PlayStation 4 will be a “renaissance of gaming,” says Cerny
posted on 07.12.13 at 10:38 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Next-gen system heading back to "magical time" of early PlayStation.

PlayStation 4 will be a “renaissance of gaming,” according to lead system architect Mark Cerny.

“Variety of experience is key to PlayStation 4,” Cerny told VG247 at a recent Sony event. “I think we’re going to see an incredible variety on PS4.”

Speaking to Edge, Cerny said PlayStation 4 could kickstart another golden age of gaming similar to the original PlayStation.

“I feel like the magical time was the early years of the PlayStation because there was such a variety of products coming out,” Cerny said. “There wasn’t this sort of consistent overarching pattern that you might have seen in the last few years in the PlayStation 3 generation, and I really think we’re heading back to that time. I think that’s a very good thing.”

During that time, according to Cerny, “there was no rule book, teams were small, projects were cheap,” and “you could make a game for just a couple of hundred thousand dollars,” resulting in projects like Xi and PaRappa the Rapper emerging at retail.

“They finished them, they put them on retail, and they sold,” Cerny said of these games. “It wasn’t this case where people are talking about how the middle of the market is dropping out a bit today, it isn’t the case where these games were made and did not succeed. Some of these games that were made by these tiny teams with these tiny budgets went on to be phenomenally successful.”

PlayStation 4 will help the industry return to this “magical time,” Cerny added. “The barrier to entry that existed on PS3 technologically is gone. If you can make games for PC, you can make games for PS4. So it’s much easier to bring games to the platform, or if you’re going to [develop] on the platform, it’s once again much easier.”

If you’re a smaller, indie developer, it all starts with tweet to Shahid Ahmad. “That’s the way we do business now,” Cerny said.

“We have the opportunity with PlayStation 4 to fundamentally alter the landscape of gaming,” Cerny told VG247. “We can have the highest richness and variety of content.”

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  • RyoonZ

    And he will be Leonardo da Vinci.

  • McPoo

    I love all the marketing bullshit companies spout before launching a console. It tickles me pink.

    • xMCXx

      It’s PR, of course, but he has a point.
      Sony has made some important steps and improvements with the PS4.

    • bloodiOS

      I think the potential is there though, with the system no longer being a bitch to develop for, developers can naturally invest more time into the plot and gameplay mechanics. I’ll just stay hopeful.

    • Skeletor

      You mean like “We have cloud computing for gaming, DRM is essential for the future, Deal With It, and the like?

      What about “we will have games just as good if not better than Sony’s”. That one was a doozy at E3!

      • McPoo

        Hey, don’t get me wrong Skeleton, ‘the power of the cloud’ is equally stupid! I didn’t bring that up though as it’s a topic about Sony.

        Not everything needs to be a console war.


  • EX+

    Yeah variety is key. What I’d really love to see is a lot of 3rd party Japanese exclusives. I really hope they troll MS and make FFXV and KH3 full exclusives. If it doesn’t happen, KH4 and FFXV-2 and stuff will be. In terms of exclusives, Sony and Nintendo rule.

  • PrinceHeir

    localize VN Games, Steins;Gate, Muv Luv, Chaos;Head, White Album etc

    no more BS about forcing developers to always have ENG Dub, if they can’t afford it, let them release it in JPN only at retail(Sony EU is okay with this, see Musou games)

    allow Shump games and don’t BS like saying no one plays this games.

    more advertising about the said games, why can’t i see variey of these games anywhere?

    also advertise the HELL out of playstation blog.

    that’s basically the best site for learning what happens into the store and updates about exclusive games.

    send out messages to ALL PSN members about Playstation Blog

    i don’t even think alot of people knew playstation blog since i too only recently went in 2012.

    • Elvick

      They definitely don’t have that english dub rule for digital on PS3. Or retail releases on Vita. Since, Muramasa is Japanese audio only. Maybe they’ve since changed it on PS3 as well, who knows.

      Hopefully PS4 is done like Vita so it won’t matter, in the off chance PS3 is still restricted to digital only for no-English dub.

      I wish they were more open about policies. It’d be nice to know what they are as a consumer.

      • Teh Blasterz

        You also have the Yakuza Franchise which has gone sub only since the first game, every one of them were retail games, so I don’t think it’s limited to only digital.

      • Lynx

        Could’ve fooled me.

        • Elvick

          Agarest was digital on PS3, which is why I said “for digital on PS3”.

          And that came out a long time ago, which is why I said “maybe they’ve since changed it on PS3”.

          And then I even said, “in the off chance PS3 is still restricted to digital only for no-English dub”.

          Did you even read my comment?

          • Sevyne

            Probably just read the first sentence and then responded before reading the rest. Good times, eh?!

          • Lynx

            Actually, no. The first game was, yes. But Zero and 2 weren’t. As for that, you couldn’t simply read between the lines of what I said?

      • PrinceHeir

        im talking about retail.

        i do know SCEA will allow developers to release their game only in japanese if it’s digital.

        but for retail there seems to be a problem for that for some fucking reason.

        im glad they’re allowing a no dub retail game for Vita.

        honestly, not everything has to be dub, since the developers might not have the money to open up and record some dub acting.

        and i don’t get how SCEE is okay with this, while SCEA are being a bitch about it.

        hopefully it’ll be like the PS vita policy for PS4.

        though i still want PS3 to have the same policy, i have tons of VN games i would want to play if they decided to bring it here!!

        • Elvick

          Has there been a recent example of a game being put out digital only on PS3 because of no English dub?

          Did that NISA game they only put on PSN not have an English dub? I didn’t buy it so I don’t really know.

          Aside from Agarest, I can’t think of anything… and that was a really long time ago. xP

          Just curious because for all we know the policy has changed. So I’m wondering if you have an example that’s recent.

          I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have adopted the same policy to PS3 though if Vita has it. So far they’ve been the same, or ended up that way (usually with Vita leading the progress, like self-publishing)

          • PrinceHeir

            Musou games for one

            i don’t think Way of the Samurai 3 would have been released retail if it weren’t for the dub.

            im not sure what NISA game your talking about.

            with the SHUMP games that are coming out, i wonder if SCEA would finally allow them to played here.

            i remember them saying how these games were too “2D” for westerners back in the PS2 days(BS)

            oh oh i remember!

            Mamorukun SHUMP PS3, which is only digital.

            though im not sure if it’s because they don’t have the budget to release retail or not.

            but Under Defeat HD did had a retail release in the US(japan has LE)

            so i don’t really know XD

            i hope someone brings Ketsui as well

            • Elvick

              Well if it’s there, they should totally drop it. It’s a dumb rule/requirement.

              If a publisher wants to put their game at retail, but can’t afford to dub, what business is it of Sony? They aren’t paying for it.

  • BigDix

    Was Cerny just like…toooootally shitfaced when he gave this interview? Because it’s fun and lovely to reminisce about the glory days with him, but to go from there to claiming PS4 represents the return to that… Feels like sitting at the bar with a happy-go-lucky drunk whimsically zigzagging through absurdity.

    How much hope can you pin on prophecy of this magnificent “renaissance” which all creative directors will revel in when Sony itself concertedly moves away from it? When so many of their first-party development efforts have turned into dressed-up, same old-same old shit and junky proof-of-concepts? When they go to a studio that actually MADE those interesting, diverse experiences like MediEvil, Primal, and Ghosthunter and say, “Hey, can you guys make more Killzone!? And just Killzone!? Like those other guys who also only make Killzone!?” When one of your most storied development houses shuns great, original game experiences in favor of overblown, pompous Hollywood-aped garbage? Fuck that. You guys need to get your own story straight before you start talking about an industry-wide renaissance.

    And I’m sorry, but the indie community is not the 90s development scene reborn. It just isn’t. The ethos is completely different and mostly shit, if I do say so myself. There are exceptions, with more to come hopefully… But right now, from where I’m standing, we ain’t going back. Large-scale, small-scale, PSX magic will not be returning. It’ll be so fucking awesome if I’m wrong, but I can’t realistically anticipate anything other than “decent” with what has been clearly signaled. If there’s “magic” to be found, it’ll likely be darting out from random corners; that word simply does not describe the general ecosystem that has manifested thus far.

    • Skeletor

      You are certainly living up to your name with cynical diatribe.

      If you don’t think Sony will provide gaming nirvana like they have done since 1994 with the most variety, and most original exclusive content on the market and you are actually that angry about the best company in gaming for core gamers…..well, you should seek a new hobby.

      Either that or try to revert back mentally to a time when you werent dead on the inside.

      This isn’t an article about MS and more of their ALWAYS empty promises.

      • BigDix

        I’m sorry to say that between what our friend Mark Cerny has handed us here and what has been playing out otherwise, a cynical assessment is most apt.

        You know… SONY has never really provided gaming nirvana. Back in 1993, Sony Computer Entertainment was an entity that grabbed hold of, and for a fair while, retained an appreciable autonomy from the larger company. The PlayStation’s fecundity was such a beautiful accident… However, as the mother ship paid more and more attention during the PS2 years, culminating in the massive clusterfuck of PS3’s first years, they stomped through that beautiful garden sown by wind.

        Funny you should mention Microsoft… Both because it’s somewhat bizarre and irrelevant, and because Sony’s apparent envy of Microsoft has made them what they are today. That’s the decision they’ve made during this generation — dance to Microsoft’s beat! The PS3 still manages to be vastly superior to the 360, but that’s not saying all that much, really. Thankfully, it’s hard to utterly annihilate their legacy, but they’ve certainly done enough damage. It’s just too bad I didn’t imagine Cambridge being turned into the Killzone B-studio. Or the dissolution of Psygnosis. Or Japan Studio’s near decade of total chaos. Or Naughty Dog becoming a peddler of Hollywood schlock.

        But you… Hey! You’ve got no reason to be indignant about anything. You eat your shit with rose-colored glasses and you love it. Rejoice! They’re going in EXACTLY the right direction for you and many others, so live it up. All the while, I’ll lament things if I want to… I’ll play what I want to on PS4, but I won’t tolerate this empty language of “renaissance”.

        • Skeletor

          As stated, you seem to really hate gaming.
          I hear that etsy projects are becoming quite popular. You should take up knitting and peddling your wares on the web. Maybe it will be a release for you.

          After all, naughty dog, sony santa monica, cambridge and everyone else under Sony’s umbrella only makes garbage.


          • BigDix

            Naughty Dog: Uncharted & The Last of Us – NOT garbage! Closer to garbage than their pedigree? Yes! While both franchises are far from terrible as generally decent, good, perhaps even solid experiences to varying degrees, they are the products of a garbage trajectory. That Sony, ND, and the industry would look at The Last of Us and herald it as a revolution, is also most definitely garbage.

            Santa Monica: Good ol’ God of War! Man, I can still remember playing DMC for the first time — I was having tons of fun sure enough, but then I thought to myself, “Hey, what if they took DMC… Made it worse… And also filled it to the brim with gratuitous violence and nudity pandering to its western demo? And made seven games of exactly that in seven years!” I never could’ve imagined my prayers would be answered so swiftly and to the letter! But Santa Monica is so much more than God of War too! They’re poised to help deliver yet another incredibly innovative and compelling exclusive next year, with the PS4 title London with Guns!

            Guerilla Cambridge: ‘Nuff said.

            Oh, but would you look at me — there I go, hating video games again! Actually, I wish I could shake your hand pal. You’ve really helped me make a huge personal breakthrough here today! It’s not at all that I expect better or hope for integrity in creativity; I JUST REALLY HATE VIDEO GAMES! ALL OF THEM! AS A MEDIUM! It all makes so much sense now, y’know… In retrospect, that film I saw the other day that I didn’t really care for all that much? I now realize the reason I didn’t enjoy it was because I hate movies! It’s the only explanation.

            In all seriousness though, it’s a hell of a thing to respond to someone honestly fleshing out the rationale that informs their perspective with “go knit lulz”. And you know what is very telling about the Gematsu community? Not that the Sony Defense Forces roll in and downvote the perceived blasphemy — that’s a given — but that they upvote the ad hominem rubbish some foolish arse goes spewing in response. Ironic in this case that downvotes are concealed and not upvotes, since nothing could possibly be more shameful than upvoting mindless dickheaded insults. How spiteful we are, hmm?

            The comment of yours which I reply to now is an example of actual garbage. Nothing worthwhile, no substance presented, wasteful hostility… Not an iota of intelligence or a redeeming quality to it. UNLIKE your comment, Sony does not make many games that are truly garbage. Because in fact, there aren’t that many truly terrible games in this era. There’s just a whole lot more of mediocrity, and Sony’s certainly been doing their part. They’ve mediocritized themselves. Will there still be good times to be found on PS4? Probably… I hope so. Even though the Sony PlayStation is not yet literally wall-to-wall garbage, it’s by the same token that Mark Cerny isn’t passing off your garbage comment as a “renaissance” of any sort. To call mediocrity a renaissance deserves rebuke regardless.

            • Skeletor


        • McPoo

          Honestly mate, you’re best off trying to ignore Skeleton.

          He’s a ridiculous fanboy. Whatever argument he makes, he’ll flip flop it in a few hours, so it’s just not worth it. Everyone knows he’s just a fanboy on here

    • adhesive

      I completely agree, the gaming industry wasn’t exactly kept in stasis all these years.

      However, there are some people on this site that are very Sony oriented as you can see, so your words may fall upon deaf ears.

  • Aiddon

    ….Huh? A renaissance HOW? Cerny, listen, due to current gaming trends you’re probably not going to get the kind of variety that the PS1 had. During those days B and C-tier franchises could exists because budgets hadn’t gotten wildly out of control. Nowadays though, things have gotten bloated and dangerous due to the antics of sloppily managed publishers and auteur devs who waste money thinking they’re making the next great gaming masterpiece and thus refuse to realize that limits make innovation. Unless the major pubs and devs realize that not EVERYTHING needs to have a $50 million+ budget, we’re not going to see a renaissance anytime soon.

    • Skeletor

      Somehow in yours and BigDix world indie devs and small studios do not exist.


      • Aiddon

        the problem is that indie studios can’t make that up and tend to be ignored by big names. Thing is a LOT of those B and C-tier games were actually done by studios with big publishers like Square, Konami, CAPCOM, etc. Do you REALLY think Silent Hill would have flown in today’s environment? Or how about the original Devil May Cry? Or how about Square with stuff like Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Saga Frontier, Brave Fencer Musashi, Bushido Blade, Einhander, and dear lord I realized I can go on for days about everything those guys had from ’92 to 2000 and still not cover everything.

        The point: indie shouldn’t have to shoulder all that and make up the B and C-tier stuff alone. That’s not a very ideal environment. I’m still baffled as to why major pubs like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, 2K, etc seem to actively AVOID doing projects with smaller budgets that could more easily earn their investments back. So far it seems the ONLY major companies who give a damn about catering to lesser niches are Nintendo (who MURDER the handheld scene as well as catering to a wide variety of audiences to their extensive library), Namco (with stuff like Dark Souls, Tales of, Ace Combat, etc), Atlus (their SMT franchise, Etrian Odyssey, Dragon’s Crown), and, ironically enough, CAPCOM (Dragon’s Dogma, Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, and their HD fighting re-releases). Everyone else seem to look at anything other than AAA console release as “lesser” forms of gaming and thus not worthwhile. It baffles me.

        • MosquitoLemon

          preach my brother

    • Elvick

      Now more than ever they can experiment with new (smaller) ideas like Rain and help bring to life things like Flower, Journey and The Unfinished Swan.

      Ignoring digital distribution in your comment, is evidence you haven’t given the topic much thought.

      • Aiddon

        Which aren’t even B or C tier; they’re borderline App Store stuff. Sure, Flower and Journey are neat, but it’s not quite enough to try and alleviate this perplexing gulf people have let perpetuate. It’s actually to the point where the B or C tier doesn’t really exist anymore and an industry that has no center can’t really sustain itself.

        • Elvick

          Tokyo Jungle, inFamous: Festival of Blood, etc.

          • Aiddon

            Tokyo Jungle – Exactly my point; it didn’t exactly make a splash

            Festival of Blood – A LITTLE better, but it’s pretty much the Blood Dragon to inFamous 2’s Far Cry 3. Still, not exactly second or third string.

            • Elvick

              Yes it did…

      • adhesive

        Publisher funded indie games aren’t a good replacement for mid-size game developers. All of the games you mentioned are either directly by Sony or directly from Sony.

        • BigDix

          Yes, because otherwise, an indie game is eight times out of ten another obnoxious hand-drawn platformer, a retro-phony, or a half-baked tech demo/POC.

          I don’t want to play counterfeits of old games. I
          don’t immediately ooh and aah at the prospect of playing as a triangle. Indie development by and large just does not get it. They have no idea how to make an organic, cohesive, full-fledged experience. It’s the same thing that’s happened with Sony: Once upon a time, designers created all sorts of crazy shit while sitting under the auspices of publishers with real resources. Then the publisher rode in, bugged everyone, and flexed their muscles. In the wake of that, we’re left with all those resources now being dumped into bloated, monolithic homogeny, and on the other end, pretentious idiots so fancying their artiness that they couldn’t possibly ever produce an artful experience.

          There’s exceptions… Tokyo Jungle is exceptional, because it’s exactly the type of game that would have been on the original PlayStation. But yeah, it was under Sony’s auspices, and even then the promises of first-party benefaction seem tenuous. Jury’s still out on something like Rain, for instance….

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Take my money! ;)

  • Zackasaur

    I believe him!

  • papermario

    Big talk. From the games I have seen that isnt true

    ““We can have the highest richness and variety of content.” Other than tendo maybe

    • Sevyne

      You must be drunk.

      • papermario


    • Skeletor

      Well I only purchase nintendo and Sony consoles but lets be real, Nintendo only focuses on their core franchises. There has been talk of nintendo working on their first new IP in years for the Wii-U, 3rd party exclusives are few and far between so it comes down to mario, zelda, starfox, metroid and a couple others that just get updated on each generation of hardware.

      These games are always fun but I dont look at Nintendo as providing lots of variety.

      • papermario

        Nintendo has new ip all the time, not that it matters.

        ” 3rd party exclusives are few and far between” more than most new systems

  • Marco Tinè

    Cerny is very specific when he justifies his “renaissance” comment with the demolition of technical barriers. He knows much better than us about the skyrocketing costs of AAA development, but that’s obviously not his point: he says “if you can do something on PC, you’ll be able to make it run on a PS4 without breaking a sweat”. That’s the whole point, and the reason why indie devs are flocking to Sony’s new console.

    Personally, I agree with Sony’s vision of indie devs as the future of this industry, a future where even small budget projects can get the spotlight on services as widespread and (why not?) prestigious as the PSN, in the comfort of self publishing. For all those willing to look beyond the traditional marketing model, there is clearly the potential for a renaissance in the way games are delivered.

    The big publishers can be part of the process if they want, but it hasn’t started with them – it doesn’t have to. It’s something coming from a lower level, with inherently lower costs and an incredible breadth of creative content. I don’t know if the renaissance that Sony strives for will ever happen in the scale they’d want to, but driving it forward publicly with the kind of optimism shown by Cerny is certainly a step in the right direction.

    Nobody will move if no one says “Alright, go go GO!!”

    • Aiddon

      the Wii U also has a ton of indie dev support if all these Kickstarter projects are anything to go by. It’ll be interesting to see how those go over once they start releasing.

    • Kurisu Makise

      This approach needed to happen for a variety of reasons. For Sony, it’s a chance to expand their own revenues by getting royalty from more parties. It’s also a chance to expand their content and thus audiences. With this push I hope the budgets can come down a little or at least allow for more new projects to come in with smaller budgets. Not everything needs to be bang bang shoot em up, movie budget to be successful. In fact, the best profit is when you spend a healthy, well planned budget on a product and achieve modest to good sales. Safe business, allows for healthy word of mouth, and possibility to expand.

  • LastBoss

    The next Gen, hasn’t started, but Sony consistently talks games, and a return to the variety that got us here. They kicked so much ass 4 Gens straight, I think I’ll invest in their enthusiasm, cause they’ve raised the bar A LOT. For some of you, I think you’ve set your expectations so low, your in the pocket of elitism/denial that a revolution of classic gaming can come back to us, with ease.

    Sony has made the most missteps this gen, but it’s always good to have a slice of humble pie.

    • Skeletor

      Not possible! Arrrrgh!

      /writes extremely long rambling post as cynical as can be

      I dont hate gaming!

      /lists nothing but games I hate and not a single one I can say a good thing about from this gen

      You have no value as a person b/c I have spoken!

      /kills self

      • LastBoss

        Why list games like an idiot, if you’ve been playing since the 90’s? Go to to N4G if you want lists/and crybaby numbers about worldwide statistics. This shit isn’t rocket science!

        No wonder this Gen went to shit, people got so caught up in only identifying every damn product by it’s graphics, that they themselves became the next Helen Keller. This is a hobby that has already been over saturated by big advertisement, bad media ,guns, ignorance, and the internet itself. People have a way to hype their own hate and disgust for genres and franchises, because of others words, and a sheer lack of self control.

        • Skeletor

          I dont think this gen was shit at all unless strictly referring to MS. They are total shit.

          As for Sony and even Nintendo this gen was full of true gems.

          From Folklore to Ni No Kuni to Xenoblade and Last Story

          From heavy Rain to the the upcoming Puppeteer to downloadable gems like Bastion, Journey, and the upcoming Rain.

          That doesnt even begin to scratch the surface of the wonderful games that have been available this gen.

          Not sure why all the hate has been aimed at this gen when the true cancer of gaming begins and ends with microshit.

          • LastBoss

            It’s how the the media lambasted any and everything Japanese under the sun, unless high tier profile. It’s about how FPS, syndrome drove idiots to completely disregard, most types of games on the market. The constant bickering between HD camps, when one offered the same damn type of style, in almost every one of their games catalog. How jumping online resulted in all the children left behind, with no etiquette of how to speak or not unleash that inner closet racist deep inside.

            To be 100%, truthful, I’ve played some outstanding games, and I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

  • rockman29

    I believe in this man.

  • MosquitoLemon

    Anyone who realizes that the PS3 is what went wrong with last generation is worth listening to. I’ll believe it when I see it, but at least he’s speaking my language.

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    “My great concern is not whether you
    have failed, but whether you are content with your failure” ~
    Abraham Lincoln

    And by the looks of the PS4, Sony is no where near content with their failure this gen. I’m as cynical as the next person but cynicism can only last so long. Sony has shown us they’ve developed a console that could potentially be the best console ever made. Their whole focus is on gamers, developers, and the games. At a certain point what exactly more can we request from them.

    I understand a lot of us have trepidations with the way the industry is at the moment and I’m not saying Sony is going to be the savior of gaming. What I am saying is Sony is trying to take the first steps to turning the industry around. They’ve come out in full support of the indie community and therefore full support of more diverse games. And when these big publishers see that these smaller budget games are actually doing well it’s probably force them to realize that they can venture back into the smaller budget territory.

  • $3582264

    Sorry but that’s delusional and wishful thinking. Why the hell should i even bother to purchase a 4th playstation when so many companies that are creatively bankrupt release one mass market super hype snooze fest after the other. The golden age of gaming is long over and the next generation will bring no surprises or graphical innovations at all. Same old textured polygons accompanied by massive marketing terror. I would be surprised if we see any originality or innovations at all in the next ten years.

    • Skeletor

      Find another hobby.

    • EX+

      I honestly think that the PS4 and the Wii U will bring back the golden age of gaming. We need more exclusives and more of a complete focus on games. The PS4 and the Wii U do that. M$ is the reason the golden age went away. They focus too much on multimedia, their failed attempt at DRM policies (which they WILL put back in), taking too many games as multiplats, introducing DLC and timed exclusives, gimped multiplats, corporate whoring Call of duty and every other BS FPS, bringing in the bros and too many casuals and of course using the Xbox as a Trojan horse for a way to spam your house with their services. The sooner M$ exit the industry, the better. It’s time for Sony and Nintendo to take back what is theirs (KH3, FFXV, FF and KH as a whole and a whole bunch of other Japanese 3rd party games, to take full advantage of the power of the PS4 and the fact that all the sensible JRPG use PlayStation, as full exclusives and Nintendo to fight back and become even better than they were in the early 2000s) and ours. Nintendo and Sony are the bastions of console gaming and the future. I want to see the PS4 and the Wii U bitch slap the Xbone in 2 years at the latest when M$ put back in the DRM , then they can recreate the golden age. They already are, in a small sense.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Now can you get SCE to bug Square-Enix to Remake FFVII – IX on PS4 and seeing as making games on PS4 is like making games on PC, easy as heck. Then why not Remake 3 FF games fans want remade. I still want FFVI remade first cause like FFVI more than FFVII.

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      Why the hell do people want the PS1 FFs remade? I don’t get it.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Deep down the biggest factor in my opinion that made this generation a bit lackluster was a few things 1 There was TOO much FPS Oversaturation as many games were trying to cash in on COD’s success and there were a number of COD clones, the release now patch later bullocks pissed me off to no end. Lets see and lastly games were easier to complete. I believe that Generations 3 – 6 were Infinitely better cause there was no DLC bullshite like we all no of today. I miss the days when buying a game meant you got 100% of your purchase not 60% of the game and the rest is On disc DLC. Previous Generations of gaming were better in Everyway.