Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster limited edition announced
posted on 07.09.13 at 08:18 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Includes 24-page art book with commentary from the developers.

Square Enix has announced the rumored limited edition for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster in North America and Europe.

Available in “very limited quantities,” those who pre-order the game on PlayStation 3 for $39.99 will receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which includes an exclusive 24-page art book and packaging. The art book contains quotes and commentary from several of the original development team members, including a special message to the fans from producer Yoshinori Kitase.

In related news, Famitsu this week reveals the game’s new audio drama is set one year after the events of Final Fantasy X-2, and will introduce new characters and feature original illustrations. In the PS Vita version, which is broken into two games, the drama will be accessible through both.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is due out this fall. A new video comparing the original SD game to the new HD version can be seen below. New screenshots and high-res versions of the limited edition can be seen at the gallery.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog, Game Nyarth.

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  • Souter

    Awesome =3 now I just need to fine out where is selling it ^^

  • Adol Christin

    Nice but no Vita :(

    • Gigus

      Yup, wish they would just bundle the two for an additional price. Hopefully it doesn’t go ever 60 bucks if they did.

  • Anime10121

    All this and STILL no release date :(

    I wanna know when I can finally replay these gems! Gimme mah rd Square!!!

    Man, they picked the perfect scene to showcase the improvements in the HD remaster! The scenes seem to fade genuinely from the left side (PS2) right into the HD remaster side and show off all the vast improvements made :D

    • Nice Boat

      Don’t worry. They probably delayed to redub the entire game with the same actors but more experienced… Hey, a person can dream!

  • Sevyne

    So will Vita get something like this too or do we get to just pay more for less? That’s our bonus.

    • Elvick

      It’s probably just going to be digital only. Which is a big ol’ fail. I’d rather pay more to get it at retail.

      • Sevyne

        Yeah, I think I’ll rage pretty hard if it’s digital only. Then I’ll proceed to get neither version of the game.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    No point pre-ordering something that still does not have a release date.

  • Sal Romano

    Added new screenshots, just sent out.

  • artemisthemp

    Good thing I pre order mine as they become available :)

  • Gilgamesh2025


  • Gigus

    I already know the ps3 version won’t be cross buy with the vita version but if they bundled them for $49.99 that would be great.

  • bloodiOS

    So, are they pushing for 1080p or something?

  • new_tradition

    Ngh, that black packaging is so sexy. And yay artbook :3

  • RSene

    “New audio drama” means no game or animation, just an audio with a story to listen?

    • $733987

      No. However, there should be still-screens/CGs to complement the voices that will be playing. Just be glad it isn’t a normal drama cd.

      • RSene

        Ok. For non-english spoken ppl like me, having any visual in with to the audio is better, because is tough to understand what is said only with the audio.

  • Elvick

    Can’t find this game to preorder in Canada. D:<

    • bloodiOS
      • Elvick


        Why doesn’t ebgames have it up, if bestbuy does? EB Games is usually so good about these things.

        • new_tradition

          I’m not 100% confidant in EB Games now. When I pre-ordered KH 1.5 ReMIX, there was only a listing for the game with a artbook as a pre-order bonus. Than after a while, there was a listing for the LE which was basically the game with the artbook packaged with the game, and the artbook pre-order bonus no longer existed in the original game listing. If I hadn’t noticed it before, I wouldn’t have changed my pre-order and might end up with just the game alone D:

          That said, even that BB listing worries me a bit-there’s no mentioning of the artbook or LE packaging. If SE is fine with releasing two versions of 1.5 ReMIX at debut, I can’t rule out them doing the same for FFX/X-2 HD. I personally would rather wait on the listing mentioning the artbook and such.

          I don’t know why they can’t do like Atlus and just make all the first print runs of a game a LE like they are for SMT4. Everyone who pre-orders is guaranteed some swag then, and whoever waits ’til later just get’s the game, probably at a lower price to boot, no biggie.

          • Elvick

            I had that same issue with KH. D:

            I am always cautious about preordering for bonuses, if there’s no bonus listed.

            EB Games also took forever to get Tearaway preorders up, and last I checked still didn’t have the preorder bonuses for it listed either.

            Seems EB Games is slipping.They used to be more reliable, but they’re still the fastest way to get a preordered game without paying extra for me.

            And I certainly can’t rely on amazon… (too many preorders not being shipped at launch)

            Being a consumer in Canada is probably the thing I like least about living here. :P

            Even Namco Bandai is doing a first print LE thing with Xillia. SE should do it too. How hard is that?

            • new_tradition

              lol, ditto. Taxes makes being a Canadian gamer difficult as it is, let alone the lack of options, promos and what not :P

              But omg, don’t get me started on Amazon Canada. I’m not a fan of them using UPS, but used to like them since I always got my pre-order bonuses from them, but they definitely been slipping for a while. They didn’t have Project X Zone for pre-order, and they aren’t getting the FFXIV ARR Collector’s Edition (even the listing for the stand alone game is wonky; there’s two of them for PS3, wtf?). I’ll still use them for artbooks, but unless there’s some awesome deals, I might pass on them for gaming and such.

              I’m actually starting to like FutureShop for my preferred game retailer. I don’t mind not getting a game on day 1 when I order online, but FS especially uses Canada Post which is SO MUCH EASIER for me to deal with than UPS and FedEX. Plus they run promotions sometimes, and I finally capitalized on the latest one (E3 promo, basically I’m getting SMT4 for about 47 taxes in instead of 56, and Brave Default is locked in at a around 37 instead of 45 =D).

              They ended up having the FFXIV ARR CE to boot, and I already pre-ordered Killer is Dead from them ^^

          • LordKaiser

            It was probably a error. I pre-ordered Xillia and when I paid it in advance they upgraded it to LE. I think it’s best to do the payments before the pick up day.

    • Peacenutman

      Hello, fellow Canadians :)

  • Zero

    Sweet! This is what I’ve been waiting for. I just Pre-ordered my copy. Still no release date, kinda odd.

  • Kobracon

    Dat box…..

  • Willi M.

    no limited edition for the Vita??

  • PrinceHeir

    this is ace :)

    sadly i might get the JPN version instead, but will see