Watch Dogs multiplayer detailed
posted on 06.12.13 at 06:25 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Invade someone's game and hack their phone.

Multiplayer in Watch Dogs is a bit like multiplayer in Dark Souls.

Other players can hack and install a virus to your in-game smartphone at any time. When this happens, you’ll be alerted with an on-screen message and virus installation percentage. As it increases, you must use your smartphone’s Profiler app to find the hacker.

Hackers appear in your game as regular NPCs. Though the person playing the hacker is actually Aiden Pearce in their game. With the Profile app, you’ll be able scan areas to pinpoint the hacker’s location. For a wider scanning range, you could hack a camera, too.

When you’ve located the hacker, you’ll need to take him out to stop the virus installation. Ubisoft hasn’t exactly detailed what this virus will do, if installed. But a virus is a virus!

Multiplayer can be completely switched off, if players would rather not deal with hackers. If enabled, it will automatically disable itself during missions.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

Thanks, UbiBlog.

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  • kuusou yume

    Looks like this will be the game that I pick up with my PS4 since I found out Knack isn’t a launch game :(

    • Tyler James Sherwood

      i thought i remember Sony saying Knack was a launch game. I remember them saying Knack, Drive Club and KillZone ShadowFall were launch game. Infamous Second Son is out in Feb 2014

    • Solomon_Kano

      Knack is a launch title, alongside KZ and Driveclub. The only game from February that isn’t a launch title is Infamous, which is launch window.

      • kuusou yume

        OMG, I hope so!

        thanks for the link & good news

        • Solomon_Kano

          No prob.

  • bloodiOS

    Could be good, but I need more details, and some demonstration.

  • MrKappa

    Not gonna bother with the MP in this game, it sounds like it will just be like Assassin’s Creed without people running across the rooftops like crazy fools.

    And I think AC has some of the worst MP ever.

    • Bobby Jennings

      I like AC’s multiplayer…but I mean I just like manhunt games like that. I used to play manhunt all the time as a child.

  • Karl Josef

    looks like it’s scary to play on MP hahaha
    I will just enjoy
    playing SP and always to turn off the electricity of the city :3

  • Elvick

    Yay, we can disable it at will. :D

    I’ll definitely want to take part in this, sounds sweet, but there are times when I just don’t want to deal with something like that.

  • TheWon and Only

    So in other words. A huge city to play with by your self. No GTA free mode! No buy!