Mirror’s Edge 2 an “open-world action adventure game”
posted on 06.12.13 at 02:53 PM EDT by (@salromano)
EA planning 11 HD, 14 mobile games in fiscal 2014.

The E3-announced Mirror’s Edge reboot, which we’re calling Mirror’s Edge 2 until it gets a proper title as not to confuse it with the original, is an “open-world action adventure game,” according to EA Labels president Frank Gibeau.

Speaking at the publisher’s E3 analyst call, he also said the publisher would continue its focus on “fewer, bigger, better” software releases, and expects to put out 11 high-def and 14 mobile games in fiscal 2014.

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  • Locksus

    Faith looks better than ever!
    I cannot wait for more info and gameplay footage of this game.
    Definitely one of the most pleasant surprises of this E3

  • KingNigma

    Had no idea it was a reboot, but wow open world? That should be cool.

  • Adol Christin

    Everything is open world now :P

  • King-Prodigy-X

    Lots of open world games coming out.

  • MosquitoLemon

    Ughh, the good thing about the original ME was that it was first-person without being a shooter and was an action game without being another generic open-world mission-fest. I have faith they’ll do something good with it, but that jargon ‘open-world’ makes me a little queasy.

  • bloodiOS

    Mirror’s Edge: Rise of Faith
    That’s the feeling I get from the teaser.

    • Tetsu

      Faith Returns: Mirror’s Edge

      • Elvick

        Re: Mirror’s Edge

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    >Open world

    • bloodiOS

      Open world is fine, as long that it’s not sandbox.

      • Budgiecat

        eh whats the difference

        • bloodiOS

          I believe that there are many forms of open-world and sandbox is just one of them. I believe that in sandbox games, there isn’t any fixed objective and players are free to do whatever they want, which is why I don’t think this type of model would really fit games like Mirror’s Edge, where the strong point is the emphasis on plot-driven gameplay. Now simply saying that this reboot title is going to be open-world could just mean that the plot is still linear and the objectives are still fixed but the players, however, will have a much larger and more interactive environment, thus having more freedom to choose how to complete the said objectives.

          • Budgiecat

            What about Amazing Spider-Man game, Deadly Premoniion and Bully wut was that

            • bloodiOS

              I have no idea, I haven’t play any of those.

  • kuusou yume

    This is awesome! Open world Mirror’s Edge. Wow.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Open world? Not bad! :)

  • Peacenutman

    As long as it’s done right. Even though ME was linear, but jumping on roof tops, climbing pipes, and sliding down roofs are so cool and refreshing than run n gun.

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

    This sounds pretty cool to me. Open world first person parkour. Jumping from building to building and stuff. My imagination is really running wild with the possibilities.

    • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

      Nice way to paint the possibilities. The only thing I’d like to add is it’d be neat if you could shift between 1st person and 3rd person, as that might allow for some of the parkour mechanics from the spin-off games.

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        I would love this in 3rd person!!

        • http://www.psvitadirect.com/ Kurisu Makise

          Then I’m glad I spoke up about 3rd person hehe. Also I’d be okay with co-oping the world too. Exploring those elements with friends, doing time trials in real time and all, along with challenges, missions, keep the gunplay to a low in favour of being more strategic in terms of running/stealth, then it’d be Day 0.

          • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

            that sounds awesome

      • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

        I’m always up for allowing the switch to 3rd person in 1st person games. When you think about it, pretty much all 3rd person games let you push a button to go to 1st person view.

        Why not have this apply to 1st person games too?

        • Budgiecat

          Games should be designed in 3rd person then give you the option to go to first person; not the other way around.

          The mechanics of making it a first person game by default almost automatically makes shifting it to third person awkward because of the nature of how the camera is situated (on the chest of the character) and how the character animation is deigned to accomodate for that camera (which for the most part is so that you have a stable steady cam to aim and shoot).

          This is why when you see your characer in a first person game play in 3rd person, they move like their lower body is not attached to their upper body, what with it swiveling all weird and their feet doing the ‘funky chicken’ when running or walking.
          So I’m all for having the ability of switching perspectives but in order for that to be done correctly, the game must be designed as third person.

          Just take a look on Youtube for vids of Mirror’s Edge 1 hacked to play in 3rd person, Fallout 3/NV in third person, Dead Island hacked to play in 3rd person vids, and Call of Duty MW2 3rd person mode unlocked in MP. They all look awkward. Meanwhile Siren: Blood Curse doesn’t because that game was designed in 3rd person (but allows you to shift to 1st person).

          Also, for a game that focuses on Free Running and Parkour, I think 3rd person is a better viewpoint overall anyway since there are Parkour moves that involve doing front flips, side flips, wall flips, back flips, Butterfly twists,all which I think would cause the camera in 1st person to be spinning all over the place making things disorienting to say the least…just allows for more freedom and creativity in movement.

          • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

            Great point. I didn’t really think about that.

  • Budgiecat

    Make it have ability have option to switch to 3rd person.

    • Elvick

      That would ruin it entirely IMO.

      • Budgiecat

        nope. It would allow for more gameplay elements

        • Elvick

          I strongly disagree.

          The first person viewpoint is what makes the game so special. The feeling of running at top speeds, and then leaping off the top of a building and grabbing onto a pipe is something that I will never forget.

          That feeling in the demo is what made me go out and buy the game immediately.

          Third person would completely take that away. You’d just be watching yet another character do amazing things. It wouldn’t have the same feeling.

          Normally I’m all for more play options, but here it would hurt the game. And I care far too much about ME for any inclusion that hurts it.

        • MosquitoLemon

          I think a large part of what made ME work is that it was solely first person. Yes, 3rd person allows for a lot of fancy acrobatics (lord knows I love Urban Reign, which is in part a videogame homage to the French parkour film District B13), but you would lose the purity of the immersive clean-screen 1st person minimal HUD that ME had.

          When Faith doesn’t get a jump perfect, we won’t just hear her groan or feel the struggle to climb up a missed ledge, we’ll SEE her doing those things… and I think that’ll take a lot out of what made the game special. How about creeping across a tiny ledge and looking down at your feet and the 30 story drop below? That scenario pretty much loses all its impact in 3rd person.

          And I mean, I am usually more about gameplay than I am any bullshit immersion, but my god, why take away the one thing that made it stand out from so many other games? If I want an incredible 3rd person game with crazy stunts, flips, jumps, slides, exploration, and challenges, I’ll just play Mario 64.

  • Noctis_nox

    I am inlove with her eyes. *Drool*