Final Fantasy XIV: Meet the key allies
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Cid nan Garlond is your trusty magitek engineer.

Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn website with descriptions of the key non-player ally characters. Find the full group of comrades detailed below. View screenshots of each at the gallery.

The Scions of the Sventh Dawn

  • Minfilia – A woman whose gentle eyes and caring demeanor conceal a steely determination. Amidst the chaos that reigns in the wake of the Calamity, Minfilia seeks to find a hero who will help to usher in an era of enduring peace. She is said to harbor a keen interest in preternatural phenomena.
  • Thancred – A self-professed bard and chaser of dreams, often seen wandering the wilds of Thanalan. Ever the charmer, Thancred never misses an opportunity to woo a lovely lady with verses of adulation. This foppish facade, however, conceals many secrets, not the least of which is his puissant skill with a dagger.
  • Yda – A young woman with the skills of a pugilist, Yda is always seen with her companion, Papalymo, as they go about their enigmatic business in the verdant Black Shroud. Though appearing carefree and almost flippant at times, the depth of her focus is revealed in battle, where she stands ever ready to protect her comrades.
  • Papalymo – This Lalafellin youth wields the powers of a thaumaturge, and is highly knowledgeable in the field of aether. Papalymo’s childlike features, typical of his race, bely a biting cynicism that often puts him at odds with the perpetually cheerful Yda, the companion with whom he roves the Black Shroud.
  • Y’shtola – This beautiful and enigmatic Miqo’te is often seen wandering the lands of La Noscea. Her mastery of the arcane arts and conversance with ancient tongues mark her as far more than a simple traveler.
  • Louisoix – The wise and wizened former leader of the Circle of Knowing, a fellowship of learned individuals hailing from the far-northern island nation of Sharlayan. In seeking to forestall the calamitous arrival of the Seventh Umbral Era, Louisoix invoked the power of the Twelve, Eorzea’s pantheon of guardian deities. Alas, he disappeared amidst a blinding light following the ritual, and has not been seen or heard from since.
  • Urianger – An Elezen sage and scholar of prophetic teachings, Urianger was one of the first to draw the attention of Eorzeans to the peril of the Seventh Umbral Era. Formerly of the Circle of Knowing, he is infamous among adventures for the guidance he proffers via his cryptic utterances.
  • Alphinaud & Alisaie – A self-assured young man and his strong-willed twin sister, recently come to Eorzea in pursuit of an unknown agenda. In spite of their tender years, the two carry themselves with an air of unwavering purpose.

Garlond Ironworks

  • Cid – A brilliant magitek engineer, Cid nan Garlond defected from his native Garlemald and came to Eorzea, where he founded the ironworks of his namesake. He now shares his knowledge with the people of his adoptive homeland, that they might defy the imperial menace he once served.

Final Fantasy XIV is due out for PlayStation 3 and PC on August 27. A PlayStation 4 version is planned for 2014.

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  • Elvick

    Could tag PS4 for this too.

  • Rudy Soto

    Jesus, Cid looks old with that Santa Claus beard.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    He looks old, but good! Can’t wait for the PS4 version.

  • Marco Tinè

    Square-Enix has finally turned the Crystal Tools in the wondrous instrument they wanted in the first place. The engine looks so sharp and refined, I’d love to see certain remakes (FFVI!) running on it.

    • Bloodios

      I’m pretty sure it’s a different engine that was specifically created for this game, because the Crystal Tools was so horrible (if Lightning Returns, the latest title powered by the engine, is anything to go by.) Also, future titles, like Final Fantasy XV, are more than likely going to be powered by Square’s next-gen engine, the Luminous Studio.

      • Marco Tinè

        You’re more than right here. I was convinced it was a new iteration of the same technology, but turns out I was wrong, it’s something entirely new. Thanks for the heads up :)

        At this point, i’m curious: what’s the name of the engine used for A Realm Reborn?

        • Bloodios

          I don’t think they’re going to give it a name, simply because its a proprietary engine made for the sake of the project and will probably never going to be used again, as future titles will be probably be using the Luminous Studio.

          • Marco Tinè

            Awww, pity. It looks gorgeous!