Pikmin & Olimar join New Super Smash Bros.
posted on 07.12.13 at 09:07 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Toss your Pikmin, smack them in the enemy's face.

Pikmin & Olimar, from the Pikmin series, will be joining the roster of the new Super Smash Bros., an update on the game’s official website reveals.

Find several screenshots of the newly-confirmed character through the link. We’ll update this post with high-res gallery images when they’re sent out.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS are due out in 2014.

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  • McPoo

    Yay! Nobodies favourite character made it into the game!

    Seriously though, it does make sense to include him, what with Pikmin 3 and all. Still, I don’t know anyone that used him in Brawl, most people considered him awful didn’t they?

    • Bob

      1. I personally love Olimar in Brawl.
      2. If people thought he sucked at Brawl then they have NO idea what they’re talking about

    • Mecha Hisui

      Olimar was considered one of the higher tier characters that rewarded being technical.

      I’m glad he’s back in the game, even if it was a given. He was nobodies’ favourite if you didn’t play the game against other people.

      • McPoo

        I don’t think that’s correct, actually. He was bottom tier right below Metaknight and Waluigi

        • Akimitsu

          Isn’t Metaknight broken enough that he is banned from tourneys?

        • Mecha Hisui

          Actually Waluigi was OP and Nathan Drake was the true worst tier.

          Think you got it mixed up there.

          • http://www.senran-international.boards.net/ TwinTails

            I don’t think he’s even played the game at all, he usually trolls on WiiUdaily every now and then.

    • Calvin Chikelue

      Actually, some tier lists have him as a top tier character

      • McPoo

        Nah he’s joke tier. His main move only hit for 3 damage with no snapback or poison buff.

  • xMCXx

    I just hope Ganon is in it.

  • Dokuro


  • SuperLuigi

    Nice to see olimar but I bet there is a new character from pikmin 3 in also. They would use the new rock and flying pikmin.

  • Robotink

    Anyone else notice that all the pics on the official site are only for Wii U? Is he exclusive to the Wii U one?

  • Aiddon

    Not seeing the rock or winged Pikmin. Still, glad he’s returned.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Nothing else expected! ;)

  • Elvick

    Shouldn’t it be “returning” not “joining”?

    Or is the character actually called “Pikmin & Olimar” now?

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia


  • PrinceHeir

    Snake? Snaaaake!!! :D

  • FanOfRootBeer

    I’m still hoping to see the newer Pikmin varieties implemented—possibly from Pikmin 3 if we’re lucky.