Lightning Returns pre-orders include Cloud outfit, sword
posted on 07.02.13 at 09:57 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, samurai outfits and the return of Hope Estheim.

Cloud Strife’s “Soldier 1st Class” uniform from Final Fantasy VII will be available as a pre-order bonus for Lightning in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix has announced.

The add-on includes Cloud Strife’s legendary Buster Sword, the Soldier’s Band, victory fanfare, and finishing animation from Final Fantasy VII. Specific abilities will also come with the weapon, which will be announced at a later date.

European fans will also obtain the Lightning Samurai Set, also included with pre-orders. This offers Lightning three exclusive samurai outfits, as well as the Shogun, Sohei Savior, and Flower of Battle items.

Outside of early purchase bonuses, Square Enix revealed the return of Hope Estheim, who’s shrunk back to a child from his previous appearance as an adult for some reason.

Hope stays inside the Ark, where time does not flow, and provides Lightning with support and navigation. The Ark was built by Hope inside the artificial Cocoon. When inside, Lightning can replenish her supplies, talk to Hope, and doesn’t need to worry about the world’s life span decreasing. After she’s wrapped up, she can return to the world of Nova Chrysalia.

Also in the Ark is a sacred tree called Yggdrasil. Known as the “Tree of Life,” it gets taller as you offer more “Radiant Power” to it, thus increasing the world’s life span (max 13 days). When in-game time hits 6:00, Lightning returns to the Ark. When she returns, she offers the “Radiant Power” she earned that day to the sacred tree Yggdrasil.

Watch a trailer for the Cloud costume below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Houeclipse

    I want to see some ff tactics costume now, particularly Agrias

    • Rafael Martines

      Agrias, Meliadoul, Rapha *___*

    • KnifeAndFork

      you’re not helping

      • Houeclipse

        helping with what?

  • Tac-Mex

    This is so stupid, hey, hope was a kid in the first final fantasy XIII, lol now he is a grown up oh lol lets make him back a kid again, oh and lightning is just a female version of cloud

    So stupid, i am glad that this stupid series is coming to an end and we will have XV and KH3

  • Souter

    Well there my reason to buy this game now ^^

  • Azuardo

    I’ll be honest, the Coud Strife costume has boosted my interest.

    • Kurisu Makise

      I’ll also be honest, I’m kinda tempted to pre-order.

  • Alkaid

    First off, there was one thing that was really bugging me. (despite the fact that she can’t even carry the sword. She has the muscles of a slime)

    WHY the hell is Hope small again? If according to XIII-2 that timeline with Noel, Serah and a more mature Hope should be “the only one left where they all could exist”????
    On the other hand. .. I don’t care, this is just an annoyance. This has no dignity left in it’s story whatsoever so… *sigh*

    Now that costume. That’s pretty harsh and still makes it seem that they absolutely like to despise and troll their hardcore FFVII fanbase. Not very nice but I guess it fits since Lightning should be a “female version of Cloud” anyway. At least as far as design goes.

    • Zuhri69

      Actually, yeah. Why is Hope a kid now?

      • Alkaid

        guess they decided to throw every last bit of logic out of the window now. Or.. that was Bloodios suggested, which… would be even more sad

        • KnifeAndFork


        • Zuhri69

          Which makes u wonder, why are they so keen on shoving lightning down our throat. I mean they want us to like lightning so much to the point of changing the essence of who she is. I mean all this costume to me make her seem ooc.

    • bloodiOS

      Lightning needs her dose of shota.

  • whiteferrero

    Poor Lightning. Can’t catch a break, now they got her imitating cloud oh so obviously.

    Anyway, the Hope mystery sounds like an easy story twist.
    POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT ” Hope is already dead, and this is a hologram he made of himself, as to how lightning would remember him” (Bow)

    • MasterSensei

      He didn’t die at the end of XIII-2 and was there when Bhunivelze became the new world meaning that he should also have immortality like everyone else.

      • Aldridge517

        I never thought about that. Everyone would be immortal because Valhalla fused with the rest of the world.

      • whiteferrero

        But isn’t the immortality limited to age? Wouldn’t being, for example, “murdered” result in a permanent death?

        • MasterSensei

          They haven’t really explained how the immortality works in this game, have they? I’m sure that people could get murdered but Immortality is really tough to understand because it works differently everywhere else…

  • DarthBrian


    I wish they would just get around to that FFVII remake though. All these cock-teases are starting to annoy me.

  • MechaMefi

    Wow, a DLC game. Just like FFXIII-2. Sometimes I think SE is laughing hard while they are making those games.

    Seriously. I completed FFXIII and it not was bad. But I can’t even play an hour straight of XIII-2. And for me this is not gonna be different.

    • DarthBrian

      XIII-2 was great.

    • MasterSensei

      It’s not DLC it’s optional Pre-order items. They have already said that there will be no DLC in Lightning Returns.

      • Syltique

        They said there will be no story DLC.

        They also said the overwhelming, vast majority of outfits will be included in game. 90%.

        There will probably be a few DLC costumes though.

        So yeah, MechaMefi is totally incorrect.

  • Rishtopher

    Hmm, I wanted the Advent Children version.

  • Sal Romano

    Why, Square Enix, do you keep releasing 700 width screenshots?

  • Kobracon

    Shit….I’d preorder just for the return of any form of the classic Fanfare in this game. That is the only thing FFXIII lacked.

  • PrinceHeir

    would it hurt if they also change Lightning’s hair to blonde? XD

    pretty cool dlc, also it would be exclusive to the PS3 according to Sony PS Blog.

    im getting the asian chinese version(english subs japanese audio) hope this comes with the costume as well!!!

    • Sal Romano

      When they say “exclusive,” they mean exclusive to pre-orders.

      The DLC will be available on both platforms.

      “The DLC will be available at launch from the Games Store on the Xbox Live® online entertainment network for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft and via PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 system.”

      • PrinceHeir

        ehhh i don’t know why PS blog put it there as exclusive(maybe NA exclusive?)

        • Skerj

          They don’t advertise for competitors on the blog so they’ll only speak about the Playstation platforms.

    • DarthBrian

      I got the Asian versions of FFXIII and XIII-2, because Maaya Sakamoto, but I couldn’t really play the Asian version of XIII-2 because of the DLC so I got the NA version as well. So I’m still undecided if I want to get the Asian version of Lightning Returns. Main reason would be Maaya of course. We’ll see. Might just do what I did last time and get both. :p

      • PrinceHeir

        ahha same :D

        i also have the english version so i have two versions each XD

        you should create a Hong Kong PSN and you can use the DLC there.

        just buy Hong Kong PSN cards in playasia(they accept visa)

        you’ll only have to wait a few hours before they mail you the code.

        that’s what i did and i got most of the DLC’s(not counting other costumes like Mass Effect and all)

        • DarthBrian

          I do have a Hong Kong account because there was free pre-order dlc that I had to download for that version. Was hoping it carried over to the U.S. version but it did not.

          Didn’t know I could get Hong Kong PSN cards though. Good to know. Thanks. :)

    • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

      Umm.. SCEH have modified their page on LR:FF13, they only have chinese subs available. But,i hope there is a Eng Sub + Jap Audio Version out there!

      • PrinceHeir

        im sure it will be!!

  • bloodiOS

    So first THIS, and now this… Now I really feel like waiting to see the game showing up in the bargain bin, or maybe I’ll just buy it used…

    • Kobracon

      Hey thats completely optional though. If someone really likes Light so much and wants to dress her in skimpy clothing, thats the player’s choice. Its not forced like Xenosaga where KOS-MOS got skimpier and skimpier as the series progressed despite her being an emotionless android.

      • bloodiOS

        She starts the game with one though, and who knows how many ridiculous outfits that need to be unlocked before there is finally a tolerable one. I don’t know anymore, maybe I just don’t like the game, or maybe I just like the way she originally looked… not this crap that they turned her into.

        • Kobracon

          I admit there is some unnatural love between the developer and Lightning, but he claims there are serious costumes in the midst. It is yet to be seen if its an equal balance of srs to sexy clothes so, as with most games, leave the judgement till after its out.

        • Zero

          To be honest, this topic kinda reminds me of Final Fantasy X-2. I remember being upset about what they were doing with Yuna.

          (The following is my opinion.)

          I got so upset they were turning her into some kind of sexy looking J-Pop star or something. I refused to support the game, I felt like it was just an attempt to use sex appeal to sell Final Fantasy.

          That summer, my sister was visiting. She had bought the game, which sorta surprised me. I watched her play some of it. As time passed, I would ask her what she thought? Is the game actually, you know, any good? To my surprise, she was really enjoying the game, she told me the battle system was great, it was fun to play.

          Looking back on things now. I sorta regret that I got myself all worked up over X-2. I didn’t even give the game a chance… Over time, I’ve found that lots of people enjoyed X-2 for one reason or another. I’m actually excited about getting another chance to play the game. With the HD remaster coming out soon.

          Sure, I didn’t like some of the developer decisions. I didn’t see any need in trying to make the characters in FFX -2 look more sexy. But… you know… I guess some fans like that? In fact, I know some fans like that kind of stuff.

          Is a game fun or not? I think that really matters. We have lots of games coming out these days, they are really focused on sexy looking characters. Lots of those games are really fun though.

          I’m not jumping for joy over the changes, I always thought Lightning was pretty and attractive enough to begin with, she doesn’t need bigger boobs or more revealing outfits. Not in my opinion.

          I won’t let that stop me from playing a fun game though. It feels like judging a game before I get a chance to play it. I really don’t like that. It sorta goes against my personal code.

          Oh, before I forget. It doesn’t seem like the story has been affected by this. It still seems like a pretty serious story in my opinion.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Could you imagine if they did this with The Last of Us sequel? Dont give FF a free pass for nonsense just because.

            • Zero

              I wasn’t trying to give it a free pass. I think giving it a free pass would be trying to label this as a non issue.

              I even expressed that I felt the changes were unnecessary. I still stand by that.

              The Last of Us comparison seems a bit odd. I’d rather not discuss the game in depth, because I haven’t played it yet. No spoilers please. ^^

              Are you trying to say… if they made a sequel and Ellie was still 14 but suddenly had big boobs it would be stupid? If so, then yes, I absolutely agree.

              But… Then you sorta have to consider how she could age and grow into a more adult looking young woman. If Ellie was older in the sequel it would make sense for her body to mature.

              Even then, I still don’t think it would be necessary at all. That decision would be up to Naughty Dog and the artists, etc.

              Lightning is supposed to be in her 20’s. With the time travel element of 13, she could technically be much older? Who knows. This part of her character, the age, seems to be very vague for a reason.

              Either way… The sudden changes for her character…

              It doesn’t really make any sense here. Especially if her body was stuck in time or whatever, and she hasn’t aged since the events of FF13.

              (That’s why I feel like the Last of us comparison is odd. It doesn’t really compare well imo. One game isn’t a time travel story, etc.)

              I brought up the story about/used FFX-2 as an example for a reason.

              The director of both FFX-2, and the FF 13 games is Motomu Toriyama. You probably already know this.

              I was trying to point out to @Bloodios:disqus that Toriyama has done this before with X-2.

              The point was. I didn’t give X-2 any kind of free pass at all. I called it out, I criticized it, I didn’t support it, etc.

              As time went on. I began to regret that decision. I didn’t regret calling out something I thought was stupid.

              I regretted not giving the game any kind of chance at all.

              Sex sells. This is something everyone knows, everyone learns. I felt like Final Fantasy has never done this before, it was too good for this, etc. That’s how I felt back then.

              I started to think about this more. Especially after my friends were telling me they really liked the game. Was I overreacting? I don’t think so. I think I did miss something key.

              I was wrong about Final Fantasy never doing that before. Just look at Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 for example. The series is full of characters who are highly sexualized.

              (Sexualized – to make sexual : endow with a sexual character or quality)

              I started thinking about other JRPGs from Square. I remembered the odd nudity in Xenogears, I remembered Parasite Eve. etc.

              Sex sells. Even in video games. No game seems to be off limits. In fact, some games count on the sexy characters to drive sales.

              Bayonetta is a very fun game. With that said, you can’t ignore how highly sexualized Bayonetta herself is.

              Persona 4. Another great game. It has an entire level focused on sex appeal and whatnot.

              You could even argue that JRPG’s might be one of the more highly sexualized genres in video games.

              Some would even call this fan service. It’s very popular in Japan, and you noticed I only mentioned Japanese games, but it’s not just Japanese games, not at all.

              Mass Effect has highly sexualized female characters. Like Miranda for example. Batman Arkham City redesigned Catwoman to be even more sexy looking, etc.

              When you start to think about it. Just about every video game that comes out, that has human characters, has that highly sexualized character. Yes, usually a female character.

              This has been occurring long before video games. Comics for example, have been drawing characters, changing boob size or whatever, all for sex appeal. They think more people will buy X-men if Jean Grey has bigger boobs, because sex sells.

              I thought it was stupid and unnecessary with FFX-2. I think the same thing in regards to Lightning in Lightning Returns.

              We can’t pretend this doesn’t happen all the time though.

              We buy games with highly sexualized characters all the time, even ones where they have changed boob size or something on a character for no reason at all.

              This isn’t new for JRPG’s, it isn’t new for Final Fantasy. That’s why I’m not going to boycott the game, or refuse to support it because of this.

              If I did, you know what that would make me? It would make me a hypocrite.

              I’ll gladly support other games that do this, but not when Final Fantasy does? That’s very hypocritical.

              Once I realized this, I was ashamed of myself, I was ashamed of how I criticized Final Fantasy X-2, but supported other games, comics, anime, etc, that had the same sexuailzed material in them.

              Sorry for the long post here. It wasn’t easy for me to explain this.

              – Zero

              • bloodiOS

                Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. That said, I never had any problem with sex appeal in games, as long that the impression is there when the character is first introduced to me. Lightning was not introduced to me as that kind of character, and now all of a sudden, they made her like this… I just don’t feel like encouraging this sort of behavior by ignoring this.

                It feels like I’m in a fast-food restaurant and was bare-handedly given a deliciously-made sandwich by an employee, who came out of the restroom with unwashed hands. Some people might be fine with that, but I’m not about to let a good sandwich excuse that kind of behavior…

                • Zero

                  Yeah. It was sorta the same thing with Yuna in FFX-2. I didn’t really like that either. It felt like a sudden change that didn’t fit her character.

                  The creators can always change a character, sometimes… it’s not for the better, or the change is just silly. I think that rings true here, very much so.

                  I can’t help but think it’s nothing more than fan service though. Which is why I mentioned that in my above post. I doubt the creators see it as anything more.

                  It might have even been a fan request or something. Some fans might like the change. It’s something we have to admit as a possibility.

                  • bloodiOS

                    I know, and I fully expect them to have done this while knowing perfectly well that there might be people out there who don’t like it. They don’t mind angering some in order to cater to others’ wants, then I won’t mind voting with my wallet either.

          • bloodiOS

            I supposed I’ve been overacting a bit. Well, if the game launch with flawless performance (as in, no slow down), fine, but if it doesn’t, I’ll treat as I did before. There is no reason why there should be room for all this nonsense while the performance is still as crappy as seen in past trailers.

            It’s not like I hate Lightning, I like her (at least a whole lot more than the rest of the casts.) But really, I don’t care how serious the story is, but as soon as I saw Lightning walks in with that costume, my craps were flipped and the mood went right out the windows. It might not affect the story but certainly is distracting enough to prevent me from fully enjoying it.

    • Zuhri69

      AWHHHH, Thanks man. Now I can never unsee that. AWHHH!!!

  • new_tradition

    I think it….actually doesn’t look that bad. Cloud’s outfit fits way better to Lightning than Yuna’s at least, lol. I think AC Cloud would look better, but meh.

    I really want a Squall alt, though. Any of them. FFVIII, Garden cadet, SeeD, Dissidia, Amano…*_*

    Haha, awwww….I really liked mature Hope, but his original design brings me back to when I first played FFXIII xD

  • DarthBrian

    Was just browsing/lurking another forum that I’m not registered at but you get a lot of news items from there, and there is a lot of massive hate for this game. I don’t see why. It stars the best character in the XIII universe, the combat looks awesome, Lightning has like 100 costumes, it’s open world(!!!) O_O, and the game mechanics are similar to Majora’s Mask which is one of the most popular Zelda games ever. What is not to like?

    I mean, sure, it might not be as graphically impressive as XIII, but it’s an open world game. What is everyone expecting? Plus it is a multi-platform game and they don’t want it to be more than one disc on 360 so it’s maybe gimped a little bit, but still…it looks good. *shrug*

    • Ritsy

      Because people like to hate on everything :/ (especially XIII which I will never understand)

      • KnifeAndFork

        How do you not understand that. That’s like not understanding gravity.

        • Ritsy

          Because I don’t agree with the reasons people don’t like it? It’s not that hard to understand. rme

    • Zero

      The first part of your post confuses me.

      Moving on, I’m not surprised at all the hate surrounding this game. The XIII series has always had quite a bit of hate surrounding it.

      [DarthBrian] – (The following is just my thoughts in general. It’s not meant to be directed only at you.)

      Lots of people blame Final Fantasy 13 & 13-2 for the delay of Final Fantasy XV (Versus) … You also have a pretty divided fan base when it comes to the games.

      Some fans liked 13 but hated 13-2. Some fans hated 13 but liked 13-2. Some fans hated both of those games but are kinda interested in Lightning Returns, some fans hate all the games, and some fans like all the games.

      Yeah, that’s pretty confusing, but its also true.

      I think some fans are upset at how this game is moving away from the more traditional Final Fantasy elements.

      It’s all fairly complicated. Sometimes, it seems like you can only find nothing but hate surrounding the 13 series of games. Other times, you find lots of fans defending the games, supporting them, and posting about how much they like them.

      If every fan hated the series, Square-Enix would not have green-lighted Lightning Returns. Enough fans are supporting the series by purchasing the games. Each game is apparently making enough to satisfy Square-Enix.

      (Before someone responds to this post with sales numbers, showing how much 13 sold over 13-2 etc. Please don’t bother. I’ve already seen that stuff.)

      I’d also bet they made a pretty good profit off of the 13-2 DLC. That, along with how this industry works these days, is why we will see more DLC in LR.

      At the end of the day. I think it’s great for the fans who wanted more from the 13 series. At least Square-Enix is listening to those fans, the ones who wanted more Lightning, and wanted to see the story conclude, etc.

      Fans who don’t like the 13 series. I’m not sure why you need to bash or hate on those who do. Square-Enix finally revealed Versus was XV, they revealed KH 3 is in development, FFXIV has been reborn and is coming out soon.

      There seems to be something for everyone. Can we please just let the hate subside? Things are looking up!

      • Alkaid

        It’s absolutely okay to like the games. It’s nice to see that some people still care about the games and I’m sure that most people won’t deny them their happiness.

        But all those “hate” comments seem to spring out of the fact that’s company doesn’t seem to know where
        exactly it’s heading and that confuses and irritates the hell out of everyone.
        The feeling that nothing is put really well together.
        There is no thoughtprocess here. There are too many large gaps, too many empty promises to be completely satisfied. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen in various forums. Those who really like the series may be able to
        look over the fact and simply enjoy the game for it’s characters or the gameplay, but others can’t.

        Most people don’t even know what exactly Lightning is anymore. She went from a punshing badass (loved that scene with all my heart) to a Valkyrie, to… … just being Lightning again, changing costumes while fighting.

        XIII-2 made it a tad better gameplay wise (MONEY!) but it’s really difficult to see where SE wants to go with this. That is the reason why all those sarcastic comments exist. They can’t take the characters the world or SE’s vision serious anymore. That’s what makes people angry, that’s what frustrates them. The company they respected basically screwed everyone over and that now for the third time.

        Not saying that Lightning Returns (that title is comically in a whole, since we never experienced a time where she was really gone) is bad or that it will be. But it get’s more and more difficult to see what’s actually going on at Square EnixJapan and more difficult to sort out, what they think about their fans.
        It will take time for most of those who really dislike where all this is going. And by the time they manage to do that XIII will already be another speck of dust.

        But I have to say you’re right, others shouldn’t hate on people who like the series and those who like the games have to accept the fact that there are people who dislike it.

        Not everyone thinks the same, everyone feels differently and as much as they like it, they can’t get others to love it the same way.

        There is much to be released and SE actually has a chance to redeem itself. Which is quite nice for everyone here, and as a former Final Fantasy fan I really hope they pull it off with KHIII or any of their future games.

        Sorry for writing so much, I hope this try to “understand/explain the situation” wasn’t to convulted. ^^”

        • Zero

          No problem at all.

          I fully understand the confusion from many fans in regards to the 13 series. Especially with Lightning.

          I’m hoping this game can help clear up more of the confusion behind her character, and the overall story of FF13.

          With that said, I suppose I’ll have to come to terms with this… We might never fully understand Lightning’s story.

          It’s by far one of the more complex stories in the 13 universe. The time travel aspects they added in 13-2 didn’t help. It didn’t help smooth out lots of rough patches in the story and character development.

          I’ve enjoyed the 13 games for many reasons. I do really like Lightning as a character. I want them to really dive deep into her personal story and background, I sure hope they do in LR.

          Fang was also one of my favorite characters. I would be ecstatic if she returned in LR. I don’t expect that to happen though.

          I also really like the music, I enjoy the combat, I enjoyed the open environments when they gave you access to them. I enjoyed the time travel stuff in 13-2, I enjoyed the challenging fights, etc.

          I found plenty of things that I personally liked about both games. I know the same isn’t true for others, which is just fine.

          This series has been very random. 13 was far more rooted than 13-2. It seems like Toriyama just enjoys doing something different with each game.

          This is most certainly his series. Not everyone likes his style, which is fine. I think he also has more freedom here, because he is using the Crystal Tools engine still.

          You can say the exact same thing about Nomura. Kingdom Hearts is more certainly his series, Final Fantasy 15 is most certainly his style of Final Fantasy.

          I’m very excited to see the next project with Ito-san at the helm as well. He has a very specific style of Final Fantasy too. (

          I understand lots of fans being upset, unsure, and even confused. We haven’t had a new Ito FF since 2006. And opinions were very mixed on FF12.

          We all know about the delays for FF XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. We know about the huge FFXIV debacle, and then we get back to the 13 series, which is very split opinion wise.

          Let’s not forget that Square-Enix has been very much up and down as a company since 2005. It’s been a very bumpy road. They haven’t even released that many console games from the JPN studios. They spent lots of money on the crystal tools engine, which turned out to be a bust more or less.

          Despite all the negative. It’s like I said above. I think things are really turning around here. Things are looking up for SE JPN and Final Fantasy.

          It’s not been all bad. Some amazing portable titles have been released from the JPN studios this generation. I know, the portables aren’t as big in the west.

          I still think fans should go out and pick up those portable titles. Give them a shot, most of them are very good. I’m trying to play catch up myself.

          If at all possible. =)

          • Alkaid

            First off, once more thank you for your kind reply. It is always nice to talk to fellow gamers. Especially those who are able to write down their feelings and are also able to understand those of another individual. :)

            I share your hopes, but I’m sceptical as well, Toriyama was never very good in explaining things to others. His vision is his and will always stay his. Others are always free to interpret his ways, but even in discussions there’s often no real answer.

            It would be nice, but it seems that they ended Lightning’s (and Serah’s) background, as well as Fang and Vanille’s in the first game. Which is truly a shame since both the history of Pulse and Cocoon ought to be pretty interesting.

            Well seems like the impossible truly did happen. xD

            Yes, the score was really something else, especially Lightnings theme and the themes on Grand Pulse.

            Agreed, his touches are absolutely clearly visible, the same goes for Nomura-san’s style in FFXV.

            Ito-san was certainly more of a romantic story and character wise. It was fun to see everything in the world, and his battle systems where especially engaging. FFXII was also kinda nice in it’s own ways, even though it gave off a weird vibe as a final fantasy title.

            Well there are al lot of good old staff members missing. It’s always difficult to produce a game if the upper heads and the team members have different takes on something. So it’s understandable that SE wants to do something that they’re more used to now. Especially since they did so many PSP action titles in the past years.

            True, even FFXIII-2 was at least 1/3 chinese, they outsourced so much in the games. I guess they made the same mistake with it as Ubisoft did with AC3. XIII-2 had good ideas but it wasn’t put very well …or rather thoughtful together. It made it really difficult for those who are used to an unfolding plot. And due to the marketing department there wasn’t very much left to surprise the players.

            Sadly they are not, most of the people here overlooked the PSP (due to completely weird reasons).That’s probably why SE is so hesitant to bring Type-0 here (even thought it was really interesting despite those horrid loading times). And also another reason why Falcom refuses to earn good money with Trails 2nd and 3rd. *sigh*

            Good luck then, you have quite a lot to catch up on. ;)

            KH BbS was pretty good too. Aqua was so very nice *swoon* Crisis Core as well.
            Sorry for taking so long to answer. *bows* :3

            • Zero

              Thank you for the reply as well. Yes, I have lots of portable titles to play. I have quite the backlog of games these days.

              I think lots of gamers in the west prefer playing consoles. They remember the days of playing the Final Fantasy games as a kid, and they played those via console on a TV.

              I think that plays a role in all the hate SE has received this generation. We just need (more) JRPGs on consoles again. I really think we will in this new generation. I’m very optimistic. =)

  • artemisthemp

    Manage to find Samurai Outfit ad, but can’t find the Cloud stuff in EU.

    However Square Enix blog say that it should be available in EU

  • $30632660

    Looks like they finally admit publicly that Lightning is just a genderbent Cloud.

    • MosquitoLemon

      I think Toriyama already said that in an interview.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Only in looks.

  • Adol Christin

    It suits her :P I really like it :)

    • Alkaid

      It’s a bit teasing. Now with the “usual costume” this feels like SE’s saying: “Hey look, with other clothes, you could’ve taken her more seriously! We’ll prove it to you! There ya go! She could’ve been a real warrior in real battle clothes! :D”. xD

      • Adol Christin


  • King-Podigy-X


  • xMCXx

    Are we still fighting against the same monsters in this installment?

    • Zackasaur

      I believe it is mostly new monsters.

      • xMCXx

        I hope so.

  • Ultimasamune


    … Sorry, had to.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Ugh….this just keeps getting worse and worse..

  • MosquitoLemon

    I would actually consider this if the Cloud hair came with it too, hahaha.

    • Willgaea

      Take “hair” out of your sentence. :D

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    They are so desperate,they cant even rely on the gamesown merits to sell it.

    • Warboss Aohd

      beat me to it

  • MasterSensei

    People can hate what they want and like what they want but they shouldn’t give negative comments towards people who like the game and it’s characters. You can’t say that the series is getting worse and worse because that is your own opinion and it could influence the decision of other people who don’t know about the game would would like to play it. Maybe they might enjoy the game maybe they won’t but in the end it’s their own opinion. I like the XIII series and am glad that they have decided make the world less linear and making the combat more free-flowing.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      You cant just say negative opinions should be kept to themselves,thats complete BS,that would only make the game seem amazing .

    • KiQun

      That sounds the same as “Ignorant is a bliss”.

      Good game or bad game all deserve to end, and it comes to matter of how it will end. XIII is a bad game and the hate would just stop there imo, but SE was conceited of their own title and heroine so that they decided to spawn another nobody needed sequel to justify their ego. Whether they dearly embrace their heroine, or just attempt to squeeze more from consumer’s wallet – I’m clueless, better leave that to each person’s imagination.

      In short, when game became bad, it just need to rest and leaves a chance opened for next generation.

      This is my own opinion and I obviously don’t expect anybody to comprehend it, nor do I want to start another flamed topic concerning this matter. When it comes to matter of taste, it’s obviously pointless to argue.

  • Warboss Aohd

    da sad part iz dat it’s da least outrageous of her outfitz.

  • MrKappa

    All hating aside this is actually kind of cool. Sucks that it is DLC but at least there is a chance to get it free for preordering.

    • KiQun

      Since it’s the last game, if the sales is not up to SE’s expectation, they might put out a complete edition containing all DLC.

  • Willgaea

    They could have just added DLC to play as cloud. Of course the DLC might cost around 30.00 cause of the voice work. But yeah I might pick this game up cause of the open world.

  • kiziyepi

    AWESOME!!!! This is the crux of emotional
    intelligence. Thank you for a great post!

  • Zackasaur

    I was going to pre-order anyway, so this works for me!

  • Elvick

    Rather have a Terra outfit.

  • LastBoss

    In like Flint!

  • Charlie

    At least give the game a chance, Jesus.