Dead Rising 3 can be silly or serious
posted on 07.19.13 at 05:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Run around in a full-body shark mascot costume.

While our first look at Dead Rising 3 when it debuted at E3 displayed a more “realistic” approach to the series, an IGN preview of the game’s latest build at San Diego Comic-Con promises the silliness of previous entries will return.

Players can opt to play in a no-pressure sandbox mode, or on the schedule of the original Dead Rising‘s Nightmare Mode. You can have a proper horror experience free of silliness, or a Dead Rising experience with all the silliness. In the Comic-Con demo, protagonist Nick is shown in a full-body shark mascot costume, plopping traffic cones on the heads of zombies and hacking them to bits with a crafted flame sword.

At E3, we saw how Dead Rising 3 utilizes tablets to call upon airstrikes.  But there’s more to the second screen experience. Early on in the game, Nick finds a government cell phone, which players can link to their real-world phone. When Nick receives a call in-game, your phone will ring and you can listen to the message from your device. You can also use the phone app to point you in the direct of health packs and the like.

IGN’s preview also discusses the game’s visuals. According to the site, there were no hiccups in the demo, and loading screens are non-existent. Players will be able to run in and out of buildings, travel the sewers, drive from downtown to sunset hills without ever seeing a load screen.

Dead Rising 3 is due out exclusively for Xbox One when it launches this November.

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  • bloodiOS

    "Dead Rising 3 can be silly or serious"

    Or seriously silly.

  • Nice Boat

    “Dead Rising 3 can be silly or serious”

    I’ll take the former. Serious doesn’t go with… My vacation!

  • Rafael Martines

    Hopes Dead Rising 3 Off the record comes to PS4 too

  • Bob Obb

    This is a silly game, but I don’t mean it as a compliment. DR1 was the only one I liked, but even that was marred with stupidly long and frequent loading.

  • Karl Josef

    that isn’t next gen graphics nor the game -_-
    it should release also on PS3, Xbox360 and Wii U.
    I think the developers of this game aim too high -_-

    • artemisthemp

      But they don’t have the power of the Cloud :P