Soul Sacrifice gets free Phantasy Star Online costume in Japan
posted on 08.29.13 at 07:25 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Dress your character in an ARCS Armored Suit.

A special collaboration costume for Soul Sacrifice is now available free of charge on the PlayStation Store in Japan.

The “ARCS Armored Suit” is based on Phantasy Star Online 2‘s cyber design.

Download the costume here.

Save $3 with the coupon code "GEMATSU"
  • SuperLuigi

    I want it in America :-( :-( :-(

    • Sevyne

      This would just serve to taunt us over the fact that we don’t even have PSO2.

      • SuperLuigi

        I meant I wanted both pso2 and the costumes in this game. I miss pso in America. I even made a Japanese account just to download pso2 on vita. Gave up when I found out you had to pay to have a room.

        • Seasqwaa

          You get a free “mini”room now. But it only has 5 item usage…. points. Still, very lame. imo. Can’t use any remodels or anything.

      • DXVII

        Trust me everyone is thinking the same thing.

    • artemisthemp

      I hope this comes to EU and US.
      Just sad that Chaos/Holy form can’t use costumes

      • Elvick

        It sucks they don’t act as costumes after unlocking them. Being 99/1 was not easy.

  • Gigus

    I really need to pick up soul sacrifice :

    • Elvick

      Yes, yes you do.

      • Gigus

        It was dirt cheap on psn a few weeks ago and I missed it :/

    • SOLOmio

      Yeah then we can pay co-op

  • JuhRo

    I’d take this DLC even if we don’t have PSO…… Haha.

  • sunK1D

    What have they done to Reimi!!

  • Willgaea

    Sega is being a bunch of bartles and barbles. I need some more PSO.

    Edit: I stand corrected, thanks Exile.

    • TheExile285

      Capcom? Sega makes PSO…..

      • Willgaea

        Hah, whoops.

  • PrinceHeir

    please make a PS4 version and make it worldwide release like FFXIV A Realm Reborn!

    come on Sega i want to play this!!!!!!