Report: Atlus parent company to seek buyer
posted on 07.19.13 at 02:57 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Index hopes to reach agreement by September, sources say.

Index, the bankrupt parent company of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei developer Atlus, plans to start an auction for a buyer as early as next week, according to Bloomberg sources.

The company is currently being investigated by Japan’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission on suspicion that it falsified financial reports. The day before the information was made public, Index had a market value of 6.8 billion yen. Its shares have since dropped 84 percent.

Index will seek as much as 15 billion yen in a sale, excluding its 24.5 billion yen in dept, one of Bloomberg’s source said. The company hopes to reach an agreement by September.

Nijubashi Partners lawyer Kazumasa Otsuka, representing Index for court protection, declined to comment on the company’s sale.

On June 27, the Osaka Securities Exchange announced it would delist Index shares on July 28. On the same day, Index said its Chairman Masami Ochiai and Chief Executive Officer Yoshimi Ochiai plan to resign.

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  • SuperLuigi

    I say sony or Nintendo. I really see it being ninty for all the sales of the 3DS games. Also the SMT X Fire Emblem coming out. I wouldn’t see NIS buying because idk if they can afford that. Also it has to be a more Japanese type company and besides mh and fighting games capcom is going more western. It might be bad no matter what though.

    • Zackasaur

      NIS would stand no chance of affording that. lol

  • gerald

    I really hope Sony buys them.

    Some people would complain about a great RPG maker going exclusive, but think about it, Xbox is dead to Japan and not a big JRPG seller here either, and Wii U isn’t selling well anywhere. Playstation will be their main audience anyway, so why not have Sony put the big bucks behind it to make the games even better?

    • drproton

      I don’t think Sony could justify to their stockholders buying a company that’s in even more debt than they are. Maybe if Index was split up and Atlus was sold separately.

      • TetsuyaHikari

        It certainly wouldn’t give a good image for Sony either, taking a company under their wing that committed fraud.

        • shogunknight

          That wont be a worry for any company that acquires Atlus, also its the parent company ‘Index’ that was reported to have committed the fraud not Atlus

          • TetsuyaHikari

            Yeah, I know it was a parent company, but the image reflects on those associated with them, so it has put a blemish on Atlus’ record, I’d say. It would be like owning a law firm with someone. We’ll go with the name ‘Raymond and Blanch’.

            Well, if one of them commit fraud or have some sort of other criminal record, it’s hard for someone to take the other person seriously since they were associates. I guess you could say it’s ‘guilty by association’. Atlus was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I certainly don’t blame them, but it will be hard for some people to look at them the same way for a long time.

            • shogunknight

              You have a good point. If any company takes your point into consideration, there will be a lot of layoffs or even rebranding. They may actually end up splitting their IPs and selling them each :(

    • Namekaze_Minato

      its true that jRPGs are big in Japan but the Persona series has gained great popularity in the West and other parts of Asia; I am from Bangladesh and over 2000 gamers here have bought and played Persona 3; Persona 4; Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Arena. I want Atlus to be acquired by Sony because they are familiar with working with similar companies; also they have a relatively larger resource pool and connections Atlus can pull.

      • jujubee88

        Precisely why Sony should buy Atlus QUICK!

        Atlus IP alone: can you imagine a SMT MMO and how it would sell in the asian markets? What about a Demon Souls inspired MMO? (These can be made within SCE/SOE or partnered with XDEV)

        Than, Sony could just keep Atlus talent in place and make mainline SMT games for the huge PS3 install base, than work that magic on PS4 and VITA.

        No joke, if Studio Japan and Team ICO and all of Sony’s asian studio strategy need to be exploded to fit the bill so be it — Sony needs to buy Atlus and make these things happen at all cost.

        • Rothion

          LULZ there is ALREADY a SMT MMO, lol

          • jujubee88

            Yeah, but if it was made by SEO it could be a bigger hit. They make stuff that’s huge in the Chinese market.

            • Rothion

              I doubt it. FFXIV start was horrible.

        • kiri25

          Demons Souls is not Atlus its a Sony IP devloped by FromSoftware.

          Atlus only published Demons Souls in the West since Sony chose not to.

          Also a SMT MMO has been done its a free to play web MMO. I was in the closed beta for it and it was alright for a free MMO i guess but nothing special in my opinion

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Well, this certainly couldn’t have come at a worse time. What will this mean for Persona 5? I guess it’s kind of selfish of me to think of how this will affect me as a consumer rather than the company and those needing jobs, but I’ve really been looking forward to P5.

    I was thinking maybe they’d even show the first trailer for it at Tokyo Game Show in a couple of months, but now… That seems highly unlikely.

    • SuperLuigi

      Don’t worry you are not the only one. My first thought was oh no! What about persona 5 and SMT X Fire Emblem?!

      • shogunknight

        SMTxFE would likely still be released, though all of this would greatly depend on the company that acquires Atlus

    • Bec66

      If Index gets bought up then hopefully things will be able to continue as per-usual for Atlus, hopefully.

  • Panda

    I’ll be happy as long as they stay third party.

    • AnimusVox

      As much as I love Sony and Nintendo, I would also like for Atlus to be bought by a third party company.

      • Namekaze_Minato

        Atlus has worked hard over the years had several successes; they deserve to go independent; if not under a Company that will keep all the staff as they are.

  • Learii

    sony please be sony

    • Namekaze_Minato

      I just hope Nintendo doesn’t get it; I don’t wanna buy a Wii U to Play Persona 5!

      • Learii

        same here

    • jujubee88

      SCEJA could invest more into studio japan to make more games like freedom wars, SMT MMO’s, etc on console (maybe PC) to appeal to the asian market.

      Than, use Atlus to sell Persona to Japan.

      Finally, make some Demon/Dark Souls to the western market.

      Damn, that’s actually more perfect than I thought. And I was in the “hell no” camp before. O-o

  • okarin

    Persona 4 right in the nostalgia

  • MosquitoLemon

    OMG Bushiroad. They have the money, they have the means, they have cross-promotion up the yin yang.

  • Pyrofrost

    This could turn out REALLY bad, but I’m hoping for the best.
    Let’s hope someone like Konami, Capcom, SE, or Microsoft doesn’t get their hands on them.

    • Namekaze_Minato

      Only Sony or Square seems OK; but we can only hope.

      • Keegs79

        Square Enix would not be any good. They are horrible at managing their games.

        • shogunknight

          True. As of recent, SE is not advisble, Namco Bandai is a better choice right now

          • MasterSensei

            But Namco seem to have a problem with localizing games… if they do buy Atlus would they release any games in the west?

            • shogunknight

              Well, if you put it that way SE have also not been very encouraging in localizing some of their titles. At least Bandai Namco acquiring them may let their titles stay active other than cancel or stall titles for years, its still better if any of the two acquires them. I hope this goes well for Atlus, because the amount they need, they may end up selling the IPs individually

  • alangato

    Hmmm, I think Atlus and Atlus USA will be bought by Marvelous AQL… don’t know why, but didn’t they buy Atlus Online some time ago?? And they have been expanding since the merger… but that is just a guess.

    • jujubee88

      Yeah, either them Gungo ho or Sony.

  • Namekaze_Minato

    Come on Sony! Atlus is a must have!

  • InsaneChronos

    Nintendo will buy Atlus, mark my words. And the meltdown will be hilarious.

    • Namekaze_Minato

      I would rather Atlus go independent!

      • TetsuyaHikari

        They kind of need money for that… Hence the buyout situation, lol. They need a company to buy them to pull them out of debt.

        • A.A J

          atlus was not in debt it was most profit branch in Index
          but Index on other hand…

    • Bobby Jennings


  • GetOffMy_Lawn

    Really hope NIS/Namco Bandai/ Square Enix buys them. I would prefer if Atlus stays third party. I really like how they seem committed to bringing unique experiences to each platform (at least Sony and Nintendo platforms, which is all I personally care about).
    That being said, I think Nintendo will buy them. Atlus and Ninty have been getting cozy for the past few years. They were one of the first big third party 3DS supporters, They gave the DS countless incredible exclusives, not to mention they’re currently collaborating with Nintendo on SMT x Fire Emblem. It just makes sense for Nintendo to make a move.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      They do certainly have a long standing history together, even more so than they do with Sony. Nintendo would be the logical choice here. Secondly, due to a process of elimination… We can pretty much eliminate anything to do with XBOX One since the XBOX and 360 failed in Japan.

      I really doubt Sony would be willing to come in to save them, mainly because they’re currently sitting rather comfortably with the PS4 at the moment. They would probably see them fudging the books as a shameless act and wouldn’t want any part of dealing business with such a company. Nintendo really seems like the only logical answer to being their savior.

      The Wii U isn’t doing all that great right now, so putting Nintendo with Atlus would be like combining one weak guy with another weak guy, making an average guy that can actually have a chance to compete. The 3DS is doing well, still, but they really need to buckle down to get their head above water as far as the Wii U is concerned and I think with the help of Atlus, they could very well do that.

      They would be helping each other out, I think.

    • jujubee88

      Sony has the install base and fans already on their side. It makes more sense for Sony to buy IP or buy Atlus as a whole. Plus, Sony have one of Atlus ex-head PR guys on their side now, working on stuff. (I think his name is Arahm Jabari. He would have those hook ups.)

  • Eclipse

    I’m also going to have to agree with Atlus staying third party. While Nintendo or Sony acquiring them seems like it could be a good move (Dat funding), I wouldn’t want to see them limited by those first party restrictions.

    They’ve been spreading their games out on multiple consoles since the 90s, and if possible, I’d love to see them continue that.

    I’d personally love to see Bandai Namco buy ’em.

  • Keegs79

    I want to see them bought by a private investment company. I don’t want to see any publisher get their hands on the developer.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I want Namco Bandai to acquire them, how about Arc System Works or From Software.
    As long as its not Capcom, SE, and Microsoft. MS would ruin Atlus and havin them make more shooter games.

  • kiri25

    I could so see Sony buying oute Atlus for many reasons. One thing alot of you are forgetting is that this will greatly effect Japan more so than the west, Atlus games are after all a niche thing in the west. This and the fact that Atlus has a ton of JRPG handheld games gives even more reason why Sony would give it thought to buying atlus b/c it could greatly increase their vita sales, which is a must in Japan b/c unlike the rest world the handheld market huge in Japan.

    Persona 4 Gold was a huge success for the vita and actually helped pushed the vita sales, so if Sony was to acquire Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei, Devil Survior and of course Persona you could see a huge sell increase in the vita sales and thats a must considering how strong a hold ninty has on that market.

    To be honest tho if Nin. was to get Atlus i doubt u would see many Wii U games it mostly be 3ds b/c like i said the handheld market is the major market in Japan and lets not forget Atlus only dev. one console game this gen, Catherine, everything else was 3ds, psp, or psvita.

    Aside from Sony tho i would be ok if Level 5 bought them.

    • Locksus

      But can Sony afford it though? Just to get profit from last fiscal year, they had to sell lots of their assets, like their headquarters for example.
      I don’t want either Sony or Nintendo to buy them, I want them to stay 3rd party.
      Or in the worst case scenario Atlus will become Bioware Japan. Oh, please no.

      • Dragon24680

        15 billion yen is spare change for a company like Sony. Sony and such big companies acquire stuff worth billions, its just not reported in gaming sites.

  • $30632660

    If Nintendo doesn’t buy them, I’d rather they be bought by a company that isn’t Sony or Microsoft, but I don’t want Capcom, EA, Squarenix, or any other shady company that became bad when Generation 7 started.

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      I would love Sony to buy them but it would be better if a third party bought them and yes I agree hope those u mentioned stay away

  • shogunknight

    Nintendo, Sony, Nippon Ichi, Konami, Sega, Bandai Namco, even Kadokawa Games ONLY…no one else

  • PrinceHeir

    i really hope if they would have to go to a publisher, it’s either GungHo(Grasshopper Manufacturer) or Marvelous AQL(so we could get some Xseed goodness!)

    it’s a shame they had to be drag due to the stupidity of Index.

  • ECM

    Asking 15-billion yen certainly narrows the field of suitors and probably eliminates NIS and Marvelous instantly.

    I also don’t see SONY (in the middle of trying to stay solvent) or Nintendo (not while Yamauchi is alive) stepping in.

    Based on who’s left and actually has the means (based on market cap) and makes some sort of sense (product catalog*), we’ve got CAPCOM, BAMCO, SEGA SAMMY, maybe Tecmo KOEI, and GungHo–I’d rule out CAPCOM due to lousy financials and restructuring, but they can certainly still make a move.

    Another question is: what would any of these companies do with Index’ non-gaming assets? Is it worth forking over 15 billion yen for, effectively, Atlus? (No, it’s not.) If not, they have to sell the remainder on to someone else, which might be dicey since Atlus was, far and away, Index’ strongest component.

    *Meaning: do they not already have too many products in the RPG category.

    • jujubee88

      Madhouse makes awesome anime, though Index are just a share holder.

  • Dwight Mopas

    Please let it be Sony. I know it’s selfish but I wanna buy all Atlus games in one system. Or atleast be it NIS or Namco, they seem to be doing really well.

    • VinLAURiA

      What about Nintendo? We already have all the Atlus games EXCEPT Persona, why can’t we complete our collection on one system?

  • MrKappa

    As long as Nintendo doesn’t buy them I’m fine with whoever gets it.

    • bloodiOS

      Even Microsoft or EA?

  • Rothion

    When people only think at Atlus regarding PERSONA, I cringe a little.

    I mean, SMT Series (and other spin-offs) are way bigger.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Actually, I’m pretty sure Persona attracts more of a fanbase than the SMT games do. Honestly, I haven’t really heard people talking much about SMT games since Nocturne and that was yeeeeeeeeears ago. As far as I know, Persona has ALWAYS been more popular, so of course they are going to talk about those more rather than say… Devil Summoner or whatever.

      You always hear people asking for Persona 5, but never for Digital Devil Saga 3. Think about that for a moment.

      • Rothion

        Casual gamers, that is.

        You never hear about “people” praising Persona 2, for instance – they’re all “OMIGOSH PERU-SONA 4, SOCIALLINKSDATINGSIMYADDAYADDA”.

        I’d rather have more Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner or Devil Survivor than Persona. Shit’s overrated.

        • ddsfan2

          I’d love the most to see another SMT offshoot franchise similar to DDS, but I think that the vast majority of RPG fans prefer the more upbeat Persona 3/4 universe, and don’t want something more abstract and dark, which works against mainline SMT, at least in terms of the potential of the size of its fanbase.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Ummm… No? Are you calling them “casual” because Persona titles are generally easier than SMT titles or what? You call them casual, but I bet you only got into SMT from DDS or Nocturne and aren’t even aware of the original for Super Famicom or even the game/novel it’s slightly based off of simply known as Megami Tensei’ for Famicom.

          You want to talk casual? The newer SMT titles are a cakewalk compared to how it used to be as a dungeon crawler (then again, how many dungeon crawler/rogue type games can you think of that ARE easy, well… Outside of Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono./Class of Heroes anyway, lol).

          Either way, I can assure you, you are not in the majority of the demographics. SMT has never been more popular. The games have ALWAYS been underrated, unfortunately, but… Dem’s the breaks *shrugs*

          Also, for the record… You never hear people praising Persona 2 because it was virtually unknown in North America. Sure, we got Eternal Punishment in 2000, but it basically slipped under the radar for a LOT of people back then much like Nocturne for PS2 until they made a reprint. Persona 2 didn’t actually get a little more attention until Innocent Sin was FINALLY brought over as the PSP port of the PS1 original that Japan got on PS1 12 years ago.

          Soooo… Yeah. There might be a reason behind why P4 got more attention and only “casual gamers” are looking to that as the poster child for Persona. It certainly helped that it even got its own anime.

          I’m not saying the SMT games shouldn’t be recognized too, but you really shouldn’t be surprised, given the circumstances… I hardly consider myself a “casual” gamer just because I’m looking forward more towards P5 instead of DDS3 or something similar.

          • Rothion

            lulz, tl;dr.

            And you would lose your bet – I know SMT since P1 on PS1.

            And yes, Persona is the “casual entry” from the Megami Tensei franchise. From P3 onwards, that is – even though Devil Survivor series is easier – but at least it keeps SMT roots on it.

            • TetsuyaHikari

              La-dee-da. You still didn’t know it when it was first introduced on Super Famicom. Get off your high horse, son.

              • Rothion

                Actually, Digital Devil Story (the first game ever of the series) was released on FAMICOM.

                Try harder, kid; you’re just embarassing yourself.

                • TetsuyaHikari

                  ACTUALLY… Shin Megami Tensei was loosely based off Megami Tensei (yes, for Famicom), but they are not part of the same series. Please don’t even try to argue with me about this shit, man. I was probably playing these games before you were even an inch in your daddy’s crotch.

                  EDIT: By your logic, Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono should be considered a Wizardry game because it rips off Wizardry Xth 2: Unlimited Students, even map for map. Wizardry Xth 2 is simply a more Gothic style, which is something you see quite often in that series, whereas Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono is more lighthearted, replacing the Gothic theme with an anime theme instead.

                  • Rothion

                    ACTUALLY, it’s still the same series, same creators and people behind the games – like the illustrator, Kazuma Kaneko. (plus, the same reason that Cerberus’s current design is a white lion is a nod to DDS).

                    But you sure like to nitpick stupid stuff to prove yourself, right? Can’t do better?

                    Not impressed.

                  • Bobby Jennings

                    “I was probably playing these games before you were even an inch in your daddy’s crotch”- Had me dying lol

          • Dragon24680

            True mate. SMT is not even in the same league as Persona (ironic that persona is a SMT spinoff). Persona is a transmedia franchise now, with animes, a planned movie and so on.

            • Rothion

              Devil Survivor 2 also got an anime (awful, by the way) – and Japan even set up cafes to promote it. Plus at least two different mangas. What gives?

              This isn’t help your argument, by the way. Persona is still the “casual” series from SMT.

              • TetsuyaHikari

                Eh, Persona 4 anime was still more popular because, once again… People like Persona more than SMT. I like both series for different reasons, but you’re fucking high if you think SMT is more popular than Persona and Persona is only popular because it caters to “casuals”. The only casual around here is you.

                • Rothion


                  Persona is indeed the casual series. That’s why it’s popular. But SMT (main series) is still bigger.

                  So, your point?

                  1/10 for the “effort”.

                  • TetsuyaHikari

                    “It’s my way or the highway.” is all I’m hearing from you. You keep reiterating the same bullshit over and over again because you’ve tricked yourself into believing it all these years. Well, I’m done with you.

                    You can think whatever you want, man. How you can address one of them as being more popular while still addressing the other as “bigger” is simply beyond me. Pretty sure those mean the same in this sense…

                    Either way, if you have any other “witty” retorts, feel free to bounce them off of a wall or something. If I wanted to argue with a child, I’d go argue with my niece. I say something to you, you go “nu-uh!” I reply back, you go “nu-uh!” again.

                    So, I’m just sick of it. Have fun arguing with yourself or the wall now, whichever you prefer~

                    • PersonaBull

                      Same reaction, sadly. Not sure why I expected an actual answer to “why isn’t this series allowed to be the popular one” instead of being called a fanboy with implications that I’m somehow less of a gamer that can’t handle higher difficulty games (as if difficulty is the be-all end-all.) Guess I should get back to Touhou so I can feel like a true gamer /:

                    • Rothion

                      Moderator – Enough. Drop it.

                    • kiri25

                      To my fellow Gematsu posters its time to stop replying to Rothion, its clear from his posts he has no clue what he’s talking about and is only trolling now hence the lame relpies “All bark, no bite” and at least “try to argue a decent point” crap.

                      Dont get me wrong i’ve been laughing my ass off reading his replies (and i believe Zero has as well hence the reason he’s allowed to go on this long) but its getting old now so just ignore him

                    • Zero

                      I was actually trying to sleep. I woke back up and decided to check the comments again. I’ve issued the proper warnings. I hope things can settle down now.

                    • Rothion

                      Moderator – Enough. Others have dropped it and moved on from the flaming. Please. Do the same. If you can’t make a post without trying to re-instigate the flames. Don’t post. Thanks.

                      When people can’t even use arguments?

                      When people get pissed when I call their little games as casual-ones (even though they are – and them being casual, doesn’t mean they’re bad).

                      But yeah, when whiny kids like to call names and texting wall of texts that are useless to reply the points I already stated, they yeah… “all bark, no bike”.

                      Kinda like you now.

        • PersonaBull

          “Casual gamers” man it’s one thing to whine about moms playing candy crush and bros playing NFL2KXX but how would playing Persona games constitute being a “casual gamer” and where did you get that fantastic throne you’re looking down on me from?

          It’s not like they’re only making Persona games anyway, I mean geez they’re re-releasing DeSu2 with enhancements on the 3DS and I’m pretty sure SMT IV just came out Tuesday what exactly are you complaining about besides people having better, no I should say wider scoped, taste than you<3 Overrated or otherwise, that shit is a significant reason why Atlus wont go down with Index. Enjoy knowing your future could still hold more Digital Devil Saga, thanks to the "Casual gamers" (like me apparently?..uh)

          • Rothion

            Yup – Persona 3 (and mostly 4) is more casual than any SMT title – especially compared to the P1/P2 for a number of reasons, like dating Sim elements to cater for casuals (and female players) and Persona management only with the main character.

            Being casual isn’t the same as being bad (I like Persona 3, it’s a solid game) – but P4 is mostly a rehash from P4: gameplay, dating sims elements and overused anime and character tropes (80% borrowed from P3 on the latter).

            But if you’re butthurt with my comment, go ahead: if the shoe fits, keep wearing it. Fanboys will be fanboys

    • Eclipse

      Well, you can’t really blame people for thinking that since the games under the Megami Ibunroku label (Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor and Persona) are more popular than the mainline SMT games.

      Over the years, Persona has grown into a very strong brand: among the SMT/Megami Ibunroku franchise, Persona is their best selling series… That pretty much says it all.

      • Rothion

        You don’t need to tell me the obvious: Persona is the casual series from the SMT universe.

        But I still dislike Persona fanboys (who, like I said below, only worship 4 and 3 – even forgetting that Persona 1 and 2 existed).

        • Dragon24680

          Oh, so SMT is bigger when it sells less than Persona, right.
          Persona is the biggest brand of Atlus right now.

          • Rothion

            Casual gamers are in the majority. Take the first Wii, for example – best selling console on the 7th generation.

            But Wii is better (or bigger) than 360, or PS3? Debatable.

            And Persona woudln’t even exist without SMT main series lol

            • PersonaBull

              Just like SMT wouldn’t exist without Megami Tensei? What does that even mean.

              Whether or not it’s bigger is irrelevant anyway, sorry little Dragon. People can and will enjoy what they want, and talking down on people’s taste in games just because they aren’t your favorite just makes you sound like there was a party you weren’t invited to, which you could probably easily relate to, I’d imagine?

              • Rothion

                “Whether or not it’s bigger is irrelevant anyway” – if that’s the case, why you replied to me? LOL

                What about better arguments next time? You’re not even trying.

                • PersonaBull

                  You seem to be trying hard enough for the both of us, upvoting your own posts like that. Also, I meant whether or not it’s bigger is irrelevant to how good it is. I’m saying you’re being ridiculous by cringing at a series for being one of the more prominent titles the developer has created. It’s the game a lot of people happen to care about and have connected to the developer through. What exactly is wrong with that?

                  Besides all these shenanigans, I really wouldn’t consider this an argument so much as a curiosity. Why is it so cringe-worthy for more people to be fond of P3/P4 just because you’re admittedly not? Many people connected with Atlus through Persona 3/4. Personally, I connected to Atlus through Odin Sphere. When Muramasa came out, I didn’t cringe and complain all over the news article (either time). When Dragon’s Crown was put up for pre-order I had my card ready. Odin Sphere is still my favorite of them all, and yes I’ve even tried Princess Crown. Really, what’s the problem with people enjoying Persona 3/4? That’s all~<3

                  • Rothion

                    Odin Sphere is more Vanillaware”s work than Atlus (in an artistic/design sense – Atlus was just kind to help them, port, localize and all).

                    Persona (3/4) fanboys are cringe-worthy. Having ONLY Persona (and 99% of the time, it’s 4) associated with anything regarding Atlus (even news) is cringy-worthy also.

                    And you guys prove my point nicely. Even though I didn’t say that P4 or something is bad (even though I disliked it a lot) – but P3/P4 are casual SMT games indeed.

                    • Coloso90909

                      Why?¿ Because Persona sells more than SMT?¿, you have a wrong definition of “Casual” in your head.

                      The subsaga casual is DemiKids series ;) ;).

                    • Rothion

                      Casual because starting with P3, a lot of stuff was dumbed-down. P4 went even further – instead of doing something different, mostly everything was rehashed from P3 – especially anime and character tropes.

                      Casual because they cater to casual gamers – that’s why P3/P4 have a huge (and dumb) fanbase.

        • PersonaBull

          Didn’t realize all those hours of playtime on my vita were a figment of my imagination.

          Do you hold this much disdain for anyone who has played Zelda or Mario Bros. recently? I wonder if this happens to you in all walks of life. You sound like you’d scoff at people that enjoy ice cream just because you really like a warm glass of milk, you know. Keeping with the analogy, some people have never tried and/or just don’t care for a warm glass of milk. Why should that make them stupid/less worthy for enjoying ice cream?

          Gamer elitism is exhausting to watch, I gotta say.

        • Sevyne

          You seem to be your own worst enemy then. I mean, I find it hilarious that you bag on folks preferring one series over the other, yet here you are fangasiming over the other one with your smug/elitist drivel. You are no better than these folks you are talking about.

          • Rothion

            And you are?

            I never said I hated Persona – but Persona IS the casual series of SMT. lol

            Oh well – keep making a fool of yourself, then. <3

            • Sevyne

              I’m a fool? I’m not the one spewing nonsense for no other reason than to give off some false sense of superiority over others. You are not special because you like mainline SMT over Persona and I bet you haven’t even played any mainline SMT other than Nocturne and IV so do us all a favor and zip your face.

              Anyway, I myself dislike when a SMT topic or video gets droves of Persona folks screaming for Persona in the comments. However, for every topic/video that this happens in I can say the same happens on Persona topics/videos of SMT folks blathering about how great they are because they play the mainline games. Like i said, you are not better than the people you complain about.

              Oh and I’m Sevyne, and you are?

              • Rothion

                I play whatever is released – to form an opinion if I need to criticize any game with arguments, instead of mindless bashing.

                But you guys really take offense on why Persona 3 and 4 are CASUAL SMT games. So yeah, you’re being foolish.

                And lol at ” I BE U ONLY KNOW NOCTURNE AND YADDAYADDA” – that shit again? Puh-lease, try a little harder.

                • Sevyne

                  Well considering the fact that I play and enjoy both series I’m not even sure what point you are trying to make. I’m simply stating that you are making yourself look like a total douchenozzle, by putting a stamp on folks who prefer Persona over SMT. Then you are talking like you are superior or something because you prefer SMT and you really aren’t. You are one of those, “hey look at me!” kind of fellas and they are always total slimeballs.

                  I don’t take offense to someone thinking P3 and P4 are more casual. I find your elitist attitude grating on my nerves.

                  • Rothion

                    You do care about “my attitude” – that’s why you’re still replying.

                    But eh, all bark, no bite. You’re whining for the sake of whining. And that even makes my point: Persona fanboys are the worst. lol

                    • Sevyne

                      Except I’m not a Persona fanboy and it seems everything being said is just going straight through your hollow skull. Keep thinking you are better than everyone else though dirtball.

                    • Rothion

                      You’re acting like one, though.

                      Try harder. Even better: use decent arguments.

                    • Sevyne

                      I actually did use decent arguments. Maybe you should actually learn to read them and then form one yourself that isn’t “try harder”, “you’re being foolish”, etc because that’s all you’ve been doing.

                      Oh, and not upvoting yourself as a guest. Don’t think you are fooling anyone with an unsigned vote that goes up the very instant you post. Nobody buys that shit. :P

                    • Zero

                      I understand your upset. Can we please try and start over? Take things down a few notches.

                      I’m fine with the discussion continuing on, just so long as it doesn’t turn into post wars, etc.


                    • Sevyne

                      Yep. Already commented above that I’m done with the back and forth with him.

                    • Zero

                      Sorry, just read the above comment. Thanks for understanding.

                      I’m just trying to be fair for both sides. I think the discussion is interesting, just so long as it stays civil and mature.

                    • Sevyne

                      Oh, I totally understand. It was getting pretty heated.

                    • Rothion

                      Still not using arguments.

                      Persona is indeed, the SMT casual series. And you took offense from it.

                      Cry me a river.

                    • Sevyne

                      Are you done yet? You just acknowledged that a mod has asked us to stop and then still came back down here to fire a cheap shot. This is my last reply to you because I’m going to actually respect that request, but I needed to point that out.

                    • Rothion

                      Moderator – Enough. Drop it.

                    • Zero

                      Why can’t we just be friends?

                      You think Persona is the casual series of SMT. That’s your opinion, which is just fine.

                      If others don’t agree, that’s also fine. They have an opinion too.

                      I don’t see any need to put down or label someone just because they don’t share the same opinion.

                      I’m not saying the conversation needs to end. I’m asking that it be kept on a level that matches our guidelines.

                      If that can’t be done, then it does need to end.


                    • Sevyne

                      I’ll stop now. I just find it extremely irritating when people do exactly what they complain about others doing.

                    • Rothion

                      Tell that to the people who took an offense from my commentary lol

        • MosquitoLemon

          You wouldn’t be seeing half the games Atlus is releasing if it weren’t for those fanboys (and frankly, fangirls) who spend a lot of real world dollars on the games and merch. We got SMTIV, Strange Journey, and Devil Summoner is finally in America… there’s no reason left to be annoyed.

          edit – keep in mind I posted this before I saw the shitstorm everyone started below, man… -_-

        • Van Sora

          No spin-off or even main game from SMT is casual gaming lol. And i happen to like every SMT game exept the ones from the main series, it’s story is way too tedius.

  • genobee

    Ouch, please let it be third party except Capcom and SE. That way, both fans on Nintendo and Sony side can still play Atlus games.

    • Bobby Jennings

      This right here.

  • Zackasaur

    It would be a dream come true for Sony to buy them.

    I doubt it would happen, though. ;~;

  • TwinTails

    I’d prefer Nintendo to buy them, but I’m seeing alot of like/dislike warring in the comment section. ‘~’

  • LordKaiser

    I want Atlus to go Independent.

  • MasterSensei

    The need to be bought out by Vanillaware! (since Vanillaware is made up of ex employees from Atlus)

  • Zero

    Interesting. Lots of possibilities. I still think another 3rd party company will likely win the auction, or some other lesser known company.

    I would imagine they will stay at home in Japan. I’m just not sure who is going to jump on this and be willing to open up the coffers to secure this for sure.

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    I hope they stay as an independent Third-party company if not, the best choice would be Namco Bandai or NIS.

    • artemisthemp

      Namco won’t release on Vita, so wouldn’t be good

      • Frankiedf

        Namco would, they have, they do.
        They just have difficulty bringing those things west.

  • LordKaiser

    I don’t have twitter. Can someone tell them for me that i want them to go independent?

  • Kurisu Makise

    After the official press release I’m uncertain. Seeking a partner doesn’t always mean buy out per say. However if the creditors have control over the company, then they’d just sell IP most likely. So I understand why they want to avoid this. Value would be totally lost, better bet is to do the old fashion merger thus “partner”. Unfortunately their debts are a bit too high right now for some of the other smaller publishers to merge. They’d need like a three way the way MarvelousAQL came in if we wanted to see an IndexNISAIdeaFactory combo xD I believe Kevadu said it best, Gungho would make an excellent partner. Alternatively, Kadokawa should just buy them out, they need some devs under their belt if they’re serious about publishing games.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m not so sure about the people here wanting them to go independent. Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t they be doing as well as they are because they were successfully marketed by Index the past few years, leaving them to focus on development rather than marketing? Having to self-publish titles could quickly undo the good footing they’ve managed to grab. It was only a few years ago I remember Atlus posting losses when they were more or less their own entity. I’m not so sure the economy has improved to the point where that would change too easily.

  • artemisthemp

    It would be for Atlus to be brought by third Party, since been brought by Nintendo or Sony means they wouldn’t be allow outside of those platform.

    However I rather see Sony buy Atlus than Capcom.

  • Nitraion

    Independent please…..

    • Luna Kazemaru

      thank you <3

  • $3582264

    lol at moderator

    • Zero

      I’ll take that as a complement. Thanks. =)

  • VinLAURiA

    Nintendo, please. I know a lot of people want Sony because of Persona’s popularity, but really the Persona series is the only really PlayStation-aligned Altus series. Most SMT games outside of DDS have actually been on Nintendo systems, as well as stuff like Trauma Center. Plus we have SMTxFE coming up; Sony would kill that stone-dead since Fire Emblem is a Nintendo series.

    Sony grabbing Atlus would mean that fans of that one series (Persona) would get to keep their platform yet all the Atlus games we Nintendo fans get (SMT, Trauma Center) would be lost to the competition.

    We’ve got more to lose here than PlayStation owners do.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      can’t tell if this is a fanboy comment or not

      • VinLAURiA

        Sure, a third-party snapping them up would be ideal for all sides, but if they’re snatched by a console developer… Sorry, I gotta put my chips on Nintendo. All Sony would be losing is Persona. Nintendo would be losing nearly everything else Atlus makes.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I still do not understand this logic its so much wrong with it and also i love how you ignored catherine

          • VinLAURiA

            Wasn’t Catherine also a 360 game? Either of them snatching Atlus up would leave Microsoft out as well.

            I still don’t see where my logic is flawed.

            • Derpazu

              It’s flawed because the biggest SMT games were also on Sony platforms, so if they bought ATlus the games would be pretty much right at home.

              I agree that a third party would probably be better for everyone, but if one of the big 3 snatches them up, Sony would def be the best for that.

              • VinLAURiA

                I disagree, but whatever.

                • LordKaiser

                  If Nintendo would had gone high end they would get my support but the WiiU power is current gen sadly.

                  • VinLAURiA

                    Wii U’s actually quite a bit more powerful than current gen, but like the PS3’s Cell it’s all in an unorthodox architecture that relies a lot on custom eDRAM modules, making it hard to utilize for stuff like up-ports from PS3 and 360. I’ll spare you the technical details, but the gist of it is that when those modules are used properly, the system shines a lot brighter than most of the early stuff we’ve seen for it.

                    • LordKaiser

                      Next to PS4? I doubt it!

                    • VinLAURiA

                      Not as brightly as PS4, no doubt. Still, as the weakest console of the generation it’s a lot closer to the PS2’s place in regards to the Xbox, compared to the Wii in regards to the PS3. The gap isn’t nearly as huge as the Wii vs. 360/PS3 gap was.

          • Lorraine Kazemaru

            add my twitter so i can pm you :/

      • kiri25

        It sounds to me this is a fanboy comment.

        It just sounds to me if Sony got Atlus then Vin would no longer play Atlus games b/c he/she refuses to go sony.

        However Sony would have the the most to gain from acquiring Atlus’s IP, and tho it may be a major lose for Atlus fans that are nintendo only it would not hurt Nintendo as a company that much. Also you have to ask yourself just how big of an Atlus fan are u if u would refuse to buy their games if they went Sony only?

        • VinLAURiA

          It’s not that I personally refuse to go Sony; I’ve owned PlayStation systems in the past that at times saw more use than my Nintendo systems, and what I’ve played of the PS3 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

          I’m just worried that for all those who ARE limited to one system for whatever reason, Nintendo-only fans have more to lose than Sony-only fans. Sure, Sony would have more to gain, but the question is who’s gonna fight harder: those who have most to lose, or most to gain?

  • Luna Kazemaru

    My god Zero…You are way to fucking nice dude…Yes I read all that.

    • Zero

      Thanks. I just want everyone to enjoy reading and posting comments here at gematsu.

      • dasombrero

        I appreciate this attitude. I’m tired of seeing Mods from other sites with their pseudo-insightful comments and terrible disdainful attitude making them no better than some awful ignorant posters. I think it reflects poorly on the site.

        This is refreshing. Also, my vote is for Marvelous AQL or Capcom. Honestly this is more because Sega didn’t bring over Valkyria Chronicles 3 and delayed PSO2; Namco Bandai not bringing over Tales of Vesperia on the PS3; and Square Enix has too many RPG franchises already (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest, etc.).

        • Zero

          Thank You. =)

        • gerald

          “Mods from other sites with their pseudo-insightful comments and terrible disdainful attitude”

          I believe this is a requirement to be a mod on reddit’s /r/gaming and /r/games

          • Kurisu Makise

            Admittedly, I see nothing wrong with pseudo-insightful, it’s really just the disdain part that’s annoying.

  • new_tradition

    I’m kind of confused. Will Atlus as a whole be sold off, or individual IPs? ‘Cause I can see SMT going to Nintendo, whilst Persona goes to Sony, for example.

    EDIT: Oh whoa, and I totally missed a lot of comments already talking about this already O_O

  • Raiu

    Argghh.. I’m late to the party…

    As long as the buyer is a good caretaker, I don’t mind who’s the buyer… If it’s the big 3 is taking interest, Sony and Nintendo… Personally, Sony is more likely than Nintendo because Sony is building up their WWS group at the moment…. While Nintendo has their own RPG studio, the one who’s making the X project….

  • King9999

    I’m sure a lot of people have their preferences as to who should get Atlus, but consider this: will Atlus still be able to publish all those niche games once they get bought out?

    Whoever buys Atlus, I would like them to not disrupt what Atlus has been doing for decades. I don’t want Atlus to become just another studio under a corporation’s umbrella. If it wasn’t for Atlus, Dragon’s Crown would not exist (since Capcom rejected the game). They were also responsible for all of the Ogre Battle games before the team got snatched up by Square Enix. They gave us Disgaea. There are many more examples of great niche games, and I haven’t even talked about the games that they themselves made.