Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster screenshots
posted on 08.11.13 at 11:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
See Trophy support, beast summons, Overdrives, and more.

Square Enix has released a new batch of screenshots for its fall-due high-def PlayStation 3 and PS Vita collection Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster.

The images show the high-definition collection’s Trophy support, beast summons like Ifrit and Shiva, Overdrives, the more high-detail character models and texture maps, the world map, and areas like Zanarkand, Luca, Mi’ihen Highroad, and more.

View the batch at the gallery.

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  • Gammer21

    We sure this still coming to vita :/

    • Andrew Arndt

      yes digtal only thoe jeesh

      • Dede Ogbe

        it’s already been confirmed for a physical and digital release

        • Elvick

          Source please.

          • Pyrofrost

            I don’t know how it’s working out for PAL regions; but in North America, we’re getting a physical release.
            We have X/X-2 coming out on a single bluray for PS3, and separately on two flash cards for Vita.

            • Elvick

              And now I ask you for a source…

              • Pyrofrost

                Sure, it doesn’t say, “North America and EU will get all-around retail versions,” but you will see why I’ve come to this conclusion. However, how you choose to see it is up to you.


                1.) They are international editions of the game. Japan, NA, and it looks like EU as well (since it’s mentioned), will be getting the same thing.

                2.) Nomura said FFX and X-2 were being separated due to the spacing on Vita flash cards. This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t going to be retail.

                Sure people are acting paranoid all over the internet about it; but that’s how International Editions work. We get the same versions worldwide (or wherever sold), and they release in the same manner worldwide (or wherever sold). They will even include feature multilingual text options, and things like that. International Editions are great. They don’t always include dual or multi-language audio though; as passing around voicing rights is a completely different monster.

    • sherimae1324

      it is, somehow i got annoyed by ur question…

  • Andrew Arndt

    Looking forwed to this ;D

  • bloodiOS

    They changed the UI, I see. And man, those poor Chimera Brains…
    Anyway, definitely can’t wait for this to come out.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Are you sure? Other than the clearer ‘HD’ font, I can’t tell the difference.

      • bloodiOS

        It’s just slightly updated to something that’s more modern-looking, instead of the old-school look. I wouldn’t worry about it though. Rather, I’m more worried about the new arrangement of the soundtracks from Hamauzu.

        • MosquitoLemon

          Naw, I’m all about the HD HUDs, sometimes that’s the only thing they change, ahahha. New soundtrack arrangement? Hmmm….

          • bloodiOS

            After the PSP version of Persona, the term “new arrangement” tends to make me feel very concerned.

        • H_Floyd

          Why? Hamauzu is one of the most talented arrangers in the industry. The newly arranged material will be top-notch.

          • bloodiOS

            I prefer the original arrangement with all of that Uematsu goodness. Beside, Hamauzu’s most recent works in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is the most forgettable I’ve ever heard in any Final Fantasy title (not saying that it isn’t good, just not good enough to be memorable.)

            • H_Floyd

              And I would say that Uematsu’s work in FFX is the most forgettable I’ve ever heard in any Final Fantasy title. :)

              Hamauzu and Nakano, fortunately, were able to make the best out of Uematsu’s tracks with their arrangements of his work. Hopefully Hamauzu will replace 100% of Uematsu’s portion (aside from the live-performed tracks, which will most assuredly remain untouched).

              Then again, even as brilliant as Hamauzu is, what could possibly rescue tracks like Djose Temple, Place of Trials, and You May Pass? Of course, if anyone can do it, it’s Hamauzu.

              In any event, it seems Junya Nakano himself as well as Tsutomu Narita (Uematsu’s new arranger) will be participating. Hamauzu is arranging the bulk of the score at 60 tracks, but Nakano will likely be arranging many of his own tracks, and chances are very high that Narita’s role will be solely to arrange any Uematsu work that Hamauzu doesn’t. I don’t care for Narita much, but Nakano? This stuff is going to be gold.

              I won’t be purchasing the game, but I will be purchasing the inevitable soundtrack release. Can’t wait.

              • bloodiOS

                To each his own. I personally hope there’s an option to completely switch over to the original arrangement completely, rather then having to listen Hamauzu’s new arrangements and potentially ruin my experience with the game.

      • Sal Romano
        • MosquitoLemon

          Yeah, that’s what I was talking about, it’s the same, just with that clearer font and widescreen. Pretty much every HD update gets this treatment.

  • $63836288

    Definitely changed up some of the user interface & text animations…god bless this game…I’m soo excited to play these PS2 Classics

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Looks so good! :)

    • bloodiOS

      It sure is worth the wait =)

      • Gilgamesh2025


  • Zancrow

    Will be a blast to play those games, again!

  • jeka69

    Is it just me or the font for number in battle looks… cheaper? Like, worse. Everything else looks gorgeous though.

  • noctony

    Looks pretty sweet

  • SuperLuigi

    My favorite PS2 games right after the Kingdom Hearts Series. Tidus will prob be my favorite FF hero ever. He had a rough past but wasn’t “emo” most of the time. I hope the vita version is physical and looks this good!

    • Budgiecat

      Maybe he wasn’t emo but He was whiny with daddy issues and kinda of a dunce and who wears uneven liederhosen? but whatever bring these games on! Because they’re certainly better than FF XIII crap.

      • SuperLuigi

        That’s why I said most of the time. I know around 3 points of the game it gets…ya

        • Budgiecat

          He was much cooler in Dissidia

  • Aurizen

    I want to see Anima! and I want a release date!

  • GetOffMy_Lawn

    I was listening to the FFX soundtrack at work today. Reminded me of what a beautiful game this is. Can’t wait for this!

  • Kakarot

    I went to a couple of Gamestops and asked for a release date on this and they all told me August 27th…I don’t think they were supposed to tell me lol

    • Kefkiroth

      That’s strange, but cool if true. Weird that SE hasn’t announced the release date yet.

    • $63955329

      really is it actually august 27th? looks like we don’t have long to wait for it. lets hope it’s quicker. I don’t wanna find out that it’s not the actual release date

    • Zero

      Coming from someone who used to work at Gamestop, take any release dates they might have in the system with a grain of salt.

      In this case, I think they made a simple mistake. August 27th is the release date for Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn.

      It’s unlikely they would release both games on the same day. They would have made it official by now if so, via some kind of press release or trailer.

    • Zancrow

      No way.
      We would already know if the game would be released in less than a month, I think.

  • LordKaiser

    Any Collectors edition announced for America?

    • bloodiOS

      So far, only the Limited Edition:

  • $63955329

    finally a HD of FFX. I can hardly wait for it to be released then I can play FFX/X-2. this looks awesome even better

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    I want the game soo badly!

    • $63955329

      exactly and it looks better. I even want it now. It actually looks better I actually need to play FFX/X-2 now

  • bloodiOS

    So, based on the screenshots, I’m starting to think that the game will run at 720p during battles and full 1080p outside battles.

  • Nice Boat
    • $63836288

      This is the Image of Spira ….U must of never notice it…U have to go into the menu then click on Map…its always been there

      • Nice Boat

        It looks different. They added Yunalesca and her husband

        • $63836288

          O yeaa I didnt even notice that

  • rainelee

    Hope we get a release date soon. Most likely at TGS.

  • tubers

    I want to see a better HD footage of the VITA as well.. other than these PS3 shots :D

  • whiteferrero

    wh0a. nice midriff yuna.

  • Pyrofrost

    Does anyone know if the Vita version is receiving a collectors version like the PS3 version?

  • PrinceHeir

    hope for International Edition and Last Mission X-2 plus Dual Audio please Square!!

    add in some Dissidia costumes and Shuyin outfit please!!

    i would love to have Dissidia Costumes :D

    especially the original Amano art like White Yuna or even the wedding dress and the stylized Tidus art is soo good!!

    • Nice Boat

      I’m surprised it’s Amano’s version of Tidus that comes with a lot of accesories and not Nomura’s

    • Budgiecat

      No instead we will give you moar Lightning

  • Elvick
    • SuperLuigi

      It’s always been Teedus. Dissidia, kingdom hearts, and this.

      • Elvick

        I know this… doesn’t make it any less retarded as when I first heard “Me and Teedus”.

        • Nice Boat

          I like it more than Taidus that sounds like “Tie.” more the Japanese pronunciation, “Tida” (Sun) and almost sounds like “Tidal wave.”

          I’m surprised Square didn’t change it like when they changed Tina to Terra.

    • JuhRo

      Teeduhs is definitely more Japanese-y.. That makes sense.
      But in English, “Tie-dus” makes much more sense in that it’s like a Tide, since he has so much to do with water. So I’ll still read his name as such.

      • Budgiecat

        No thats dumb… “tide”

        Tida/Yuna Okinawan names for Sun & Moon.

        • Elvick

          Because the moon has no connection to tides or anything…

        • JuhRo

          Lol What Elvick said. — Most people in the West who know nothing of Japanese culture picked up the game, saw his name, and pronounced it Tie-dus, with the context of Blitzball and even the front cover of the game (Tidus standing on a shoreline). I’m sure it was a semi-intentional pun.

          It’s all about how it feels natural to say in English and within the context of English words.
          It’s like how Naruto is said in either languages. The R is rougher in Japanese.
          I just don’t think it was a good idea to force ‘Teetuhs’ into the English games of KH and FF.

  • Kurisu Makise

    My wallet will be ready this time, I ended up about half-way on both of them in the original PS2 releases and just…ugh put them down to do something else ><; Not this time, I shall see them through 100%. I wish they'd hurry up and confirm if these are going to be digital only on Vita, this is the one time I'd actually want a physical copy =(