Mad Max debut gameplay trailer
posted on 07.15.13 at 09:39 AM EDT by (@salromano)
The soul of a man.

Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios have released the first offiicial gameplay trailer for the upcoming Mad Max video game.

Watch the clip, dubbed “Soul of a Man,” below. The game’s coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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  • Bangarang

    Any reason why he doesn’t look like Mel Gibson? Just curious…

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Probably because it’s based off the newer Mad Max film that Mel Gibson isn’t a part of, to my knowledge.

      • Bangarang

        Cool, thanks!

      • KnifeAndFork

        That’s usually a bad idea to do that before a movie has established itself as a hit. It’d have been better to base it off the original imo.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Yeah, I would have liked that too, but let’s be honest here… How many people really think this game is going to be successful anyway?

          • KnifeAndFork

            I’m guessing everyone at the development team and whoever is publishing it :P

          • Tetsu

            It’s being developed as an original IP within the Mad Max universe, in the same way that Arkham Asylum was original. It has nothing to do with the new movie coming out. The character’s look is unique to the game, and I’m assuming with Avalanche’s pedigree, it should be pretty darn successful.

            “We have approached the development of Mad Max completely as if it was an original IP,” Sundberg explains. “We want to create a game franchise [for] Mad Max, and that’s exactly how we approached it.”

            Miller’s creation is set to return to theaters in 2014 as Mad Max: Fury Road, with young up-and-comer Tom Hardy in the title role. Sundberg is careful to point out that the Avalanche game is an in-universe story rather than a direct tie-in. “I think the term ‘movie game’ has got a really bad reputation,” he says. “What the Rocksteady guys did with Batman just completely turned that around. They [developed] a licensed game with high quality that reaps really high scores.”

            • TetsuyaHikari

              I don’t care what anybody says. Mad Max only existed in the 80’s and the protagonist role was done by Mel Gibson. You guys can have your remakes or whatever.

              I doubt this will even scratch the surface of how epic the original was. I mean, come on… It was one of the inspirations for Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star. How badass is that?

              • Tetsu

                No re-boots allowed aye? Maybe the Japanese localization will have the Hokuto No Ken cast as the voice actors, ya never know. That would be really awesome actually lol.

                • TetsuyaHikari

                  That would be a clusterfuck worse than the Fist of the North Star live action. Sorry, I’m just hating all the reboots coming out these days, that’s all. The industry is scraping the bottom of a barrel that has been dry for decades.

  • ole

    Woman narrator sounds like Camilla Luddington new Lara Croft…

  • Gilgamesh2025


  • Zefhar

    where’s the gameplay?