Hotline Miami hits PSN next week
posted on 06.21.13 at 11:50 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation versions get exclusive mask.

Hotline Miami will launch for $9.99 on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita next Tuesday, June 25, Devolver Digital has announced.

The PlayStation versions of the game will have an exclusive new mask—Russell the raging bull—designed by Abstraction and Dennaton Games. You’ll find it hidden early in the game. When equipped, the entire game is turned black and white, save for the neon blood.

The console editions will also have “a bunch” of other upgrades, like leaderboards for each level, Trophies, and touch lock-on targeting for hte PS Vita version. Additionally, it’s a Cross-Buy title, so if you buy one version, you’ll get the other, as well.

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  • PK212

    Sweet, I’ve been waiting for Hotline Miami to get an official date on the PSN.

    And that new mask sounds neat, I loved MadWorld’s B&W style so I will definitely give this a go.

  • Alkaid

    The PSN exclusive mode is really nice! It somehow reminds of that one Wii game (Mad World) that also looked really interesting.

    Hotline Miami is really challening and fun, so this will be a great addition to the PSN library.

    Can’t wait for the second game either. *swoon* :3

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

      So the game is fun I assume. Never played the PC version so I’d gladly give it a shot on Vita.

      • Alkaid

        It is, but be ready to try the stages over and over again. It’s anything but easy. Also there are a few secrets to the story, which is really nice. Plus the stages are short, so it’s nearly perfect for a handheld. :)

        Here’s a E3 gameplay impression of the second game:

        • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

          this looks effin’ tough and gory. guess muscle memory is the key to victory in this game. thanks for the heads-up and yt-link =)

          • Alkaid

            Np, np *thumb up* glad to be of some help. :)

        • Kurisu Makise

          Provided PlayStation gets Hotline Miami 2 day and date, then everything will be totally worthwhile. The price is also right on 1 so I’ll be picking it up at some point.

  • bloodiOS

    Admittedly, I couldn’t contain my anticipation for the game any longer and had already downloaded and currently playing the PC version of the game and I have to say, it is so freaking addictive! I just know that I’ll have to buy that PSN version once it’s released next week.

  • Learii

    what is this game about?

    • rockman29

      On the surface: killing everything you see as fast as you can.

      Deeper: it’s a 4th wall breaking game exploring habits and violence in videogames.

  • Pang Chee Jie

    Huh? Wasn’t this game released months ago on the Vita? It was free for PS+ subscribers on the PSN store in my area.

    • Sthef360

      I bet you’re thinking of Retro City Rampage

      • Pang Chee Jie

        Lol, you’re right. My bad.

  • PrinceHeir

    this is awesome!!!!!!