Microsoft Store outs first Halo for Xbox One story details
posted on 08.29.13 at 09:12 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

The Microsoft Store has outed first details on 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo game for Xbox One. It’s not much, but here it is:

In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

Halo is due out on Xbox One next year.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • rockman29

    “In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

    Well shit, if that was the first thing I heard about Halo I probably wouldn’t even have played it.

    Who wrote that? Lol. If Halo wasn’t already mega popular, I’d say that guy needs to find another job at 343 to do.

    • Gigus

      Ben Affleck wrote it.

    • Matthew Frassetti

      Just curious, what’s wrong with it?

      • rockman29

        Just sounds too pretentious lol. Halo was just about being badass in the MC suit, saving Cortana, shooting up blue and purple guts everywhere.

        Everyone seems confused and is comparing other games to this…. kids these days.

        Making it like like a feature length drama film is just lol.

        It’s not a serious thing, just being picky. It’s just a bunch of words… clearly other people are getting too worked up on what I said.

        • xalener

          Well, it all started in 2004 with Halo 2. Hell, it started in 2001 right in the first game. Hell, it started in E3 2000. It all started when they revealed the covenant as an alien military held together to complete a religious and holy mission. That kind of stuff was unheard of in the videogame world a decade ago, especially from a shooter. The first Halo trilogy’s narrative is based on mystery, and always tumbling down rabbit holes and finding out things about the world you live in that spring billions of new questions. I think the problem here is that the people in charge of this trilogy feel obligated to answer all of those questions, and they can’t really keep up.

    • captainhowdy

      Sounds better than Killzone Shadow Fall.

      • Dede Ogbe

        wow, not that i have anything against Halo (becos it’s awesome) but your standards must be seriously low if u think that when this has told us close to nothing about the game.

        • captainhowdy

          What? I’m talking about hearing both stories.

          Killzone SF: Thirty years after the events of Killzone 3, the world is a very different place, with two rival factions, the Helghast and the Vektans, living side by side divided by a vast wall. In the midst of it all stands a Shadow Marshal, an elite soldier, the best of the best. As Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan, you’re sworn to protect your home and the values you believe in. Maintaining the fragile peace is difficult when there is no trust between either side. A series of escalating conflicts puts you on the path of a Helghast intelligence operative named Echo, who fights for the same reasons but on the opposite side. Strive to uncover the whole story as the intense, immersive combat of the Killzone series is reborn on

          Halo: In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted.

          Halo sounds more interesting. There hiding info, but it seems to have a more engaging story to me, because it’s not the same two human factions warring (aka Kill zone, COD, Battlefield, etc.). It’s sci fi, that’s what I like, aliens, worlds unexplored, new alien threat. That’s what makes Halo so interesting.

      • VaultBreaker

        Quite the contrary,but.. well maybe you are right though.The premise of Killzone was more interesting than Halo because the politics and all,but when it came to the story Halo execute it better than Killzone.

        • captainhowdy

          Halo had politics to. Halo 2 with the covenant Elites and grunts vs. the eldars and those gorilla people.

    • VaultBreaker

      The premise of The Last of Us is about a man escorting a girl through post apocalyptic USA.Look how it turned out.

  • kuusou yume

    Where’s the part about him becoming a monk in the desert?

    • shogunknight

      Hahaha, i see what you did there

  • MasterSensei

    Glad to see that Microsoft is finally breaking out of the FPS genre and not re-hashing an old franchise but instead try to create many new and fresh IP… Oh wait I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

    • Sal Romano

      Of course Microsoft is going to make a Halo game. It’s their most popular franchise. However, if you’d looked at Microsoft’s first-party Xbox One game announcements up until now, you’d see there are a variety of genres and new IP. And only one FPS (Halo).

      Dead Rising 3 – Open-World Action
      Fable Legends – RPG
      Forza 5 – Racing
      Killer Instinct – Fighting
      Kinect Sports Rivals – Motion
      Halo – FPS
      Zoo Tycoon – Sim

      Crimson Dragon (New IP) – Dragon-Flight
      D4 (New IP) – Episodic Adventure
      Powerstar Golf (New IP) – Sports
      Quantum Break (New IP) – Action
      Ryse (New IP) – Action-Adventure
      Sunset Overdrive (New IP) – Open-World Shooter

      I understand a lot of people are upset with Microsoft or just plain dislike them, but be rational and look at facts when commenting.

      • captainhowdy

        Exactly Sal. Microsoft has a very nice lineup.

      • VaultBreaker

        Thank you Sal for your simple but near extinct comment the internet has for now a day.I mean when I saw E3 i was like holy shit, XBOX one is showing a bunch of new IP, then Sony suddenly win me over just because the policy alone.But when I look back… man there would be plenty titles I would not be able to play in XBOX ONE because I’m going to buy PS4 for sure.And I like Halo, it is a great exclusives that the Sony’s console doesn’t has.Damn.. I hate exclusivity.. I mean everybody deserve to play The Last of US.

    • Gigus

      Lulz ZING!

    • Guest

      MS have more new IP’s announced than both Sony and Nintendo…

  • Claude

    They have practically spoiled the entire game.

  • captainhowdy

    This sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to see the game in action.

  • AdamBoy64

    Sounds pretty standard fare for an FPS.
    Mind you, probably not many players play Halo for an enthralling storyline.

    • McPoo

      I’ve not played the series, but from what I’ve heard it’s quite an extensive lore and expanded universe. Whether or not that comes through in the games, I don’t know.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        It mostly comes from the games books

      • AdamBoy64

        After reading your comment and the others here, and spending some more time thinking about it – I do recall there was like a mini-series recently, correct?

        Called something like ‘Forward unto Dawn’?
        All I know is Anna Popplewell is in it.

        Maybe they’ve sort of done quite a few things like that for the series in the past, I’m not sure.

        • xalener

          That was more of a promotional thing for Halo 4 to introduce players to a new character and establish his relationship with the Master Chief. It was written and paced to be cut together into a feature length film, and this resulted in every single episode of the miniseries feeling like filler.

    • VaultBreaker

      I played the game, and I guarantee the universe alone is very interesting, I’m currently reading one of the novel adaptation.I was kinda disappointed with destiny, because i thought it will be an open world game in the same universe as Halo.But eventually I grew to like it when they explain the universe.

    • xalener

      Many do.

      • AdamBoy64

        Right. Well, guess those that do might be disappointed with this storyline then.

        • xalener

          There has been quite the shitstorm since Halo 4. Lots of fundamental stuff changed. Retcons and unsatisfying answers to old biting questions. Stuff that’s the equivalent to something like Lost’s ending, except it’s not over yet. I personally am holding out to see where they take their new foundation, but there are a lot of people who’ve already lost faith in 343.

          • AdamBoy64

            Ah wow. I’ve learnt a bit about it now. Thanks for the insights man.

  • Learii

    are you sure this is a game or is it a movie?