Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots
posted on 08.26.13 at 04:01 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A nug and a baby dragon.

BioWare cinematic director Jonathan Perry has shared two new screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The first shows a baby dragon (yes, that’s a baby):

The second shows a nug:

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Jay

    I wonder if that’s from actual game footage… If so, impressive.

  • Elvick

    Holy crap.

    • Zackasaur

      I’m pretty sure we’re looking at CG. lol

  • Bob Obb

    I would’ve never guessed this is a Dragon Age game. Hated everything about DA2 but I’m not sure this is the right direction either

  • xMCXx

    Looks good, but that’s a given considering it runs on Frostbite 3.
    The gameplay is more important in a Dragon Age game either way.

  • SuperLuigi

    My god that is beautiful. If that is ingame I will prob buy this for that alone. Never really tried DA since I watched a friend play one and it didn’t look fun. 2 looked like a hack an slash.

    • DrForbidden

      I doubt it will be in-game.

      “BioWare cinematic director Jonathan Perry has shared two new screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition.”

      It’s most probably pre-rendered CG. They’ve released screenshots and game engine-rendered videos in the past, which looks nowhere as clean as these images.

  • BossTuff

    Both of those will look great bathed in gratuitous amounts of blood.

  • adhesive

    Looks like claymation honestly.

  • AnimusVox

    Dat nug

    • KnifeAndFork


  • KnifeAndFork

    lol at those screenshots. Derpy Age Inquisition

  • shogunknight

    What the?Awww bioware…I want to see gray wardens, morrigan and actual gameplay vids not screenshots….nugs? My savefile from finishing parts 1 & 2 is getting impatient.

  • Willgaea

    Are the naked piglets fodder for grinding?

    Update: just noticed the baby dragon is in the background of the baby nug. I guess he came in a few frames later.

  • tubers

    Hmm high contrast (cartoonish)? The small dragon’s cartoony look doesn’t help either?

    Well, I’ll be plyaing it anyway, doubt the character models would look as “cartoony”.

    Really enjoy the DA series :)

  • kenshee

    Ok, so that nug looks really realistic and just plain … awesome imo.
    I sort of just assumed that’s a critter I’d never heard of, only to find (one google search later) it’s a dragon age original creature.

    The baby dragon looks derpy/cartoony as hell, which doesn’t fit its environment at all. It would almost fit dragon quest more (if that series ever decided to have a ps4 halfway realistic looking game, anyways…).

    Maybe these are two styles of graphics they can’t choose between? Go for the hyper realism or stick to a more stylized cartoon look… (which DA:O and DA2 still had, imagine those graphics with just more poly’s and thrown in an engine with this lighting and well…)

    I just really want to see fantasy with realistic graphics.
    So no, I don’t our world replicated as closely as possible, that’s cool for a tech demo but it’s bland to play.
    I want fantasy worlds and creatures that don’t exist, but rendered incredibly realistically and believably, to have the best immersion. :)
    (note: I don’t ‘only’ want that, I love my anime and other stylized types of graphics a lot. It’s just that I feel this is one direction in which next gen could shine, as far as graphics go)

    Wouldn’t hurt if we might be able to use the rift with games that look like this in the not too distant future, either!

    (note: yes yes, gameplay > graphics, there’s just nothing we know about gameplay, so I think it’s ok for my inner graphics fanboy to come out :p)