The Wonderful 101 demo now available in Europe
posted on 08.09.13 at 11:25 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, watch the new seven-minute trailer.

A 983mb demo for The Wonderful 101 is now available on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and Japan. U.S. players “will have to wait a bit more,” Platinum said.

A seven-minute trailer and new TV spots were also released. Watch those below.

The Wonderful 101 is due out for Wii U on August 23 in Europe, August 24 in Japan, and September 15 in North America.

Director’s Edition Trailer

Full Direct

Japanese TV Spot #1

Japanese TV Spot #2

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  • McPoo

    Might give this a download later. Don’t think I’ll like it, but it’s worth a go.

  • Silver Citizen

    The NA demo will be released later today according to Iwata on Miiverse.

    • Anime10121

      I hope so, as I was getting ready to say NA Nintendo dropping the ball yet again. The first time since I bought a Wii U last November I’m ready to cut it on, and even our demo’s are late! NoE has been on the ball for quite some time, what the heck is NoA doing, twiddling their thumbs?

      Oh well, not that I’ll likely be able to play it til tomorrow anyway (gotta work tonight so I’ll likely be asleep when it hits NA), but I AM excited to FINALLY play a game on my Wii U, and one that I’m excited to see how it turned out! This demo will decide whether this game returns to being a day one, or whether I’ll wait until a price drop (hopefully its the former, as I wanna support Platinum, but the comparison’s to Pikmin ugh).

    • anti

      Other sites have mentioned the North American demo is available for download now.

  • SuperLuigi

    I was honestly kinda iffy if I wanted this day 1 but this trailer was awesome. I hope a lot of people get to see it. Could be a system seller.

  • shogunknight

    O_O………so much content, its….wonderful

  • True Gamer

    I just played the demo. Wow. It was amazing. The controls were great and the game felt original. I will definitely buy this game.

  • Pyrofrost

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

    However, on a side note, with the girl being ‘wonder pink’ and the black guy being ‘wonder black,’ the Western internet PC police is going to hit the fan.
    I can see the Western journalist sites and forums now.
    Wanna take bets on how long it will take for the articles and threads about Platinum Games and Kamiya being sexist and racist hits. xD

    • Locksus

      Yeah, it’s inevitable :P One guy tweeted Kamiya about the fact that Anita Sarkeesian (the founder of Feminist Frequence or some such) has criticized the sexualized Wonder Pink and Kamiya’s response was something like “Whatever”. I just love the man :p

      • Pyrofrost

        Yeah, Anita Sarkeesian is nuts. She thinks everything is sexist and probably sees consensual sex as sexist.
        I’m glad to see that JP devs are standing up and not giving a shit about what the Western PC police thinks. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

        Anyway, in case you or anyone else hasn’t seen it. Here is that tweet:

        • Locksus

          Yeah, she comes off as especially pompous and annoying. Who is SHE to tell anyone how they should make their games? To my understanding, she has NO experience in game development or design whatsoever. Her telling developers what to do in their games or what not do, makes her seem very rude.

          • Pyrofrost

            Oh, she is rude; but if you think she is bad, her followers are even worse. For comparison sake, just think of the worst internet feminists you’ve ever seen.

            To be honest though. It’s an artists job to push taboo, push hot-button issues, and just piss people off and ruffle feathers in general (through their work). It’s their job to do that, and to do that with talent.

            The thing people should really be afraid of, is the time this sort of thing is no longer happening. These debates, and people being pissed off or upset because their ideals or morals have been stepped on.
            If that’s the case, if it stops, that means both society and art has become sterilized and bland beyond repair.

      • TwinTails

        That guy’s attitude is something else. XD

  • SOLOmio

    why that good games only goes for wiiU and vita only get’s remastered of games from the past!? 101 i want u but and wanna buy a U!