Tales of Symphonia Chronicles debut screenshots
posted on 06.03.13 at 02:11 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Anime, battles, and story scenes pictured.

Namco Bandai has released the first four screenshots of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, including an anime and battle scene from Tales of Symphonia, and a battle scene and story scene from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

The PlayStation 3 high-definition remaster was announced Saturday at Tales of Festival for an October 10 release in Japan and early 2014 release in the Americas, Europe, and Australasia.

Today’s screenshots were actually shared through the official Tales Facebook on Saturday at a much lower quality and resolution. However, the publisher today released them in proper quality and resolution via their press channel.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Pyrofrost

    Looking good, looking good.

    But man, is the collector’s edition for that game expensive xD
    So, standard edition for me!


    Yes now Richter and Emil can get it on in HD.

  • KingNigma

    Seems like they made the portrait borders at the bottom more obvious. Neat touch.

  • PrinceHeir

    godly stuff!!!!!!

  • fireemblembeast

    I hope they tweak the battle systems a bit…also, the graphics aren’t that much better. Not that I mind, but we’ve seen what the PS3 can do for Tales games.

  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

    It’s amazing and sad how different Dawn of the New World looks to original Symphonia.

    • Pyrofrost

      What do you mean?

      • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

        Art style change. Symphonia was using celshading with the character models, versus no celshading in Dawn of the New World.

        • Pyrofrost

          Ah, I see what you’re talking about then. As far as the main series goes, Tales hasn’t used much cellshading in a long time. Aside from Vesperia, it hasn’t been used since Symphonia.

          • KingNigma

            I know its not one of the big ones but it’s been used in that fighting game Tales of VS. a few years back.

            • Pyrofrost

              In escort titles, I think Tempest used it as well, but I’d like to forget about that games existence xD

              • KingNigma

                I already have :S

              • Bec66

                Well considering Tempest R is probably going to come next, YOU CAN NEVER FORGET!!! MWAAAAAHHHAAAHHAAAHAHA!

                • Pyrofrost

                  Hopefully they won’t do that. That is a game that needs a complete remake.
                  And by complete remake, I mean there needs to be an entirely new game Tales game developed; but with the Tempest cast and maybe one or two new characters. Then slap the “Tempest R” title on it.

                  Being that Tempest is an “escort title,” I honestly expect them to just move to other “mothership titles” that haven’t been ported to portables yet and ones that are 2D. That’s if they keep the whole “R” thing going.

                  • Bec66

                    From what I understand yes they would have to re-work the entire story to make a full length RPG, but I do think it comes next considering the concept art in Innocence R, that whole skit about how Shing and Caiuss wanted a Vita remake, plus Tempest was supposed to be a mothership title till the poor reviews came in. So I think it’s fair to believe that Tempest comes next

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Well, I’ll say this much. If they did that for Tempest, I would buy it.

                      If they just do the same thing for Tempest that they did for Hearts and Innocents, then I would pass on it.

                    • Bec66

                      Considering the poor reception and sales of Tempest they’ll probably have to.

          • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

            I miss said celshading, so it’s great to see it in the form of Symphonia and of course, Vesperia had it too which was so good. I actually remember being turned off by the fact that DotNW didn’t have the same look as Symphonia back in its Wii release. Actually, it frustrates me that the sequels to these Tales games always change things up so much. The big offender being the main characters. Why do they need to make new “mains” for a sequel game? What’s wrong with Lloyd or Jude simply returning to reprise their role in the world at large? At least in TOX2’s defense, the art style and such remained consistent but the strange jump for Symphonia Chronicles is not something I look forward to.

            • Pyrofrost

              I see what you mean, and I like the cel shaded look as well. The biggest reason for the huge change in graphics is simply the passage of time. There is a five year gap between the two games. Technology had changed and we entered a new console generation, things were bound to look different.
              I understand your grievance, but I also understand why it looks different.

              To answer your question though.
              “Why do they need to make new “mains” for a sequel game? What’s wrong with Lloyd or Jude simply returning to reprise their role in the world at large?”

              I’m not sure about DotNW; however, I have played and beaten Tales of Destiny 1 & 2 and Tales of Xillia 1 & 2.
              The main reason is because either something happened to the main character, or after the story is over and the problem is solved, they moved on to other things. Also, in the sequels, the new problem that comes up is between a different set of characters.This would call for a new protag.
              Another thing of note, generally the only time a main character is the same in a sequel JRPG is when the passage of time between the games very small or if it ends in such a way that the problem isn’t solved (ie: Xenosaga, White Knight Chronicles, Digital Devil Saga, and etc).

              For Jude and Milla to be the protagonists of Xillia 2, and for Stahn to be the protagonist of Destiny 2; the stories of those two games would have to be completely rewritten. I will say this, both Xillia 2 and Destiny 2 are great follow-ups in terms of story and being well tied together.

              However, I will also answer your question with a question.
              What exactly is wrong with having a different ‘main character’ in a sequel game? Why is time progressing, characters moving on, and the story involving new ones a bad thing?

              • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

                I’ll answer your follow-up question simply. Expectations. For better or for worse, when you propose a sequel to works, you expect the universe (I.e setting, music, themes) and characters to “return” in a sequel. Now, we’re not saying all of them will come back or anything, just that’s the basic expectation. To then suddenly feature the story of a new set of protagonists, automatically interferes with the expectation of a sequel. You’re looking to see/hear stories and themes surrounding the previous cast. You can ADD to the original cast yes but you cannot or rather should not, treat that cast as secondary/cameo characters in a universe attributed to them.

                This is precisely the thing that Tales sequels do and it’s not just Tales, other games have done this before too. See Metal Gear Solid 2, See Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3. It’s actually a bigger offender in DKC2 and DKC3 because DK the titular character, isn’t playable in the sequels.

                Problem 2, when you then focus on the problems of the new cast and thus set up the story of the new cast, if you’re going to go with this method; don’t bring back the original cast. Why? Then the player will ask “Why didn’t the previous cast just handle the problem?”

                Problem 2 is what worries me about Atelier Escha and Logix. Ayesha is so powerful that if she even cameos I’m going to ask why Escha and Logix needed to do anything.

                • Pyrofrost

                  They do bring back the previous characters as primary characters in the sequels though.

                  Destiny 2, for example, takes place 18 years later. The game opens with Stahn being killed. A main party member in the game is Leon Magnus from Destiny 1. He plays an integral role for the development of the new protag, Stahn’s son, Kyle. The other heroes from Destiny 1 have all moved on to different things, but they still play a role for Kyle’s growth and development in Destiny 2. This game also features settings, music, and themes from the previous game.

                  In Xillia 2, all the playable characters from the prequel are in that game including Musee and Gaius. The only completely new character in the game that you play with is Ludger.
                  The reason Milla and Jude can’t handle the problem is because of Elle and her role with Ludger. This also has to do with Ludger’s abilities, (which Milla and Jude can not perform).
                  However, Milla and Jude still play an integral role in the game. They are not thrown away as secondary or cameo characters. There are key things in that game that only Jude and Milla can do. So they still play key roles in the game.
                  It also expands upon Xillia’s world, and further develops the previous characters. This game also features settings, music, and themes from the previous game.

                  • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

                    For your example with Destiny 1 to Destiny 2, it actually leads into my third problem with that setup. I’ll be using another game series as a prime example to illustrate this point: Ace Attorney series.

                    In Ace Attorney we see the rise and fall of Phoenix Wright and soon his revival. In Apollo Justice, Phoenix does return despite not being the main protagonist and like in Xillia 2 has a keyrole in Apollo’s story. However, that’s where the problem lies. When you do this type of story telling for a sequel, you always have the strong risk of the new cast being stunted in some way/form for the old cast or the old cast being stunted for the new cast.

                    Fans of Apollo felt that Phoenix held his story down and now in Dual Destines, is he really going to shine when Phoenix is back in the pilot seat? Dunno but I can see the great risk for that with Ludger if Jude and Millia (whom are playable which is good) are still so important to the storyline. Even relating to Destiny 1/2 for a moment. Based on what you said, there’s going to be the longings for the old cast to show-up but then how they show up and are portrayed impacts the development of new cast members and their generation.

                    Ultimately though, there’s no winning method when setting up for sequels, it’s a delicate balancing game but I feel for my preference, I’d rather the sequel always be based on previous protagonists and their storylines or something new entirely. I can’t imagine being nearly as hyped for a Kingdom Hearts sequel if Sora wasn’t the main character, unless they setup the expectation before hand of something different, i.e Birth By Sleep.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I really have lost sight of the point you’re going for, but I understand that you have a preference and that’s fine. I really don’t have a preference. As long as the story is good and the characters are well developed, I’m satisfied. For a direct sequel, all I expect is the games to be tied in a manner that makes sense.

                      As far as expectations for Xillia 2 goes though. I really don’t know when anyone expected the protag to be someone other than Ludger.
                      When they made the debut announcement of Xillia 2 at the Tales Festival last year, they featured this debut trailer. It featured no Xillia 1 characters, just Ludger, Elle, and a few other new ones.


                      There was no expectations of previous characters being playable. Knowledge of them only came later.

                    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

                      I can actually redirect you back to that point first by quoting what stemmed our discussion:

                      “What exactly is wrong with having a different ‘main character’ in a sequel game? Why is time progressing, characters moving on, and the story involving new ones a bad thing?”

                      As you mentioned, TOX2’s debut was set with not a single Xillia 1 character. This brings me back to my initial problem, stated below:

                      “For better or for worse, when you propose a sequel to works, you expect the universe (I.e setting, music, themes) and characters to “return” in a sequel.”

                      So not seeing Xillia 1 characters in that initial debut was already worrying, I recall. However, sure enough…the Xillia 1 characters started to pour in as they unveiled more about the game. So if they were going to attempt to establish Ludger and his story, pushing him at the forefront, along with new characters surrounding him (Iike his brother), how much development time can they expect to have vs Xillia 1 crew? That’s why I brought up Apollo Justice, because that’s essentially a problem in sequels when done this way.Will it still feel like the Ludger show or will it feel like the Jude and Millia show?

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Well, if you’re worried about uneven development, or Ludger feeling like he is being held back; I can assure you that this is not the case.

                      While Jude and Milla have things that only they can do (stuff dealing with the spirits), this game is Ludger and Elle’s show. However, the former Xillia character’s are still well developed. I should say that there is no attention lacking on any of them. Hell, some could even argue that Elle is the main character in a way xD

                      Looking further, for Jude and Milla to have been the main protags again, Xillia 1 would need a different ending.

                    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

                      Alright well the only way to get a definitive feel on that is to experience it for myself, so I can’t quite continue the discussion until I know for certain but you can see why that form of story telling could be bad though, yes? The worse part is, that it’s a trend with various works across Japanese media. It’s almost like the planners never think they’ll get a chance to make more works in the universe, so when the surprise budget approval comes, they’ve got to think of something to extend the storyline. Whether that’s the case for TOX2 I can’t say, likewise while the impressions from the Wii version might have tainted my view on Dawn of the New World; I’ll give it the same run through before I give definitive answer.

                      However unlike with TOX2, I’ve been exposed to TOX2’s media before TOX1, so I feel my reception to that is going to be more favourable than if I had just played TOX1, heard about TOX2 and already had my attachments made to TOX1’s cast. Dawn of the New World doesn’t have that benefit.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      Yeah, only you will be able to form your opinions on it. All I can really do is share my personal impressions and experience with it.
                      For me personally, I played Xillia 1 and 2 pretty close together. In that manner, it honestly felt like I was playing a single long game. This was nice, because they did a really good job making sure everything was tied. Nothing really felt out of place to me. Personally, I loved Xillia 1, but I preferred the story of Xillia 2.

                      As I said before, I really don’t go in a RPG with any predetermined expectations outside of a decent plot and character development. I really don’t do tons of research into a game of interest or expose myself to much. I generally just catch confirmations and release dates on games of interest, see a couple of trailers, and a few screens.
                      I like the experience to be fresh and new, so that’s just how I discipline myself on the amount of information I take in. Due to that, I really don’t build any extra expectations outside of what I already mentioned.

        • AdamBoy64

          Ah yes. That’s a good point you make. Hadn’t really thought about it like that.

          Personally I prefer the look in DotNW. Although I can see how cell shading is more artistically impressive.

  • talesoffan

    Looks good and clean. I really want to see what the overwold looks like.

  • Tetsu

    I was kinda hoping for a Graces F type of polish. But I’m still lookin’ forward to playing Symphonia again.

  • Elvick

    Bring it. Haven’t played Symphonia in forever. Have yet to beat DotNW, and probably won’t now… (on Wii anyway).

  • bloodiOS

    … I was expecting something along the line of Graces f (you know, crisp, sharp, and jaggies-free.) Seriously, there is this thing called MLAA and it’s begging to be used (it’s as though aside from Yakuza Team, no one else even know that MLAA exists.)

    The animated cutscene is particularly ugly there, I mean, what sort of upscaling technique did they use? What is up with the plethora of artifacts? (I’m pretty sure that there are free avisynth plugins out there that is perfectly capable of doing a proper upscaling while also cleaning up the artifacts. And we’re seriously saying professional like these folks can’t do the same?)

    • AdamBoy64

      Yeah. It just seems like it takes away a lot of the jagged edges, which is good. It’s not an amazing change.

      The difference seems less noticeable in the DotNW screenshots.

      • bloodiOS

        Not exactly doing a good job at smoothing edges, if this screenshot is anything to go by (do click on it to zoom in and see all that glorious jaggies):

        • AdamBoy64

          Yes. It could be better.

          I can tell there is an improvement though (been playing through DoTNW recently), but I don’t think it’s that big.

          Would be great to see some side-by-sides.

  • AdamBoy64

    I wonder what they’ll do in DotNW with the Sorcerers Ring.
    In the original, it was aimed with the Wii Remote.

    I guess it’ll just be controlled by the Analog stick now,
    as making the game Move required wouldn’t be good.

    Okay, answered my own question there.

    Still, I wonder how cumbersome that will make aiming the sorcerers ring. If the movement is slow it could be quite annoying having to use it.