Final Fantasy XV the first part of a larger epic
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Final Fantasy's fifteenth coming "a world of the Versus epic."

Final Fantasy XV will be the first part of a larger epic, director Tetsuya Nomura said during an interview with Famitsu at E3.

While Final Fantasy XV will have a climax, the epic its part of, teased in the game’s announcement trailer as “the Versus epic,” will continue as a story.

Nomura said the game has become “extraordinarily grandiose,” and is thus considering the idea of a Final Fantasy XV compilation similar to that of Final Fantasy VII. And keeping in mind the game’s seven year wait, he doesn’t want to keep fans too long in waiting between releases.

The director is also considering the possibility of online elements in Final Fantasy XV, noting that while game development takes an extended period of time, actual gameplay time is limited to a much shorter period. He is considering the sort of online components that “keep you excited and engaged in the story as it continues.”

At the end of the Final Fantasy XV announcement trailer, the original Final Fantasy Versus XIII logo is shown and one character says, “The world is ever changing… for the fifteenth coming,” before the logo changes to Final Fantasy XV. Nomura said that this isn’t related to the story, which wasn’t changed when the game became Final Fantasy XV, but was something prepared just for the trailer.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Find the full interview transcribed below.

― In the trailer, there is that line about “the fifteenth coming” that matches with Final Fantasy XV. Since this title moved from current-gen systems to next-gen systems, will there be changes in the story from Versus XIII?

Nomura: That line wasn’t in the original story, it’s a line prepared in the trailer just for this announcement. (Laughs) The story and characters haven’t changed from the beginning.

— I see. Previously you said, “Because this isn’t a numbered title, this kind of story is possible.” Has it changed direction since that…?

Nomura: When I confirmed the shift to Final Fantasy XV, I said that I was concerned since it was different from previous numbered titles. It has action battles, not command battles, so even though it is going to do what is impossible in a numbered title, would that be alright? Since it was said that it wouldn’t be a problem, the objective hasn’t changed at all. But in the trailer it says, “A World of the Versus Epic”… implying that it was a piece of a larger epic. Final Fantasy XV will come to a single climax, but as for the story, I plan to continue it.

― Are you saying that it has the potential to become a compilation series [like Final Fantasy VII]?

Nomura: When I’m working on something of this density, it becomes something extraordinarily grandiose. I had thought to cut down the volume and density, but if I did, then it wouldn’t be what I wanted it to become. Because of that, I’m considering the idea of a Final Fantasy XV compilation to make it complete.

― In the case of a compilation, I’m sure that fans are hoping for a short release span between each title. What do you think about that?

Nomura: I’ll announce what form it’ll take early on, but since I don’t want to keep you all waiting a long time until the next thing comes out… Well, about this too, when we decided to switch to the next-gen system, we are also investigating online correspondence.

― How will online components be incorporated?

Nomura: There are a lot of possibilities. Developing a big title for next-gen systems takes both a lot of time and money, so we’re working a very grand scale. When it’s a standalone title, even if the title development takes several years, you’re finished playing in a short period of time. In order to have you play a game for a longer time span, I think online components are necessary. I’m taking into consideration the sort of online attributes that keep you excited and engaged in the story as it continues.

― Have you considered cooperative features using the PS Vita or other hardware?

Nomura: Not just PS Vita, but we’re also considering correspondence with smartphones and tablets as well. There hasn’t been a Final Fantasy that did that yet, so I’m considering new developments. As for those kinds of possibilities, I think we’re at an advantage by having changed our development methods to being PC based.

― It seems that this Final Fantasy will accomplish an unprecedented evolution in the series. Lastly, share a message to fans who are looking forward to Final Fantasy XV.

Nomura: I’m truly sorry for having kept you waiting such a long time. I hope that the presentation this time has met the expectations of everyone who has been waiting. From here, the quality will become much greater. I want to take advantage of events like this one and put out new information at every big event to come like Tokyo Game Show, so please watch out for the evolution of Final Fantasy XV from here on out. Some have said that this generation, Japanese developments have fell short overseas. In the next generation, I don’t want this to be the case at all. I want to showcase this title.

For the Kingdom Hearts III part of this interview, click here.

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  • Azure

    Maybe he means there will be a movie sequel :), that would be awesome.

    • Noctis.orG

      True.. really like the ff7… with AC. it will be unforgettable, and amazing at least.. it’s the same director after all..

      • Azure

        Damn the thumbs downs x_x, and yeah it will be amazing.

        • KnifeAndFork

          The problem with a movie is that you have a limited time to tell a proper story that is usually spread over many hours…

        • Matt Andre

          I’ll admit it, I *just* thumbs down’d. Why? Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. No one wants another thing like that. That’s also why Hironobu Sakaguchi isn’t there anymore. TSW was *his* fault. It was the first time he actually *did* something, considering Hiroyuki Ito and Yoshinori Kitase were the ones that handled primary development of past games. Sakaguchi was merely a mouthpiece/spokesperson/poster boy after FF.. 1 to 3?
          That said, Advent Children was good, so hopefully Nomura can undo Sakaguchi’s stupidity.

          • Azure

            You think Nomura would make something like Spirits Within and not something awesome like Advent Children?

    • Ratsuki

      Well, considering Nomura wanted to change XV into musical once, maybe movie sequel isn’t too far off guess XD

      And yes it would be awesome~

  • zangetsukakashi

    Btw, just to mention, the guy that says “the legend meets its match” is the guy who people say resembles Ezio (his voice is obvious;Yuichi Nakamura. He talks at the beginning of the trailer, and its the same voice), and the one who responds with “but the world is ever changing for the 15th coming” is Noctis (Suzuki Tatsuhisa). I’m pretty sure of those.

  • Adol Christin

    Hope they release a PS Vita FFXV game in the future. Oh yeah, a PC version of FFXV would be nice too :)

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Its being developed on the PC. I have no clue why they wont do a PC version – they could easily achieve the graphical quality they’re going for.

      • $18114340

        Demographics, possibly. It’s hard to measure just how many Final Fantasy fans in the west would be willing to purchase a PC version, considering the mainline series is predominantly console-exclusive. PC gaming, certainly not high-spec PC gaming, is also relatively unpopular in Japan.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Very true, but I assume it wouldn’t take much effort on their part besides optimization. SE also has many games on PC, including JRPGs like The Last Remnant.

          • Adol Christin

            Well they did say the want to expand FFXV into more DX11 platforms. Besides PS4 and Xbox One, that only leaves the PC.

          • $18114340

            I think that Final Fantasy XV being on PC is very possible, likely even. I think that maybe Square Enix as a company is not yet at the point where they are ready to hype up PC deployment even if they are seriously considering it behind the scenes, and I think the game itself might be in an early enough state such that they don’t want to get ahead of themselves.

            To be perfectly honest, I expect Final Fantasy XV on Windows at some point, although I might just be being optimistic.

            • Budgiecat

              Whats so great about it being on PC?

  • King-Prodigy-X

    Like I said, they are turning it into a Trilogy and if Xbox Done sales a horrible we could see them dropping the Xbox Done version off.

  • dior

    I was concerned about this. I’d rather XV only be one game so they have less of a chance of ruining it with a sequel or something. Though tbh I would probably be so addicted to it after the first time I play it that I’ll be mad if they DON’T continue the story.

  • Unknown

    The time of Final Fantasy being one and done is over, I don’t blame them because its getting more and more expensive to make big games like this. If the XV series remain good as a trilogy I won’t have any complaints, but if the same mess happened with XIII then we might have a problem. I really hope that we also get to see XVI and XVII this generation, and it doesn’t become one final fantasy per generation.

    • Djkarl Pierre

      1. Final Fantasy will forever be Squares Flag Ship Game

      2. Of Course it will be Expensive because of progress and tech and Graphic. Whats the point in getting an high end console when you prefer to play game’s that use less then 512-bit.

      3. Each “Number” were directed by different director of their choice, Last time I check Nomura wasn’t really behind the wheel accept for the characters design department.

      4. This is Tetsuya Nomura your talking about, the Mind behind FF 7 and Kingdom Hearts. So have a little faith bro = u =

      5. If Kogima was God, Then Nomura is Jesus because we waited “7” years for him to give us answers and leave us boned.

  • King-Prodigy-X

    With all these question people are asking. Why hasn’t anybody asked him for release date?

    • Unknown

      A source on neogaf (the same said the FF Versus XIII was renamed FFXV a while back) said that they are aiming for a 2014 release date but don’t want to say anything because delays might be an issue.

      Regardless he also said that development is going very smoothly for them so the chance of a delay is low, but you never know.

      • Adol Christin

        I hope you are right. But this is… well you know. I guess it will come out when its ready, whenever that is.

      • King-Prodigy-X

        Sounds about right. I was guessing Fall 2014 or Early 2015. Guess we’ll see at GDC 2014 a month after FF XIII-3 launches.

        • Budgiecat

          That’s not a seven year wait……that’s an eight/nine year wait…

          I want this game to come out this November along with the launch of the new consoles

    • Matt Andre

      As far as I’m concerned, when it’s done. I don’t care that it’s been seven years. Really. (Well, part of me does! WANT.) I care more about the developers actually getting it right, making a finished, complete product without glitches and “unannounced DLC plans before the game is even out”. FFX didn’t have DLC, nor did FFXII. Hell, neither did FFXIII. It was one game. Everything on disc (mind you, they also stated that content the size of almost another full game was cut from XIII.. Which only makes me think they should have kept that content and had a *massive epic story experience” that continues long after the story ends. like sidequests and such that weren’t just optional monster hunts (Cie’th Stone missions)..

  • bloodiOS

    If it’s good, I’ll support it, but really, deep down inside I’ve already gotten so sick of Square Enix’s plan for sequels. I prefer to have one particular entry hits it big, left its mark in our hearts, and have the team moved on to the next entry, making another legend.

    • MosquitoLemon

      That’s how I feel about Kingdom Hearts. Ironically, the TWEWY trilogy was cancelled so they could work on more Kingdom Hearts spin-offs :

      • bloodiOS

        I can only hope the Kingdom Hearts III will finally wrap everything up in an epic conclusion (not further complicating the plot.)

        • Willgaea

          He already said it was going to be the end of Xehanort and Organization XIII. So no need to worry about that.

  • Zackasaur


  • Sae-Won Yoon

    I’m glad it’s getting its own franchise (despite already being in one)

    But that shouldn’t mean the first game should be left a blatant cliffhanger.
    If this is like KH, I hope the ending will at least have a form of closure.

    (Basically don’t pull a Me3 is all.)

  • Willgaea

    I would love to buy this franchise every year rather than the COD. I’m pretty much done with COD after black ops 1 came out. It’s fun but I would rather throw my sword and teleport to it for the next 7 years. That sword tele is awesome.

  • DragonSix

    I guess that’s to be expected, having unique self-contained FFs and never reusing the assets wont happen anymore.

    With that said, I hope it’s done in a more practical/appealing way this time.
    I’d like those addition to be big-sized DLC expansion-packs, and not individual games. I’d like to keep my party and equipments across the whole extended story.
    To me that would be much more appealing than any FFXIII-2-like shenanigan.

    • new_tradition

      I actually hope it’s the other way around. Much rather have a hard disc game than a stream of DLC scenarios. Even if I end up with parts that don’t interest me or whatever.

      I guess it’s a bit silly-I’m okay with spending full price for a disc game if I really want it day 1, but any DLC higher than 8 bucks just makes me go “lol, NO”, even if it’s got lengthy content and absolutely justifies the price.

      I dunno, I guess it’s a consumer mindset for me?

      • DragonSix

        I think people will change their mindset if the DLC is a big chunky fullgame-sized scenario. The transition between the stories would be so much smoother, I would gladly pay 40$ for something like that.

        The advantages are numerous: you get to keep the same world and player stats around, and you can safely assume everyone already finished the base game.
        It already works wonder for Blizzard and its expansion packs, so why not for console Square-Enix games?

        • new_tradition

          Hmm…That does sound reasonable.

          I guess it depends on how they set up the future installments in terms of the story. Seeing the FFVII example made me think we’re looking at something that would be spread out in the timeline and differing POVs xD

          • Djkarl Pierre

            Basically, they are trying do it like Mass Effect 3

  • Ritsujun

    Incoming PSVITA FFXV spinoff/prequel/sidestory.

    • arahman21

      Which would awesome…*especially if it’s bundled with Type-0*.

  • Kita

    Awesome! I really wanted this to happen because I wanted Noct to have the same treatment as Lightning with her trilogy. Its only fair, right? As long as the games are greater than 13 I’m happy with this. Especially after the long wait for ANY info regarding FFvs13(15).
    Just one thing Nomura-san…. The story counts, not just the over-the-top action, okay? Please make me cry and laugh. I love Final Fantasy because of the story-telling, the fascinating imagination, and the chemistry between the characters you put into them. Give me a story to cling to across multiple games and I’ll be happy. Events like Noct jumping around debris as buildings fall from the sky is entertaining but it only goes so far. I want to see his conviction as he fights for his kingdom and his friends– as well as coping with the curse of sensing people’s deaths. Ah, and Stella… ♥

  • DichaTesoro

    I miss the old FF games. Yeah, dumb.

    • $3582264

      I think after FF9 they lost it.

      • DichaTesoro

        I liked 10 a lot actually. So it’s up to 10 for me. 12 sucked. Also, just started playing 13 and it’s pretty good. Still, the older ones are the best, like 6 and 9.

        • hull

          10 liked a lot
          12 sucks
          13 pretty good..
          What’s your criteria?..

          • DichaTesoro

            Just miss the actual fantasy setting. There have been so many sci-fi elements since about 7. 13 is way different but still fun. Did not like 12’s battle system. Don’t know, just picky here.

            • $3582264

              The polished, pretentious sci-fi settings, lots of zippers on the bishonen characters, that’s Nomura right there. The charming and intriguing little fantasy tales that we all loved, that was Sakaguchi’s work.

              • Willgaea

                I feel as I got older I expect more from my games. Since I played ff7 as a child it blew my mind. I went back to go play it and I prefer Crisis Core to regular FF7. That game made me cry and yell “I NOT GOING TO LET YOU DIE!” My mom thought I was crazy.

  • Himiko

    It’s like KH, this isn’t new to Nomura so I don’t mind. I’d rather not have the compromise.

  • hull

    I saw a dream couple of days ago. That was a wonderful dream in which FFXV was standalone big completed game without any tablets/vita/online features. Without sequels. Then I woke up

    • KnifeAndFork

      Speaking of dreams….this game reminds me of those dreams you have sometimes where you’re in a familiar place but it’s merged with another place for like no reason and set at a weird timeline; kinda like Inception. So this is like Japan being merged with old Italy/Venice with fantasy settings.

      • hull

        Thank you for encouragement. And yyes, that merging is astounding. I even found that fading colors fit this game. Just worried that will be shallow.

  • Nice Boat

    I hope this isn’t like Gundam 00 where they planned a movie while making the TV series. The TV ended anticlimatically while the movie was really weird. At least it can’t be worse than Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop where they ruin everything they have been doing.

    • MosquitoLemon

      I could not disagree more. The 00 movie was great, and the ending of the cartoon was incredible. It honestly could have ended in either season 1 or 2 and I would have been happy, but then we got that great movie to tie everything down. If they come even close to that type of closure for each game, I’d say they’re on the right track.

      • ギャビン

        100% agree, 00 was the best Gundam in over 10 years. I hope they make something similar to it for the next series. And that movie was awesome!

  • LordKaiser

    What worries me is that it becomes DLC ridden in Disc locked content form.

  • MogCakes


  • Torraint

    i miss the old, standalone numbered title of FF

    this didn’t feel like they have the “final” spirit of early games

  • artemisthemp

    I really hope FFXV won’t have Online

  • 1Truth

    Welp, so much for this being an epic standalone FF game. I expect loads of DLC and expansions for this game and its sequels.

  • Naruto D. Kurosaki

    Online hmmmmm maybe they wil ad co op to the story