War Thunder for PlayStation 4 to debut at Gamescom
posted on 08.19.13 at 09:36 AM EDT by (@salromano)
More details expected throughout the week.

The PlayStation 4 version of War Thunder will make its world premiere at Gamescom in Cologne this week, Gaijin Entertainment has announced.

“Sony has been a great partner in bringing War Thunder to PS4, and we are excited to show the console version for the first time this year at Gamescom,” said Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director at Gaijin Entertainment.

“We have harnessed the power of the PS4 to deliver cutting-edge graphics, cross platform battles with PC players, intelligent personalization and deeply integrated social capabilities to appeal to seasoned players and PlayStation enthusiasts alike.

“More details about the console version will be announced at Gamescom 2013.”

The World War II combat game is currently in open beta on PC, and has been played by over three million users.

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  • Andrew Arndt

    more boring ;S so far no new other eh Ubisoft jrpg inspided ame new today sadness

    • bloodiOS

      So why even bother commenting in this thread? You want to whine about stuffs unrelated to the topic, use the open forum.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Because he has an opinion. Just like you guys don’t like Xbox, you make it VERY CLEAR that you don’t.

        • bloodiOS

          The difference being that his comment is not even topic-related. Everything has its proper place and time.

          • Bobby Jennings

            I guess, I’m just saying. He’s entitled to his opinion, positive or negative. It’s not like he’s trolling either

            • bloodiOS

              Which is why I told him to take it to the open forum.

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                  • Bobby Jennings

                    I didn’t even understand the second half of his sentence, lol

                    • bloodiOS

                      Ah, never mind then.

    • Michael Garling

      Is your keyboard broken or something? Can’t understand a word you’re saying.

  • bloodiOS

    So, I take it that they’re able to utilize the GPU Compute?

  • http://gematsu.com/author/ro-kurorai 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

    cross platform battles, now that’s a step on the right direction

  • True Gamer

    Wow, it was not long ago I wished for PC and console players to unite on a game, rather competitively or cooperatively. This is a great step forward and I am excited to be part of that positive change ^_^