PSone-inspired JRPG coming to PS4, Wii U, PS Vita
posted on 06.29.13 at 03:48 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Kickstarter-funded Soul Saga reaches console stretch goal.

Soul Saga, a Kickstarter-funded RPG inspired by PlayStation classics like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona, is coming to PlayStation 4, Wii U, and PS Vita alongside its already announced PC release.

The game, which has surpassed its $60,000 funding goal, reached an $80,000 stretch goal for the console versions. And just today, it passed the $90,000 stretch goal for airships.

Fifteen days still remain for the game’s funding, with stretch goals such as airship combat, a job board, legendary weapons, and more.

You can fund the game and read more about its story, characters, and battle system on Kickstarter. Watch a pre-alpha battle gameplay video below.

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  • Elvick

    Thanks for reporting on this game. :D I want those airship battles

    • Sal Romano


      Sorry for lateness. On this, and maybe other stuff from this week (I know I missed some things). I’m not home / won’t be till July 6. But I vill be doing my best.

      • LastBoss

        You should be ashamed of yourself!!!/s

      • Panda

        I think you should do a story on this too.

        PS4 version got announce not that long ago.

        • bloodiOS

          5 more days with roughly $15K to go… can they make it?

          Edit: They made it! Awesome!

          • Zero

            I’m not sure. I hope so. I went ahead and backed the project.

            • bloodiOS

              I’ll back both this and Souls Saga once I get paid this weekend, I think if drink a lot, I can last a couple days. Anyway, I hope it makes it since it’s so close already, would be quite a waste otherwise.

              • Zero

                I’ve been backing lots of stuff lately. I think I might have to ban myself from kickstarter. lol

                Well, for my wallets sake anyways. =P

  • nesfe

    This is the first Kickstarter that I back ^^. Hope it turns out well.
    Next up Airship Battles.

  • XypherCode

    This’ll be great on consoles. Not sure if i’ll get it for PS4 or Wii U. But since they mentioned they’ll be taking advantage of the Wii U controller I might choose that.

    • jujubee88

      “This’ll be great on consoles.”

      That’s why I’m getting it on VITA. I’ll play it while taking a dump. :P

  • Zero

    I’ve already backed the project. =)

    • Kurisu Makise

      I should be able to back it this next friday once I get paid, looking forward to sealing my Vita copy in. Might pay a bit more for a PS4 copy as well.

  • OverlordZetta

    Sounds like it’ll be worth a look, at least. Hopefully the file won’t be too big.

  • shogunknight

    Wow, how come i never knew of this? It looks beautiful, hope all goes well for it

  • Tyler James Sherwood

    Just put down $15. I want a PS4 copy of the game :D

  • Nitraion

    Lol i like they skipping Xbox console like not exist XD
    Why do that… lol

    • Al. Lopez

      Blame Xbox One for it :P

  • Alkaid

    I’m a little weary on kickstarter projects. Especially when it comes to pledge rewards.
    But I have to say, as a RPG crazy gamer this one looks very promising as a game and I will definitely continue to look into it. A PS4/Vita copy of the game would be marvelous.

    Thank you very much. :)

    P.S. Also the theme song is really catchy. o___o

  • Budgiecat

    Whats the main title song going to be for it? How bout Mick Jagger & Lenny Kravitz song

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    The blonde hair character i though he said his name was “Mithos”

    • Zero
      • whiteferrero

        I love this guy already. Hmm… the concept of making a guild sounds nice, I hope they build in some guild making mechanics or something.

  • LordKaiser

    the indie friendly machines. I will eventually get this.

    • TwinTails

      Who would thumb you down? Unless Microsoft rebuilds consumer and indie relationships, they’re gonna get left in the dust.

  • Finalshoryuken

    I will back that game!…………when I get paid…………….in 14 days…………… D’:

  • Learii

    another game for my vita <3

  • bloodiOS

    Only 15 days left… It would be nice if they can, at least, make it to $135,000, preferably $200,000 but maybe that’s hoping for too much…

  • EspadaKiller

    Oh wow it looks really good!

  • Zuhri69

    I am really impressed with the overall information on the kickstarter page. I hope that it goes well, not just for the creator’s sake but for our’s as well.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Looks fun, maybe I’ll give it a chance!

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    I respect those who can bring such a project to fruition, but irrelevantly I must ask,

    Who the fuck’s down-voting everybody?

    • jujubee88

      Doesn’t matter. The person who does it wants drama. I say give them the coldest of shoulders.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Already put some $$ to back the project. Good thing this game has gained $45K over its kickstarter goal

  • Zero

    The creator of Soul Saga did a let’s play last night. More info below if interested. –

    I am going to get on my new channel and play some Final Fantasy 7! Please come join me! There’s a chat room where we can all chat together and I’ll be chatting a little bit about why I love the game and inspirations I’m pulling from it for Soul Saga.

    You can still watch it just in case you missed it.

    I watched quite a bit of this last night. Fun times. =)

  • artemisthemp

    It looks fun and it coming to PS4/Vita so may gonna back it :)

  • TwinTails

    There ain’t no party like a stretch goal party cause a stretch goal party don’t stop. :3

  • McPoo

    Ugh, there’s a reason games like this aren’t popular anymore. They’re relics of an older generation, fun at the time but unwilling to evolve.

    I imagine most of this Kickstarter was funded by nostalgia.

    • epy

      What games would you consider current generation, evolved entertainment? Not being sarcastic or hostile, just curious. Personally I don’t think high quality works are tied to a generation but how well they’re made. There’s plenty of crap being released nowadays with orchestral music, high definition graphics and gameplay backed with years of game design experience as there are timeless games made by a team of less than ten people that are considered masterpieces by old and new gamers alike.

      Lately I’ve seen this trend a lot. Gamers that refuse to acknowledge the value of older games just because of aesthetics. Anything below current gen is considered crap automatically. I wonder if it’s a reaction againts the other side that refuses new games on principle, regardless of quality (there IS great stuff being made nowadays too) or if it’s just a superficial thing. Why, the other day this so-called huge RPG fan refused to give Xenogears a chance just because of the graphics, even though there is substantial evidence on the quality of its narrative, music and gameplay.

      That last paragraph wasn’t directly aimed at you by the way, just a random thought.

      • McPoo

        It’s more the fact that these old school JRPG’s are all pretty much interchangeable. They all have the same main character, the same ‘end of the world’ storyline, the same monotonous combat system that requires you to grind.

        Ni No Kuni showed that it’s possible to tell an intelligent story, with interesting characters and still be a JRPG. I’d call that an evolution of the genre, personally. Then again, I’m not a JRPG nut so I’m probably not the best person to be talking about them!

        Also, I’ve nothing against older games, although it’s very rare I go back and play anything older than PS1 (mainly because there’s too much new stuff to play!), but at times I’ll go back and replay bits and pieces. I do find it hard to play something story driven though, because of how far games have come in their ability to spin a tale. The Spyro Trilogy is currently on sale on PSN though, so might be I’ll get that :p

        • epy

          I see your point better now. The “end of the world” storyline is a cheap way to raise the stakes after all. The “country boy that becomes the saviour of the world” is another one. I think it’s all about execution. Take the Tales series for example, it is filled with anime tropes but great care is given to establish the setting and character relationships so that the story is enjoyable even if you’ve heard it dozens of times. Or in Suikoden, where you’re fighting for the sake of a single country (sometimes a small one) but it feels “heavier” than many “end of the world” storylines.

          The same can be said about the gameplay. I enjoyed the battles in Dragon Quest IV (DS) but the battles in FFII (PSP) annoyed the crap out of me, even though both are basically the same battle system.

          Ni no Kuni is a great example. I wished they had gone easier on the hand-holding though, but lately all games have that tendency.

        • Elvick

          You must be terrible if you think they require you to grind.

          My dad’s file in FFVI was 20+ levels above mine, but I couldn’t beat the boss he was at because he had shitty equipment and raised his characters poorly.

          I made it there with 20 less levels and owned the boss easily.

          Any good JRPG doesn’t REQUIRE grinding, but shitty players will always REQUIRE grinding even in good games.

          • McPoo

            So you’re saying that grinding isn’t a key component of JRPG’s (good or not, that’s completely irrelevant)?



            Psst… I th… I d… I… think you might be wrong there, m8.

            #yolo xox

            • Elvick

              Leveling =/= Grinding

              Grinding = Purposefully going out because you suck and power leveling to make the core game easier.

              You make that conscious player choice. Many games allow you to just use a better strategy to beat the boss, or overcome. But most people are too lazy and dumb to do that, so just grind it out.

              It’s the easy solution. Don’t bitch that you pick that over other options.

              • McPoo

                Wow, you’re really sticking to your guns aren’t you? Don’t know why, but fair enough. #rolo xox


    FINAL FANTASY IX memories bring back

    • artemisthemp

      Wasn’t those Menu’s use in FFVII also?

  • Zero
    • bloodiOS

      Guild Battles seems to be within reach but man, if this game ever reaches the stretch goal for Atelier of Souls, I think I would easily find myself spending 6 months with the game.

      • Zero

        At the rate it’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hit that goal, or even go further beyond it.

        The current pace the last few days is knocking out stretch goals pretty quickly. I hope for the best. =)

        • bloodiOS

          It really is amazing to see how fast the fund is rising. At the same time, it’s almost sad to compare this to Project Sweat, which barely makes any progress over the past five days…

          • Zero

            I suppose it just needs more marketing from the community. I backed that project too. xD

            (My wallet stopped speaking to me.)

            • bloodiOS

              Maybe they need to pick a catchy title name first…

              • Zero

                Maybe. =P

                I also think it has time to catch on. Still lots of days to go. If it hits the pledge goal, I expect lots of people to try and hit the console stretch goal.

                • bloodiOS

                  The creator of Project Sweat just pulled the plugged… I supposed they gave up on it after seeing how slowly things progress over the past few days. I can’t helped but feel a bit depressed, since I thought the project has a lot of potential… I sure hope that they’ll try again…

                  On the other hand, H-Hour just reached its goal. The huge surge in funding since yesterday is seriously amazing to behold. At this rate, it might even reach $250K before the deadline.

                  • Zero

                    Yeah, I got the email about Project Sweat. Its a shame to be honest. =(

                    On the other hand, tis awesome that H-Hour reached its goal.

  • Mistral

    Guilds you say….

    Suikoden inspiration….?

    I really hope to see more recruitable characters then <3
    Surely not 108, but recruiting characters is an amazing mechanic.

  • Zero

    Soul Saga is about to hit the Legendary Weapons stretch goal!

    • bloodiOS

      Reached it!

      Borrowed some credits and backed the project just now! Here’s hoping that 12 days later, the project will have already reached $175K.

      • Zero

        Nice! It feels good to support great projects like Soul Saga. :)

  • Isaac Newton

    This is the first kickstarter I was really hyped about..

  • bloodiOS

    $125K reached! Guild Master unlocked!

    • Zero

      Yeah! =)

      • bloodiOS

        I thought that the stretch goal for Garen’s Saga ($200K) was impossible at first, but with 11 days to go. It really is looking very promising. Also, I should never count out the last couple days before the deadline, as that usually when folks go nuts with the funding. Might be possible to see Twice The Game after all (we’re already half-way there!)

        • Zero

          Yep. I said it below, but I still think chances are great for it to hit the other stretch goals.

  • bloodiOS

    $130,000 reached! Guild Hall unlocked!
    Really though, it’s been rather slow. I’m feeling rather pessimistic, again…

  • bloodiOS

    $135,000 reached! Forgotten Beasts unlocked!

    That was slightly faster than I anticipated. Sure hope that we’ll make it to Atelier of Souls.

    That aside, I really like the sample soundtrack that was put up the other day. I also heard that the creator is seeking new artist to improve the game artwork or something. I just keep liking this project more and more.

    On a side note, I’m glad that H-Hour made it to its $250K stretch goal with some to spare.

    • Zero

      I think these next two stretch goals will be the toughest. I’m hoping for the best. =)

    • Zero

      Approaching Guild Battles stretch goal! =)

      Currently at around 147,000 ish at the time of this post.

      • bloodiOS

        Made it! Only $100K more before we get Twice The Game… Yeah… Seriously though, it does seem to be a bit out of reach, even with the current pace.

  • Tyler James Sherwood

    $150k reached Guild Battle time :D

  • bloodiOS

    $175K reached! Atelier of Souls unlocked!
    Roughly 32 hours left! Can Garen’s saga be reached before then?

    • Zero

      Awesome! =)

  • Matthew

    Will be buying this on my PS4 as soon as it’s available :)