PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.45 fix coming June 27
posted on 06.21.13 at 11:46 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Sony to provide steps on how to implement solution.

Sony has identified the issue in PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.45 causing a number of PlayStation 3s to malfunction, the company has said.

A revised system software update will be released on June 27 and should resolve the issue.

Sony said it will provide steps on how to implement the solution.

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  • Bobby Jennings

    Good. I feel bad for the consumers whom it happened to.

  • bloodiOS

    Now I just hope that this update doesn’t cause problems for the ones that weren’t affected in the previous update.

  • Marco Tinè

    Looks like the steps they talk about involves downloading the firmware to an USB drive and then uploading it to the console in Safe Mode – at least, that’s the only way I think a bricked console could be restored. Anyway, props to Sony for finding the solution, I hope they’ll be kind enough to explain what the issue actually was and how it slipped through their QA checks.

  • Haseo

    my update is stuck on 99% and i called sont 3 times already an they dont know how to fix it ._.

  • Learii

    mine work after I download 4.45 so I don’t need it

    • bloodiOS

      What if they require you to download it? You know, the kind of update that won’t allow to sign in to your account unless you have it.

  • Ryan Nelson

    Use the file on that site to fix your brick.
    It is the Official Non-corrupt 4.45 update.
    All you need is a second SATA 2.5″ Hard Drive.

  • Makoto Kurogane

    Mine stopped working after the update. I got the HDD out and checked on the PC. My surprise to see MILLIONS of sectors damaged was over 9000… Who will pay for my HDD? Sony, i’m getting pissed of this -.-

    • DrForbidden

      I’m not trying to piss on you or anything, dude, but I don’t think you have an actual case here unless you removed the HDD to check the damaged sectors immediately before downloading the update. You can’t prove that the HDD did not already have damaged sectors before the update.

    • uhawww

      The PS3 uses a customized UFS2 file system. It’s mostly unrecognizable by Windows systems, which is why you aren’t supposed to take an internally formatted PS3 drive and connect it to a Windows PC. The PS3 can read FAT32, which is how it handles backups and external storage, but the internal storage is completely different. Sectors aren’t a physical thing, it’s a segment of the file system, so yes, running a HDD check on a non-FAT/NTFS formatted drive on a Windows machine without specialized software might give you wonky results. It’s like running an english language spell check on a chinese document. Everything will be red.

      • Nhiroz

        Haha well said! *Bows*

    • Makoto Kurogane

      Well, thanks for the annotation, i will take in mind next time i use a Windows Based PC because i first used a Mac OSX based PC and then re-confirmed with Linux. It wasn’t the kind of answer i was looking for but again thanks, i think not everyone knows how to check Unix Based HDD’s right?

  • Spectacularity

    Make sure it never happen again… I feel bad for the people who was affected by this >~<

  • jacob salter

    I updated to it and notting happen

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully there won’t be any problems :D

  • AdamBoy64

    It seems like a long time to wait.
    Perhaps I’m just in my own world, but it seems like a pretty slow response time.