Final Fantasy XIV beta registrations top one million
posted on 07.01.13 at 10:09 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New artwork gathers classes, Arcanist included.

Beta registrations for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have exceeded one million, Square Enix has announced.

In commemoration of this milestone, Square Enix has published a new piece of artwork (pictured right) featuring eight of the game’s playable classes, including the new Arcanist class.

Additionally, the company confirmed it’s making custom themes for PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs. The PlayStation 3 theme will include custom icons, a background, and sound effects. The Windows theme will include an image, window color, and sound setup, which can be customized through the desktop customization menu.

Users who’ve yet to register for the Final Fantasy XIV beta, available on both PC and PlayStation 3, can register here. The full game’s due out on August 27.

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  • SuperLuigi

    I love this beta! I am so happy with all the changes over the original 14.

    • whiteferrero

      how does it compare to other MMOs? say… Guildwars>?

      • SuperLuigi

        It has the usual 18 or so attacks. It is more fair to me than a lot of mmos and the way people interact in battle is better. There is a lvl sinc so anybody can party together and get exp and you can help somebody that isn’t in your party kill a mob and they still get some exp. I haven’t played to much guildwars so if some of this is in that then I wouldn’t know. I was a huge FF XI player on ps2 and x360.

        • whiteferrero

          sounds good. i like a cooperative mmo. i just wish it was free to play. T_T i don’t mind paying for the game, but a monthly subscription is just… T_T i don’t have much time to play…

      • Zerosion

        I haven’t played GW to be honest. But if there are any questions you can think of then feel free to ask, i’ll answer all that I can. :) (Shouldn’t be much that I can’t)

      • Pyrofrost

        I haven’t played Guildwars, but I can vouch for the quality of FFXIV:ARR

  • Pyrofrost

    I’m loving this game in every way. It’s better than FFXI, and it’s better than FFXIV 1.xx (I’m a former FFXI and XIV player).

    To be honest, at its core, it’s the best MMO on the market imo. Hopefully we will see it greatly expanded upon over the next 4~6 years, after a few expansions release.

  • artemisthemp

    Exclusive theme for PS3 /dance

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m loving the beta, so this is cool to hear. Wonder how high they’ll get in Phase 4.

  • TetsuyaHikari

    I’ve been having a blast with the beta as well. I also submitted a few bugs already as well, but mainly just text and grammar issues, heh. They will definitely have a lot more users once phase 4/open beta kicks off.

    Also, just randomly posting a picture of my character here because, well… Why not? Level 32 LNC.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Aaaaaand here’s a front view in case you wanted one. It’s hard to see, but his left eye is blue and his right eye is green. Heterochromia ftw~

      • Kobracon

        lol i gave my char heterochromia too XD

        • TetsuyaHikari

          It’s quite rare to see such a feature in character creation! Well, maybe another MMO has done it before that I am unaware of, but it was interesting to see, nevertheless, heh. I’ll probably change the colors just a tad once phase 4 begins.

          Sometimes they look a bit too bright under the sunlight.

  • Budgiecat

    Just bring out FF XV already. MMO’s are timesink money sponges with meh gameplay and I don’t like silent protagonist and walking through other characters like I’m a ghost…

    • TetsuyaHikari

      >I don’t like silent protagonist and walking through other characters like I’m a ghost

      Soooo… You never liked a Zelda game or an Ys game? They both have a silent protagonist. Granted, you can’t walk through every character, but there are PLENTY of games where you can walk through a character. I don’t see how that really impacts your enjoyment of the game though.

      Does the game suddenly change once you walk through a character? Are you unable to do anything you were previously able to do? Does it restrict your gameplay in some way after you do it?

      No. The game functions the same way it always does, with or without you walking through characters. It’s hardly a valid complaint since it doesn’t break the game. MMOs are timesinks though, I’ll give you that.

      I don’t really see where the “meh” gameplay comes in, especially since you probably aren’t even beta testing it, so you can’t really give impressions of the gameplay first-hand. Also, FFXIV: ARR has no bearing on the release of FFXV, so please don’t bring that into this.

      They are handled by practically completely different divisions. The reason you are having to wait so long on XV is because Nomura wants to milk it for everything its worth and hype it up more than VII ever was in hopes of making it the best selling Final Fantasy ever.

      So, you have fun with YOUR “meh” gameplay for a title that you’ve had to wait 6+ years for just to finish it in under 20 hours on your first playthrough, while I’ll probably still be playing FFXIV: ARR and enjoying the constant updates involving new content and areas to explore.

      • BigDix

        Didn’t Wada say that the scramble to rebirth XIV delayed production on the other big games being worked on internally in Japan? ARR probably did take away from XV’s resources for a time after all, like the Lightning Saga before it…

        But since XV is starting to look like it’s gonna suck, who really cares.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Ummm… Wada has absolutely nothing at all to do with XIV: ARR. What are you talking about? He resigned and Yoshi-P took over.

          • BigDix

            This was last year I believe. I mean, he was still the CEO up until not much earlier this year, so of course he had something to do with it.

            • TetsuyaHikari

              No, I don’t really believe so. Yoshi-P (and everyone for that matter) is getting ARR away from Wada’s failure as much as possible. So yeah, I really don’t think he has anything to do with it at all. Just saying the name alone in the office probably gives people a bad taste in their mouth as they shake their heads in shame.

              XIV is Wada’s failure. ARR has nothing to do with him.

              • BigDix

                Dude… What are YOU talking about? Why are you talking about Wada like he was the director or even producer on FFXIV? We are talking about Yoichi Wada, yes? He was the CEO of Square for over a decade, until just this year.

                As CEO… Yeah, FFXIV was under Wada’s tenure. And so was ARR. IIRC, he’s the one who made the call to do ARR and even picked Yoshida as Komoto and Tanaka’s replacement.

                • TetsuyaHikari

                  Well, all I know is, Wada has as much to do with this project as Nomura does, lol. Basically nothing. We can thank Yoshi-P and company for the success that ARR has obtained so far, and hopefully it will continue to succeed once it officially releases.

                  • BigDix

                    Wada had a lot to do with FFXIV: ARR, just not in the way you thought I meant. As the company’s CEO, I’m sure he supervised staffing and progress of both the original FFXIV and ARR, so that’s both to his discredit and credit. But sure, Yoshida and the ARR team that are actually developing the game are the ones responsible for making the game exactly what it is… Wada’s just responsible for the initiative that’s lead to it being what it is.

          • Zero

            Are you referring to Tanaka? He was the former producer of FFXIV and FFXI before that. In late 2010, Tanaka resigned from the position, and was replaced by Yoshi-P. (Tanka later left SE because of poor health.)

            I’m sure you know former President Wada is still part of the company. He did ultimately give the green light to release XIV version 1.0. I mean, dude was President of the company and all.

            It clearly wasn’t ready for release. I have a hard time believing anyone couldn’t tell that much. Unless they showed Wada and the other higher up’s like the opening movie and no gameplay or something absurd.

            I know Wada gets blamed for lots of the company’s failures during his time as President. It’s understandable, but I think a bit unfair in some cases.

            Let’s not forget. He signed off on trying to save XIV. He brought in Yoshi P to lead the new XIV development team. Wada even appeared in many of the live development letters, always apologizing about past mistakes.

            I guess what I’m saying is. If Wada was responsible for kicking XIV out the door too soon, I forgive him for that now. He made amends by making the right moves, bringing in the right staff, all in an effort to save XIV.

            Do I forgive Tanaka? I’m really not sure. I think he probably deserves a large amount of the blame.

            Final Fantasy XIV was originally project (Codename) Rapture. It was first mentioned in 2005 as an mmorpg project in development at SE. Tanaka was one of the senior members overseeing that team and the project. How in the hell did they start in 2005 and end up with a bunch of nothing in 2010?

            That was the big problem with XIV at launch. It looked and felt like an incomplete mess, it almost felt like playing some kind of tech demo.

            What in the bloody hell were they doing for five years lol? If you look at it that way, you can almost understand the higher up’s at Square-Enix being impatient, and ready to kick the game out the door.

            Just typing this out has me shaking my head. This is sorta why it’s hard for me to forgive Tanaka. He should have sounded the alarms before it got that bad. Perhaps… because of something similar happening with Versus at the time, he maybe felt like he couldn’t? Either way, no excuses. He was a senior member, he should have done what was necessary. He didn’t, and it hurt the company and brand severely.

            Like I said… It’s not all his fault. I’m sure looking back on things, if he had a second chance, he would have pulled the plug and sounded the alarms.

            Yoshi-P said in an interview once: “So, because they tried only to make something that was ‘different from FFXI,’ they ended up with not much of anything.”

            I suppose it makes more sense when you read that and apply it to early XIV. That’s one good thing about this debacle, it gave Yoshi-P an opportunity to shine. He has done just that, and has not only been great for XIV, he has been great for the entire company.

            (Sorry for long post lol. You might already know lots of this.)

    • Pekola

      Cat, you do realize that this little money sink can be the most profitable?

      XI has been the most profitable Final Fantasy. So between the actual game buy, the monthly payments, and then the micro-transactions–they could have a small fortune.

      That’s going on the assumption that it does sell, lol.

  • Laura

    I have been playing the PS3 version and the game is much better than the version 1.0. The first time that I played the beta, I was hooked and the last time that I was like that with a MMORPG was with FFXI. I really didn’t cared about the bugs because I’m really enjoying it. This game is a must buy to me.

  • erickderechter

    f2p or p2p ?