Monster Hunter 4 adds Zaboazagiru, Kushula Daora
posted on 06.13.13 at 06:53 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Meet the Hidden Shark and Iron Dragon.

Capcom has updated the official Monster Hunter 4 website with two new monster reveals.

First is the Hidden Shark Zaboazagiru. It is an amphibious monster and adult Sukuagiru who spits out a special liquid built up inside its body. Its surroundings are freezing and it wears ice-like armor on its body. It earned the nickname Hidden Shark because of its unimaginable transfiguration.

Next is the Iron Dragon Kushala Daora. It is an ancient dragon with outer skin like iron that wears the wind. Known as the Wind Soaring Dragon, its form flies about the sky. When it wears the wind, hunters are unable to to approach it due to the wind pressure.

View screenshots of both monsters at the gallery.

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  • bloodiOS

    When do you guys think that we might see a Monster Hunter game on next-gen consoles? Or maybe they’ll keep releasing new installments exclusively for the 3DS?

    Thinking about that kind of future makes me wish that Monster Hunter Online would also be made available for next-gen systems…

    • Raian Targino

      I’m cool with it on handheld, I love this game ’cause you can just bring it to a friend’s house and hunt the crap out of those kushalas while having some beers with your bros
      Probly gonna keep coming on Wiiu in the future though, after the problems they had with Sony :( maybe Xbox One, heard rumor of MHO on Xbox, but just rumors :(