PlayStation 4 launch day bundles back in stock at Amazon
posted on 07.24.13 at 12:14 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Get your Battlefield, Killzone, Knack, and Watch Dog bundles on release date.

PlayStation 4 launch day bundles are back in stock at Amazon.

These are “guaranteed on release date” deliveries, the retailer said.

The following sets are available:

  • Battlefield 4 and One Year of PlayStation Plus – $499
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall and One Year of PlayStation Plus – $499
  • Knack – $459
  • Watch Dogs – $459

If you missed your chance to pre-order one before, seize it now.

Thanks, VG247.

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  • bloodiOS

    There’s a difference of 45 places on Amazon’s bestseller list between the PS4 and the X1. Crazy…

    • KnifeAndFork

      That’s why the informed consumer picks the PS4

  • GhostNomad

    I’d love to preorder one and have it sent to my house, but half of the adventure will be going with my best friend to pick up ours from BestBuy, so I prefer to get mine in person. Still, considering these are guaranteed on release day, this is awesome!

    • TetsuyaHikari

      I’d be wary about stuff like that. People are crazy when a new console comes out on the release date. We had four stabbings in my state alone when the PS3 came out.

      I just don’t get people sometimes. Needless to say, I’ll be having mine delivered at home, should I decide to pre-order one.

      • KnifeAndFork

        That’s why you need those Incredible Hulk gloves

      • Kurisu Makise

        I’ve got mines pre-ordered through amazon, delivery is just the safer way to go in these cases. I’m wondering if I can switch my pre-order to a Day 1 hmm.

      • GhostNomad

        While I completely agree that people get stupid at times like that and I’m not oblivious to certain dangers, I’m going with my best friend because he’s picking up a PS4 as well We’ll be watching each other’s back while we get to the car. It’s also my policy not to limit myself with fear (not to be confused with being reckless and stupid).

        I understand that having it delivered is the safer choice, but I’m not about to leave my best friend hanging. At the risk of sounding paranoid, my time in the military has changed my thinking process entirely so it’s almost a habit to plan for the worst case scenario even if I’m doing something as simple as crossing the street to buy beer.

        And if all else fails, I’ll bring the Hulk gloves, as suggested!

        • TetsuyaHikari

          I never said you were oblivious to it, but it does an interesting question as to why you’re not going to leave your best friend “hanging”. It’s as if you are aware of the danger which they may face, which is why you are choosing to go instead of have it delivered.

          • GhostNomad

            Exactly, I’m going with him because 1) we’re best friends and pretty much go everywhere together (unless our schedules say otherwise), and 2) if released at Midnight, I don’t trust people to not do something stupid. Plus, BestBuy is a long trip for him since he doesn’t have a car, so just one more reason for me to take him :P

      • Lelouch Vi Britannia

        I live in California and I remember that shit when it happened. Where I live in Northern California isn’t no problem.

    • KnifeAndFork

      That’s why you tie a grappling hook line from your apartment straight to the game store

  • TetsuyaHikari

    I haven’t really seen anything to catch my interest enough to justify a pre-order just yet, but I’ll probably be placing one soon anyway just to have it for when something does come along. Who knows though. TGS is just around the corner, so my reason for purchasing one may show up there~

    • KnifeAndFork

      That’s because we need a Godzilla game

  • AnimusVox

    If I were to get this at launch I’d get either the KZ one or Watchdogs. Still not sure if I’ll get his at launch.

  • Charlie

    Knack bundle for me.

  • Tac-Mex

    I already pre-ordered mine

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I want one, but i’ll have to wait till next year. I’ve got a lot of money going out in Pre-Orders, and sending money to get the rest of my Video Games out of my relatives place. The other 9 Video Game consoles.