VVVVVV coming to PS Vita
posted on 08.31.13 at 12:48 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Die a lot on your PS Vita.

VVVVVV, Terry Cavanagh’s indie game about avoiding spikes, is coming to PS Vita, Nicalis announced during tonight’s Sony PAX indie event in Seattle.

In the game, you play as Captain Viridian, and you, your ship, and your crew are stranded in an alternate dimension in the process of imploding. Your crew is missing, and as the leader, it is your duty to find them and save the dimension. To do so, you’ll solve puzzles, avoiding spikes using a techinque to invert Captain Viridian’s gravity. You’ll die a lot, but there are checkpoints placed strategically throughout the world. And you have unlimited lives.

A release date for VVVVVV on PS Vita was not announced.

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  • KingNigma

    This game looked incredibly hard but its music was awesome.

  • Zackasaur

    I’m told I should play this, and the Vita would obviously be the perfect platform on which to do so.

    It looks insanely difficult, though. I’m a bit scared. xD

  • Learii

    nice tittle lol
    V stand for Vita

    • whiteferrero

      V for Vendetta

      • Zackasaur

        I love that graphic novel/film. <3

        Remember, remember…

        • VaultBreaker

          The fifth November.

  • https://www.teepublic.com/user/ECM ECM

    Uh…Terry Cavanagh created VVVVVV–you’re crediting the wrong person!

    *face palm*

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      It was a long day.

    • FaithlessMr

      Wow. They say gamers are a self entitled bunch, and if I was close minded and not a gamer myself, I’d be obliged to agree, based on this comment alone.

      I take it you never made a mistake in your life? You do realize Sal is working 24/7 to keep this site updated for you, and yet you give him shit for a simple mistake. Just, wow.

      And yeah, I just logged in to say this. Sorry everyone for my absence, but I had to butt in and say something about this.

      Please keep up the great work, Sal and the rest of the Gematsu team, love you all.

      • HeatPhoenix

        Man, you’re sure getting worked up, all he did was comment on a mistake on an article. Is that so bad?

  • Azuardo

    Got this on 3DS. Fantastic little game and definitely deserves to be on Vita too.

  • Elvick

    Isn’t there a mini version?

    Either way a native Vita version is always better.

  • jujubee88

    The VITA has too many games. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

    • Learii

      why stop it vita didn’t sell good so if you want a game that for vita buy a vita

  • SOLOmio

    It didn’t sell well cause there aren’t many good games for vita like in 3ds or Wii U. Vita only has this indie stuff or old games from psp and psone.
    I rather have ps2 games instead like prince of Persia Kingdom hearts, final Xii not X, musashi and many others