Halo 4 becomes Microsoft U.S. best seller
posted on 07.03.13 at 12:56 PM EDT by (@admeady)
Outsold predecessor in respective launch year.

Halo 4 is Microsoft Studios’ best-selling game in the U.S., Microsoft has announced.

Microsoft’s official blog, Xbox Wire, reports that the game outsold its numerical predecessor, Halo 3, on “sales during each respective launch year.”

Developed by 343 Industries – a studio Microsoft built specifically to take over the Halo mantle after the departure of Bungie – Halo 4 was said to be the first part of the “Reclaimer” trilogy, which Microsoft later described as a “saga.”

A new Halo game was also announced for Xbox One at E3.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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  • McPoo

    Good work Microsoft


    • Skeletor

      Perhaps you missed the May 21st reveal/DRM policies/180 back pedaling PR fiasco that was the last few weeks of MS “winning”?

      Perhaps you missed the last 3 years of literally zero 360 exclusives?

      Perhaps you missed the mass exodus of the last few years of MS stalwarts like Cliffy B, Peter Molyneaux, BUNGIE, and most recent Don “DRM is a gift” Mattrick? Not to mention indie devs who hate MS now like your beloved Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow?

      Yeah. Perhaps you missed all that “winning”. Perhaps.

      • McPoo

        How is any of that not win?

        • Skeletor

          Oh it is full of win. Just not for MS or 360 owners.

  • Skeletor

    Considering MS has only two decent franchises (Fable is pretty bad) and Gears has went downhill, is it any surprise that Halo 4 sold so well?

    The same reason the decent State of Decay has been breaking sales records.

    A starved audience will lap up anything that is moderately good.

    Playstation and most Nintendo franchises never sell in “Halo” numbers and thats not b/c Halo is so amazing but b/c the choices for core gamers on xbox platforms are completely and pathetically limited to a very small number of games.

    • McPoo



      • Skeletor

        I see you have stooped to trolling my comments.

        Skeletor always has a use for a mindless minion.

        Carry on sweetheart.

        • McPoo

          It’s like the icing on the cake. You post something stupid, then I put a cherry on top.

        • McPoo

          I actually forgot to mention I don’t like Halo at all. I really don’t enjoy any of the gameplay to be honest.

    • DarthNemesis

      FYI GT5 has outsold every Hali game as Halo has never passed $10mil. Seeing as how MS only mentions sales of thw franchise shows that there is nothing else good about it.It better had sold much since as stated there is nothing else notable on the Xbox.

      • Skeletor

        Gran Turismo is a phenomenon (spelling?).

        You know what else is funny?

        Gran Turismo prologue and part 5 have sold more than all 5 Forza games combined. Hilarious!

        Either way, most Sonyexclusives dont put up numbers like GT and or Halo and that is simply b/c the Sony fanbase has SO MANY diverse quality exclusives to choose from and their tastes cover far more genres.

        Back in Pizza App TV land its either Pew Pew Pew or zoom zoom. Other than that? Nada.

        • McPoo

          “American hive mind worship that MS gets?”

          MS hive mind = bad

          “Sony fan base…tastes cover far more genres”

          Sony hive mind = good.

          I don’t know what’s worse, the fact you flip flop more than a floundering fish, or that you think you’re the voice of the Sony fan base.

           “Playstation and most Nintendo franchises never sell in “Halo” numbers and thats not b/c Halo is so amazing”

          Sales aren’t a sign of quality with MS.

          “Gran Turismo prologue and part 5 have sold more than all 5 Forza games combined. Hilarious!” 

          Sales are a sign of quality with Sony.

          You’ve already summed up your entire argument in one line, further up the thread:

          “I know I’ll miss out forever more on the Halo universe but MS OFFERS NOTHING else that appeals to me”

          That’s the crux of it. You don’t like MS’s exclusives. Quality doesn’t come into it – if reviews came into this at all you’d be praising Forza’s higher Metacritic scores than GT’s. You don’t like MS and you don’t like their games. You just love to make a song and dance about it though. Surely you can see why I think you’re a bit of a joke account.

          • Skeletor

            McPoo: “its okay to be a blithering MS drone but how dare this site focus on Eastern news and have fans of such content.
            I shall police the Gematsu comment threads and make sure to suss out any and all Sony/Nintendo fans. How dare they not be members of the church of MS. I shall call people out on what I believe are double standards while ignoring my own even though I have shown my true colors multiple times in this very thread.
            Looky thar, that Skeleton guy (b/c I’m far too stupid and young to understand a He-Man reference) seems to be willing to voice his opinion often so I will fixate on him as if he is the leader of the Sony brigade and take out my aggressions on a random internet entity.
            Truthfully I am just a scorned MS fan who backed the wrong side this gen and instead of realizing it I have focused all my butthurt from MS and their crappy hardware, lack of core gaming franchises, lack of new core gaming IP’s, shift to nothing but Kinect drivel since late 09, and their disaster of a next gen cable box reveal…..I will focus all that butthurt not at the cause of said butthurt but at the people I actuall envy b/c they can afford to either own more than one console or simply b/c they make smarter purchase decisions than I do and they certainly have better taste in games. I am also jealous that games like Tales of Xillia, God of War, Last of Us, Beyond, and a plethora of other JRPGs as well as multiple other exclusives have and are coming out in 2013 on Ps3 while my precious console got a mediocre gears title and a downloadable zombie game and literally NoTHiNG ELSE! That skeleton guy is an “asshole” for having pointed out this fact and that makes me even more angry. I wish my mommy would come down to the basement and give me a hug and a playstation. Then I could learn to let things go. I could forgive Sony fans for causing MS to drop the ball over and over. I could even, dare I say it….I could learn to love again. Oh Mommy, I can dream cant I?”

            I can see McDookie, as I summed up your life that it has been a hard one for you so I truly cant be mad at you or blame you. Life has dealt you a crappy hand of cards and I just want you to know that you sir have my e-friendship, acceptance and especially my pity.

            My arms are extended right now in an attempt to offer you the warm loving embrace you have so longed for all your life and sadly been unable to find at home or in your big green machine that held so much of your hope since its launch in Nov 2005.
            McScat, I love you friend. I am here for you.

            • McPoo

              All I see is “Flip flop flip flop” :(

  • bldudas

    Well, when there are not many exclusives, what else would people buy?

    • Adam Meadows

      Games that aren’t exclusive? :P

      • Skeletor

        Yes. Good point. But games that arent exclusive can be bought on multiple platforms so would you be so kind as to enlighten us on why a console that basically has no exclusives should even exist?

        • Adam Meadows

          Consoles are boosted by exclusives, of course. It might have functionality people prefer. My Blu-ray player can play every Blu-ray disc, just like other players. But it’s functionality and usability might incline me to choose it over others.

          • Skeletor

            So you agree a blu ray player that lacks those “exclusive” features you like or prefer has no reason to exist.

            In the console world that would translate to exclusive games b/c outside of cross game chat, feature for feature the PS3 are almost exactly the same but I think the free online play as well as the optional PS+ with its large selection of instant game collection far outweigh the nothing that MS gives its paying customers.

            Tack on the vast historical library of PS1/PS2 classics and the ridiculous selection of the best damn exclusives on any platform this gen that Sony offers on ps3 and again I ask, whydoes the 360 exist?

            Surely the pizza app and time warner cable channels are not what make that console deserving of the American hive mind worship that MS gets?

            • DrForbidden

              Never underestimate the power of pizza in America. I did that once, and I still bear the horrific scars as a reminder. The horror…

              As for exclusives, MS consoles do in fact have exclusives, just not any that you care about. If somebody does in fact love the Halo franchise, then it’s logical that they would choose an MS console over a Sony one, since they will also get all the multi-platform titles anyway. Whether or not YOU personally choose to ignore the existence of Xbox exclusives is irrelevant.

              And for the record, Adam did not say that a BD player without ‘exclusives’ should not exist. He said that he would prefer one which has features to his liking. That’s his personal taste, and others would have different tastes.

              • Skeletor

                I live in America and eat to much pizza. Had some tonight in fact. I didn however, wish my console would allow me to order it.

                When I turn on my console I just want great games to play. I know that sounds crazy but its true.

                As for the bit about Halo fans only getting halo on an xbox….. Obviously. I am a Halo fan. I was there at midnight with my original xbox and Halo 1, and Oddworld in hand.

                I was there again at midnight for halo 2 steel book edition. I signed up to XBL for halo 2 alone in 2003 and was a paid member until my sub ran out in 2010 although I had stopped playing on xbox in late 2008.

                I was there at midnight for my $130 Halo 3 legendary edition and replaced my 2nd RRoD’d elite system with the Halo Edition Xbox at full retail price.

                Even without a working console I bought the legendary edition of Reach and the collectors edition of 4 (ODST is an abomination) but sadly for me, my love of th chief is not enough to invest in a 6th 360. Nor is it enough to jump in to an Xbox noOne.

                I know I’ll miss out forever more on the Halo universe but MS OFFERS NOTHING else that appeals to me as a core gamer and their flip flopping and history of crap hardware are enough to keep me away.

                I know I’m not alone. Hell, just read the rest of the comments in this thread. McFeces is the only person defending his precious while everyone else seems to be as fed up as I am with MS and their schemes/lack of games/smoke and mirrors/etc etc.

                • DrForbidden

                  Well, I have no intention of buying an XBone either. MS can suck dick next gen for all I care. They pretty much deserve to, IMO, after the spectacular fail that went into designing the XBone.

                  But, to be fair, I think that you’re reading too much into McPoo’s comments. He’s not saying that MS consoles are better than Sony consoles. From what I understand, all he’s saying is that there are experiences on the Xbox brand which some gamers prefer and would be unwilling to give up on. Multi-platform games are pretty much identical on either brand, so it is not a given that everybody would prefer a PS4 over an XBone. And, yes, regardless of our preferences, the XBox has exclusives as well.

                  Your statement that the XBox has no reason to exist is inflammatory. I wouldn’t buy it. Neither would you. But that’s us. There are still people who, for some reason or other, find it preferable to their tastes. Of course, anyone who willingly buys an XBone has no right to whine about getting boned. But again, they’re perfectly in their rights to buy what they want to buy, consequences be damned.

                  • McPoo

                    While that isn’t what I was saying, that is what I do believe.

                    My main point is that Skeleton is just a fanboy. It’s evident from all of his posts, he has double standards – something that MS do is bad, but if Sony do it then it’s fine. He’s inflammatory, and unable to articulate a point beyond insulting people. I’m all for a bit of hyperbole, but he’s admitted to looking at a list of exclusives for all consoles, so he must know that 360 has more, yet he’s still going around saying that the Xbox is a console that for the last 3 years has had “literally no exclusives”. It’s a ridiculous statement, and completely unnecessary.

                    • McPoo

                      And to be fair, it’s not just him. This website has a massive focus on Eastern news and Eastern companies, and you do see a lot of Sony and Nintendo fanboys on here. Whenever there’s a new story about something more Western, they seem to flock to it.

                      If it was a bit of silly trolololling then that’s understandable, but when they’re coming into every topic, repeating the same tired lines and generally being pricks, it does get rather tiresome.

                    • Skeletor

                      Says the MSDF prick who trolls individuals with his thread to thread comment stalking.

                      I love hypocrites.

                    • McPoo

                      Temper temper.

                      I’m an equal opportunities troll. I’ll troll anything!

                    • Skeletor

                      By admission you are what you hate. Now that you have been completely proven a spoof of yourself its probably time for you to drop your superiority complex and move on

                    • DrForbidden

                      Oh, My bad, then.

                    • McPoo

                      No worries, I don’t mind. Apologies if I sounded rude there, didn’t mean it to!

            • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

              All of this pizza app talk reminds me of the Mega64 video skit.


              • Skeletor

                Hilarity. That skit sums up Kinect perfectly.

                I guess the pizza app really is a social game :)

        • McPoo

          Have you ever looked at a list of all exclusives for current gen consoles?

          • Skeletor

            Indeed I have. As I have stated multiple times before the last 3-4 years of xbox exclusives have been pathetic for core gamers unless you are still worshipping at the feet of halo/gears/fable and Forza.

            • McPoo

              So you dont like them? Core or casual doesn’t come into it. What it boils down to is that you don’t like MS, so you’re spouting bollocks and claiming its fact.

              • Skeletor

                You are correct. I do not like MS.

                5 RRoDs in the first 3 years didnt help. I went back to the system every time b/c during those first 3-4 years after launch they had some great exclusives. I still own a few of them like Lost Odyssee and Blue Dragon but we are 8 years into the 360 life cycle and the last 4 years have been an absolute joke.

                Witcher 2, splinter cell, alan wake, and a handful of timed exclusive downloadable arcade games do not a diverse exclusive library make.

                2013 has been absoltely killer for PS3 and MS has been screwing the pooch with the mediocre gears judgement and state of decay.

                I guess while you were watchin MS pull a Charlie Sheen with all that “winning” they have been doing in whatever dimension you were shat from, the real world has watched as MS pissed in the face of their fanbase since their full bore dedication to Kinect drivel and useless pizza apps and TV garbage instead of securing true exclusives and new IP.

                In the year of true masterpieces like The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, you have a damn pizza app and the fiasco that is the xbox noOne.

                Somehow though, I’m labeled the fanboy by a card toting MSDF member like you.

                Amazing. No wonder they call your neck of the woods the “down under”. Clearly you are beneath me.

                • McPoo

                  Boohoo, your xbox broke. Mine lasted about 5 years I think, and was still going when I swapped it for a slim. My PS3 is still going strong after 3 years too, although I’ve never had a console crash as much as it does…

                  I enjoy both my PS3 and my 360 though. I even enjoy the Wii U from time to time. For somebody who is a self proclaimed “fanboy of games” though, you just come across as every other Sony fanboy on the Internet does: Obnoxious, rude and unable to carry a proper discussion.

                  Also, since when is the UK known as down under?

                  • Skeletor

                    You have yet to refute a single fact or opinion I have presented with a single fact or relevant opinion of your own.

                    Instead, you stoop to the x-chum way of labeling anyone who doesnt blindly follow MS as a Sony fanboy and thats it.

                    The truth is that you were unable to let go of your xbox fandom back in 09 when they clearly made the shift to a Kinect focus and let go of you as a core gamer.

                    Of course I could be wrong and you are cutting a rug with the latest dance central right now.

                    Stop your console corporate entity loyalty and follow the games.

                    I enjoy my 3DSxl, Vita, Ps3, and Wii-U. But know this, if Sony lost focus on Games and someone else took up the mantle I’d switch consoles in a heartbeat.

                    Keep thinking its Sony loyalty that drives me though. It just makes it more obvious youre head is to thick to process the fact that the console that happens to have the best library of exclusives and fresh IP each generation is a Sony console.

                    MS started strong in 2005 but they have no long game. They abandoned the original xbox after 4 years just like the 360 in the same amount of time.

                    Enjoy the xbone for half of next gen sir. Just dont be mad that PS4 owners are still getting new IP’s in years 5-10.

                    • McPoo

                      I’m really sorry mate. Genuinely, all I see when you post is “flip flop”. It’s not worth having a conversation with you when it’s going to be full of double standards, insults and flat out lies. I’ve shown you exactly where you’ve contradicted yourself, you chose to ignore it. The way I see it, there’s nowt more to be said.

                      Actually, I would like to know why you thought I was Australian >_>

    • McPoo

      Yeah if there are no exclusives out for a console at any given time, I actually just box it up and throw it away. Not worth having a console unless it’s for exclusives.

      As a side note, I really enjoy HD collections of last gens games.

      • Skeletor

        What a dumb sarcastic response that lacks any foresight and is somehow blind to hindsight which legend says is 20/20.

        Not worth having MULTIPLE consoles unless they each have compelling exclusives.

        /fixed that last statement for you.

        • McPoo

          Nah srsly m8, I love quality exclusives that debuted in 2003. Tbh, I’d not bother making any new games anymore, just bung some old stuff on a disc, give it a lick of paint and stick it on the shelf. Job done


          • Skeletor

            Your comment makes zero sense.

            Good job.

            • McPoo

              Nah m8, trust in me!

              There’s literally nothing I enjoy more than a God of War HD collection. Apart from maybe a second God of War collection.


  • Elvick

    Happy that I didn’t buy it. *walks away*

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Didnt buy it at all. I dont fell like i missed out on anything.

  • abcmocca .

    i’ve had enough with these pew pew games.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

    Gee… Who would have thought? A Halo game is Microsoft’s best seller. Isn’t this like Japan saying that a new Pokemon or Mario game sold a lot?

    This isn’t surprising at all.

  • King-Podigy-X

    Over Hyped Milk

    • McPoo

      Isn’t that Nathan Drake as your profile pic?


      • King-Podigy-X



        • McPoo

          They’re of similar hype levels.


          • King-Podigy-X

            No their not.


            HALO 2
            HALO WARS
            HALO 3
            HALO 3: ODST
            HALO: REACH
            HALO 4
            Halo 5 (Xbox One)
            Halo 6 (TBA)
            Halo 7 (TBA)


            Uncharted Drake’s Fortune
            Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
            Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception
            Uncharted Golden Abyss

            Halo 4 has sold over 8 million and it not even a full year yet of its release. Not one Uncharted game has ever reached that. The Hype behind Uncharted 3 was well deserved.



            • McPoo

              I love how you’re including every Halo game, spanning generations and spin offs. Surely it makes Uncharted look just as milked that they’ve done 3 games in one generation, plus a re-release of the U3 mp mode on PSN, a UC 1 and 2 bundle pack and a full trilogy bundle.

               You’ve also neglected to include the bizarre and unnecessary Uncharted card game on Vita.

              You can’t cherry pick what you want from Sony’s side to make Microsoft look worse.


              • King-Podigy-X

                How old are you 9, 10, 11 years old. There are only 4 Uncharted games + a card game if you can even consider it apart off the franchise since it has no campaign it just a card game *SMH* and 12 Halo games. Halo is nothing but an Over Hyped Milked franchise now but obviously you are to blind to see that, so STFU Troll i’m not going waste my time feeding you anymore.



                • McPoo

                  Are you for real? You’re comparing every Halo game ever made (and some that haven’t yet), with the Uncharted games Sony released in one generation. Do you not see the problem in that logic?

                  That’s not even taking into account you’re missing re-releases and the card game. You can’t cherry pick your information in this situation, it doesn’t work like that.

                  They’re both milked, I don’t see how you’re failing to understand how Uncharted is milked though. It’s a simple concept, I’m pretty sure you just don’t want to acknowledge it.

                • McPoo

                  ” a card game if you can even consider it apart off the franchise since it has no campaign it just a card game”

                  Also this doesn’t help your claim that UC isn’t milked. Making a random card game and slapping Uncharted ed branding on it is like the definition of milking a series.

              • Skeletor

                Wrongo MSDF general McFlatulence.

                Uncharted was a NEW IP this generation and has seen a total of 3 games on ps3 in its 7 years on the market.

                Another platform getting a brand new title in a popular series is not milking no matter how angry that mskes you.

                However, 6 Halos on 360 since 2007 is the definition of milking a franchisebut its understandable considering the pathetic lack of franchises MS has to play with.

            • Luna Kazemaru

              Lol so a number of games = hype now….what

              • King-Podigy-X

                Did you not see me put this:

                Halo 4 has sold over 8 million and it not even a full year yet of its release. Not one Uncharted game has ever reached that. The Hype behind Uncharted 3 was well deserved.

                My point is Uncharted 3 has been out for 2 years now and it only has 5 million in sales. Halo 4 has been out for 8 months and it has over 8 million if that’s over hype then I don’t know what is.

                • McPoo

                  You don’t know what hype is, clearly. Sales don’t equal hype. Games do not equal hype.

                  Hype is essentially marketing. Uncharted has a huge marketing campaign, 3 was all over the place. Golden Abyss was hyped as the first console quality game on a handheld.

                  Uncharted is a very hyped series. A great series, but hyped to hell nonetheless.

                  • King-Podigy-X

                    Dude Shut The Fuck Up, I wasn’t talking to you now was I. You’ve been on this board trolling for the past 16 hours. When are you going to shut up and quit trolling.

                    • McPoo

                      Sorry, didn’t realise pointing out you’re trolling in a thread about a Ms game meant I was trolling.

                      My bad xoxo

                • Luna Kazemaru

                  or people just like halo? I don’t see how one game is UC can be deserved but halo can’t and I like UC I know some people on this site have a silly fps hatred but really relax.

              • Willgaea

                I was thinking the same thing. Hype to me is just people, a group, or a company saying how awesome a game is. Also a person could be hyped for something they really want. That being said I’m hyped for deep down, but I’m also hyped for the BAR B QUE we are having for July 4th. Happy July 4th everyone :D. I’m going to have to start the pit soon.

            • GODDUKEMONEXA

              Killzone was the rival for Halo not Uncharted

              • King-Podigy-X

                If he had shut up and quit trolling for the past 16 hours this argument would have never started. Look at all his comments on this board. He just trolling everybody so he can have a good laugh.

                • McPoo

                  While that may be how it started, I was genuinely startled by the levels of stupidity and fanboyism on this website, so I got involved.

                  I still don’t understand why you think you’re in the right here to be honest.

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

    Okay, this has seriously gotten out of hand. It’s time to just drop it and move on. Please!

    I really don’t care if your just trolling, or you think someone else is just trolling. etc.

    I don’t mind letting users slide by the guidelines every now and then. I know I’m repeating myself here, but this has clearly gotten out of hand. Yesterday, I was willing to let things continue, but the conversation has changed from something silly into flame wars.

    If you feel the need to continue this on some personal level… feel free to do so, but not here, please. Start sending private emails, or make a personal blog dedicated to this or something.

    If you need a reason why, it’s out of respect for our guidelines, community, and the people who run this website.

    I think I’ve been very lenient here. Thanks for understanding.

    • McPoo

      Could I have a link to the guidelines actually? I was having a look for them the other day but couldn’t find them.

      Thanks :)

    • McPoo

      Wait, never mind. I feel so dang silly now! Just noticed the link above the comment box :)

  • Willgaea

    Did bungie make the game? Im kinda lost as to how the company isn’t with xbox anymore. I know they went multi-platform, because if Destiny being on everything. Are there 2 bungie’s now?

    • AnimusVox

      Bungie is doing its own thing now, what with ‘Destiny’ coming to PS4 along with Xbox One, MS didn’t buy them (thankfully). 343 made ‘Halo 4’. To answer your question, there is but one Bungie.

      • Willgaea


        • AnimusVox

          No problem. Didn’t want to leave you hangin’ :>