The Division online RPG announced for PS4, Xbox One
posted on 06.10.13 at 07:21 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Massive Entertainment developing latest Tom Clancy title.

Ubisoft has announced Tom Clancy’s The Division, a new online open-world action RPG from Massive Entertainment, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014.

The game is set in a decimated New York City, three weeks after a lethal virus released on Black Friday has swept through the city. One by one, basic services have failed. Society collapses, the President invokes Presidential Directive 51, and The Division, a top-secret unit of self-supporting tactical agents, is activated. These agents lead seemingly ordinary lives, but are trained top operate independently of command in emergency situations. When society collapses, their mission begins.

“Our goal with Tom Clancy’s The Division is nothing short of completely changing the way people play online RPGs,” said Fredrik Rundqvist, executive producer, Ubisoft. “With the power of next-gen consoles behind it, The Division puts players in the middle of breathtaking, persistent multiplayer thriller in which they will explore, fight and work together as modern society collapses around them, all with the authenticity for which Tom Clancy’s games are renowned.”

Watch the debut footage below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.



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  • Tetsu

    It’s semi-interesting, but the real interesting part is that it’s a 3rd person online shooter with skills.

  • Gustavo Rosario

    I plan on heading to my block in the Bronx and seeing how accurate they depict it…I’m hoping it’s so accurate that I can shoot the kids who wont leave the stoop of my building.

  • Aldridge517

    Definitely a highlight.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    looked great

  • Claude

    Most interesting thing from that conference.

  • MrKappa

    That trailer was over dramatic tin foil hat levels of nonsense but the gameplay one makes the game look interesting. Can’t wait to hear more on how this plays.

  • Genesis

    I was kind of doubtful at the start of the presentation. It was interesting but there was something that I didn’t like. It just seemed a bit overdone. Then the gameplay rolled in and I am very impressed.

  • Sal Romano

    Added errr’thang.

  • Kurisu Makise

    Ah, an RPG at last, I loved the social elements and ui.

  • King-Prodigy-X

    I want my Rainbow Six Patriots!!!!! :(

  • Revorse

    That actually looks pretty interesting. Although I was oddly intrigued by the fact that he closed the car door when he was under cover at about 3:40. That seems like an insane attention to detail.

  • Sal Romano

    This is probably the coolest thing that’s come out of E3 so far for me.

    Diggin’ that NYPD authenticity.

    • GhostNomad

      I agree entirely. This and The Crew have got me hyped.

  • whiteferrero

    this game is amazing! it’s kinda weird that the way they talk is so calm in a warzone, but damn that gameplay looks awesome!