Super Smash Bros. for Wii U teases Pilotwings stage
posted on 08.06.13 at 09:50 AM EDT by (@salromano)
"This island looks familiar," teases director.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will include a stage based on the Pilotwings series, if we’re judging the game’s latest daily screenshot correctly.

The screenshot shows one of the maps from the Super Nintendo Pilotwings, tilted in a 3D-like perspective.

In an update on Wii U’s Smash Bros. Miiverse page, game director Masahiro Sakurai said, “This island looks familiar!”

Stay tuned.

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  • McPoo

    If Nintendo want to save the Wii U they simply need to give us a new Pilot wings. That’ll shift a few million consoles.

    • Calvin Chikelue

      The one they put on the 3DS didn’t exactly…soar

      • McPoo

        I’m pretty sure it made it the success the 3DS is today. Without Pilotwings it’d be nothing.

        • Zackasaur


  • Gilgamesh2025

    lol, okay! Why not?! ^_^

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I have yet to play Pilotwings despit the fact that ive bought practically every Nintendo console since the NES in 1989.

    • HeatPhoenix

      Me too. I feel that that’s not right.

    • MosquitoLemon

      I’ve never played the original, but the 64 version had its moments. It was my first (and for quite some time, only) 64 title, so I spent an inordinate amount of time with it.

  • fireemblembeast

    Lets get something from wii sports resort!

  • Josephl64

    But will there be penguins?

  • MosquitoLemon

    All the nostalgia!!

  • Claude

    Having a mode 7 pilotwings stage is them admitting that pilotwings should have been in SSB a long time ago.

  • rockman29

    Sal you have a higher res version of that image?