Rumor: Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster limited edition incoming
posted on 06.24.13 at 05:24 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Pre-order for a free limited edition upgrade, teases GameStop ad.

Square Enix might be planning a limited edition for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, if a new GameStop ad is anything to go by.

A pre-order promotion in the retailer’s latest weekly ad reveals consumers who reserve the game will get a “free limited edition upgrade.”

As of yet, Square Enix has not announced a limited edition version of the upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita remaster.

Thanks, Nova Crystallis (via PlayStation LifeStyle).

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  • MechaMefi

    I don’t want “free DLC” with the limited edition. That’s mean that will be some kind of DLC.

    If it’s something like a figure, a artbook or something like that I probably will buy it, but not for a DLC.

    I don’t know what SE refer with an upgrade edition, but I don’t like how it sound.

    • Santashi

      The phrasing makes it sound like they’re making a fancier release as standard, like with the Day One Tales of Graces release (for a while all copies came with extra goodies-there was no vanilla alternative). Might not be the case but that’s what it reminds me of.

    • Solomon_Kano

      DLC is doubtful. The only HD remaster I’ve seen implement DLC is Sonic Adventure, with the DX content being sold separately.

      If KH 1.5 is anything to go by, they’ll be using the international version of the game anyway, so there wouldn’t be any extra content for them to sell.

      • Elvick

        Is that really a “remaster”? It’s not even widescreen. They just slapped some sidebars on it.

        • Solomon_Kano

          They chose to call it a remaster, poor as it is. It looks like a straight port to these eyes, but what do I know?

          • DesmaX

            Well, they also sold the “Battle” DLC for SA2.

            And that was a proper remaster

            • Solomon_Kano

              Ah. So same tactic twice, then. Any clue if they did DLC for Crazy Taxi or Jet Set as well?

              • DesmaX

                Nah, those games were never re-released with new content like the Sonic games, if I’m correct

                • Solomon_Kano

                  True. So just the Adventure games, then.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oho? I wonder what it’ll entail. A little CD, perhaps? I’d like that.

  • nyobzoo

    I bet it’ll be like the Atlus games, where each copy of the game will come with a soundtrack

  • Aurizen

    hope amazon will have this

  • DesmaX

    Last Mission?

    • DarthBrian

      I bet that’s it.

  • Zackasaur

    Omg, yes, please. I will definitely pre-order at a retailer that has this.

  • Kurisu Makise

    I’m kind of struggling to think of what a limited edition for this would entail besides a CD. Maybe a “making of” or DLC costumes? (Since Lightning has a Yuna outfit, maybe Yuna gets a Lightning outfit?) Either way, my wallet is ready, your move Square Enix.

    • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

      your nabness is overwhelming and lacking of knowledge of ffx.
      you dont get dlc in ffx,it was never intended dlc/costumes on ffx.

      putting up with discount or a free game is not limiited edition,its just a bundle of bullshitt.
      if se would really make an limited edition,you could get some extra artwork,posters,ffx chars figures,usb pen,digital ost/cd with ffx ost or authentication of authencity or something

      • Kurisu Makise

        It’s true the original game was never made with DLC in mind but costumes isn’t some magical stretch. We see that with Tales of Symphonia for example but I’m not heavily banking on such a possibility, just trying to think of what a Limited edition can entail besides a cd or artbook/poster. Actually what would be nice is if the Vita version just had both FFX-X2 in one collector’s box. That’d be Limited enough for me instead of separating them completely.

        • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

          its pointless to think that ffx gonna have any dlc,because its no need for it. Besides dlc isnt really exclusive anymore since it usually just beeing release on psn at a later point,so not really gonna happen.
          but I lost my faith in square,so SE can go screw emselves,so I honestly dont give a shitt about ffx remake after the stunt they pulled with vs13.
          Im already happy with ffx as it stands now,it doesnt need any improvement in my book,I love it excactly how it is.

          • LordKaiser

            I know you don’t like the fact that after you waited for Versus XIII so long it moved to another console and so do I but it just happened.

            • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

              ye, used to adore se for their final fantasy games,now I really hope SE goes bankrupt and dies,so my faith dies in SE aswell.
              they completly crushed me when they did that announcement,im not getting another console for the sole pupose of vs like I did with ps3.

              im sure most people here will get the ps4,but for I have grown out of shooter games and I dont like open world games,and,and nextgen will integrate SP with MP, and the fact that its only games im interested in,its not worth it.

              • LordKaiser

                If the PS4 becomes full of RPGs like the PS2 was then what you will do?

                • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

                  right,thats most likely yes?
                  with the 500shooters and 20 open world games thats on the ps4 so far,and I only like ff games,so not that interested in the rpg genre in general,just ff and Nier thats really good
                  its been announced shooter after shooter after shooter,and then a racing game,and then shooter and shooter.
                  the ps2 erra is completly different then ps4,ps4 erra is all about facials,dogs,open world,fish,60fps in full hd nonsense.on the ps2 people were creative with games.

                  • Kurisu Makise

                    So wait, you’re going to just ignore all the creative projects being made by either new talent or people whom broke the mould from the big developers, which will be arriving on PS4? Did the PS loves developers message not arrive in your inbox? It’s too soon to be writing off the whole generation and generalizing all games development like that. If you’re worried, vote with your wallet and support the creative games you like.

                    • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

                      well,creative projects doesnt mean shitt to me,if it isnt any games in the genre I like which is hack n slash,car games,fighting games and ff,but scratch ff.
                      and only 1 car game that is interesting is announced for the ps4 so.

                  • LordKaiser

                    That’s because these games are sadly on portables right now.

      • Solomon_Kano

        What does nabness mean?

    • PrinceHeir
      • Kurisu Makise

        Glad you like the idea Prince =3 Great suggestions too.

  • LightGenx


  • Panda

    I’m pretty sure is going to be a artbook like the Hitman HD and Kingdom hearts HD collection.

  • rainelee

    A little artbook or CD soundtrack would be pretty sweet.

  • Elvick

    For the love of god do it…

    For Vita, you can do physical versions. Hell, that would be enough of a “special edition” for me to be happy. I want carts for the Vita versions so bad. I’d even pay $30 each (and I know I’m in the minority there).

    • マッシュー

      Isn’t that the price we all thought they’d charge for Vita versions any way?

  • DarthBrian

    Better not be a Gamestop exclusive is all I’m sayin’.

    • マッシュー

      If it is, I’ll end up going GameStop. I’m sorry Amazon, you treat me good, but for LE goods for FFX to come out..

    • Kobracon

      God I hope not. My country doesn’t have that shitty brand shop here…

  • KnifeAndFork

    They are 60% done

  • new_tradition

    I’m okay with this ♥

  • Azuardo

    Hope they do a good collector’s edition! Full artwork of both games from early development and all the way through, scrapped designs etc. If anyone’s seen the Art of Alice: Madness Returns artbook, something like that – massive and full of beautiful hand drawings. Full OSTs for both games, too, and perhaps a steelbox.

    Would love it if the FF Ultimanias were finally translated to English. The FFX and X-2 Ultimanias would be perfect collector’s edition items!

    • kenshee

      If they put the ultimania’s in, the price would shoot up by a large amount though.

      But I WOULD like them to be translated, I’d just like to buy them separately.

      • Azuardo

        That may be true, but as an actual LIMITED edition, people would pay large sums for it. I’d certainly splash out on it. Though you’re right – I’d buy them even if they were translated and sold individually.

  • Nice Boat

    Maybe it’s the FFX character CD that has songs by the voice actors and monlogues about the plot. Tidus, Wakka, Yuna, Lulu and Rikku sing! Auron and Kimahri are too boring I guess.

  • PrinceHeir

    im still deciding if i should get the US version or not since it might not have the International versions of both FFX/FFX-2 as well as The Last Mission(which was not translated by SE US)

  • artemisthemp

    I hope Square Enix soon will tell, what this Limited Edition is.