Attack on Titan game announced for 3DS
posted on 08.06.13 at 10:35 AM EDT by (@salromano)
To be developed by Conception II dev Spike Chunsoft.

An Attack on Titan game is coming to 3DS in Japan this year courtesy of Conception II and DanganRonpa developer Spike Chunsoft, it’s been revealed.

More details about the game will be made available in the October issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which is due out on September 9.

The game’s website will be available here.

Considering this is due out in 2013, we’re not sure if it is the same Attack on Titan game mentioned by producer George Wada at Anime Expo for launch in 2014.

Thanks, Itsuka Baito.

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  • Fainaru Luna


    • KnifeAndFork

      I’m region locking you back to reality..

  • Coloso90909

    Hahaha, region lock…..

  • $63836288

    Wow that’s crazy….I just started to watch this Anime yesterday…now I hear there’s a live action movie & games in development

  • kuroneko0509

    oh yeah!!!!

  • Demolish

    i thought for ps3 and sure i was so happy because this anime very very awesome,

    but i think 3ds is a worst idea.

  • kenshee

    I would definitely like to see this come to Europe.

    However, this series just screams for a next gen game to me, the visual atmosphere needs to be perfect and I can only see an rpg (would work on 3ds) or a full on 3d action game with combat true to the series really work well.
    A game that has both the right atmosphere and complicated intense 3d action battles? I can only really imagine that on ps3 and up, not on a handheld…

    • OverlordZetta

      The Vita could’ve probably handled it.

  • 罪罰

    This want meant to be on a console D:<
    *throws desk*

    • Mikhail Samuda

      i think this is a separate game from the one planned for release next year

  • Derpazu

    Lol, Spike Chunsoft.

    • British_Otaku

      The visual novels from them tend to be very good I hear. We may be seeing one of those, even in Spike have made decent anime action games last generation.

  • OverlordZetta

    Attack on Region Lock!

  • Dede Ogbe

    Was interested until I saw Spike Chunsoft. Not exactly the top developer I had in mind for this

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I started getting into Attack on Titan, wait a tic i read they’re releasing the game in japan on PS3 & 360 or is that rumor

    • Dede Ogbe

      They proably will release a game on other consoles in some form or another considering the popularity of the series at the moment. This is a huge franchise so were gonna see more games of it. The 3ds one is just the first to b out of the gate

  • Ultrapieguy

    Damned region lock…

  • ghostbooster

    it will never get released outside of japan so i will just import it(i have J3DS)

    times like this is why i don’t regret learning Japanese

    • Zancrow

      You sure?
      3DS is successful in America and Europe and Shingeki No Kyojin will be, too in some time.

  • Raiyu

    This isn’t the 2014 Attack on Titan game is it? I’d really like my Attack on Titan game by CC2 =(

    • Dede Ogbe

      It says 2013 so it may be a different one. Good memory, completely forgot that fact

    • Sal Romano

      Good memory! Added to the post.

    • British_Otaku

      What would CC2 add to the table? Most of their recent games are spectacle over substance, QTEs over gameplay depth and such.

      I don’t like calling studios overrated, but…

  • Van Sora

    This is dumb, if it was for the vita they could make a relly good game using the vita’s functions to control the 3D gear, but oh well, i hope they manage to do something that lives up to the anime.

    • Hugo Fernando Farias Cea

      “The Vita’s functions to control the 3D gear”… what?

    • tubers

      The problem is the game’s budget.

      For the 3DS, low budget development (mediocre graphics) may have a better return.

      If it’s a VITA game, it’d likely “need” to look great to be considered a “success”.

      I’m assuming this game for the 3DS is like those Kaleid, Mushi, Magi games.. looks cheap.

      I’d be surprised if this game even touches RO for the VITA (less stellar reviews than SS, TKD)

      • Elvick

        Because it’s totes hard to make a Vita/3DS game… that NEVER happens…

        Oh wait.

        No reason it shouldn’t be on both. Sure it wouldn’t get the benefits of the Vita hardware, but it would get the better controls and potential better online (if it would have it). And be better for importers.

  • shogunknight

    Uhm…..ok. Will wait and see how this goes

  • André Maske

    Why does region lock exist???? D=

    • British_Otaku

      No idea, but as I have a JPN-3DS, I won’t ever get burned on these announcements. It wasn’t my intention initially, but given that the other systems are region free and the Wii U isn’t doing well enough to get many anime games it’s one of the better choices you can make this generation till the system gets hacked.

      I hope the game is good, even if it is likely to be locked from the thousands of Crunchyroll fans on top of the ones after FUNimation, Kodansha and others localise it further.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Crap why couldn’t this have been a PS3 game???


    good call there…. -_-

  • $30632660

    The franchase would sell better on a handheld, I’m guessing that’s why they chose the 3DS, the best selling VIDEOGAME handheld device right now, yeah I had to cap that just in case some retards come on here spouting some cellphone crap.

    If it’s not better than this, then Spike Chunsoft stay away, just stay away.

  • ShadowDivz

    Would have been better on vita. Im not saying that because i have one, i mean think about it.
    Great graphics, bigger screen(?) and dual joysticks.
    Plus not region locked.

    • TheLastBattalion

      I’d have to disagree. The Vita is doing horrible in the US and there’s a huge chance that it would never be localized if it was on the Vita (or the PS3 for that matter).
      The 3DS has a greater chance of being localized as it’s so popular, it would go great with 3D effect and it has great controls (bigger screens actually go to the 3DS XL, not the Vita).
      Either way, day 1 buy for me.

      • Elvick

        It’s undeniable that the quality of the game would benefit from being on the PS Vita. Camera control alone… unless they make it a 2D game, which I doubt.

        And lol3D… it adds nothing to 99% of games. In fact, it just makes them ALL look significantly worse visually. dem jaggies, like playing Final Fantasy VIII.

        Vita has the better resolution. XL uses the same resolution as the regular 3DS. That is not appealing, what so ever. Would be like saying the PSP is the better option since it has TV out.

        • Keiggy

          I dunno about you, but the 3D effect makes games look so surreal and as if you could reach in. It may sound childish, but seeing Titans reach in for a helpless human in 3D would be so exciting to see. And what kind of better graphics do you pay attention to? Unless you pay attention to every single excruciating detail, I don’t think the graphical difference is that great.

    • Jean

      Its okay. Go buy a 3DS :)

      • ShadowDivz

        A Japanese 3DS for games i will barely understand? No thanks.

        I love how every comment here that mentions the vita gets downvoted. xD

        • Jean

          No… A an American 3DS to play AC: New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion, MH3U, FE: Awakening, SMT: IV, Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X & Y and TLOZ: Link B/T Worlds AND possibly a localized version of Shingeki no Kyojin 3DS

          • Elvick

            What the hell does that have to do with this game?

            Oh right, nothing.

            No one asked for your sell on the 3DS.

            • Jean

              If you weren’t retarded you could see that ShadowDivz himself said that he didnt want to buy a japanese 3ds for game(S) he couldnt understand (plural not singular). So i named american 3ds game(S) (plural not singular) that he can play with the added bonus if we do get SnK3DS

  • TheLastBattalion

    Let’s face it guys. This will most likely be a game just like FF Type 0, dynasty warriors or SAO type considering on who is making it. Frankly, it would fit much better on a handheld as there isn’t much need for graphics for this type of game. The 3DS is perfect for this game considering that it is the most popular handheld and is even getting close to the consoles in popularity and sales.
    Not to mention that it has the best library of the past few years so it’s a great handheld for this console (and other anime games are coming out of it as well.)
    Also, Senran Kagura was just announced to be localized. If it can be localized then I dont’ see why this can’t.

  • Guest

    What were they think?

    “Lets take the giants from attack on titan and put it on the smallest consoles on the market.”

    “how bout the 3DS?, it has two screens so we could fit the crotch on the bottom screen on the nipples of the giant on the top screen,”

    I think the 3ds needs a support cable that allows you to play on TV’s, hell I think every handheld would benefit from it. I’m really linking the Nvidia Shield right now.

  • Willgaea

    What were they thinking?

    “Lets take the giants from attack on titan and put it on the smallest consoles on the market.”

    “how bout the 3DS?, it has two screens so we could fit the crotch on
    the bottom screen on the nipples of the giant on the top screen,”

    I think the 3ds needs a support cable that allows you to play on
    TV’s, hell I think every handheld would benefit from it. I’m really
    linking the Nvidia Shield right now.

  • Hugo Fernando Farias Cea

    LOL All the people here bashing the 3DS have clearly never seen one in their life. Anyways, the Vita would have been a nice alternative, since it has enough power to make an awesome game, but it’s obvious that they didn’t pick it because of how commercially unsuccessful it is.
    Well, I hope the game does well, so we get to see it in other regions, and maybe get it ported to other consoles as well.

  • PrinceHeir

    i’m interested on how the gameplay will be instead of just a quick cash in :P

  • Zero

    No surprise they picked the 3DS. Huge install base and topping the charts each week or so in Japan. Although, I would have liked to see them develop it for both portables. (I have both portables. I like them both very much.)

    Personally, I would have preferred a console game, but I didn’t expect it. I prefer to play games on my console using my HDTV, as do many other gamers. That’s not necessarily the preference in Japan though.

    It’s easy to forget sometimes, but these games are made with the Japanese consumers in mind. The portables are still dominant in Japan, It makes since business wise.

    The region lock issue does suck. Let’s hope the game is good to begin with, if so, we might get lucky and some group might localize it.

  • Elvick

    Should be a Vita/3DS multiplat. Win/win

  • $30632660

    Attack on Port Begging