I want something to do when I’m not stressing about my life. Play with friends. Make a guild. I really love RPGs. And I’m sure i would play this game to the fullest extent for the entire year if i win.

  • Mande09

    FFXIV ARR features everything I’m looking for in an MMO, that means in general, everything that has been announced and confirmed. By correcting all the past mistakes in 1.0 this is the only MMO I’m looking for to play. I’m totally stoked for the official release and can’t wait to get started.

  • Jommy

    The reason I want to play Final Fantasy XIV is largely due to how much of an impact on my life its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI, has had.

    I began playing FFXI during my freshman year at university by myself because I was and still am a huge Final Fantasy fan. I remember the early goings were difficult as many of the players on my server (Garuda) on day one were Japanese and there were not that many US players yet. But surprisingly the Japanese fans were very helpful and through the in-game translator I got through the first 15 or so levels.

    Despite how well the developers designed the game encourage teamwork and collaboration, I began having an increasing feeling of being a very small fish in a very large pond. Many of FFXI’s quests required camping mobs in very large areas which exacerbated the negative feelings as I was often running around alone in huge maps camping mobs on variable respawn times. But it was also one such quest that made FFXI a game that I will never forget.

    I was camping Rampaging Ram in La Thiene Plateau for a quest titled “Silence of the Rams,” when I saw an elvaan doing the same. I pulled one of the spawns, but I realized it was way too strong for me. The elvaan surprisingly stayed and cured me, which allowed me to take it down. Thankful for his help, I stayed and helped him do the same. After our small adventure together, he asked if I would join him in his guild. I was ecstatic as it finally meant that I would have some people to play the game with.

    Upon joining, I realized that this guild was entirely made up of Hawaiians, while I resided in California myself. Over nearly the decade that we played, I got to know these guys very well. We became more than just FFXI friends, but friends in real life. Since that day over a decade ago, we’ve visited each other in our home states and most importantly, the friend I originally met on the plains of La Thiene, attended my wedding as my honorary groomsman.

    However, all good things must end at some time, and eventually we all left the game because our lives all got busier. We still stay in touch via Skype chats daily. Now in our late 20s and early 30s, we’re all more established in our lives, and FFXIV comes at a perfect time, where we can play a game together again. In the past days, we’ve been sharing the screenshots of our many adventures in FFXI to reminisce on the good old days. I hope that FFXIV can help us old geezers create new memories while reminding us of the old ones.

  • FiendNinja

    FFXIV:ARR, The reason I want to play the game is because, “A Realm Reborn” might actually be a “real” Final Fantasy game. To be fair honest, I lost a bit of interest to Final Fantasy when “Soft” turn into “Enix”. After FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIV 1.0, Dissidia, Theatrhythm and ATB(All The Bravest), It feels Square lost their magic to their RPG games. Might be the reason why they have Eidos and Crystal Dynamics to work on non-RPG games. I believe Square did the right decision to their business industry. To Final Fantasy on the other hand, their “fantasy” might have reach to the end.

    After testing the beta, I believe this game will bring back the real “Final Fantasy”, earn back their old lost fans, and also, gain new fans. I am no MMO player, but I will play FF14:ARR to support Square back again. So, I want to play FF14:ARR because I want to support Square what they were use to be before.

  • David Signorelli

    ‘Cause there is no place like Eorzea, maybe Spira but that is someone else’s story.

  • Hutomo Sentoso

    It’s my first MMORPG and I just want the one year subscription to be honest. So yeah that’s my reason.

  • Zero

    I’m really enjoying reading all the replies. Looks like picking the winner is going to be tough already. =D

    Keep them coming! =)

    Edit: Looks like Disqus was flagging some of the comments. I’ve approved all of them and they should be showing up now.

    • Pyrofrost

      Indeed, there are some most excellent comments here!

      I’m ecstatic to see the initiative you’ve taken here Zero. ^_^
      I wish all the participants the very best of luck, and I look forward to seeing you in Eorzea!

      Heed the Crystal’s call!
      (and keep those comments coming!)

    • DreamDrop♥

      Would you mind if I direct friends to this or is this more of a reward for loyal readers?

      • Pyrofrost

        I think it would be cool. The article says the contest is open to everyone, so I even posted it to my Facebook (which is for the purpose of conveniently passing gaming news to friends). ^_^

        • Zero


          • Pyrofrost

            NP at all my friend and you’re quite welcome.

            You and Sal are great, and this has been a most excellent source of gaming news for me since I’ve come to learn about this place (Sept. 11th will make it 1 year!).

            I’m happy to help you guys out ^_^

      • Zero

        Feel free to direct friends to this. The contest is open to everyone. =)

        The more comments the better!

    • Astrid Huang

      May I ask if the prizes would be PS3 or PC version? Or it depends on the winners? :)

      • Zero

        The winners get to pick which version they want. =)
        PS3 or PC.

        Edit: Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll get this added to the article above.

        • Astrid Huang

          You’re welcome :) And thanks for your answer. Can I ask you one more thing? The winners also get to choose the game region, right? :D

          • Zero

            Yes. =)

    • Locksus

      Wow, you’ve got A LOT of replies to read. I hope you’ll be fine, mate :)

      • Zero

        Yeah. =) The contest doesn’t end until August 19th. I’m expecting even more comments next week.

        • Locksus

          Oh, boy. Best of luck!

  • DreamDrop♥

    Why? Because I love Square Enix more than anything else. I started with FFX and played my way back through history, including the Legends and Adventure Game Boy games. I got the PS2 HDD bundle with FFXI and I got a PC copy too. I’ve played and loved XIII and XIII-2 and I’m salivating for LR. I’m a superfan and not being able to play ARR really sucks. Oh and my computer is well up to spec to play it.

    The systems and changes for ARR sound fascinating and as a MMO junkie, it sounds like SE has really put together something great. I want to be part of history.

    • DreamDrop♥

      Also, I just realized that it comes with a month trial, so runner-up is more that good enough for me. Best of luck to everyone and awesome contest Gematsu.

  • nirkana

    I was so let down by the original version that I almost gave up on mmorpgs and video games in general. This new version, however, looks like it has brought the game to awhole new level and has rekindled my love of gaming. I’ve always been a huge fan of the final fantasy series and I’m hoping to add this to my list of favorites.

  • Sides

    I want to play FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, because I want to see and experience the difference between a japanese MMORPG and MMORPG created from different parts of the world.

    As far as I know FFXIV is currently the only modern japanese MMORPG created, run and supported by a japanese company, which is accessible globally without restrictions. All the other japanese subscription based online games, from my experience, are usually region locked and not released in the west. And that is why I want to play FFXIV.

  • StormPoet

    I love the Final Fantasy games… all of them. I started my FF career with the original on NES waaaaay back in the day. I saved my babysitting money to purchase that game for myself. I still own that original game along with all of its maps, books and the original box. I also still have and use the original Nintendo Power Strategy guide for it and FFVI (FF3 on the US SNES). I would have to say that my favorites so far are pretty equal between FF, FFV, FFVI, FFVIII, and FFX. I even pre-ordered FFX-X2 as soon as pre-orders were open for it.
    After playing the beta for FFXIV I have been completely hooked. I haven’t been this excited for a game since… well a looooooong time. I have been so bored just waiting for the next beta phase and early access. I don’t even want to play anything else and I own a bunch of new games that I haven’t finished yet. So yea… there is nothing else for me right now other than ARR… I wanna play it… like yesterday lol!
    My husband and I plan to play together as he is also a huge fan of the series. Just hoping to be able to get a second copy of the game shortly after it releases… we can’t afford 2 copies of the game right now so winning this would be awesome. Good luck to everyone!

  • VhagarDraven

    I wouldn’t say that I play MMOs, it’s not that I don’t like them but it’s just hard to find the one right for you. On the other hand I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan since I played it for the first time in my Nes. The way they tell us a story and make you feel part of it it’s amazing, all the iconic characters, weapons and monsters and even the music. I love this games but I feel like the last couple of them were not as good, especially XIV (complete failure sorry) but then I found out Square Enix decided to take it down and start from scratch, and I’m so glad they did, because the work that has been made it’s perfect.
    Playing the beta phases of ARR has been very exciting, I actually felt like I was playing a Final Fantasy game, and knowing that I might be able to get some classic weapons or fight against classic monsters and heroes it’s exactly what I was expecting, they took the best gameplay features of an MMO and mixed it with the FF worlds in a perfect balance. Now I can hardly wait for the game to come out, and I can finally say that I found the right MMO for me which I will be playing a lot, and with all the things there are to do, exploring, questing, the fates, primals, different jobs, gathering and crafting, the crystal tower and the pvp, I’m sure it will never get boring, I mean the game hasn’t even come out yet and they already have tons of content for future expansions.
    I’m very grateful of the work Yoshi P has made with his team and as I said I’m literally counting the hours till we can finally play FFXIV ARR.

  • KnifeAndFork

    I want to play it because it looks like one of the games this gen that Square-Enix finally put their time and effort in (despite the initial rushed PC launch) and I’ve never really tried too many MMO’s in the past and this one looks good. I’ve been an avid Final Fantasy player since FF VI (III in the states) on SNES back in 1994. Plus I’m an avid monster hunter chef with big biceps so this looks like a good challenge.

  • KanjiLikesBoys

    The only MMO to ever get more than an hour of my time has been the now tragically defunct City of Heroes. It was a brand new take on the genre, that focused on team work because it was the Right thing to do, and continuing to grind/play because helping people was what a hero did and exploring was as fun as battling. Not the grinding-for-grinding’s-sake style other MMO’s seem to have. The world and gameplay made sense and helped me continue playing and growing.

    ARR has a focus on team work that I love/need in a game like this. The welcoming community isn’t concerned about your gear or DKP, you just have to want to help and ask for it and someone will be there for you. The extremely open-ended Job->Class system which allows you to craft a character to fit your gameplay. You don’t need to be a miner and a blacksmith and a hunter just to get usable gear if you’d rather just go on missions and help people on quests. This is the MMO I’ve been looking for.

    PS I also want to start an in-game petition to have Lightning’s gear available for male characters (I mean come on, it’s just a coat and some shorts and red scarfcape). So having teh game would be a big part of that

  • greenparrot

    I got cheated in 1.0. I still possess a CE box set growing in dust.
    So i returned back to realm reborn 2.0 to let them know, i’ll be redeeming my time and money back from SE.

  • McPoo

    I want to play it cos games and stuff

  • Charlottes Guardian

    As much as I really do want it, it just seems like some of these other guys deserve it more. Good luck everybody! I hope whoever wins is really happy.

  • RedWolfe

    Gonna be tough picking winners out of some of these Zero. Lot’s of good responses.

    I’m, personally, not good when it comes to expressing myself through things like this but even if I was, I know that with my upcoming schedule for the year, I probably wouldn’t be able to devote the proper time for a game like this and I know there are others here that deserve it more it than I.

    So, good luck to everyone. Look forward to seeing the winning picks :)

  • Zetsy Mei

    MMO games have always held a tender spot in my heart.

    I move around a lot thanks to my life, and games like these have made it possible for me to make a steady group of friends and create many special memories with them. Society may look down upon the notion of losing oneself in a videogame fantasy, but to me, it has always been a way to escape to a realm free from reality’s unforgiving nature for a while, and take a nice, enjoyable breather. No harm in that as long as I make sure to not ignore my responsibilities as a result, right?

    All that being said, Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn just seems like the perfect world to be immersed in with friends after a day of hard work. I’ve always been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, and this game does justice to it while adding in the MMO elements of gaming I’ve come to love so much. That’s a complete win in my book.

    I just realized posting this in a public place is totally embarrassing, but oh well.

  • Shurouga

    The reason why I want to play, because I am a huge fan of Square Enix and I love all of the games they make especially the Final Fantasy series. Most of the games that I have played and loved were developed by the company, because of the games it became my number one game developer. I want to play A realm reborn because it will be the very first final fantasy MMORP game that I may be able to actually enjoyed, I have played it’s predecessor and I must say that like everyone else out here I must say that I was a little let down by it. It did not have that Final Fantasy feel to me and I could not really get into it like I’ve been able to with the previous games. I believe that this is something I have been waiting to play, something to remove that bitter feeling that it’s predecessor left me with in terms of Final Fantasy MMORPG.

    All and all from what I have seen in videos the story, the designs everything about the game from what I saw and read makes me believe that this is something that I will enjoy playing. The whole thing looks like it has that lore that every Final Fantasy game has and needs. It is because of that, I truly want to play this game without a shadow of a doubt. That’s the reason why I want to play this game so badly, it’s one of my favorite series and it is made by one of my favorite developers I don’t think anything else needs to be said honestly. That and I’m a huge fan of MMO, MMORPG games.

  • Jason Vecellio

    Hey my name is jason and this is not for me its for my girlfriend. This is the run down. We have played FFXI together for around 5 years and her computer took a dump so no more playing for her. She was In a wreak about 2 months ago and got messed up pretty bad. So now she just sits here all depressed. We have a ps3 but she doesn’t want to spend the money to get xi for it because we really don’t have it to spend. She hss watched me play FFXIV 1.0 and she loves how it looks and plays.I just feel bad that she has no way to play. I’ve tried to talk her into buying it but no go. I don’t want people thinking I’m lieing about something like this I can provided proof if need be

    • nirkana

      Poor Stacey…I was wondering what happened to her on ffxi

  • Psykadelic

    Final Fantasy is so much more than a game. It is an influential part of people’s lives. Having played every game in the main series, I cannot stress how important this franchise is to me. A Realm Reborn gives me another chance to share a world with other Final Fantasy fans. I’ve been following all the updates for the game, giddy with excitement at what is to come.

    I will call forth great beasts as an Arcanist. I will enchant my foes with the dark arts as a Thaumaturge. I will support my allies as a Conjurer. No prey will be safe from my Archer’s arrows. Fists of fury will come flying from my Pugilist while my Lancer will slice and dice any who stand in his way. My Gladiator will smite unholy monsters, and my Marauder will crush his enemies under his boot. In the end, I want nothing more to storm Bahamut’s lair and put an end to the dragon once and for all.

    Battle is not the only name of the game though. I also look forward to peaceful afternoons fishing at a lake, or upgrading my home with my hard earned gil. The world is so immense that I can’t wait to see it all and uncover it’s secrets. Who knows what I will find? Meeting new friends and enemies, overcoming seemingly unstoppable evils, and just having a great time taking it all in.

    It’s all about creating new wonderful moments that Final Fantasy is known for. This is why A Realm Reborn will be the best MMORPG yet, and why I can’t wait to go on this adventure with all of you.

  • Epitome

    I want it because Monobear says ill die if I leave so need something to play so I don’t end up a murderer pretty sure you don’t want that on your Conscious. Also I really want to play this Ill put that free year too good use plan on playing this for long time and did I mention I really want to play this? Oh and its my 1st MMO there is a saying the “1st time is unforgettable” or something like that.

  • Summer

    I want to play Final Fantasy XIV because I have always been a fan since the beginning back on the NES and was very excited when I heard
    that Square Enix was redoing XIV. I like that SE keeps the story line evolving and you feel like you are an important part of life and the adventures and battles of Eorzea. By being a part of the Final Fantasy story I really get into the game and the community which causes me to look forward to
    returning day after day. I also like that it is an MMO so that not only am I getting to play Final Fantasy but I can hang out with the online friends I have made over the years gaming. I have been lucky enough to get a beta key
    and have been involved with the testing and think that SE has put a lot of work into A Real Reborn and it shows, the game looks amazing. I look forward to August 27th and the full release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

  • Guest

    Nunca juge el final fantasy 11 por que por aque entonces no tenia ps2, siempre me quede con las ganas. Cuando me entere que saldria este FFXIV me emocione mucho pues mi hype de jugar un final fantasy online me tenia loco. junte dinero vendi mi ps3 y mi nintendo DSlite para comprar una PC en condiciones para disfrutar de este juego, el juego salio y yo aun no completaba mi PC pero conforme fueron avansando los meses las webs y los foros hablaban cosas feas del juego y se me desinflo todo el hype. para cuando termine de armar mi PC el juego ya no era lo que esperaba, entonces un dia se anuncia la renovacion total del juego y estoy aqui pidiendo con alegria una vez mas jugar este FF que tanto se me a escapado.

    I never play the final fantasy II, at that time I did not have ps2. When I found out that FFXIV would come this excites me a lot. my hype of playing a final fantasy online had me crazy. gather money and I sold my ps3 nintendo DSlite to buy a PC able to enjoy this game, the game came out and I have not completed my PC but as the months went going, websites and forums talking ugly things about the game, and I deflate all the hype. for when finish assembling my PC the game is not what I expected, then one day announcing the total renovation of the game and I’m here asking with joy once again play this FF that many times he escaped from me.

  • Omaru

    Nunca juge el final fantasy 11 por que por aque entonces no tenia ps2, siempre me quede con las ganas. Cuando me entere que saldria este FFXIV me emocione mucho pues mi hype de jugar un final fantasy online me tenia loco. junte dinero vendi mi ps3 y mi nintendo DSlite para comprar una PC en condiciones para disfrutar de este juego, el juego salio y yo aun no completaba mi PC pero conforme fueron avansando los meses las webs y los foros hablaban cosas feas del juego y se me desinflo todo el hype. para cuando termine de armar mi PC el juego ya no era lo que esperaba, entonces un dia se anuncia la renovacion total del juego y estoy aqui pidiendo con alegria una vez mas jugar este FF que tanto se me a escapado.

    I never play the final fantasy XI, at that time I did not have ps2. When I found out that FFXIV would come this excites me a lot. my hype of playing a final fantasy online had me crazy. gather money and I sold my ps3 nintendo DSlite to buy a PC able to enjoy this game, the game came out and I have not completed my PC but as the months went going, websites and forums talking ugly things about the game, and I deflate all the hype. for when finish assembling my PC the game is not what I expected, then one day announcing the total renovation of the game and I’m here asking with joy once again play this FF that many times he escaped from me.

    saludos desde mexico : )

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I want to play Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn because I’ve been asking for hot springs since FFXIV 1.0 and they finally added them to A Realm Reborn. :D

  • Matthew Holloway

    I’ve been a huge fan of Final Fantasy for over 15 years and played FFXI for about 7 years before switching to FFXIV. My wife and I stuck with the game through all of its changes and “dark periods”. I’ve seen during the beta what they’ve turned it into, and it’s magnificent! I love the heroic feeling that the game instills in me now, and can’t wait to become one of Eorzea great new heroes!

  • Arcanenix

    It’s Final Fantasy…enough said.

  • Repatriate

    Okay, so its very exciting to see a opportunity like this to pop up. I absolutely love MMOs. Well, I love RPGs but what I really love about MMOs is theyre just this beautiful melting pot of things like pvp combat, epic pve experiences, character min maxing and dungeon crawling with your best friends, or complete strangers! Ive been doing my research on XIV, I became very interested in A Realm Reborn when I saw the absolutely stunning artwork for it.

    Artwork, it draws me to MMOs. And XIV carries with it the wonderful style of Final Fantasy. Immediately when I saw this artwork I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and in some weird ways, nostalgia. Though I of course havent played the game, I feel the environments are refreshingly similar to some things we have seen before.

    Now, I could go on about the games features and how excited I am for them (believe me I really, really could) but I feel I should be cutting an already long post, short. To be honest brand loyalty has its role too, for me personally I have absolutely loved the series and most of its titles, from most recent to oldest titles I have found the games to be engaging and sometimes cinematic (beautiful FMVs! <3) experiences.

    And I feel like my final point would have to be the director of ARR. I have am and have been a giant fan of Naoki Yoshida's work. (Bomberman: TSA, and all his Dragon Quest works, much love!) Yoshida's experience with other MMO titles also gave me a feeling of ease when I first started looking into this title. I feel the best kind of person to develop an MMO game, is an MMO player and thats exactly what Yoshi-P is!

    Okay, I think thats where I should end it. Thank you for reading Gematsu!

  • Vinnyhawj

    I want to play Final Fantasy XIV A realm Reborn because I play the close beta and I was hook by the game. I can’t put it down it so addicted. I helping the game from glitches I encounter and report them. I’m looking forward to ride on the magitek armor from final fantasy 6,pets,weapons,armors,the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut that suppose to be hard and explore the beautiful environment . There’s so many things I looking forward to like new jobs such as summmoner.There’s a tons more but it so excited when the game is almost here.I got the original Final Fantasy XIV Which I played all time even tho, it not good as it should. But I don’t let that stop me from playing the game. I enjoy it and play the close beta realize Square improve it. I play this game with my friends and it was enjoyable. I can’t wait to play with them again. A realm Reborn is the only mmorpg I can play every time because it much better in term of better enemies, skills, and story in a mmorpg. This is one of the best mmorpg out there.

  • Azuardo

    Unfortunately, even as a massive FF fan, I’ve never managed to afford the subscription fees to play the MMO FF games I’ve missed out on – FF11 and soon FF14. Having seen what FF14 looks like and how it really is looking like a very worthy numbered entry in the series, I’m really desperate to play it, but for as long as there will be a subscription fee, I know I’ll never be able to.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve never played an MMORPG before, so the whole thing will be a very new gaming experience for me, if I do eventually get to play it fully. I’d love to be able to make new friends in a world of which its series has really changed my life forever. I wonder, even after all these years on from first playing an FF game, if FF14 could do the same again.

  • JJDunks1

    ok lets get it. I’ve been a huge final fantasy fan for a while now. played a bunch of the games and even the side games. unfortunately due to financial setbacks I haven’t been able to purchase video games as much as I would like. I’m also going to be a college freshman playing hockey at the ncaa level and this would mean a lot. this game seems to be the savior of the franchise and I really want to win this. thanks gematsu I’m a huge fan.

  • Micahel Langan

    Leaving DDO VIP for FFIV. Who doesn’t want to play with a Carbuncle following you around?

  • FemmeFox

    I’ve always really loved Final Fantasy, but I’ve never been one for playing games with multiplayer options if I could avoid it. Especially MMO’s due to simply how time consuming and almost cult like I found them. As this generation has progressed though I’ve become more and more open to playing with other people and have come to enjoy it with some cases.

    I ended up with a code for the PS3 beta recently and thought I’d actually give it a try. And I was pulled into the world of Eorzea immediately. I could finally be a race that I liked the look of (a Miquo’te) and the customisations were satisfactory enough to make her feel like she was mine. Like she was me.

    The world itself was fresh and I truly felt like a rookie for the first time in an age. It was ALL new. Everything I did needed to be learned again. Not only this but the environments as I explored varied in a fun way and the trasitions from day to night were almost beautiful in their own right.

    Even better, I had some friends in the beta and I got to experience RP in a game for the first time where the people were real. I have never looked forward to playing more of a game after experiencing so little of it as the beta was short. I have never wanted something I can share with my friends so much. I have never wanted to go back to a world more than Eorzea.

  • donald caldwell

    Why do I wish to play Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn? Because it is a fantasy. An environment in which to forget my worries, and delve into a world which is my own experience. To meet and make new friends. Share dreams with others who desire the same. To defeat all of the fates, dungeons and raids. To laugh at our successes, frown at our defeats, but relish all of it as the adventure which we are about to partake. I want to experience that first Chocobo ride across a valley.

    I will raise all who need it, and hopefully receive the same. It is the camaraderie with all I seek. I hope the community is alive with people who are passionate about their character, but fair to those who are and willing to learn.

    This is indeed a fantasy. Let us begin.

  • XxRitz

    Why, not?

  • Thurrington

    Want to play a tiny lalafell tank and take blows from giant bosses like Titan and Bahamut, cause think it would be entertaining.

  • Victor

    After watching the “End of an era” trailer i wanted to be part of the rebirth of FFXIV, participated of the closed beta and im hooked!. I can say if i get to win, that year would be the first of many lol…

  • DigitalDevilSummoner

    before it all has been and never coming back.
    besides the face near a mirror of a distant faded high.
    and all the faith, all the magick, all the weird little places.
    gone in a faint mist of rust pealing off the walls.
    buried above in the past of time a price lowly high we paid.
    and tincture of the memory corroded nerves astray.
    babel our likeness the spines of laughter melt.
    the muscle pulled behind the eyeball hanging from his gun.
    below we lived the dream end glory sorry sight on the horizon.
    we dug and dig so greedily indulge a faded craze.
    reminded us of longiness and blurry rainbow maze.
    all is not lost what it is will remain from a state of ill decay.
    twist the reason every generation keep the mind off redemption.

  • Johnle51

    I haven’t played any MMOs but this really caught my atttention. I cant seem to play any other games that isnt from Square Enix. I’m a big fan of the FF series playing every game and have been spending all my time trying to get keys for the beta test. After phase 3, i have been really looking forward to the long-awaited release and keep updating myself with any news. I really hope to play this awesome game :)

  • Leon490

    Well i grew up watching my older sister playing FF games like 7,8, and 9 so I was already in love with the game series. I got into MMOs and still am so a FF MMO seemed perfect for me. I was invited to beta but wasn’t able to participate in it since my computer had a problem which wasn’t fixed until a later beta phase which I wasn’t invited to so of course I was extremely saddened that I was lucky enough to get invited but wasn’t able to play it. I have a ps3 and was happy that it was also being released for it and as it shouldn’t have any problems running it since basically all Ps3s are the same. I would be extremely glad even if I got runner up as I don’t have the money to buy the game and the subscription fees.

  • Jacob Rafnson

    I would like to win because my wife refuses to let me pay that much for a yearly subscription…. :(

  • Christopher

    I’ve always wanted to play an mmo. I never had the computer power or time to really gwtinto an mmo. This mmo is final fantasy and I love finaly fantasy I played them all on release date since iv. I never got to try xi or xiv as back then I was sketchy about mmo. Now I have the time to play one I’m totally stoked to jump in head first. I got so many hours logged in the beta and I’ve been giving feedback on the offical forums. With this game I don’t have to go spend near $1000 on a pc to play cool games. I have a ps3 waiting to play Final Fantasy XIV ARR

  • Tabagga

    I want to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn because I want to play a Dragoon. When I was a kid I discovered RPGs playing FF2. I always thought that the Dragoons in the game was cool. Super Nintendo was very expensive when they first came out so I rented it and the FF2 game and liked it so much that I was always bugging my dad to get it again for me. I was still learning English and did not know that there was an option to save the game so each time he would bring it home for me I would start all over again. This did not deter me at all I still loved my Dragoon and was very happy to hear that FF XIV was going to have them as well.

  • Dav Mestas

    I’ve followed Square-Enix and the Final Fantasy series fur years. I have two stuffed moogles, a tattoo of a Mog on my calf and a chocoholic sticker on mg car! I read the forums everyday, and search for every bit of info I can find. There isn’t anyone that wants to play this more than me!

  • PrinceHeir

    would love to try it :)

  • John harvey

    I would love to play this game mainly because I never played a final fantasy online game before and 14 ARR looks cool to start, besides the miqo’te looks great

  • Saykox

    After reading about the disaster of FFXIV 1.0 I’ve been following this game closely; I like Final Fantasy, I’ve never played an Online RPG that’s why I would like to try this game; it looks really good.

  • asch999

    I want to play FF XIV : A Realm Reborn because this will be my First Final Fantasy Online to me
    I played all of Final Fantasy series, only the exception is the online version

  • Ang Yi Ming

    It started off a bit rough as I journeyed through the world with comrades disappearing due to the disappointing game. As I too decided that the world of FF14 is beyond hope, I vowed to all my comrades that we will definitely meet again, before I too abandon the world. When the realm was shattered by apocalypse, we all stood at the side witnessing the end, holding our fist and remembering our promises. The world has indeed ended, and all hope of reuniting is shattered with it. Just then a glitter of light descend upon the god forsaken land, and through miraculous power, the realm was thus reborn. The world was given a second chance, and so are we given a second chance. All of us geared up once again, and prepare to fulfill our vow, in the vast land of Final Fantasy XIV!

  • Dekmas

    I want to play FFXIV: A Realm Reborn because this game is different from other MMO games.
    I played the beta test, and I liked it.

  • Dokuro

    Im not gonna lie, I couldnt play the first FF XIV, my comp isnt good enough to play games like this, but I´ve been always in love with this game cause it looks BEAUTIFUL, its coming for Ps3-PS4 its my chance to play it, I really wanna try it out cause Im a FF fan and Im pretty sure im gonna play it lots and subscribe for many years cause I love MMORPG’s.
    That’s it =).

  • orenji

    i want to play FF XIV because i love rpg games, especially Final Fantasy

  • Tetsu


    Nothing in this world gets me as lost as I do when I’m playing an RPG.
    I can’t stress the importance of what that means in my life, to be able to get away to another world. It’s my escape, and it’s who I am.

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because it’s a game that loves me back.
    It appreciates my inner kid, and wish for dreams of grandeur.
    I don’t play most open world games, because most open world games aren’t A Realm Reborn. A game that channels both a series I was forged on, and a tribute to great games everywhere.

    When I saw A Realm Reborn rise slowly from the ashes these past few years, and spread it’s fiery, fan-fueled wings, and come back on top, 100-fold better than before, I was floored. I cheered it on, because it’s a part of me, and what I want out of the industry. It’s what I want to do on my time, share with new friends, and start a journey into Eorzea, and be part of an adventure that almost wasn’t.

    I want to be a part of this experience,
    and I want to gain experience points, for years to come :)

  • Amyffxivarr

    I wanna play FFXIV A Realm Reborn bacause it’s already part of my life. Since the first time I could live this experience I feel greatfull. I’ve reach many accomplishment in my life but nothing compares to the experience of playing final fantasy xiv a realm reborn. Try to imagine live in a fantasy world, where you can be hero or not, and face the consequences of it, learning the meaning of a friendship and team work. The feeling of defeating an notorious monster or a prime with your friends that worked so hard is impossible to be put into words, but try to imagine your heart beating fast, your hands getting sweat, your eyes are reacting to a slightly move on the screen, where the movement of your chest while you breath will become the only thing that you can hear around and the only thing that you can think is on which and when is the next move of the enemy, until you can define his profile and beat it. This feeling and the screams of /hurray will be the like music on your ears and the deep breath of victory will be part of your soul. This means Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

  • Ignis

    Why I want to play A Realm Reborn? Let me explain:
    -Best graphics I’ve ever see in MMO
    -Amazing Story
    -Lots of Jobs and you can be all of them in one character
    -Its Final Fantasy we are talking about
    -All stuffs are available to all players and not to one who have more money $$$. (Cash Itens)
    -I’ve already said its Final Fantasy we’re talking about?
    -All the Primals and dungeons
    -As a veteran player of Final Fantasy series, I coudn’t let this one.
    -The house system
    and for last, “ITS FINAL FANTASY” and only this is enogh to play =D
    PS. Sorry for my english ‘-‘

  • Guilherme Moraes

    *starts “The Prelude*

    A long time ago, a boy found himself in a local blockbuster. Searching in the shelves, his eyes glared at a very peculiar game. “Final Fantasy III” was written on it. Moved by an unknown force, the boy promptely rented it. The game was quite confusing for a boy who knew less than basic english, but there was something enchanting on that game. Something that would make the boy search all over for information. In his searches, the boy found out that his beloved Final Fantasy III was really Final Fantasy VI! And this is where the legend starts, the story of a boy who found love in a game, and ever since has been playing all of them.

    The games not only taught him lessons about life and friendship, but showed him some of history, literature, and even taught him, even though little, the english language.

    His love for the series grown more by each game he played. He laughed, he got angry, and he even cried while playing.

    That’s why this boy, now a grown man, wants to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

  • Sebastian C

    Because it looks like a very positive & happy experience and I want to make friends :)

  • Vernauth

    if you choose me, choose the post 35 make him/her the winner ^_^

    35 because the game release date is august 27th (8+27= 35)

  • Reuel Lima

    I always dreamed of being a Hero.
    You know, that kind of Hero with a Sword or a Staff in Hands, and the willing to save the World. Sojourning through far kingdoms, lost ruins, or even unkown, monster-filled fields. All in behalf of a greater good.

    I know, it’s probably a dream shared by most. It’s already a cliche.
    But for me, is more than a dream, it’s a idyllic form of living. A way to scape from the day-to-day problems and dive in to world where everything is more simple, and at same time, more difficult. Where everything is black and white, but somehow, at the end of the journey, the good willing always prevails.

    While the Final Fantasy franchise always put you in the role of some Hero, I never could immerse myself in a World where I could be the hero.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is the ultimate way to experience those feelings I’ve described earlier, and thus, I really want to win and be able to play it.

  • mtle

    I never played FFXI, I gave FFXIV beta a go, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t see myself playing other MMOS on a monthly subscription basis but FFXIV was the first to make me re-consider.

    I look forward to the community and adventures that will happen, and I want to be part of that, help support a pretty amazing game that has over gone an overhaul.

  • Guest

    When I saw the news in 2010 that the FF14MMO launch, I was very happy, I’ve played all the FF, which was the most liked FF12. I found it very good graphic, gameplay, real-time battles. I cried as a child moved in scenes from FF7.
    How am addicted to GAMES, ps3 gave me something that few have had the luck to find it was my wonderful bride, met playing my first MMO, the Dc universe online, we will be married end of the year, I know that pans will fly and she forgives me, but I will leave it in DC to play the best MMO game of all time the FFXIV-RR.
    sorry, do not know how to speak English used Google translator.
    Could not miss this opportunity to express my feelings I have for the game FINAL FANTASY and the beautiful team EQUERE ENIX never disappointed me in any game, and I know that this will be one of the wonderful work done by you.

  • Guest

    When I saw the news in 2010 that the FF14MMO launch, I was very happy, I’ve played all the FF, which was the most liked FF12. I found it very good graphic, gameplay, real-time battles. I cried as a child moved in scenes from FF7.
    How am addicted to GAMES, ps3 gave me something that few have had the luck to find it was my wonderful bride, met playing my first MMO, the Dc universe online, we will be married end of the year, I know that pans will fly and she forgives me, but I will leave it in DC to play the best MMO game of all time the FFXIV-RR.
    sorry, do not know how to speak English used Google translator.

  • Caio César

    It is simple. Becouse i want to suport Square position on realizing that the frist Final Fantasy 14 was not up to standarts and humbly admited it and took the game to work on it, so it can be up to standarts.

    Also, the game found a beautifull ballance between graphic fidelity and aesthetics. The world is beautifull with different locations and made me enjoy exploring and sigh-seeing in a MMO. Something i haven’t been able to enjoy for a long time.

    Bust most important? The game is simply fun to play. Good animations, good armor models ( Has it exceptions… >_> ) and the dungeons are amazing.

  • Seros WindRunner

    If I’m chosen, I’ll make sure to spread chaos all over Eorzea!

  • Roberto Lightningart

    I played all the FF, which was the most liked FF12. I found it very good graphic, gameplay, real-time battles. I cried as a child moved in scenes from FF7.
    How am addicted to GAMES, ps3 gave me something that few have had the luck to find it was my wonderful bride, met playing my first MMO, the Dc universe online, we will be married end of the year, I know that pans will fly and she forgives me, but I will leave it in DC to play the best MMO game of all time the FFXIV-RR.
    Excuse me, I’m Brazilian I can not speak english used Google translator.
    Could not miss this opportunity to express my feelings I have for the game FINAL FANTASY and the beautiful team EQUERE ENIX, created a channel on YOUTUBE unique to sell our work to a team that has never disappointed me in any game, and I know that this will be one of the wonderful work done by you.

  • Fabricio

    i want to play ff14 because i need something good to end up my bad and free life time.

  • Kalmdaze

    A realm reborn is an amalgamation of everything we loved about the single player games. From Magitek to Summons, a realm reborn creates a world in which fans of any entry in the series can find some emotional connections. Beyond mere connections, Final Fantasy XIV brings to life a imaginative fantasy world through its music, world design, and social functions that must be experienced. It is for these reason that I want to play Final Fantasy XIV and set out on journey as the protagonist of my own story in a realm reborn.
    – See You Space Cowboy

  • Willgaea

    My brother’s friend first introduced us to Final Fantasy VII back in 97′, and we have been hooked since. We saved up our allowance during the months when finally about after 15 months we bought a PS1, and a few months later I got Final Fantasy for my birthday. Even though it was 1 player we enjoyed taking turns. Our friend later told us the series would keep coming out during the years to come up, so we always had a little money saved up for the new game. Eventually Final Fantasy XI came out but It required internet.

    My family wasn’t able to afford Internet , so I never got a chance to play it. We suddenly realized that we could never play the new entries in the series. So my brother and I started branching out looking for other games. I picked up the Breath of Fire series and many others, while he got the Zelda series.

    My mom knew I’ve been collecting the final fantasy series with my brother. But I moved out about a year ago. My Mother sent me a random package for no particular reason. it was a very beat up copy of Final Fantasy XI. I called up my Mom and told her the game has been offline for a year. She didn’t know what I was talking about. I than told her I loved it and sent her a glass rose.

    Even if the servers were up I probably wouldn’t be able to play it anyways, because I decided to buy a Ps3 rather than get a gaming laptop. I love my Ps3 so I stand firm with my choice. The only reason while FF14 hasn’t been on my radar is due to the subscription. 15 a month might not sound like a lot, but it’s another 2 meals when you live month to month. Even if it’s a slight chance I would love to be able to Interact with people while playing Final Fantasy.

    Thanks for the post


  • Ace

    I want to see how well FFXIV improved from the old 1.0 game as well as see what new content Square Enix has up their sleeves for ARR.

    I loved playing FFXI when it came out and I’m hoping for a similar(or even better) experience playing FFXIV: ARR

  • Heavyrock

    I want to play FFXIV because i´m tired of this new generation games, who at the best, lasts 1 week. I want to play only ONE game for years, like I did in FFXI. I´m betting all my coins in FFXIV.

  • LadyK

    To be honest, I’ve been avoiding news feed when it comes to FFXIV: Realm Reborn ever since its reveal. The graphics are pretty, adore the customization, the origins of the world and lore had me running back. They always have the best background stories to build up from. I’m a sucker for open world exploration (I’m that person who hacks away at walls or drop from heights thinking there’s a secret area) so I know I’d definitely enjoy it but I knew I’d never play it. Until now. I was always cautious of Square Enix. First game didn’t go well when back then. Probably because my parents handed me an FFX copy that was somehow in Japanese and I didn’t understand a damn thing but that’s besides the point. It’s been a hit/miss/miss but they always drag me back when they announce something, I just can’t get away xO

    But now I’m starting to venture into Square Enix’s latest FF/KH titles. It’s simply amazing. Whether I’ve been missing it all this time is subjective but I know I’m going with their titles lately. MMO is also something I’ve been getting into for a while now and I’m definitely wanting to try it with FFXIV :3 I’m not exactly a loyal fan but I’ve been noticing their efforts through the years. When the company remakes a game that failed the first time into something amazing, of course I’ll be interested since obviously there’s something about it that they want us to love. I want to be there with everyone that time when we realize it.

    This game, I can see myself playing even months later, as opposed to say COD (lobby traumatized me >.>) so I hope this would ease me into this fantastic MMO world that Square Enix created. So far it makes it seems like I’m this powerful heroine and dammit, i will be trying to be that heroine when I’ll done exploring everything. Besides I love the words. Realm Reborn. Reh-elm. Eorzea. Eh-or-zea. Ul’dah. Miqo’te. <3

  • NetjerSeth

    To put it quite frankly… i never EVER bought a sub game in my whole life… forever avoided them.. but after getting to play FF ARR phase 3.. and being the FF Saga Lover that i am… been playing since 1… and well… i LOVE THEM ALL… i have to say that its a MUST HAVE to any respectable person that gets to call himself a Gamer… this game.. is THE most beautiful, most stunning, most fun mmorpg that i have EVER played.. and trust me i have played almost all mmorpg´s on the market except Hello Kitty Online… ( would be too much for my sanity XD)… Well those are my two cents regarding this.

    Thx for reading ^^

  • Shaun_HD

    Having played FF XIV from the 1.0 Beta all the way to the end of 1.23 (even after final save), I am really excited for the re-imagining of FFXIV. All the tests and trials along the way have brought not only myself, but the FFXIV community up to this point. I’ve had faith in Yosh-P’s vision since day one and I’m looking forward to finally being able to get back to the world of Eorzea.

    I actively run a Free Company structured purely to create a better FFXIV community full of friendly players who can share memories with one another. FFXIV’s community is an example of a game community done right, and I will continue to do my part to make that always be true. A year of subscription would allow me more opportunity to expand on our own community for the better of all FFXIV players on Hyperion Server, and beyond.

  • Mike Coulombe

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because it is the true vision of what an evolved Final Fantasy MMORPG should be. For the combination of all the elements that make other MMORPGs fun, engaging, and addictive. Light dynamic events, a great class system, an incredible looking world, familiar territory and a revamped combat system is everything I could ask from a remake of FFXIV.

    The community! XI and XIV both had fantastic and friendly players all over the place. You needed help? Every single LS I’ve been in was filled with people graciously offering a hand in anything I could ask (within the realm of reason). I am looking very, very much forward to that and also making long lasting frienships.

    Last but not least: The producer! How can we not mention Mr. Yoshida when talking about A Realm Reborn’s potential? This man is a genius, and he knows what we want. From the moment he actually turned XIV 1.0 into a very enjoyable game (1.20+), and we started seeing results, we knew we could trust him! And trust in a member of a major corporation, my friends, is not something one can count on these days. But Yoshi-P? …Yeah, I got a feeling about him!

  • LunarHaven

    I’ve played every single Final Fantasy game up to this point and love the series. I’ve always been skeptical about the MMORPG’s Square-Enix have been putting out and I’ve honestly never played a single one.

    I love the fact that the almighty Nobou Uematsu has composed the music for the game and all the recent talk about how much this game has improved over the previous installment which was completely shot down, has made me very interested in trying this game out. The screens look lush and beautiful, the character creation looks sweet and I am excited to see how it all plays out!


  • Kageneko

    I want more than anything to play final Fantasy 14. Now thats not me just saying that, I’m not kidding. I had more than 90 hours on my now deleted phase 3 character and ran a bunch of my friends thru lower level things while gearing them up to play the game as well. Boring you might think but no not for me because i loved the game that much. After playing Final Fantasy 11 since 2002 (as an alpha test and up until around 2010) I had incredibly high hopes for 14. However after starting up the 14 1.0 beta my original computer died, so I never got to play it… I patiently waited for the ps3 version which never came…however what did come were reviews that it was a such a bad game…this disheartened me terribly…So even when I did get a new computer, I didn’t pick up a copy. But when I heard they were fixing it with ARR I couldn’t wait to try it. I signed up on the first day sign ups were available for the beta…but alas didn’t get picked till phase 3(having lost my invite code from the ps3 version of 13 T_T) BUT I got in…and What I was met with was possibly one of the greatest games I have ever played. I enjoyed every moment every nuance every action in the game. Even changed my icon on facebook to my 14 character. And when ever the beta weekends would end, I would try to play other games but they just felt…bleh…I felt bleh…almost empty…

    14 brought alot of my old friends from 11 and other games back together as we finally had a game we were all interested in and could play. Some of them had never even played an mmo (friends form xbox) but loved the experience 14 gave them. They will mostly all be picking up the game at launch as well!

    You would think I would be extremely looking forward to the games launch then right? Well not exactly, see I don’t actual have the money to buy the game and pay a subscription…Thats another reason played as much as I could in the beta cuz, I probably wont get another chance, minus the open beta which is about 4 days…but with only level cap of 20. You couldn’t imagine my heart break hearing that cuz in phase 3 when i hit 30 lancer 15 pug and found out I couldn’t take up my dragoon mantel ala 11 again as their were no advanced jobs for non legacy players, especially after playing was a few advanced jobs players in duty finder, I was pretty devastated. I had hoped the open beta would be different and have them but of course this is not the case.

    So as is, I will never get to play as my dragoon again, I will never get to experience the epic open world events, the unique dungeons with random awesome items(like those random goggles, though low level if I didn’t need the armor I rocked them everywhere), Never get to just…cruise around random areas with my Armored chocobo, just seein whats to see, And most of all never play as Kage Neko my character again T_T. It was great finally having a male mithra (Played as a mithra/manthra for almost 10 years I just wanted to be male catboy)

    …To be honest I would love to win even just a copy of the game. Then I can afford at least a couple months of the game, I just can’t afford both as I don’t actually have any form of income at the moment. I’ve got alot of…bad happening in my life with just alot going on with my health and family. But That is why I want to play 14…it’s the only game out there that…feels right to me i guess. It makes me happy, and with all my friends playing it, I don’t feel alone…

    • Astrid Huang

      Same here :)
      A lot of bad things happened to my life and health lately.. I had to use my hard-earned 1 year salary for my urgent surgery 3 months ago. And I still had to sell some of my belongings to cover it. Now I still can’t find a new job because of my current condition. I feel very much desperate. And I don’t think I can afford FFXIV monthly subscription, but it’s okay. At least I still want to play it with that free 1 month subscription, even if I don’t win. Hey, don’t forget that life has its up and down.. I’m sure we’ll see the rainbow after the storm :)

      • MogCakes

        You have my best wishes. Hope life turns around for you.

  • Kholood Al-khamees

    i want to buy & play Final Fantasy XIV for a long time from the first release but the monthly subscriptions is too much for me (T-T) and this year have many games that will come out so i decide to drop it from my “must-buy” list .. to win something like that would be really awesome

  • Etrius Ballard

    For the first time, I find myself on an MMORPG that I don’t stay focused on rushing the content, when I first played the 1.0 version, most of the time I spend was sitting next to the awesome scenery or under a shadow of a tree, and talking to people I didn’t even know who they were IRL, and I thought: “I’m having fun!”. For the first time in many years, I found what makes me happy within a game, talk to people, pay attention to the landscapes, crafting as a profitable job, It is everything awesome! Now I can’t find myself playing any other MMO in the forth years to come, getting this One-Year Sub or not, won’t affect my happiness at this moment, like seeing the best MMO I’ve ever played rising again.

  • Ronaconda

    Heya, Scraw- Er…Gematsu! Long time lurker here saying ‘hi’ for the first time.

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I come from a small group of friends who met each other on MMORPGs. Most recently we’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 and lately, I’ve felt as though I’m in a ‘rut’ of sorts that’s honestly been getting to me, Here’s some back story. TL;DR Version at the bottom of this soon to be longer post.

    I’m stuck in a metaphorical ditch in gaming(life) right now. Let me elaborate on things. I am not an avid “gamer” by any sense of word, I tend to stick to a few games a year because of a budget and what my friends play, I really love those guys. I do a lot of role laying in MMO’s along with PvP, PvE, etc. Also, I do go to online courses for college(I’m scared of people in real life, well maybe not entirely)and I also like to do a lot of digital artwork and character conceptualizing for the MMO’s I play. It’s the -one- thing I’m still passionate about, I love to draw other people’s toons and they seem to enjoy it too.

    Here’s where FFXIV comes in, as a artist you get a lot of different inspirations. One of my personal ones is the FF series(Tetsuya Nomura, Amano, aw yiss), I’m one of those guys who enjoys a good looking game with a well thought out concept, it’s own image, and breaking some real ground in the MMORPG staleness in the industry right now. When FFXIV came out, it was barely blip on my radar because of GW 2 and the XIV’s previous state. I was like, ‘OMAGERD GUERD WERDZ TWO’ it was the light of my life, I thought it would be the end all be all for my MMORPG days. Too bad that…it didn’t exactly do just that.

    Various things happened within my little vent gaming group of friends that’s made GW 2 become a disappointing chore to log onto. By all means, it’s still a great game and probably has the best combat system thus far, but it feels as though the game’s lost it’s “heart” in it’s vision, artistic or not. I don’t have the passion I used to have for the game anymore; whether it’s sketching up characters or just playing the game itself, it’s just not the same. My friends have almost entirely stopped playing, which made me lose my passion for what I do as a whole.

    Honestly, it’s been a huge drag. Now, my friends are all going to be migrating to A Realm Reborn because they heard nothing but good things from it. I played the beta and I was like, ‘Whoa, this isn’t too bad actually.’ I wasn’t completely blown away, yet I was still impressed by how well they reworked the game. It was actually a refreshing experience. A Realm Reborn is a terrific and fitting title for a “phoenix down from the ashes” MMORPG that is FFXIV, I’m really surprised how well they’ve come. It’s straight up shocking how I didn’t check it out sooner.

    Then, it hit me. Inspiration and passion to work on a concept for a character for XIV. I was pumped, “Aw yeah, I’ll make a dragoon and jump on stuff till it dies!” My character was going to be a hyur midlander fisherman wanting to find the biggest catch of them all! Aw, yeah and he would do flips and shi- Then another thing hit me. “Wait…I can’t pay for this right now. Sad times.” Another ‘catch’ of the MMORPG gaming is the cash/moolah/dosh to pay for another game. I’m broke as hell and money is so tight where I live. So. there was no way I was going to play the game on launch with my vent group, we’ll still hang out but not play the same game(you know, -those- guys). Wouldn’t be the first time, but I’ve made it through alright.

    Moving on, on my daily visit to to see the latest news over yonder seas gaming wise(I like to keep up to date, who doesn’t). I see…this…chance, right here, this contest to win a copy of the game and maybe, just maybe find that lost passion again. “Me gusta.” I was ready to type up a monster and inspiration struck me at 3:00AM in the morning mid-stress mode. “I think it’s time to remake myself and maybe this post would put things in perspective for me. So, step one…” Kudos if you read this far, mods!

    You really gave me a chance to be…reborn, you could say.

    TL;DR – Why do I want play FFXIV: ARR? Because I’m broke and I want to see my MMORPG experience to be renewed and fun once more. (With my buds of course. Love you, guise.)

    P.S. The abbreviation is ridiculous, holy crap. Also, thank you for this opportunity, I actually really needed to say some of this(or type, rather. Whew.)

  • MogCakes

    I’ll be playing ARR to immerse myself in FF lore and form a community with fellow fans from across the world. I met my best friend this way. MMOs are about forming a connection with others through a virtual space for me, and the chance to do so in the world of a Final Fantasy title is inviting. With the body replaced by an avatar, people are free to express themselves in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in reality, and this is something I enjoy.

  • orangpelupa

    i want to mod the game. period.

  • Zero

    I’ve been reading the new comments that have been posted over the weekend. The competition gets tougher and tougher.

    Remember. The contest doesn’t end until August 19th. Be sure to spread the word around. Tell friends, family, or anyone else you would like to see win.

    Oh! And be sure to stick around. We have a growing community here at Gematsu. We don’t bite. =)

    We also have more contests coming up in the near future. The plan is to have something for Kingdom Hearts in September, followed by something for Zelda in October. Stay tuned! =)

  • Sukoru

    I would like to play A Realm Reborn because I miss the old FF games. A Realm Reborn reminds me of FF XII, and I would really like to experience something like XII again. The ability to create my own character is a plus, it’s really about a new FF experience, and all A Realm Reborn has to offer.

  • bLasTia sKyHiGh

    I love rpgs and it would be a great chance to play FF14 together with my friends!

  • darv

    Because a game that the studio behind it actually flat-out acknowledged was a disappointment, left running in a perpetual semi-beta, then pulled and re-launched after a total overhaul rather than simply milking their players for cash while offering token patches and promises deserves a strong look.

  • CJ7

    Just wanted to ride on a Chocobo and run across the entire world KWEK! XD

  • SOLOmio

    cause i wanna see is square stayed true to the fans suggestions and ideas and cause i wanna relive the experience of FFXI!
    mainly cause of the kupo dudes(moggles) they are funny and….cute!

  • StrikeZero

    Final Fantasy 11 was my first MMORPG. I bought a copy and subscription back when the game first launched. I loved the whole classes and subclass system. When FF11 came out to PS2 with the HDD I was so excited to be able to play on a big screen that I ran out and got the PS2 version.

    I had to eventually cancel my subscription four years later due to being just a high school student with no money to pay for the subscription. Now I’m a working adult and able to pay for whatever I want.

    When Final Fantasy 14 released in 2010 I was ecstatic that a new Final Fantasy MMORPG was released. I tried the beta, but was deeply sadden by the experience. FF14 was a far cry from what FF11 was. I was greatly disappointed at the game until Square-Enix announced that they too are ashamed of the game and are remaking it.

    Now it’s been 10 years since the release of FF11 and the advent of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. With all the good news that FF14:ARR will be a good game I’m deeply excited to play the game and enjoy a Final Fantasy MMORPG again.

  • bs3311

    I want to play the game because this will be my first MMORPG I have ever played since trying out the beta. It had the usual MMO repetitive feel in leveling and item finding that I heard about, but it brought a sense of nostalgia back when I watched this anime series called, .Hack/Sign which coincidentally takes place in a MMORPG. The settings and mechanic was somewhat similar. you could warp to different areas, explore solo if you wanted to, see some beautiful landscaped areas, but when you wanted to explore dungeons you would definitely have to party up. The anime tried to portray the difficulty of finding people to join in party’s unless you just speak out and ask. When I started playing ARR beta, I played with that sort of mindset. I was a bit nervous when asking other people to party up on the first dungeon which was also required in the story, but I kept trying to and I was able to find a party (this was before the release of the duty finder). It felt like a small yet big accomplishment. And with the duty finder though its a fast system to party up, sometimes I get some friend requests to party up next time. So the friendship in partying is not gone so don’t be listening to those hardcore MMORPGers IMO. Besides, its up to you to use the duty finder. That is probably only one part in why I wanted to play FFXIV, along with the fact that its been through a big re-change instead of just letting it die. If FFXIV was left to die, then maybe I still would not have played a MMORPG in my lifetime.

  • Paco Cortes

    I wanna play it since i been looking for my new fantasy home, i played ff11 for about 8 years, and thers no other mmorpg out there that makes me feel like home, i played ff14 with really high spectations, and you can imagine my reaction to the game… but wih ARR I know things are the way Square-enix should make it the 1st time and i kniw for sure its a big succes since i played the beta :) now I know I can call home to Eorzea.

  • AnimeGirlOfYourDreams

    I want to play the game because 3 words, MMO’S ARE AWESOME! Also because i first played ff when i was a kid It was my fav game in my childhood. Ever since the original ff i been waiting for a ff online game and my dream came true when they reveled ff 14 ARR. Thanks for the read zero, and good luck to everyone else that enter this awesome contest! :D

  • incubus jay

    I don’t want to make a long speech but i love the series and the mmo is fun and helps me escape the stress of life,I have been playing the series since i was younger and it really holds great memories with each installment, i hope to make more with this game also. .Not to mention it would make a great birthday gift for this month. hope you consider me.

  • JumpinJackFlash

    oh my, oh my. Where would i start? The world is just so freaking good! I wanna live in it! Helping out people, all the friends i plan on making! All the time of my life I’m gonna be wasting will be on something so wonderful and fufilling for me. There is so much to do and you can bet on me doing as much of it as i possibly can.. The feeling of finally winning those battles that take me so many tries! I know everyone loves that. Or just screwing around and having dancing partys in the middle of town. It’s all gonna be a blast!

  • Xalidar

    I cannot wait to play FFXIV. Going to jump in with my friends as my favorite class from the FF series, Dragoon! Had some fun in XI as Dragoon, but not many of my friends played at that point, and I understand why. It’ll be nice not having to always have a party to level, and when I do get to party up with my friends, we can just destroy dungeons with the party we have decided on. 2 weeks to go!!!

  • paradox8

    I would love this game its fun and would be a great way to start of living in a new place,my friends from my old town are getting this so would be a great way to keep in touch with them while also playing together.

  • Ruwah

    I’m a Final Fantasy lover and collectionist.
    With the years I grow very attached to FFXI, I just loved wandering around even doing nothing, it was really immersive to me.
    When they first announced FFXIV I was really excited! (even more after the delusion from FFXIII) But well, we all know how it went…
    Now I just hope SE can redeem itself and give us a memorable experience able to distract me a little from work and other stuff and giving me a bunch of fun.
    I really hope they can give us fans what we deserve :)

  • En Riv

    There is just something about A Realm Reborn that draws me to its world and people. I can’t really describe it, but if I could put it into a word it would be…. charisma. Yeah that’s it! Charisma!

    This game is Soul Voiced by an Bewitching Etude.

  • Vira_Kev

    So I can cast raise on everyone who dies by maskedmage and cause the 8th umbrel era early :p
    lol in all seriousness I want to play the game because I wanted to get the same feeling I got from watching .hack as a kid. While I tried other mmos such as WOW and WKC1 and 2 they didnt come close to the the feeling from playing the beta. Regardless if I win or not I can see myself playing the game for quite longer then a year. Hope you enjoyed the read and to any .hack fans out there still waiting for ‘The’ MMO this might be it. Cant wait to see you in Eorzea!

  • wolfbane247

    i never won a contest before so would be cool to say i did with a game i really like,i love the series and the characters and the worlds. from the simple style of chocobos to the unique style of monsters and summons. each number has a touching story and even life lessons you can take from it. i have been into the final fantasy series for a long time since a child and its a great to be able to play one that doesnt end and offers the chance to live a world in your own style

  • persona

    magic summons warriors whats not to love? i would love to win a game please pick me. im a huge rpg fan and this plus its a mmo that would be amazing to have this game

  • FatTooth

    Why do I want to play this game. There is no reason why, fate decided I was to play this game when I was born 2 decades ago. Every decision I made in my life lend me to this moment to type this. Or maybe it is just me being OCD and searching forums which lend me to this contest.

  • BlooDBeast93

    I want to play A Realm Reborn because I am a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy. I have played through all of them and love them all equally! What I absolutely LOVE about A Realm Reborn, is that you see a lot of content that is from previous Final Fantasy games, and that is a huge thing for me. From moogles to chocobos, magitek armor to the crystal tower, it is all there, and that is why I want to play this game.

  • luistovar

    I never take part in contests but this one’s for Final Fantasy! Where I reside there are many restrictions concerning games; it’s difficult and truly expensive to import anything, or paying a monthly fee for a service overseas, and I’ve always been wondering how it would be to join in a massive online experience such as this. I’ve been following the franchise since FFIV, but I tried not to get so excited about XI, XIV and now ARR because of the online nature and those restrictions we have, but decided to give it a try and participate. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky and get to play my first MMORPG.

    • wispoffate

      I know right? Haha

  • Aaron Withertie


  • Vivi_Mist

    I usually dont win anything but i shall not try to win this via a sob story. I recently went to pre-order the special edition and it is sold out everywhere, i also do not have the money for a traditional copy. Thus im utterly screwed. I am a big fan of final fantasy and have been since my childhood. I have multiple favorites but i have enjoyed 9 the most. it felt so nostalgic because it reminded me of the classics. When i was little i always watched my brother play them and i forced myself to stay awake to to enjoy the storyline. I’m simply a big fan of the series. i also use this cite quite often because it has all the info on video games first. So i would like to enter to win.

  • underoath4u

    I’ve typically put up “walls” when it comes to MMORPG’s. It was no different for games like w.o.w or FFXI, which were games a lot of my friends were hopelessly addicted to. I decided to lower the wall a little when I saw the gameplay trailers starting to surface over the year. After the immaculate disappointment, that was FFXIV, I was fairly surprised but the look of the trailers and how much more effort was put into making A Realm Reborn. But those were just trailers, shadows of something coming to be. I needed a little more substance to convince me the game truly evolved. Not to mention give me a solid reason to throw down my MMO “wall” once and for all. So I signed up for the beta when I received an email from Square-Enix. When I was accepted and needed to create an account on my ps3, I was quite surprised by the many customizing features that were available, but that was just the beginning. Starting the game up and learning the controls and world felt quite natural. Let’s just say, it didn’t really feel like just some MMORPG they threw to the consumer this time around. So I’m not just feeling in the spaces with meager details and the excitement of playing, I’ll wrap this up. FFXIV: A Realm Reborn looks and feels like the kind of Final Fantasy that just naturally belongs online. It would be my absolute pleasure to join the ranks and fight for Eorzea.

  • jose mateus

    First thank you for the opportunity, I’m always looking for challenges, games that will not make it simple for you, games that you need to use your cunning, and of course enjoining them, now once again I have all that with a game that I can share experience, tactics and friendship, my friends will be there and of course I will get new friends to accomplish the many quest that the game has to offer, finally at the end are just simple words that cannot flow but for a experience that will grant you all, best regards.

  • Justin Pham

    I want to play A realm reborn because I want to. With detail. P.s. You forgot the M on the last A realm reborn.

  • Artem Stankovsky

    I want to play a realm reborn because i love final fantasy world! I finished absolutely all final fantasy chapters, i played ff11 for a long time and now i wanna investigate realm reborn world. I know absolutely all about ff and wanna lern more from this. I love se and all their games. Nothing can stop me to play in final fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn!

  • georgia2013

    Despite the new features I in the first play in the game. in its quality and new classic features and adventures. pumping and force levels for WINS new enemies.!!!))

  • Adrian Morales


    I am a long time reader, but this is the first time that I have posted anything. Having read some of the entries, all I can say is that I feel sorry for whoever has to select the very best as I believe that there are several amazing people who deserve to win this. Sadly, I am going to make things even harder by throwing my hat into the ring.
    I am not going to profess my undying love for the Final Fantasy series. I was infatuated with the brand, but that was a long time ago. I do, however, wish to give FF another try and what better way than with a community based game that incorporates all of the amazing elements the series has to offer?
    I have always been attracted to MMOs for their ability to bring together players from all over the world and have them work towards a singular goal. This is something that has always fascinated me and I truly wish to experience this by becoming a part of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
    Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

    – Adrian

  • Spencer

    I have been a huge Final Fantasy ever since I started with FFVII and
    then went up and down the franchise by the playing the other ones and
    there were always something that I loved about each of them.
    Unfortunately, with FFXIII, something was severely lacking. I was always
    immersed with the world that FF series has brought in some way,
    especially the world in FFXII, which was filled with wonder, and was
    able to pay enough respect and tribute to the previous FFs by having
    several references that made the games so great in the first place. I
    did not see much of that with the latest FFs so far, but I’m seeing it
    with FFXIV. I see that game and it seems like it is gonna be a breath of
    fresh air, and it will be filled with many places to explore, people to
    meet, as well as encountering lots of things that will please longtime
    FF fans like me, as well as new fans. Just seeing Chocobos, Moogles,
    even Magitek Armor after such a long time just makes me impatiently wait
    for the game’s release. I admit I have skipped XI and the previous XIV
    because MMO never really interested me but this time I like to take a
    shot and give this game a chance. What better way to play your first MMO
    than a Final Fantasy one? I anticipate for the experiences I’ll have with it.

  • kiri25

    Well i started out with the original final fantasy on NES and have played everyone that has released. I love the series but it has begun to fall from it glorious days on the SNES and PS1.

    However FFXIV offers a lot to use fans by not only allowing us all to come together to enjoy the series we love, but it’s a game where developers actually listen to use and even throw in a few nice surprises from past final fantasy’s. Of course I don’t consider myself the biggest final fantasy fan seeing as my favorite rpg series is dragon quest by far, but I wanted to enter this contest for a different reason.

    I already have ffxiv collector edition pre-ordered so I’m not to concerned if I win or not, but I am the leader of a free company in final fantasy xiv. I figured if I won I could reward one of my fellow guild members that may have problems playing due to the monthly sub. this generous gift. I’ve already tooken it upon myself to give 2 members a 6months pass so if I could give away a copy of the game and a yr pass that would be awesome!

    Of course if anyone is interested in our free company u can check it out here at

    Anyway I’ve put a lot of time in the website giving advice on best race for classes and requirements needed for job and more. This is just my way of showing my love for final fantasy and way to give back to all those that enjoy this series as well.

    In conclusion win or not I think gematsu for this awesome contest and zero for reading each and everyone of the comments. I know it’s huge job and I just wanted to say thank you for your time.

  • TestamentX2

    Welp here I go. Been a fan of Final Fantasy for as long as I can remember but that isn’t important as that seems to be the general consensus among most of us here.

    For a little background, I wanted to tried Final Fantasy XI many years ago on PS2. I couldn’t play it because it was near impossible to play online games back then without the necessary accessories and such had to return it without playing it even once.

    Years later, now older and finally with the ability to play MMOs properly I had followed news on the next online attempt by Square Enix and the first rendition of Final Fantasy XIV…to much dismay! The game released to abysmal reviews and without even trying it for myself, I unfortunately had been turned off to the game, once again never truly embracing what an online Final Fantasy may be like.

    The announcement of A Realm Reborn once again piqued my interest for various reasons. Headed by a new development team, the fact that Square Enix took the time to realize their mistake and take three years to fine tune this game is enough reason to give me a new found faith in the relationship Square Enix wants to have with their fan and player base.

    From what I’ve gathered the interface is better than once before, the character creation is more in-depth than many of the MMOs today, and the changes to the engine and combat system will make anyone who has turned a blind eye quickly notice the amount of time, love, care, and effort the development team has truly spent on making this game not only accessible but enjoyable for ALL gamers.

    For these reasons, I truly believe Final Fantasy XIV has the ability to live up to it’s previous expectations and regards and will truly be seen as Reborn to everyone that delves into its expansive world, whether you’re a veteran of Eorzea or a excited newcomer like myself.

  • EFLegend

    I would love to win this game. I’m not a huge mmo fan but I downloaded the beta today just to try it out since I love Final Fantasy. I ended up playing for 9 hours straight. Can’t believe how much I enjoyed this. I’m logging in now to play.

    It’s video game “crack” and I can’t get enough of it. I think this is the perfect game for me to get into mmos since DC Universe and the little I’ve played of FF XI didn’t do it for me. Also It’ll be just in time for my birthday which is Aug. 20th.

  • reilawliet

    I would first like to thank Zero for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn especially.

    Not everyone can handle harsh critics and changes but Square Enix has executed it perfectly. This is the main reason I want to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. When Final Fantasy XIV did not reach our high hopes and expectations, Yoichi Wada gave his sincerest apology and reassigns the directors and team again in this project to ensure we will definitely receive the satisfaction expected from a Final Fantasy series. I found this very admirable. This mistake has proven Square Enix to be revolutionary and the step that every game company should use as a role model. This mistake has gained our biggest respect and loyalty and with our cooperation in the Alpha and Beta version, Final Fantasy XIV has risen again in Eorzea with a new Realm Reborn.

    I have been a Final Fantasy fan for as long as I can remember BUT Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has made me realize the importance of the director and the team to make this Final Fantasy magic come true. Naoki Yoshida has worked hard to listen to our comments, improve FFXIV:ARR and provide us new experiences that he wanted to have in an MMORPG. As for the soundtrack, Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta diligently composed new innovative songs that we all hold so dear to ensure that we would fall in love again. Moreover, with the team’s effort to provide the best CGI, who wouldn’t want to play? Naoki Yoshida and his team poured their heart and soul to rebuild Eorzea and not to mention my ever-growing love towards Final Fantasy, this is a game I cannot afford to miss and definitely worth every gil in my life.

  • Zero

    The contest ends tomorrow. You can still enter. It’s going to be really tough to pick out the winners. ^^

  • kiri25

    Btw zero is this a copy of the physical game or a digital code for psn for ps3 owners? Or does the winner get to decide physical or digital?

    • Zero

      The winners get to decide.

  • Dylon24

    I was almost not going to buy this game when it was first coming out because of the flaws that were created overall throughout the game.

    Square Enix couldn’t waste all the time and money they have invested in FFXIV to just let it go into the gutter, thats not how Square Enix makes games. They hoped they changed they created in the new version was enough to bring back the people that played and loved FFXI and even more new players that need a new game to play.

    There is some hope that Square Enix didn’t mess this one up and maybe have created a better MMO then FFXI. Only time will tell and i hope to be able to win this contest to hopefully support Square Enix for more years to come.

  • dior

    I’m tired of playing PSO2. I’m not going to type a novel to tell the story of it but I am tired, simply tired.

  • rkoetin

    Being a devout fan of Final Fantasy since birth, I confess the difficulty in conveying an objective and impersonal reason to play ARR, so I won’t bother promising that at all.

    What I do know is that from the original Final Fantasy (1987) to ARR, there were some bad things, but also a heapload of beautiful things.

    As a 1.0 player (original FFXIV) and ARR Beta Tester since Phase 1, one of the most captivating aspects for me was the extensive visual experience. The familiar-yet-original setting of the open world environment brings back sweet memories of Final Fantasy titles from years back. High attention to detail, stunning atmosphere realism and the smooth flow of movement of not just our own character but also others around us as well immediately left a lasting impression.

    Another unique feature that separates ARR from other MMORPGs out there is the battle systems. At least for my taste, having just one character is not enough. I’d like to taste every class available, not only for the sake of playing them, but to know its strengths and weaknesses, which thus allows me to perform my best in an interactive environment, both PvE and PvP. And FFXIV: ARR delivers just that.

    The implementation of FATE makes it possible for players in the area to temporarily – should they choose – drop whatever task they’re doing and rally together to defeat certain enemies that would otherwise be impossible to defeat. This brings people together, and I have experienced firsthand what its like to be in a social circle in the game that’s filled with great players to share the adventure with. It completely makes my day each time I hung out with these friends I met online.

    Taking in all that’s good from previous titles. I see ARR as a culmination of everything good in Final Fantasy system. ARR takes from her predecessors a lot of good things that have become so unforgettable in the minds of the fans and then refine it, fine-tune it, polished it into a whole new system that is multiple levels above other MMORPGS out there.

    The setting of Ul’dah reminiscent of Rabanastre from FFXII. It was a great city filled with intricacies and plots. But it was also humid and can be packed at several spots. Ul’dah in FFXIV: ARR is also a gem in the desert. A city we players can relate to so easily as they reflect the hustle and bustle of everyday life in any major trading hub in the world.

    Gunblades! When FFVIII came out, fans around the world admired Gunblades. When I saw a Gunblade holstered by one of the major villain characters in FFXIV: ARR, images of Squall and Seifer with their undying rivalry raced in my mind, intensifying my immersion in the game itself in anticipating what possible traits this new villain share with the two young students from FFVIII.

    The Garlean Empire bear much resemblance to the Archadian Empire from FFXII. The armor they wore, the foreign policies, the aggressive invasions. Even the look of the Garlean generals invite the same loathing I had when I first encountered the Archadian Judges in FFXII.

    Magitek technology. A signature trait of FFVI – often dubbed ‘one of the best video games of all time” – that appears in all its glory and more in FFXIV: ARR, is probably one of the strongest villainous presence (for me at least) that compels me to beg for more knowledge about them in game. This is one of the reasons I will devote countless hours in the coming years to FFXIV: ARR.

    There are so many other beautiful things that Final Fantasy fans can relate to in FFXIV: ARR. Materias, chocobos, airships, the enemies, dungeon settings, unique playable classes and many more. These resemblances are beautifully intertwined with one another, wondrous to behold and even more mesmerizing to experience, indescribable in how it delivers a pleasing overall experience for old and young gamers alike.

    Alas, if I continue on with this already-too-detailed fan rambling, I fear no one would be inclined to spare the time to read them.

    FFXIV: ARR reminds me of the days gone by: The sweet childhood days where the extent of life’s trouble was to decide whom to take to the next boss fight, or what materia to meld into my weapons, or configuring my magic junctions to beat Bahamut. Although time may not rewind, when I’m online with my friends in FFXIV: ARR, I am that child again. I am happy again. This is why I play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

  • Xan Hisam

    Don’t know what to start off with. My love for the Final Fantasy franchise, or my new-found addiction to ARR. I guess I’ll stick to FFXIV since this is what the contest is for.

    Having played the beta for FFXIV back when it first launched, I was; for lack of better words, cautiously optimistic, about ‘A Realm Reborn’. There were a lot of things I loved about FFXIV right off-the-bat when I played it a few years ago, but the many hindrances (and; being completely honest, the lack of a wallet – let alone a monthly income of sorts) kept me away from it.

    Then Phase 2 came, and I finally got to roam through Eorzea once again. Gone were the many problems that plagued the original game. It was replaced with a game that played like a well-oiled machine – and with each and every update, it kept improving. During Phase 3, I was playing at minimum graphics with my dated laptop averaging an FPS of 25. With the phase 4 update, that same rig is running the game at [near] max graphics and it never drops below 30 FPS. This alone had me sold when I started off this weekend, but that wasn’t the end of ARR’s wiles…

    Like a siren, it continued to mesmerize me with its beauty – which by the way Eorzea is simply bursting with. Then it lured me in further as I gradually began to find myself more and more attached with the character I made and the world around her. On the 17th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon, Kyra began her journey as a nobody, honing her skills under the tutelage of Hamon Holyfist, and by the end of the week, the denizens of Eorzea hailed her as the vanquisher of Ifrit. Of course, none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t met and befriended certain other adventurers like me. From defeating Ifrit, to making my leather armor, there was naught but one thing that I could say I did all by myself. The player-driven economy is the best I’ve seen since the days of Ultima Online.

    Not sure if this entry is gonna count or not, since its already 19th, but I thought I’d share my experience of the game anyway. It isn’t all highs, and ARR has its lows, but they’re negligible in comparison to all that it has to offer. One of the most beautiful realms in a game I’ve ever witnessed that’s just begging to be explored, crafting that hearkens back to the good ol’ age of MMOs, a completely player-driven economy, a splendid score by Uematsu-san, some brilliant artworks by some of my favourite artists from SE, personal chocobos, materias, a game world full of references to all ‘Final Fantasy’s, old and new, some subtle, while others being much, much direct – and LIMIT BREAKS! I really don’t think an FF fan could ask for anything more.

    Out of the past 48 hours, I must have spent 30 playing ARR. While
    Kyra’s been able to amass a fortune, I, being a student, remain [almost]
    as penniless as I was back at the launch of FFXIV. With no one to carry
    on Kyra’s journey, I fear she’ll forever be forgotten in the annals of
    Eorzean history, or at least until my fortune and Kyra’s aligns…

    Regardless of whether I’m lucky enough to win something out of this competition or not, I intend to roam the realm of Eorzea once again. The only question now is ‘when?’ (and I’m really hoping its soon, because waiting’s going to be extremely difficult now…). I’ll be forever grateful to the Gematsu team if I do win this somehow. Fingers crossed! =)

  • Xyber_Matrix

    OMG! Can’t believe I almost missed out on this.

    Hope my entry is still valid X)

    Here goes:

    I’ve loved the Final Fantasy series ever since I first played FF VII.

    To be honest, when I played Final Fantasy 14’s first iteration back in 2010, I was terribly disappointed, and I was very skeptical of A Realm Reborn.

    Just got out of playing Phase 4, and while I didn’t get to play a lot, I can’t help but feel they’ve done it right this time.

    The world is beautifully made, the quality of life given by the game is also perfect (large bag space, auto loot, armory system, need I say more?). Also, Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack is simply magnificent; he really hit all the right notes and in my opinion, totally brings back a deep sense of nostalgia to anyone who’s played the Final Fantasy series, and judging by the full and overloaded servers, I think there are a lot of people who feel the same.

    I’m definitely glad I took the time to try it out, and will definitely be asking my friends and family to join this amazing game.

    So TLDR; I really want to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn because from my point of view, this game is just spectacularly made in every aspect.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to participate in this awesome contest and thanks for reading!

    Good luck to all, and see you all in Eorzea! :D

    • Zero

      OMG! Can’t believe I almost missed out on this.

      Hope my entry is still valid X)

      Yep. Still valid. =)

      • Xyber_Matrix

        Woot! Thanks for the reply Zero!

        Have a great day :)

        • Zero

          Same to you. Thanks for entering the contest. =)

  • Zero

    The contest ends today. I’ll be closing the thread around 10 PM EST, but until then, you can still enter. =)

  • morihei

    I’m happy to be able to enter in this thank you zero,

    Here goes:

    I want to play Final Fantasy XIV:AAR because I have a huge amount of respect for square-enix for not giving up on a Final Fantasy series game and remaking it into this wonderful MMORPG. I think they turned a piece of coal into a diamond. I believe in square-enix because I have played many Final Fantasy games and I have enjoyed them all. I have been anticipating this game for a while.

    I think the graphic arts in this game are amazing like all final fantasy games. I think that the story line is interesting and enthralling. It sort of sucks you in like most Final Fantasy games do. I think that the combat is very well done, I have played MMOs for the past 10 years and can definitely say that their combat is very good. I am excited to see their plans for PvP. I am a huge fan of the class system and the way one character can be any and all classes. Now you only need 1 character and not 8. I also like the variety they give you for leveling.

    You can level through quests, you can grind on fates, or you can grind on personal logs, you can also do dungeons. I think the leveling in this game is easy without doing a lot of hand holding. I think that the traveling system is very good. Being able to port anywhere for a small price, or getting a mount too is very nice. I also enjoy the merchants menus set up, as well as the overall user interface. I think that the HUD layout is great, you can choose what you want on the screen, for example I took off the minimap and re-sized the regular map to fit in its spot and now 90% of the time I dont have to use a map in the top right corner, only outside of battles. Really easy to customize the HUD layout.

    I think the overall experience is great from Artistic Graphic Design, World Design, Story, and Character development this game has it all. Its also relatively cheap, 30$ to buy is money well spent.


  • Cait sith

    Hello i just wanted to say to be able to play this game would mean so much to me,playing Final fantasy since a young age has made this series a great way to escape the harsh life of reality .i’m not hear to write a sob story or gain sympathy but its how i truly feel. to be able to play a game and see an amazing story unfold is breathtaking,feeling close to each character for their unique abilities and even more stories. It showed me how everyone can be unique

    As a kid i would just anticipate coming home from school and play,of course i did my homework first (most times) lol but in all honesty it made me feel at ease for being different it made me feel like a normal person when in a world humans can fight monsters and live. where anyone who wanted to fight evil and do whats right could do so.growing up as a gay individual i never had many friends.the world i felt safe and enjoyed, is the final fantasy realm. Where humans,cat like creatures and many other species can live in harmony side by side,it gave me hope that one day we all can look past the outside and value whats inside.

    I just hope you would consider me,i would love to be able to play a game from the same series who helped me find the strength to endure and see the potential in everyone in this world. thank you for reading this.

    • Zero

      For some reason, Disqus marked your comment as spam. I’ve approved the comment. Thanks for entering the contest. =)

      • Cait sith

        Thank you for catching that , would have been upset if i couldnt have at least shared my story without others thinking it was

  • superlocke

    Well, my reason is simple. (And I certainly hope I made it in time for this contest, haha)

    After being a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series for my entire life; I’ve missed it for a long time. It’s certainly no coincidence my online name/gamertag has been superLOCKE for 13 years.

    I couldn’t get through XII’s choppy and unfinished story (going to try and revisit this one soon though), X-2 was just a pop-ridden nightmare (excellent battle system though) and XIII, linear and riddled with pacing problems and plot holes. Couldn’t even bring myself to pick up XIII-2.

    Watching FFXIV’s original launch was just painful.

    Maybe I just got older, but my distaste for how the games were being handled just grew and grew. I love replaying 1-10 whenever I can, and so far I like the FFXIV beta a lot, I’d love to stay in it. I want to spend some time in a world inspired by the games I used to pull all-nighters as a kid to beat and explore every inch of their overworlds, the games I loved before the company making them started focusing on the wrong things and twisting a series I loved so much.

    and I want to finally ride in some Magitek Armor dammit.

  • Stephen Eble

    Recently I was approached and asked why I am so excited for this game? Basically, in so many words told not to get so excited it seems like a regular MMO, and to not get too let down if it’s dissapointing.

    My response was something along the lines of, “I love the FF Series, the artwork and lore are enough to suck me in, but more importantly I haven’t been this excited for an MMO since UO. It’s exciting to be part of a solid mature community, and I feel the developers and creators acknowledge that and cater to their audience.”

    I feel the final product is going to be a great experience, and I can’t even accurately describe why. There’s just something about FFXIV that has me completely pumped.

  • gwardyjay

    Final Fantasy–no, that’s not right. Square-Enix defi–no, no, wrong again. Squaresoft–jackpot!–defined much of my childhood.

    I spent much of my life inside my house, inside my room and inside my own head. I was raised very Christian by very Christian parents with not-so-Christian behaviors. They were quick to yank me out of private school into an even more private homeschooling program. Tack on the fact that, as I mentioned before, I was raised Christian and you’ve got a recipe for being the most hated kid on the block. I tried balancing my Christian life and my social life, but it didn’t take long before I had no life at all.

    Enter video games–or more specifically, Squaresoft.

    There were many times during my childhood where I’d kind of started to “grow out of” videogames and didn’t care, but every single time that happened, it was always a Squaresoft title that yanked me right back in. I remember seeing Final Fantasy I for the first time: I was in a full-on “who cares about games anymore” phase when my heart felt aflutter when my eyes gazed upon the glorious image of the turn-based battle system. My god! I thought to myself, a game that isn’t a side-scrolling shooter? (In hindsight, side-scrolling shooters felt like the FPSs of that era) This is something I must play, I probably remarked aloud as my mouth began to drool ceaselessly.

    It wasn’t until Final Fantasy II (or IV if you’re a pedant) was released in the states that I finally got the chance to experience the second-most final of fantasies, but my small, controller-shaped heart grew three sizes that day. Watching Cecil struggle with his own darkness and loyalty to a corrupt king in an attempt to be a better person; witnessing Rydia give her life to stop the kraken, only to reappear several years older, though only stone’s skip in time had passed.

    From there is went to the incredibly expansive and atmospheric Final Fantasy VI, wherein Kefka’s laugh would haunt me, and still does today.

    Final Fantasy VII broke my heart with the death of Aeris and had me furiously pursuing Sephiroth, as I could only be witness to the aftermath of his present madness.

    Final Fantasy VIII baffled and infuriated, then a decade after the fact inspired and gripped–Squall dies at the end of the first disc; believe it and it’ll make that game incredible.

    The games continued to be released and I continued to play, always being reminded of a different time in my life and a special time in gaming. Even when the much hated Final Fantasy XIII was released, I found myself feeling that all too familiar Squaresoft feeling.

    Final Fantasy XVI is yet another chapter in the story of my life; playing it is just one more chance to be reminded of what life used to be and what it will continue to be, likely until my end of days; just one more chance to go home again.

  • Master_Yoshi

    I have to admit that I stumbled here on accident but from what I have read from the community and the site, this will be one of many more visits to come!

    I haven’t played all the Final Fantasy games so I am hardly the biggest fan but FFXIV is literally a blessing to me. A month ago my mom pulled the plug on her marriage. I was never close to my father, thinking him as a stubborn man who only sees the world in black and white. Despite this, he took it extremely hard, to the point where he contemplated ending his life multiple times. I regret not building a stronger relationship with him.

    Around the same time, I was given a chance to test FFXIV in its beta stage, and this is where I realized how much I appreciate the series. Despite our distance, my father and I did enjoy gaming together, and one of my best memories was playing through FFX on the PS2. I guess the dude’s got a soft spot for Final Fantasy, or he enjoys the brief escape like I do. And I hope to enjoy it with him for years to come.

    As for FFXIV, it is awesome/spectacular/chocobo-tastic (if you are in the beta and haven’t visited Lisma Lominsa yet, do it! It screams Final Fantasy and is by far my favorite city) and I will be picking it up, regardless. It feels strange to share my life with strangers but if anything I hope I can encourage people to keep a strong relationship with their love ones so they will always have a reason for waking up in the morning. Whether it be each other, or maxing out your character ;)

    Thank you for the contest and thanks for listening =) See you all in Eorzea!

  • Raemi

    Well, I know that there are so many people trying to get this prize and this makes my own chances quite slim..I thought maybe I could come up with a really awesome poem, then I realized I can’t write poe-.. Wait a minute….

    The opening cinematic so captivating,
    this game so long for which I’ve been waiting.
    From the very second those blue shimmers did shine
    across my monitor inch size twenty-nine.
    I sat in awe hushing my friend over Skype
    as he sat there tiddering all giddy with hype.
    He sat there complaining “I can’t skip this stuff!”
    So I yelled in return, “SHUT IT, enough is enough!”
    I couldn’t bear to miss one second,
    especially not as the voice actor’s tone deepened.
    A story of tragedy, war, and an ephemeral lifetime,
    I couldn’t help but think I’d be rich if I had but a dime
    for each “define: ephemeral” Google must have had,
    it made the literary side of me beyond glad.
    For this greatly anticipated new mmo FFXIV
    would be bringing not only fun, but vocabulary.
    Not only words to be learned, but words to be shared
    between those who were bribed also those who were dared
    to group and party with others in quest
    so that they too could finally be expressed.
    Words between strangers and words between friends,
    families, or even lovers it all just depends
    on whom you choose to spend your time with:
    the carpenter, armorer, weaver or blacksmith
    your time in FFXIV is sure to be a conquest
    as epic as mine, provided I win this contest<3.

    So maybe I can't write the best poetry, but I sure as hell can try. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my submission, I greatly appreciate it.

  • futuristic_imagination

    What the… how did this contest pass under my radar! I hope I made it before the deadline!

    Anyways… lets move along now shall we :)

    Why I want to play this game? Well after playing the recent Phase 4 beta I was blown away by amount of changes they did since the first introduction of FF 14. There was so much things you can do in this game, its almost like a second life! :P At the end of my playing session or whenever I take a break I always think on how I could play better or how I want my character to look.

    I haven’t been this Immersed in an MMO since my Ragnarok Online days in middle school and high school. After that, most other MMOs didn’t come close to the same feeling from playing RO. Since then I’ve been playing single-player/ some multi-player console and portable games. Until they re-introduced Final Fantasy XIV as ‘A Realm Reborn’.

    Regardless of whether I win this contest or not, I intend Roam around the realm of Eorzea once again this time with my fellow Gematsu community. The only question now is when? (I hope its soon! so I can acquire myself a unicorn mount!)

  • Jamie Feely

    Wow hopefully I didn’t miss the chance to win this. Why I want to play A Realm Reborn… Why wouldn’t I?

    To be completely honest I have not been a die hard Final Fantasy fan all my life like most people that want to win this. While I do love the game ( I have been playing them for the last 13 years), it is my husband that is the fan.

    He has been playing these games for as long as he can remember. He lives for this stuff and has been beyond excited about this game. He played FFXI and has made many friends through the game that he still talks to every day. He has also started getting our kids interested in the games as well. My 13 year old is almost as excited about this as he is.

    So back to why I want to play. My husband has already ordered his copy of the game and I guess if I want to talk to him for the next year LOL (not really but this would really help) I need my own copy. We don’t have much money to go out (with 6 kids who does) and playing a game like this is our “date night”. We have a blast playing and make wonderful in-game memories.

    If you pick me you would not only be making my day, you would be making my husbands as well. Thank you for the consideration!!!!

  • Dandylion

    Just two simple and wonderful words accompanied by a number:


  • Zero

    The contest is over. Thanks for all the entries! Picking the winners is going to be tough.

    Check back on Thursday to see who wins!