Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn contest winners announced
posted on 08.22.13 at 01:16 PM EDT by (@KazumaLynx)
Congratulations to the five—yes, five!—who won.

Hello everyone! Zero here. I know many of you have been waiting for the results of our Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn contest. But before I get to announcing the winners. I wanted to discuss the process I went through picking them. I hope you’ll all take the time to read this!

(If you really just don’t have the time to read, just scroll down to the bottom and you will find the prize information and winners.)

First thing’s first: picking the winners for this contest was incredibly difficult. I read all of the comments over and over again. Some of them made me smile, others made me laugh, some even made me want to cry. One way or another, I was able to connect with just about every single comment posted. I haven’t slept much the last few days. I spent most my usual sleep time reading over the comments again, or listening to my brain think about the contest while I’m trying to sleep. It was grueling. In other words… picking the winners was hard! I still feel bad that so many of you had great comments and I didn’t have enough rewards. I just want all of you to know that even if you didn’t win, your comment is still important to me!

Some of you posted about real life struggles, hardships that you or a loved one are going through, or just made it through. Reading about them, regardless of detail or magnitude, made me sad. I’ve experienced really tough times, I’ve helped a loved one get through them. I’ve been there! I know that words only mean so much here, but I want to say this anyway. You are not alone! I know some days are tougher than others, life is really awful sometimes, but things get better, I promise! Never forget that! If you just need someone to talk to, feel free to e-mail me if you want! Add me on Twitter! I’ll gladly listen and try to help in any way I can! I certainly hope life starts to improve for you all very soon. Maybe it already has? Just remember, I’m on your side, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

I was surprised to read that many of you have never played an MMORPG before. I hope that regardless of this contest, you’ll give one a chance. MMORPGs allow you to create memories that other games simply can’t. These memories stick with you forever, and you will always treasure them.

Okay, I think I can finally move on to announcing the winners. I hope that you took time to read the above. It played a big role in me deciding to change up the prizes. Yes, that’s right. I decided—no I was forced—to change the prizes. Now, before you start raging you might want to read on.

I tried to slowly eliminate comments until I narrowed them down to three. That proved to be impossible for me. There were just too many great comments. I couldn’t do it. I really wish everyone could have won something. I couldn’t do that, but I had to do something! I decided I had to bump up the winners from three to five. That means that five of you will win a prize! How does this change the grand prize? Or second and third place?

The first place prize is now a copy of Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PC or PS3—your choice—with a one-year subscription and all of the digital Collector’s Edition bonuses. That includes the pre-order bonuses, as well. (That means you get: Final Fantasy XIV, a one-year subscription, early access, and the following in game items: Cait Sith Doll Minion, Mog Cap, Helm of Light, Coeurl Mount, Behemoth Barding Chocobo Armour, and the Baby Behemoth Minion.)

Second place is now a copy of Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PC or PS3 with the pre-order bonuses and a four-month subscription!

Third place is now a copy of Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PC or PS3 with the pre-order bonuses and a two-month subscription.

(Don’t worry! The subscription prizes don’t begin until the first billing. I’m not going to start counting until after the 30 day trial is up.)

New prizes! Fourth and fifth place win a copy of Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PC or PS3 with the pre-order bonuses.

Again, to clarify, pre-order bonuses include early access, Cait Sith Doll Minion, and the Mog Cap.

I also have a buddy pass that I would love to give away. When I find out for certain that my old buddy pass works in A Realm Reborn. I will be getting in contact with some of you.

I’ve made you wait long enough. I wish everyone could have won the grand prize. Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of this!

Without further ado, the winners are…

  1. Takane Shijou
  2. Ron Vo
  3. Astrid Huang
  4. Kageneko
  5. Kitsune Miku

If you are a winner, I will be contacting you via the email connected to your Disqus account. My email will come from zero [at] gematsu [dot] com. I will also be contacting some of you who just missed the winners cut. I really hope you take the time to read my email and respond! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

To all the winners, Congratulations! To everyone who entered the contest, thank you! This is just the first of our upcoming Gematsu contests. I plan to try and have a big epic contest like this every few months, with smaller contests in between. Please, feel free to stick around and join our community. If you need a place to introduce yourself, check out our weekly Open Forum. You can discuss anything there, and we are always looking for new users to join in on the discussions!

I plan to share my Final Fantasy XIV character name and the server I’ll be playing on in the comments below. Regardless of if you won or not, I hope you will do the same. Also, feel free to provide any feedback about this contest or my long contest post in the comments. I will read all of them! I promise that my future front page posts will have far less text.

Next Contest Teaser: Do you like Kingdom Hearts? Check back soon for our Kingdom Hearts art contest!

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  • Azuardo

    Congratulations, everybody!

    I had the pleasure of taking part in the beta and loved every moment of my time in Eorzea. Having had the chance to experience my first MMO with this beta, I’m now extremely tempted to get the game myself, even if I can’t afford it. I hope eventually I’ll do it.

    Enjoy your time playing the game!

    Thanks to Zero for holding this contest and the work you put in, too. Gematsu has been a joy to be a part of and these contests are a wonderful way to keep your fans happy!

    • Zero


  • Invisbin

    Bummer…well it was fun. FIRST contest I ever tried to enter. Gratz

  • Rydak

    Congratulations to the winners~ Hope to see you in Eorzea. :)

  • Zechs

    Congratulations people! :D

  • Locksus

    Oh, well. A little disappointed, but there are far better writers who deserve the prize more than I!

    Congratulations everybody. I hope you have fun with the game :)

    • Zero

      I sent you an email. =)

      • Locksus

        Much appreciated! I sent you a reply :)

  • Astrid Huang

    I can’t believe I actually won 3rd place!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ZERO AND GEMATSU! I’m sooooo happy… This will help me A LOT!
    I’ll be waiting for the email! OMG now I can’t sleep XD

    EDIT: To everyone else, My character name is Valence Fiedra, and I’m playing on server Siren. I’m a Miqo’te Thaumaturge, aiming to be a Black Mage. Feel free to add me if you want :D

    Also, thank you Zero for your kind words to all of us. I really really appreciate it, and I’m sure the others do too :D
    Will be looking to the KH contest as well :D

    • shogunknight

      Lol, congratulations. Hope you have a great time with the game, i know i will XD

      • Astrid Huang

        Thank you!
        I had a great time in the beta and I will definitely too when it’s launched XD There’s still so much I want to explore in Eorzea..

        • Ronaconda

          Big grats for you! So great of Zero to extend the prizes for everybody. Hope to see you in Eorzea! =]

          • Astrid Huang

            Hey congrats to you too! :D Yeah I’m really grateful that Zero decided to extend the prizes.. I hope we can all play together sometime! I’ll be sharing my nickname and server later when the game is launched.

    • FemmeFox

      Congratulations to us both Astrid! I can see you’re as excited as me. :D

      • Astrid Huang

        Yup, congrats to you too Kitsune! :D Yes I’m so excited I wanna cry!

  • Saywhattt

    Is there a server everyone is playing on from here?

  • Saywhattt

    And congrats everyone that won.

  • Ronaconda

    To be honest, I didn’t even know if I would even place with my huge spiel…but, look at that! Second place!! I’m so sorry the selection was hard for you, people indeed had some moving and great posts here, I definitely couldn’t have picked better.

    I’ll definitely add some people to my twitter @Ronaconda (though I don’t use it much!) or just on the amazing site whenever you guys want to just talk or chill, FFXIV related or not!

    Thank you, Zero and the rest of Gematsu, I hope to see you guys in-game in Eorzea very soon! =D

    EDIT: Also, Zero, I’m using my facebook to sign into Gematsu so let me know if you need me to drop a email or just register a new Disqus account. =)

    • Astrid Huang

      Congrats! I’ll be adding your twitter :D
      Ah I also use twitter to sign in here.. I’m sure Zero will let us know if we need to actually register disqus account..

  • London

    Congrats to the victors ;)

  • Willgaea

    Congrats to all the winners. I hope you have fun playing the game :]

  • Willgaea

    So I just went back and read most of the comments for the contest. One thing that popped out, I noticed that Zero liked every comment. Even though I didn’t win you really made me feel good inside.Thanks again for making my day start the right way. “I got that happy feeling.” I’m going to go play some crystal chronicles and make a Lilty.

    • Zero

      Thanks for that. I appreciate it. I’m happy that I could bring something positive to your day, even if it was only something small.

  • Zero

    Hello everyone. I’m currently working but had to come by the house to grab some stuff. I wanted to make a quick post here.

    I’ll be sending out more emails later this evening when I get home. I’m contact the winners and some of you who didn’t win.

    I would love to see more people share character names and the server they are playing on. If you are comfortable sharing, of course.

    My character name is Raidou Kuzunoha. My server is Hyperion.

    I will be home later, I’ll post some more in here. Thanks for reading!

    • shogunknight

      haha, you took the full devil summoner name

      • Zero

        Yep. =)

    • Astrid Huang

      Please take your time Zero! :D Too bad we’re playing on different servers though XD

      • Zero

        That’s fine. I might create a character and come visit you on your server one day! I’d really like to do that with everyone who intends on playing.

        Edit – I sent an email to you by the way. It was sent to the yahoo email associated with your account.

  • Budgiecat

    I lost…..

    • Zero

      Sorry. =/

  • Takane Shijou

    Really looking forward to seeing everyone back in-game over this next weekend. It’s been a long road since ‘A Realm Reborn’ was first talked about, and now we’re almost ready to head back into the world that we’ve watch grow and helped shape over the past few years.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and has a blast back in Final Fantasy XIV with their friends and family!

    • Zero

      I will be sending you an email soon. It will be sent to the yahoo mail associated with your Takane Shijou account. =)

  • FemmeFox

    OMG! Thank you SO much Zero (and Gematsu too of course)! I’m so excited! I cannot wait to play! I seriously didn’t think I would make a placement. Thank you very much. And in the spirit of my new found love for playing “around” others I wanna share my character name.

    I currently have a female Miquo’te Pugilist called Syledra Onikoneko and I’m playing on the Cerberus server. I plan to make a male Roegadyn Thaumaturge come Goldsmith who I will name Pierce Hawthorn, as my friend will be creating a Community (TV Show) based guild! Lol!

    I managed to be part of both Phase 3 and 4 and I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited to play a game since maybe Uncharted 2. You really don’t know how much it means to me to be able to get it and finally come out of my gaming shell.

    • Zero

      Sounds awesome. I sent you an email. =)

      Edit- The email was send to the hotmail address associated with your Kitsune Miku account.

  • Kalmdaze

    Congrats to the winner. Hope you guys have an epic time in A Realm Reborn.

  • Repatriate

    Congratulations to all who won. Zero, could you post the winning expositions on your article? Id be interested in how I could have improved.

    • Zero

      I will be sending you an email soon. I don’t think you could have done anything different. It’s like I said above, picking the winners was very hard. To be honest, for each person I had to pass up, it sorta made me hate myself to do so. It was simply grueling.

  • Vivi_Mist

    Well i suppose i can not play 14 in a very long time no. anyway congrats to the winner.

  • Rydak

    Rydak Frost on Hyperion with Zero. We have a small, social linkshell that people can join that are on our server or choose to create a character there. And by small, I mean you might see only the two of us on it currently. XD

    • FemmeFox

      Can you explain what Linkshell’s actually are to me? I couldn’t figure it out and had no one to test it with at the time. Is it like a invite only chat essentially?

      • Rydak

        That’s a way of putting it. It’s unique in XIV I suppose. I think it has since been changed with A Realm Reborn so you can think of it this way:

        Free Company = Guild

        Linkshell = Chat Room (You can have up to 8 equipped at once. There’s no switching between them or anything. They will be numbered in chat with a [1] or [2] if I remember right. You can configure each chat to appear as different colors as well, to keep up with them better. XD)

        • FemmeFox

          Thank you for that. I wasn’t too sure. Does ARR support voice chat at all?

          • Rydak

            It does not, unfortunately.

            • FemmeFox

              Ah well. I’ll just use Skype I guess.

  • LightGenx

    Congratulations everyone.

  • Thailou

    Congrats to the winners ^^
    PS: am I crazy or only asians or asian’s posterity win the prize? I just found interesting, since I read the comments on the fórum and there was many people from all over the globe…

    • FemmeFox

      Lol! You have a good point! It’s proof that many of us that love RPG’s and/or Final Fantasy are very much in love with Japanese culture in some fasion.

      My name here is quite asian but in fact I normally go by FemmeFox. It’s just it takes what I give as my real name on Twitter here. Which I don’t mind. I’m actually from the UK if that helps at all? n_n

    • Bob-O

      Seems that, lengthy paragraphs, and a sad story were the requirements to win.

      • Zero

        Oh no! You figured out my secret way of picking the winners! >_> lol sureeee <_<

        I give you this funny cat picture as a reward –

        (It took me hours to make that work of art in MS Paint. It's so gewwwwwd.)

        Seriously, Bob-O, your comment did make me laugh a little bit. I could have let this comment stay flagged, but I approved it just to be a good sport.

        Have a nice day or something.

    • Zero

      You can’t necessarily pick out where someone lives or what race they are by an online username.

      It was incredibly difficult for me to pick the winners. Turns out, the winners I picked just happen to be from various parts of the world. Some in america, some in UK, etc. I know this because I’ve already contacted most of them. =)

      I didn’t pick winners by location, that would be silly. I had no idea until I started contacting people who won. I hope that helps answer your question.

  • Master_Yoshi

    Congrats to everyone that won! I hope that doesn’t stop everyone else from joining in on the fun, the game is seriously the beez neez. Hopefully, I’ll run into some of you real soon!

  • Jommy

    Congrats to the winners! I’m going to be Jommi Glennmasa on Adamantoise. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys there

  • StormPoet

    Gratz to all the winners! Hope everyone has a great time in FFXIV this weekend and into the future. If anyone is going to be on Behemoth server look me up as Zylahra Storm. Gonna be playing together with many of my DCUO friends there.
    And to Zero… FANTASTIC JOB! I don’t envy you having to make the decision on this contest but I am sure everyone appreciates the effort you have put forth here on Gematsu! Keep it up!

    • Zero

      Thanks a bunch. It was pretty tough to pick the winners. If you get the chance, stick around and post more here @ Gematsu. We don’t bite. =)

      • StormPoet

        Certainly will… seems to be a pretty nice community here. I don’t post much in places unless I feel the community is worth communicating with and so far I like what I see here. =)

  • Bob-O

    Moderator – Nice troll attempt.

    Score? … I give it 2 stars out of 8 Grumpy Kitties.

    • Bob-O

      Both comments were sarcasm man I guess you took it a little hard. You obviously changed it from 3 winners to 5 so no I wasn’t seriously bashing someone who’d do that. But in all fairness if The top 5 were Sheamus, O’Donnel, Mcfeely, Flannigan, and O’Brien I would have said the same thing and changed it with Irish. Congrats winners anyways. Flag again if you feel the need.

      • Zero

        I took the time to reply to the other post with a kitty picture though! =)

  • Kageneko

    T_T Im so happy to have won a copy…I can’t even begin to explain how over joyed I am. Thank you so much Zero,Gematsu, everyone who is congratulating the winners T_T, Thank you so much…

  • Pyrofrost

    Congrats too the winners, and good job with your first contest Zero! ^^

    • Zero

      Thank You! Sorry for late reply. I only hope they improve with each new contest. It might be a little bit before I have another ‘epic” sized contest though. ^^

  • Zero

    Update – I’m still working on sending out emails. I’ve been at this all night. Be sure and check to see if I contacted you. I don’t have the time to contact everyone, but I’m doing my best to send many of you an email. Thanks.

    • Xyber_Matrix

      Hang in there buddy! :)

      • Zero


        I’ll be sending you an email as well. Seriously, you are on my email list. I’m just slowly making it down this list.

        • Xyber_Matrix

          No problem, take your time :3

  • Xyber_Matrix

    To all the winners! Omedetou! :) Hope to see y’all around in game

  • Kobracon

    NO! I HATE GEMATSU! *RAGE* *flips table*

    KIDDING! kidding XD Congrats to all the winners. When I read the paragraph saying you laughed, and even cried, I knew I wasn’t a winner. My entry was no where close to eliciting such complex emotions.

    This is actually a relief. Now I can go ahead and pre-order the damn thing. I’ve been holding off coz I had nagging thought at the back of my head going “What if I won this??”

    See you all in Eorzea soon. Especially Takane Shijou, Ron Vo, Astrid Huang, Kageneko, Kitsune Miku. Congrats again ^_^

    • Zero

      Thanks for entering. I sent you an email by the way. =)

      • Kobracon

        Oh? Thats weird I didn’t receive notific-OH. Crap I just realised I put my old e-mail when I registered. I updated it. Could u send it again to that e-mail?

        • Zero

          Mind sending me an email? It will be easier that way.

          zero [at] gematsu [dot] com

  • noctony

    Welp congrats to the winners. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win that Senhauser contest for the PS3 Collectors edition. (Yeah right 1/10,000 Chance) See everyone in a couple months when work stops messing up my paychecks. Is there a post about a Gematsu Linkshell anywhere in the forums?

  • MogCakes

    Congrats to the winners and hope to see you in Eorzea! Assuming you play on the same server as me anyway :p

  • futuristic_imagination

    Dang, I did not win…. “Orz

    Congrats to the winners! I’ll eventually be back in Eorzea! As soon as I get used to my school schedule… its my final year in college, so I hope it’s not too busy.

  • Zero

    I’ve finally finished sending out most of my emails. I’ve spent the last few nights after working trying to contact everyone.

    I have been in contact with all the winners. Had a few bumps in the road, but everything is proceeding smoothly. =)

    I’m sure most of them are enjoying early access right now. I hope I can do the same pretty soon. I have to take care of my responsibilities first. =)

    Some of you I was unable to contact. For that, I apologize. Like I said above, your comment was important to me. If you would like to contact me, send me an email at the address below.

    zero [at] gematsu [dot] com

    Or on twitter-

    The Kingdom Hearts contest will likely go live right around the 1st of September. The prize will be a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Limited Edition for PS3.

    Thanks for reading and supporting Gematsu!

  • PrinceHeir

    congrats to the winners!!