PlayStation 4 won’t restrict used games
posted on 06.10.13 at 10:44 PM EDT by (@salromano)
No always online or periodic check-ins.

PlayStation 4 won’t restrict used games, Sony confirmed during its E3 press conference.

Disc-based games don’t need to be connected online to play, and the console won’t require you check in periodically.

“And it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated within 24 hours,” Sony Computer Entertainment boss Jack Tretton said.

An instructional video on how to share used games on PlayStation 4 can be seen below.

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  • Sal Romano

    Jack Tretton, you are my hero.

    • KingNigma

      Gotta say, you’re killing it with the updates. Thanks and keep it up!

    • HeatPhoenix

      Uhmm, we’re gonna have to pay for online. Jack just kinda put it in his sentence some where. Half of us noticed.

      • Gigus

        Yeah I noticed it. I think people got caught up with the “No DRM” and did notice he didn’t say that multiplayer online on ps4 would be free :/

      • DrForbidden

        I don’t find this point troubling at all. Free online isn’t something we should take for granted forever anyway. Even with paid online MP, the PS4 still kicks XBone’s plastic arse in all ways.

        • HeatPhoenix

          Why wouldn’t we? It’s free on steam. Those are servers too. It was free for PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U ETC ETC. And I won’t stand for this shit.

          • DrForbidden

            It’s only free on Steam until Valve decides it’s no longer free. I don’t disagree with your sentiment, but the fact remains that it is a service provided. The providers can choose to charge for it if they wish, at some point in time. It’s NOT an entitlement.

            If it bothers you that much, you can stick to PS3 or just not play online. I know I won’t playing online on my PS4, so it’s SP all the way for me.

            • $18114340

              The PC games online ecosystem is not the same as the console gaming ecosystem. Sony provides centralized services for social and player-tracking metrics and is also the sole provider for Playstation game access, so it makes sense that you would have to pay for those services, because there is no alternative.

              Valve can’t make anybody pay persistent service fees for any game that they don’t own the rights to, because that would not only probably violate existing agreements on the service but also because they’re not in charge of the servers for non-Valve games. Playing Call of Duty on Steam? You’re in Activision’s court, not Valve’s.

              • DrForbidden

                I see. Thank you. That also means that if Activision wants to start charging for CoD online, Valve has no say in the matter.

                • DesmaX

                  Well, you can’t sell digital games, so you don’t have Online Passes on Steam.

                  But you do have Season Passes. And CoD has it’s own (For each game)

          • Altin

            Welp, you gotta see it in two different ways:

            For once, you get most of the free games that come with a PSN+ Subscription. 5 Dollars a month is like a fart in a wind for all the content that they provide to you.

            Make notice that they mention only Multiplayer. Online services such as PSN and anything else will still be accessible without a PSN+ Subscription.

            In the end, you either can bite the bullet, or just stick with whatever does not grind your gears.

      • Bryce Blalex Douglas

        I’m okay with this given the love Sony is showing to gamers

    • Gigus

      I’m a bit confused. Is multiplayer on ps4 free for non ps+ members?

  • MasterSensei

    K.O Flawless Victory!!

  • DrForbidden

    Paging clean-up crew. Paging clean-up crew.

    Please proceed to the Microsoft booths.

    Collective pants-wetting and pants-shitting at Microsoft booths.

    Repeat: collective pants-shitting.

    Thank you.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owltron

    Thank goodness for that…

  • hush404

    Very very very happy about that!

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    GAME. SET. MATCH. Microsoft it was nice knowing ya

    • jujubee88

      “Relax, I got this. ;-)”

      -Kaz Hirai, before saving an entire next gen

  • rainelee


    • whiteferrero

      LONG LIVE PLAY!!! :) (Shouting this while tearing up)

      • rainelee

        I know. I can hardly contain my own excitement. :D Just wow.

  • KIngpigeon96

    His smile after he announced this was fantastic.

  • epy

    You know, the huge cynic in me would have never thought this would happen. I still can’t believe it.

  • MrRobbyM

    Sony has my full support this coming gen.

  • PrinceHeir

    can we have a confirmation about Region restriction please :D

    i want Region FREE PS4 and consider my a day 1 buyer!

  • Sal Romano

    Gaiz, you have to watch the video.

    • Locksus

      Just did :P

    • Farid Belkacemi

      It’s… AMAZING ! xD

  • kuusou yume


  • Locksus

    Well this is great! Japan wins E3!

  • Race Bannon Ql Antiguo

    C-C-CCCombo Breaker!.. ULTRA!!! (ultrah ultrah ultrah)

  • Jontaku

    I laughed so hard cause he was pretty much saying “Fuck you Microsoft”

  • Aldridge517

    I need confirmation on PS+ for multiplayer.

  • King-Prodigy-X

    Their marketing team is probably going to be more brutal this his holiday after just watching that video.

  • Negi98

    Hahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing at this. Everyone is staring at me, but fuck it!

  • SpectralRaiden

    Sony’s basically been giving Microsoft the middle finger the whole time.

  • b4lmung

    Super trollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    But I like it ! lol

  • Farid Belkacemi


  • Anime10121

    Already knew it, couldnt really do all that teasing if they were gonna go back on it!

  • Ritsujun

    Long live console gaming.
    Let’s throw the Xbone to the hungry CODogs.

  • GhostNomad

    The crowd’s reaction to that announcement was just… Marvelous. And about the same as my own.

  • Irp4n

    >This is how you share your games for PS4
    Step 1: sharing the game

    I laughed so hard :))

  • Rydak

    That video is epic. So simple, but so brutal. XD

  • LordKaiser

    There’s 1 thing that worries me and it’s the need of Playstation Plus to play multi-player online if you pause and read that video at the end.

    • xMCXx

      For only 5 bucks a month and this way we will get a better experience like Xbox Live.

      • LordKaiser

        I know about the benefits. In fact if I could afford it, I would be subscribed to PS+ by now.

  • Zero

    Sony. Thank you!

    • Santashi


  • Archvile

    You know you did something right when you got that amazing reaction from the crowd!

    Also lol the video, oh Sony..

  • Raiu

    Thank you Sony!!!!

  • El_Gran_Catracho


    • Namekaze_Minato

      Xbox One: “Check out my new cool rectangular design”
      PS4: “Bitch Please!”

  • kuusou yume

    I buy new games with money i get from selling old games.

    I was introduced to some of my favorite games because of borrowing from friends. I’m really glad they stuck up for the consumers.

  • Namekaze_Minato

    Did Sony just say:

    1)400$; that’s $100 below microsoft’s s*%t box!
    2)Its Region free!
    3)No Mandatory internet connection necessary!
    4)Used Games Work!

    I was already knocked out by their new games; and now this! LONG LIVE PLAY!

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Sony forever!!! :D

  • artemisthemp

    Sony you is the best