Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 screenshots
posted on 06.12.13 at 03:35 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, first look at the game's final box art.

Sony and Guerrilla Games have put out a new set of Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots at E3.

If you missed the E3 trailer posted Monday, catch it here.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch with PlayStation 4 this holiday season.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • bloodiOS

    … I do not like the look of the PS4 box. They should’ve just kept the clear color of the PS3’s box…

  • xMCXx

    The boxart looks nice. I like the colour.

  • Chaos Raiden

    Excellent screenshots. Thanks for the share.

  • DigitalDevilSummoner

    So let me ask everyone here cause I am still confused. I will have to buy the PS4, a copy of Shadow Fall and I still need a subscription to play online ? An online pass will not do ?

    • bloodiOS

      There will never be any online-pass for PS4 titles developed by Sony’s first-party developers. And yes, you will now have to be a PlayStation Plus member in order to be able to participate in multiplayer.

      • DigitalDevilSummoner

        Hmmm That’s a little odd isn’t it ?

        First of all, the PS3 is not really that multiplayer centric, especially compared to the xbox. People don’t play BF, CoD etc online as much. For me and I suppose for a lot of japanese gamers and other gamers that play lots of japanese games the online aspect of a game is more like a complementary feature rather than the main event. Destiny for example is an online game clearly but would it make sense for gamers who don’t play FPS as much to have minor online elements locked behind a paywall ? And yes I know how PS+ is great deal and stuff but that is irrelevant (let alone that was the argument of the 360 crowd). When I play a game like Dark Souls on the PS4 does it make sense to be forced to pay a subscription to access those minor (more or less) online features ?

        Secondly, online games are only as good as their communities are alive. MMOs go free, Dota 2 went free etc, it’s all about attracting a user base. I think that restricting the user base in the PS4 online games is abit of a risk there. Think about how Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 multiplayer went free with a level cap.

        I really liked Killzone 2 & 3 and I was thinking about about buying the PS4 on day one because of Shadow Fall but now that they are trying to subsidize the multiplayer with PSN+ I think I will pass. I’m considering going like all japanese this generation in terms of games. I will probably wait for MGS V or FF XV to buy the PS4.

        I would really like to read an article about this mandatory PSN+ subscription on Gematsu or Siliconera who since for gamers who are not greatly invested in First Person Shooters like us this paywall doesn’t seem right or even make sense.

        • DigitalDevilSummoner

          Let me put things further into perspective:

          In my PS3 collection about 5 out of a collection of 50 games have multiplayer. Killzone 3 is actually one of those 5 games. And I don’t expect the picture to change for me (and many of us really) when it comes to the PS4, so do they really expect me to pay a subscription just for a bunch of games ?

          I mean jesus, this is the very reason we are buying a playstation, so we can have access to a variety of games instead of being limited. Are they pushing us all into turning to FPS gamers ? Think of the japanese gamers as well, does Sony expect the average gamer in japan to pay a subscription just to play Tekken online ? It’s just silly.

          • Elvick


            If you don’t play much online, and have no interest in PS+ offerings outside of the online play, then don’t pay for it. :/

            Nothing is stopping you from playing single player for the rest of time.

            And at the very least DCUO will be free to play. Period. No PS+ required. I’ve yet to see a source for it being that way for all MMOs/F2P games. But I saw from the SOE devs mouth that DCUO would remain free, with no catches.

            There are far worse ways they could have done this. PS+ was built up as a value on it’s own before they ever included online play within it. Unlike some companies who shall not be named, they didn’t put it behind a “premium service” that just locked away a lot of things you get free elsewhere (Netflix, etc) and offered no real value to anyone without the online play. ie; remove the online play from PS+ and it’s worth paying for. Remove it from something else and it never was worth it…

            • DigitalDevilSummoner

              That’s the point I don’t play MUCH online. And like wise many Playstation fans don’t play MUCH online. But we do play SOME online. And for those very few online games they are forcing a subscription onto us. For example, Killzone 3, I paid for the whole game. I didn’t buy 60% of the game.

              I don’t care about chatting I don’t care about extra games, all those things are awesome but I am not interested. I just want to play the game I bought.

              What they are doing is driving me, an average PS gamer from games with an online component simply because by buying those I am in fact not getting 100% of my money’s worth.

              An example I already used, a lot of us – more or less- only played TEKKEN online this generation. Especially japanese gamers who are very little interested in FPS. Does it make sense just for that game to make us pay for a subscription ?

        • bloodiOS

          Well, here’s the Eurogamer interview with Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Within it, you’ll find details as to why Sony decided charge the players for the service:

          Eurogamer: One slight negative was that you now have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to play multiplayer. Can you explain to our readers why you've made this decision?Jim Ryan: Obviously the last time round, multiplayer gaming on PS3 was free. Certainly at the beginning of that cycle the online experience on PS3 was somewhat rudimentary, and it's evolved, it's got better with various firmware upgrades. But we definitely - and some of these features have been highlighted yesterday, some of them February 20th - we're going to make a step-change in our online experience, and there's going to be a whole new range of stuff that people can do and enjoy.And yeah that's great and yeah we're very happy about that, but the flipside of that of course is that these things come with a cost, and we do have to recover that cost, so the decision has been taken to place online multiplayer behind the PlayStation Plus firewall.One of the points I do want to make is that unlike some of our competitors where you pay your money and all you get is online multiplayer, PlayStation Plus, in our opinion, represents and extremely attractive package of services and content. We've had the instant game collection now running for just over a year - it's a fantastic deal. And that will continue into PS4.So yes, we are charging for online multiplayer, but I'm quite happy to contend to your readers that for that money - that €5 a month or whatever it is - not only are they getting the ability to play online multiplayer but they're getting games and they're getting additional services. I feel perfectly comfortable sitting here conveying that message.Eurogamer: So your position is it's entirely justified because of the value that it offers?Jim Ryan: Yeah. And the other point to make is that we have the £349 price point on the hardware.

          Source: Eurogamer

          • DigitalDevilSummoner

            That’s useful, thanks for posting.

            Here’s my beef:

            Great value: For the love of god I am not saying it isn’t. You know what else is great value ? Ford Focus ! But I am not in the market. I mean, that is a little distracting because the VERY basic access to the multiplayer doesn’t really NEED to be accompanied by any other service other than connection to the servers. That’s it. Of course Sony upgrading their PSN services costs money and I absolutely respect that. BUT they are actually subsidizing that very basic access to the game servers with those services, chatting, video uploading, etc one might or might not want. They want to pass onto you this package deal.

            And as I already explained below, many PS gamers have a limited collection of games with heavy multiplayer components, as opposed to the multiplayer centric xbox library. In simpler terms 20% tops of my games have online as opposed to an average xbox gamer’s collection with 80% of the games having mutliplayer. Judging from this gen they would have to push me buy a PSN + subscription just because of just a couple of games like Tekken and Killzone out of the many other offline games in my collection.

            I am not hating on Sony of course. I am trying to say that the PS is not that online centric. MS enforced a subscription because it was.

      • Raiu

        So the only thing to justify the subscription requirements is to lower the RRP of the $60 games?

        • MogCakes

          PS Plus offers free games every month, it’s quite a good service on its own without the MP paywall addition. I really dislike that Sony isn’t keeping free MP though.

          • DigitalDevilSummoner

            I am not saying it’s a bad deal, I am not saying PSN+ is not good.

            All I am saying is that I don’t need it and they are forcing it through a package deal with the mutliplayer of games I already paid for.

            • MogCakes

              I wasn’t replying to you though. I was replying to Raiu.

          • Raiu

            After being bomber-ed with games offered on PS+(I got 20++), it’s hard to complain that PS+ is needed to play online…

            The maintenance bill has to be paid somehow…

  • Aldridge517

    COD has a pet dog. Killzone has a pet drone.

    • Mike

      But do the fish swim away?

  • LordKaiser

    TBH Killzone needs to conclude. If they keep extending the plot it will become stale.

    • MogCakes

      This may be the first Killzone title I buy. So long as it has explosions and I can shootbang stuff I won’t regret it. I very, very rarely buy FPS games.

    • Elvick


      Besides, this is well into the future from 3. And if you lose interest… stop playing.

      They can go anywhere with the story. All they have to do is wrap up current loose ends. Then move a thousand years ahead to something else.

  • King-Prodigy-X

    I’m definitely getting this but they need to drop a story trailer fast before launch day because we still don’t know much about the story.