Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS connectivity detailed
posted on 08.07.13 at 10:58 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Create radio-controlled gadgets in Tails' lab.

The Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World can communicate with each other, allowing players to create customized radio-controlled gadgets in Tails’ lab to send to the Wii U version of the game. It can then be used to support Sonic in the Wii U game’s co-op mode to destroy enemies, collect items, and more.

The game is due out on October 22 in North America and October 18 in Europe.

Watch some new footage below.

Nintendo Direct Footage

Japanese Trailer

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  • SuperLuigi

    I think I will get both since I enjoyed both versions of sonic generations.

  • Invisbin

    I read an interview with wata, and he said that the Wisp powers would most likely be a staple in future sonic games.

    I do not approve.

    • Elvick

      I do not either. I mean, that Colors stage in Generations was tedious as hell. Worst stage in the game for me.

      I don’t mind it in Colors, but I don’t want it as a staple in the series.

      • Invisbin

        That’s funny, half of the fan base thinks so too lol, including me.

  • Elvick

    That doesn’t sound all that exciting.