Tales of Link announced for smartphones
posted on 08.26.13 at 08:37 PM EDT by (@orokana_yume)
The next Tales game is for mobile devices.

Namco Bandai is putting at least one of those Tales trademarks to use. Tales of Link is in development for smartphones, this week’s issue of Jump magazine reveals.

Due out this fall in Japan, the game is produced by Okitomo Shiratori (白鳥興寛) and Ryouji Oodate, directed by Hironori Naoi, with character design by Daigo Okumura.

Jump introduces the first four characters.

CV: Shiori Mikami
Height: 157cm
Weight: 45kg

“The most important point of a starting character? Never give up!”

A rookie adventurer who left her village to pursue her goal. She and Rippi, whom she meets along the way, search for the Messiah. She wears flashy clothes and bloomers.

CV: Ai Nonaka
Height: 57cm (has a tail)
Weight: Body shape can shift

“I saw your power from some time ago. You are the Messiah, aren’t you?”

A fairy assigned by Leone to recover the Seed of Calamity. She works for and supports the Messiah, who has the ability to purify seeds. She looks like Mormo, walks on all fours, and has a smartphone hanging around his neck.

Shiza (Cesare?)
CV: Masakazu Morita
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76kg

“Is there a difference between the power to protect and the power to destroy? Both are violent.”

A swordsman whom the Seed of Calamity-purifying Messiahs meet along the way. He is embracing feelings of being tenacious to power, and appears to own multiple swords. He has a great sword on his back, three regular katana on the hips, and two kodachi.

CV: Aya Endo

“The calamity will stop. I will see it stop.”

A goddess who escaped her hardships and lifted the seal to the Seeds of Calamity. To hold back the seeds from blooming, she is currently unable to move. Giving Rippi her power, she is entrusted with the recovery of the Seeds of Calamity.

There is a possibility previous Tales series characters are returning, as well.

Further details are currently unknown.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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  • fireemblembeast

    Is the main character finally a girl? But lol I can’t believe they went through with this. Lets see how it turns out

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      There was another mobile Tales game with a female main character actually. I think it was called Tales of Wall breaker..?

      • Tara

        Tales of Wall Breaker was a mode in Tales of Vs. :P

        However, closest we’ve had to the main character being female would probably be Milla in Xillia (though that’s a dual-protag game, Jude being the male protag).

        Another, I suppose, we could just say that Kannono from the Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology series is the “main character”, though that’s not main series, and she’s obviously not really THE main character.

        • CirnoTheStrongest


          I was really close! See? A mobile game with a female main character

          And Milla hardly counts. Though I haven’t played Milla’s story yet, the game really seems to have Jude as the ‘real’ main character. Even having less events and stuff on Milla’s side. And having parts where you can’t even control Milla. Whereas you can ALWAYS control Jude on his side.
          http://www.abyssalchronicles.com/tom_tactics.php and another mobile game with a female main character

          • Northstar

            Milla “Maxwell” is the protagonist yes. She raises four spirits, balances the mana … If not the first female protagonist of a Tale games I do not know what to say

            • CirnoTheStrongest

              That hardly makes her the protagonist. I’ve already given reasons why Jude is moreso the ‘real’ protagonist.

              And, even if you want to argue they have equal rights to that claim, then they’re both only half the protagonist.

              Which means we got a half female/half male protagonist. It still doesn’t fit the bill.

              Only the Tales of Mobile games have allowed that to happen so far. And sadly I don’t see it changing anytime soon :(

          • Tara

            Hm… interesting. I guess I don’t really follow the mobile games at all. I actually wasn’t even aware these existed.

            But valid point on Xillia.

            I consider myself a collector and big fan of the series, but I didn’t realize I was not only completely unaware of most of the mobile games, but didn’t miss them at all.

            I figure if this game is any good, though, it’ll end up on another system, like 3DS or Vita. We’ll see, though.

    • DarthNemesis


      • fireemblembeast

        Well she shared the spot with Jude

  • papermario

    why no 3ds?

    • DarthNemesis

      The 3DS has enough. They need to make a Vita game.

      • Budgiecat

        They need to LOCALIZE their two Vita games FIRST

        • Ladius

          Yeah, I hope Hearts R and Innocence R can make it to the west in the upcoming years.

          • papermario

            dont count on that

  • Tenshiken

    At first I was going to jump on Namco for creating a Tales of game for smartphones, but then I realized that they have done this sort of thing before, as long as they don’t count it as a main tales game I’m fine with it. (Maybe it can even get localized, more tales games in the west is a good thing right?)

    • Renaldi Saputra

      for smartphone games, probably no

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    This actually seems like something I’d like to play T_T Why do they have to keep the female main characters to mobile games? >_<

    • http://twitter.com/Sieghardt Sieghardt

      Are these buff bazongas not good enough for you?

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        Milla really doesn’t count…

        • KingNigma

          Why not?

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            I’ve given multiple reasons across this page’s comments.

      • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

        I’m voting you up because this Milla picture makes me laugh.

  • Raiyu

    Is this like a mothership title?

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      All signs point to “no”

    • Duc PC-QB

      No this is their mobileship title

    • Raiyu

      OK, thanks for the clarification…you just never know with Japanese companies now :(

  • Jesse

    Of course it’s a smartphone game. DX

  • LordKaiser

    Meh! Fk mobile games and social gaming.

  • PrinceHeir

    Ai Nonaka!!!!!

  • bloodiOS

    I’m a bit surprised that it’s not a 3DS or Wii U title.

  • Elvick

    Ugg… no.

  • Reize

    Judging from the “previous character might return” thing, at least it’s not gonna be a main series game. Probably. If it does become mothership then I’mma bitch. Until then, I’m just gonna be disinterested at best.

  • Nate

    I just hope they move on from xilia. I don’t like that series. All that spirit nonsense.

    • Northstar

      http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Summon_Spirit tell me a Tale game that does not have these spirits “nonsense”…

      • Nate

        Tales of Graces f. I’m about 20 hours in and have yet to have any yet. :)

        with love Nate.

        • LordKaiser

          Cuz you haven’t searched for them. They’re Mystic Artes for Pascal.

      • Nate

        Thanks for this list too! This will save me a lot of time. I really appreciate it!

        with love Nate

    • FitzpatrickPhillips


    • Ladius

      It wasn’t nonsense just because you dislike it, in fact it has one of the best settings in the series. Also, spirits are heavily featured in lots of Tales games.

      • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

        It isn’t one of the best settings in the series just because you like it.

      • Nate

        Thanks for the thoughts. :) I’m not a fan of those either. So far the only one I have liked is Tales of Graces F. :D

        with love Nate

  • Ladius

    People should remember that Namco already made lots of Tales mobile games in the past with original casts (Wahrheit, Commons, Breakers), and they were never considered mothership games. This would be the same, probably.

  • KingNigma

    Couple years and it’ll be on Vita probably.

    • MasterSensei

      And it won’t ever be localised… /cry

  • BossTuff

    I think it’s a great idea to have the main character be a girl. It also sounds like there will be a sense of 4th wall breaking with it, based on her quote “The most important point of a starting character? Never give up!”

  • artemisthemp

    Tales of Link – Remove from the list of Tales game.

  • William Sean Bosley

    Why are none of the comments talking about the elephant in the room?…

    Tales of Link? Really? How you gonna rip off the Legend of Zelda series so blatantly and not even have a mention in the article?