Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix PAX trailer
posted on 08.30.13 at 09:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Latest media comes out of PAX Prime.

The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, debuted at PAX Prime in Seattle today, focuses on Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days.

Both titles will be included alongside Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix as respective game and theater scene updates in the September 10-due high-definition collection.

Watch the trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • SuperLuigi

    LOVE Chain of Memories. Has one my favorite final bosses and you can play as Riku. I know I’m a minority but this is one of my favorite khs.

    • kenshee

      I wish they made it more clear in this trailer or even in the game that playing the game as riku is not just a change in the playable character, but he has his own story and mechanics!

      I liked chain of memories, but I never even started the riku part and only learned that I should’ve way after beating sora’s part.

      I’m looking forward to rectifying my mistake this time though :)

      • SuperLuigi

        Riku’s story is more fasted paced and has some cool fights. Plus going into dark mode is always awesome.

  • bloodiOS

    Already pre-ordered!

    • xMCXx

      Same here!

  • True Gamer

    I never finished kingdom hearts one or chain of memories. lol i thought it was over after fighting Riku. But i’m glad i didn’t finish it so i can play this great game in HD!!!

  • Zackasaur

    I am ridiculously hyped.

  • Gigus

    I was kinda hoping hoping for 358/2 days would be playable. Oh well.

    • Elvick

      We knew it wouldn’t be though.

      Sucks, but what can ya do?

      • Gigus

        buy a 3dsxl and buy the game? XD Need moar munnies first -__-. Hopefully when they do 2.5, birth by sleep will be playable.

  • Budgiecat

    Too bad 35whats it wasn’t a game remade as well and just some movie you can you know…view on Youtube..