Ken Levine “trying to make a match” for BioShock Vita
posted on 07.13.13 at 10:57 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Discussions still ongoing, says series designer.

BioShock for PS Vita, as dead was we thought it was, might still be a thing. Series designer Ken Levine was questioned about the status of the project on Twitter yesterday, to which he responded, “I talked to both Sony and 2K about it yesterday. Trying to make a match.”

That’s all for now.

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  • McPoo

    Should probably just let it go at this point, I’m sure most people have lost the will to care about it.

    • Sthef360


    • sherimae1324

      lol, i smell insecurities ^_^
      if it bounds to happen, it will happen no matter what a no-name commenter says

      besides you will rarely see the developer is the one who is pushing a game to be developed in platform

      • McPoo

        Believe me, if I still had a Vita then I’d buy a Bioshock for it.

        My point is its been in limbo for so long, people have stopped getting their hopes up. Similar comments to the ones in this article were published a year or so ago and nothing came of them either.

        • sherimae1324

          well yes your right sometimes its frustrating and annoying to announce a game even if its still not indevelopment,

          well just have to wait and see i guess
          like you said people get tired of it and almost forgot it, but doesnt stop it from making this game to happen, if it happens then so be it

        • almostautumn

          You do realize how many people went, “Forget about Versus 13; it’s soooo dead and I just don’t care anymore.” But then the trailer came out and everyone screamed like little girls, that they’d never lost faith in S-E, and yadda yadda.

          Here’s what I’ve learned with gaming; comments, outside of discussion comments, mean absolutely nothing. If people sound apathetic about a Bioshock vita now it’s because they haven’t seen it, not because they don’t want it. They bring out a trailer and I 150% guarantee message boards light up with eagerness and excitement.
          Talking about videogames just makes videogames seem kind of crappy, but really once they’re out, or revealed— it’s all good in the hood, ya’ know?

          • sherimae1324

            you hit it right there, friend ^_^

          • McPoo

            And I have no doubt some people will react the same to Bioshovk. Nowhere near the same numbers though, and it won’t happen anytime soon cos it’s too big a risk

    • Zackasaur

      I sure as hell haven’t.

      • McPoo

        Do you really expect it to get out of this development limbo? I’d love for it to be released, and I don’t even have a Vita anymore. It’s just not worth thinking about because it’ll seemingly never happen.

        • Elvick

          It would have to begin development, to be in “development limbo”.

          As it is, it’s a deal that hasn’t yet been solidified by all invested parties.

          Regardless, those who want it to happen will likely not stop wanting it. You being your usual negative Nancy self isn’t going to change that.

          • McPoo

            Like I say, I’d love it to be made. I wasn’t at my most articulate this morning though, what I mean is that it’s been in purgatory for so long, with various comments getting fans worked up for it, that it’d be better to dial down any expectations at this point to avoid yet more disappointment.

  • Elvick

    I’ve never given up and never will. After the brilliance that is Bioshock Infinite, this needs to happen. I need to see what he was thinking of doing on this wonderful hardware.

    • Yuri4prez

      Agreed. It would be a real shame if a Bioshock Vita was not made. The Vita has the potential to make an outstanding Bioshock game, if only everybody got on the same page and made it happen.

      Fingers continue to be crossed.

  • Adol Christin

    I really want this to happen but….. I’m afraid it might turn out to be another PSP Resident Evil :(

  • Nate

    It’s risky for Sony. Bioshock does not have that system seller quality. I really hope they bring Infamous over soon. They need a Grand Torismo too. And they need to bring the sports people over with crossplay with the sports games. Come on Gravity Rush 2!

    • OverlordZetta

      Oh man, Vita inFamous would be incredible.

    • Zechs

      I can’t say I agree. I think Bioshock would be a huge system seller. Even more so than Gravity Rush 2 IMO.

    • Elvick

      inFamous wouldn’t be the system seller that Bioshock would… and I love inFamous to bits. Certainly not Gravity Rush 2 (though that needs to happen!… along with Soul Sacrifice 2!)

      I think all four of those things would convince a lot of people that Sony hasn’t “given up” like a lot of people continue to whine about.

      I agree about sports games, but most are with EA right? And EA is being lame. So I can’t see that happen. I’d love it to though (as a person who doesn’t even play realistic sports games)

      Sony needs to do better advertising the Vita version of The Show. The last commercials they put out for the most recent one didn’t even display the Vita case in the commercial. And that home run derby thing is PS3 only…

      If Sony would make it work with baseball, maybe it’d be easy to get EA on board with the rest. I guess 2K has sports titles too, they should at least work on getting those ones, probably the easier of the two.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Much as I love the series, you’ve got it backwards. Bioshock does numbers well in excess of inFamous, so people would be more likely to buy a system for a new Bioshock than a new inFamous.

      Gran Turismo has force behind it, but that’s about the only Sony franchise the Vita lacks that would really push some numbers. Polyphony has said they’re interested, so hopefully we’ll see something on that front soon enough.

      Definitely want a Gravity Rush 2 though. Team Siren’s been quiet since the first hit while dropping some quotes implying a sequel’s in the works, so hopefully we’ll get that.

    • McPoo

      They can’t really take a risk on anything like this? I was under the impression that’s why they’re reeling in indies at the moment, it’s a cheap way to increase the library (with a lot of quality titles too), boosting sales of consoles. Once there’s a bigger, more stable user base then they can focus on third party big releases.

    • Keegs79

      Not a system seller? If has the quality of Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite in portable form, than it will increase Vita owners by a pretty decent margin. If they don’t than they would be envious of Vita owners for that title alone and with it and more quality titles, it will push some over the edge.

      Infamous would be cool. I would like a portable The Last of us spin-off, GTA, or Red Dead Redemption.

  • ECM

    LOL, given the speed at which Levine works, it’ll be out in 2023.

    (At some point the story behind BI’s torturous dev cycle is going to spill into the wider public, and it’s going to be fun to watch.)

  • AnimusVox

    Yay all is not lost :>

  • LeBronista

    Hmm.. I wish Sony and 2k along with RockStar should have talked about a GTAV spin off (Los Santos/San Andreas Story) instead.

    • Zackasaur

      BioShock is infinitely superior to GTA.

      I guess GTA would generate more sales than just about anything else, though.

  • Zackasaur

    Yes, please. @_@

  • $3582264

    I am only interested if its… a. – a pretentious and ridiculous story. b -. sub par game play with an end boss that dies in 3 minutes during the first try and c. – accompanied by a massive internet hype wave. Oh and please tell me how groundbreaking and original it is :D

  • Keegs79

    It pisses me off they announced this without even having a developer to start work. I want this or see Rockstar make a GTA game on the Vita. That would be huge for the Vita. Hell, give me a portable Red Dead Redemption game!!!