Screenshots: inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Killzone: Mercenary, and Knack
posted on 07.15.13 at 02:38 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Is 5760 x 3240 big enough for you?

Sony has released new screenshots of its PlayStation 4 lineup (and one new screenshot of Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita) as part of its holiday 2013 showcase.

Get the lot below.

PlayStation 4 launches this holiday.

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  • DarthBrian

    I wish inFamous was a launch title. T_T

    • Dwight Power

      I KNOW!!! But I guess they have to space out the games.

  • EX+

    Just wanna say, the writers here are awesome. Gematsu is one of my favourite sites. ^_^

    • Sal Romano


      • GhostNomad

        Both you and Zero! You two are awesome.

        I’m sure there’s far more people involved than just you two, but seeing as you’re the ones who make frequent appearances in the comments, I can’t really praise anyone else by name :D

        • Sal Romano

          That’s about it, actually. I write everything. Zero checks over the comments. And Adam comes around every now and then with a new article or discussionist.

          • GhostNomad

            Then cheers to the three of you for running such an awesome site! This is easily my go-to when I need to update myself on some game-related info.

        • Zero

          Thank You! :)

    • London

      I agree this site has no bias or garbage articles to scroll through. I get my news and updates directly from here.

    • Zero

      Thanks! =)

  • Gilgamesh2025

    inFAMOUS!!! ❤

    • SuperLuigi

      Replaying Infamous 2 waiting for this game. Beat Hard mode with the good ending. Playing Evil now. HYPE!

  • BossTuff

    I’m liking how they’re accurately rendering Seattle in InFAMOUS (to a degree). It’ll be fun to run around the PSC like they had in the demo.

  • Adol Christin

    All the games look great :)

  • Zackasaur

    All four of these are gorgeous… And a lot of fun! I can’t wait.

  • McPoo

    InFamous looks gorgeous. I’m looking forward to the reviews when it releases though, and I’d like to play a demo too because as cool as the concept was for InFamous, neither game felt particularly fun to me. Everyone always put it up against Prototype and on both accounts I prefer Prototype because you actually feel like a badass. Cole just felt a bit limp at times.

    Hoping this one changes that though, and from the trailers it does look like it could

    • BossTuff

      I agree with this assessment. I’ve only played a bit of both because I essentially lost interest while playing through them.

      On a side note, it’s funny how your contribution to the conversation is immediately down voted. I think mostly it’s because you’re not immediately on one side or the other.

      • McPoo

        It happens to all my comments pretty much. Fair enough some of them are obviously antagonistic – that must be the main factor that affects the rest of them though.

        I’ve gone out of my way to provide a constructive comment on the InFamous games, I’ve not bashed it or anything and stated that it was down to personal preference I didn’t enjoy them much, yet I still get down voted.

        If I’d gone onto a MS article and posted ‘M$ r teh sux’ though I’d have gotten 12 likes straight off the bat and people agreeing with me too

      • Sal Romano

        I think people look at down-votes too negatively quite often. Could just be that someone doesn’t agree with what McPoo said. Though I do agree that it would be nice for them to respond rather than simply up- or down-vote.

      • JaiGuru

        I down voted you just for crying about votes.

        • BossTuff

          I appreciate how your comment is both interesting and perceptive.

    • GhostNomad

      I agree with some parts of your comment and disagree with others (therefore not giving either a + or – 1).

      For one, I do agree that Second Son looks gorgeous, and I would absolutely love a demo to get a feel for the new character.

      However, I disagree with the rest.

      The first inFamous was a great game, and while the freedom occasionally detracted from the experience (holy s*** Cole, ____ is about to get loose, go kick his ass! *mission ends, time to run free and sense of urgency is potentially dropped*), the game didn’t entirely fall apart. The art style they used for the story-related cutscenes was fun and felt unique (to me) at the time it was released.

      The second inFamous only improved, having added mo-capped cutscenes, much better facial animations and voice acting, and a lot more mobility in-game to make Cole feel even smoother and more flexible, giving him that natural look when he jumped from place to place, did a grind, swung his weapon, etc.

      As far as story, it also developed quite nicely, and the way you could now ‘evolve’ your powers added that extra bit of freedom as opposed to being forced to progress in the story in order to unlock new powers like in inFamous.

      To top it off, inFamous 2 had the User Generated Content, which, while not for everyone, did provide hours of extra fun, whether it was creating missions yourself or playing missions that others had created.

      On the other end, Prototype. I’ve never played Prototype 2, but I still plan to do so someday after I finish the first game (pretty close to the end, however). Between inFamous and Prototype, for me it’s inFamous because the story is more entertaining, and the game just looks prettier. Don’t get me wrong, Prototype isn’t awful, and I actually enjoy its mechanics and combat (I like to get up in the action and brawl), but the story and style just didn’t really thrill and entertain me to the point where I wanted to finish the game and was hyped for the sequel.

      That about sums it up, and I do agree with what Sal said about considering the Up/Downbote as more of an agree/disagree thing. Also, seeing as you have to be signed in to downvote, I’d also like to actually see some of the reasoning behind these downvotes (unless what you’re saying is just beyond stupid and chances are that 99% of Earth’s population would disagree, which isn’t the case here).

      • McPoo

        Thanks for being able to have a proper discussion, that’s hard to find on here!

        I definitely agree with 2 being a lot smoother and polished, which is only natural. I didn’t actually complete 2, I got bored about 3/4 through, whereas I did finish 1.

        It’s a bunch of things combined that put me off the series. They’re definitely not bad games, they’re just not the best st what they do, if you see what I mean? Like traversing the city felt far too slow to me, and a bit restrictive by making you use power lines if you wanted to get anywhere quickly. Cole himself felt very limp,when you’re chucking 4 or 5 lightening bolts just to take down a regular goon, and the impact they made felt very light. Compare that to Alex Mercer ripping through guards with giant claws, you get quite the contrast.

        As for story, I reckon they’re both even. Neither series has a fantastic story, although InFamous probsbly tips it by having better characters.

        • GhostNomad

          I see where you’re coming from.

          Definitely had more than one moment where my momentum was killed by a bad jump/random object that I thought I could get over and it slowed me down by a few seconds. That said, I didn’t see it as an issue because the more I played, the more I became familiar with the area and with ways to get around. The controls also became more and more comfortable which made traveling a lot smoother.

          As far as the fighting, Prototype is definitely more ‘brutal’ (for lack of a better word), but inFamous has its charm with the relatively large selection of powers (especially in 2) and with a little creativity, almost every fight is fun (save for the few story-related ones which are just tedious any way you look at it).

          Obviously neither game is perfect for everyone, and as seen by this discussion, our preferences differ. The logical conclusion is that we all play whatever we want, long as we’re having fun :P

    • Bobby Jennings

      Agreed. I played only Prototype 1 and I enjoyed it so much. inFamous I just couldn’t get into. I like feeling OP, and Prototype was good at doing that honestly.

      • McPoo

        Yep that was the main thing that felt wrong with Infamous.

        This article has some pretty good points, if you ignore the ridiculousness

        • Dwight Power

          That is a satirical piece dude, I know you understand it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

          But I don’t think you understood the part where if you agree with the things he says, he’s laughing at you.

          Those points are ridiculous.

          • McPoo

            Are you sure? I know it’s Jim Sterling and all, but many of those points are echoed in his reviews for each game, where he gave Prototype 8 and InFamous 6.

            I realise as it goes on it’s just being stupid, but the opening points are all from his reviews.

            Edit: I just found reference to it in another article by him referring to it as a ‘joke article’, so fair enough :)

            I knew it was meant to be satirical, I just assumed that as the first handful of points were lifted from his reviews that he meant them seriously in the article, before piling on stupid ones towards the end :p

            • Dwight Power

              Jim is interesting to read and listen to, but ultimately he’s not reliable.

    • Dwight Power

      That is your personal opinion, but the gaming community pretty much came to the conclusion inFamous is by far the superior game.

      I love both games equally, and I’m glad they are both different.

      Prototype can be a mess though, especially the first one. They ran out of buttons for all the powers and had us trying to press triangle and x at the same time to pull off some of them.

      Put it like this, you can’t make inFamous what inFamous is if you turn it into Prototype.

      Let’s be real, the missions and story in Prototype are dreadful. Not saying inFamous is pushing boundaries in story, but you can at least take it sorta seriously. The missions in inFamous feel like mini-levels and they change things up.

      Prototype is like, go here and massacre everyone. Surf on people’s corpses and launch women off of buildings, and then go rescue your daughter because she loves her murderous father who absorbs people’s souls.

      • McPoo

        Going off Gamerankings, there’s only about a 6% difference between them, so while you’re right in that people do seem to prefer InFamous, I’d hardly call 6% enough to consider it far superior.

        You say Prototype 1 is a mess, I’d argue InFamous is just as bad. Mashing X trying to get up the side of a building, only you can’t because he won’t grab the ledge for some reason. It was a fairly well known issue that I believe they acknowledged and sorted out for the sequel.

        I’ve said already, neither had a great story. Prototype did something interesting with the Web of Intrigue. InFamous tried to do something interesting with the choice system, which turned out to be just a bit of a let down.

        I’m not sure what else there is to say other then we should agree to disagree.

    • Dwight Power

      Please don’t take it as I’m bashing Prototype, like I said, I love both games equally. But I think you’re failing to understand the beauty of both.

      Prototype let’s you feel like a bad ass with no regards to anything else. There isn’t much skill involved in it.

      Where as in inFamous, there is a lot more skill to pull off all the things Cole can do.

      For example… you can link up a lot of his powers, like propelling yourself in the air with the ice powers, then gliding towards a wire, surf on the wife, hop off, glide onto a building and then blast some enemies.

      • McPoo

        You can throw yourself hundreds of meters through the air with one of Alex Mercers powers, land and instantly bounce into the air, glide into a wall, run along it and jack a helicopter.

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but it does sound a little bit like you’re talking down Prototype’s gameplay in order to make InFamous sound better.

        Also, I’d like to say that I didn’t mean to sound like I dislike InFamous, I just don’t think it’s as good as people make it out to be. It has some good features, and is enjoyable in places, just not as much as Prototype to me.

        What’s the little stand alone game like? I remember reading you get vampire powers which sounds pretty cool. It seems to go on sale a lot, might get it next time.

        • Dwight Power

          It’s awesome. You get this power where Cole can travel insane distances by disappearing and gliding through the air.

          But there is no heart in any of that dude. It’s all flash with no substance. And if that’s what you want. Then I understand why you like Prototype better. I’m just saying inFAMOUS is thankfully different.

          You can have your opinion. But the majority of people think inFAMOUS is a better game. Simple as that.

          If I had to pick one, it would be inFAMOUS. Cole might not be as powerful. But the game all around is just more complete.

          • McPoo

            Again, I’d just have to ask why is that all flash no substance, but InFamous isn’t? You said yourself that there were too many moves for the buttons, if anything that alone makes it more complex than InFamous, especially when you remember InFamous literally sucks you in towards ledges a lot of the time.

            I’m not denying the community prefer InFamous (although the difference isn’t s big as you first insinuated), I’m just confused about the point you’re trying to make, seems to be one rule for InFamous and another entirely for Prototype.

  • tubers

    I wish Infamous didn’t look as barren.

    • extermin8or2

      Don’t know how your defining barren but we’ve seen very very little of it so far,certainly not enough for you to determine that

  • B.M. Garrett

    Can’t wait to play Infamous, Knack, KZ Shadowfall, DriveClub, and more. Been waiting for next-gen for a long time now and these screenshots do not disappoint. I still don’t think I’ll fully appreciate these games until they are running on my HDTV in 1080p glory with that sexy DualShock 4 controller in my hands. Screenshots and gameplay videos can only do so much for so long.

  • Guest

    This looks stale indeed. The saturation in the new images are completely off-putting.

  • spideynut71

    I know it’s a launch title, but still…not impressed. Especially considering Sony devs had access to the hardware first…and they have the “superior hardware”. To be honest, GTA5 is more impressive than this….on far inferior current gen hardware. We’ll have to wait and see what ND is working on. They’ll likely be the first dev to show what’s possible on the PS4.

    • JaiGuru

      Most of these launch titles are nothing but sequel dreck, for all the consoles. There is about as little will to be creative int he game industry as there is in the film industry at this point.

      • Dwight Power

        Then stop playing games and stop watching movies.

        You must not be playing the games I am because I’ve enjoyed a lot of creative titles this generation.

        If you’re so fed up with everything, then show me something creative you have done. Or better yet, how about you do us all a favor and grace the gaming industry with your brilliant mind.

        PLEASE, help us.

        • JaiGuru

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    • Dwight Power

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      • spideynut71

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    • Raiu

      The studio may have access to the hardware first but they’re just starting on it like anyone else… After all, a driver, who’s used to a Ford, can’t drive a Ferrari, given by his parents, efficently at the get go… Going by Sucker Punch’s track record, Sly 2 is a huge improvement of Sly 1 and inFamous 2 is a huge improvement of the first inFamous…

      Conclusion: Wait till they get used to the hardware more… Take a look at other studio’s track record as well like ND, Santa Monica, Quantum Dream, Guerilla Games, etc…