Is this a new Pokemon game for Wii U?
posted on 08.17.13 at 12:26 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Lucario and Blaziken battle on a city street in 3D.

At the end of a Pokemon retrospective video shown during this weekend’s Pokemon Game Show at Tokyo Big Sight, Nintendo teased what appears to be a new Pokemon game for Wii U.

For a few seconds, 3D footage of Lucario and Blaziken battling on a city street was shown.

And that’s it. Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the footage, but the hot topic right now is that it’s a Wii U game. Which we would totally love.

Watch it in video form below.

Thanks, Game Jouhou.

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  • Sae-Won Yoon

    Please let it be real-time, Please let it be real-time, Please let it be real-time,Please let it be real-time, Please let it be real-time, Please let it be real-time///

  • Jontaku

    I hope it is. Getting a WiiU soon and whatever this is would make an excellent addition.

  • GameNChick

    Heres the video of it. Skip to 2min

  • GameNChick


    Footage of the picture in question. Skip to 2 minutes

  • $29082171

    Looks like a teaser.

    If you look closely at those lightning effects you’ll notice those are absurdly good for a console game that actually wants to be playable.

    • Sal Romano

      Thanks for this. Didn’t know there was video. =)

  • ギャビン

    Please be out this year.

    • John MC

      aah yeahh!! PLEASE !!

  • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

    ’bout bloody time. we have yet to receive a console-pokemon game developed by gamefreak that’s on par with their handheld editions quality wise.

    • Zancrow

      Which is crazy.
      It’s as if they didn’t want to make one.
      Or they wanted to wait until Nintendo gets off their asses and make an HD console. xD

      • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

        it almost seems GF are simply not interested in consoles and prefer to stick to handhelds. but if it’s really true and this is a teaser for a WiiU Pokemon game, then it’s the perfect shot in the arm WiiU needs. an HD Pokemon game, if that doesn’t sell WiiU what other title could.

        • Zancrow

          Yup, that would be the definition of a system seller.

          • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

            oh gosh, 2014 is gonna be a batshit insane year for gaming. GamesCom is coming up next week and then TGS next month but somehow I think that E3 2014, GC14 and TGS14 will be the most amazing gaming events since ages. New hardware announcements are exciting but I have yet to see a game that truly personifies next-gen and convinces me to shell out for the systems.

            All I’ve seen so far are prettier graphics, bigger and seamless worlds. That’s about it. Hence my anticipation for next year’s gaming events.

            • Zancrow

              You have to tell me how GamesCom was then, because I decided not to go this year.^^
              Are you going to write about it here on Gematsu?
              And yeah, we are just at the point where the new consoles are almost out and the announced games do already look pretty good, but the later ones will be even better.
              Next year will really be crazy.

              • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

                ya, I’ll be covering GC for Gematsu =)

                • Zancrow


  • noctony

    maybe a new stadium?

  • McPoo

    I hope it is. I don’t just want Pokemon, business as usual on the Wii U.

    I want something different, something like that alpha that appeared not long ago.

  • Alex Plant

    Pokemon Tretta HD confirmed.
    Man, that would suck. Hoping for a Stadium-alike game.

    • John MC

      Exactly, stadium-alike but putting the user in control of the pokemon by making it a brawling-type game… that would be nice :)

  • LightGenx

    Video is one big nostalgia trip.

  • True Gamer

    Is it me or is that teaser suggesting that we will be playing as the Pokemon, such as moving them around and brawling???? However, it would be a stray from the traditional Pokemon element but I am always open towards innovative ideas ^_^

    • John MC

      whatever mann, stray all they wantt, pokemon brawler seems niceee :D

  • Austin Wood

    With X & Y already breaking the 3D boundary, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintendo push the Pokemon scene further for the Wii U. That little brawler/figure title is cute and all, but a meaty Pokemon release like this, provided it is a genuine title, would be a much bigger surge for the Wii U.

  • DreamDrop♥

    Won’t be the RPG or MMO we want though…

  • PrinceHeir

    Pokemon Wii U please!

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    hopes it moves automaticly with some support action like digimon re-digitize

  • InsaneChronos

    To me, it’s just an AR pokemon battle…


    Pokemon type wild!!!

  • Wolfcum

    A new Pokemon Snap with the Gamepad functionality would be insane

  • Elvick

    I want to be excited, but… I’ll reserve judgement.