Final Fantasy XV coming to PS4 and Xbox One
posted on 06.11.13 at 02:20 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Prince Noctis and his comrades are cast out of Lucis.

Final Fantasy XV, announced at last night’s Sony E3 press conference, is coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Square Enix has announced.

Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game’s development “expanded and evolved” to take advantage of next-gen platforms. The main story and world will continue to develop as planned, but the development team has further improved the game’s action, gameplay elements, and graphic quality.

Speaking during a press presentation today, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto said the game is developed on DirectX 11, which allows for easy porting from PlayStation 4 to Xbox One.

Find story details below:

The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of Square Enix’s renowned First Production Development team.

Watch the debut trailer below.

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  • King-Prodigy-X

    Well I stand corrected. I really thought it would be exclusive. But it will probably sale like shit on Xbox Done. The PS4 version will probably have exclusive content.

    • Kurisu Makise

      I wouldn’t be so confident about PS4 getting the exclusive content. Microsoft can easily bid higher in those wars. See Resident Evil 6 DLC arriving first on Xbox 360. Also notice MS showed off Metal Gear Solid 5 before Sony. This is going to be a heated war where MS and Sony fight hard for the money. It’s just not over until it’s over, keep your eyes peeled, ears close to the ground, etc.

  • DichaTesoro

    Not surprising at all.

  • bldudas

    I was really hoping Square Enix would learn from putting XIII on the 360. It most likely won’t sell well on the Xbox One.

    • Himiko

      Considering the amount of losses they have incurred in the last few years, this is kind of needed, I think.

  • Auragar

    Hopefully this doesn’t drag the PS4 version down.

    • DarthBrian

      This is my worry as well. Square is at their best when pushing consoles for all their worth.

    • Pyrofrost

      It’s being developed for the PS4 and ported to the XBone. I would only be worried about that if the XBone was the development console.

      • Auragar

        Yah? Well that is good then.

      • bloodiOS

        Even then, unlike exclusives, they will have to factor in the lowest common denominator…

        • Pyrofrost

          That’s more of a courtesy, it’s not a set standard. Look at FFXIII on 360 vs. FFXIII on PS3.

          Even in cases where the graphics are almost completely similar; games generally perform better and more efficiently on the development platform.

  • Locksus

    I’ll still get this for PS4 at some point.
    Want to see more!

  • Fantasytales

    Well it don’t matter what platform it is I’m getting it for PS4

  • bloodiOS

    The more, the merrier. With the game being originally a PS3 title, neither version would actually be utilizing the new hardware to their fullest potential anyway. Not saying that the game doesn’t look gorgeous or anything, because it is. However, I would expect to see a significant improvement in graphics for the next few installments after Square has familiarized itself with the new systems and further improved their engine.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Well it could have if they had redesigned it with Luminous Engine. But I guess they were too far gone to go back and redesign it with that in 2011….

  • Bob Obb

    No surprise, true third-party exclusives simply won’t exist next-gen. It is a shame because every dev will have to make games look identical on both consoles despite one being weaker.

    • DigitalDevilSummoner

      kinda doubt that because the difference in architecture in not there anymore. But it will indeed be interesting to see how things work out.

  • rainelee

    Oh well. Still getting this for PS4.

  • Fango

    its a no brainer….. im getting the xbox one version! 24hr online verification? HELLYEAHBRAHHH.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Don’t forget the Kinect Skynet spyware staring at you while you’re naked in your room

      • Nhiroz


      • fyi1191

        Can’t wait for it to be uploaded on youtube.

  • Zero

    I don’t think it really matters.

    Why would anyone want to support the awful Xbone policies?

    The PS4 is also more affordable. It’s a no brainer to me. I’m quite sure most everyone will be supporting these games on the PS4.

    • AnimusVox

      As disappointing it is to hear this, I agree. 100 bucks cheaper, region free still, can play used games still. I can see this and KH3 making a killing on PS4.

      • Lelouch Vi Britannia

        Not buying this on XB1, buying this on PS4 as a means of retaliating at Microsoft for XB1 and its policies.

    • Pyrofrost

      This is quite obvious my friend.
      JRPG gamers, like myself, will be going to the PS4. Hell, I have mine paid for.

    • Alkaid

      Agree, in console terms it really doesn’t matter, but it puts Square Enix in a rather doubtful light. Saying Versus XIII will be PS3 exclusive, then changing the name to get a loophole to that promise… is not a kind way to treat a console developer or their fanbase.

      Other than that *shrugs* As you said, Playstation is simply the more affordable console and the best choice for international gaming. If someone is more comfortable with gaming on a Xone, they can do as they please. :)

      • Zero

        True. I wouldn’t be surprised if SE got a nice big check to help erase that exclusive part of Versus(XV).

    • KnifeAndFork

      yeah it’s just added potential revenue for S-E. Obviously the majority of sales will be the PS4 version. Doubt many people in Japan will be getting an XBox One and I doubt whoever in the West at this point is crazy enough to still get an XBox One, is a FF fan (most likely they are getting it for the XBox One exclusives despite all the DRM bull****).

  • KingNigma

    Did they change up the story or is protecting the crystal still part of it?

    • Solomon_Kano

      They mention the crystal in the trailer, so it’s still part of it.

  • BossTuff

    Since the hardware on both consoles is virtually identical, I’m not surprised by this one bit.

  • talesoffan

    Would rather have a PS3 version.

  • Namekaze_Minato

    All that talk about exclusives on each platform; and now this…….still waiting for the exclusives.

  • Namekaze_Minato

    Just wait till Fable 4 is “also” announced for PS4.


      not so far from reality, mass effect saga began being exclusive and ends being multi

      • Lynx

        And that STILL pisses me off.

        Damn it, EA. That was one of the reasons I bought a 360 in the first place.


    I don’t care if it multiplat where finally getting some noctis goodness~~

  • confused_wanderer

    Its weird, I’ve been on other forums as well and people don’t seem to be as upset as when ffXIII was announced as a 360 title. Maybe gamers are just maturing? or that it was just a vocal minority that caused the shitstorm for ffXIII. ideas anyone?

    • CosmicNova

      It’s along the lines that everyone knew this was likely to happen.
      So they where prepared for news like this ages ago.

    • Rydak

      I think a part of it is that people have been waiting for it for so long, and to finally have it revealed this way with actual gameplay footage at Sony’s conference, that it’s also on Xbox One doesn’t mean much. Half of me expected it to be exclusive and the other half of me argued that after being so long in development hell it made sense to make it multiplat to try and recoup a lot of the costs over the years in making it.

  • new_tradition

    XBOX One could’ve been cheaper than the PS4, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still won’t get it. Sony is still my main console of choice.

    This trailer makes me wonder if they have discarded the original mythology for the game and just make it completely different from what we learned about in the FNC mythos. If anything, the heavy emphasis on the Crystal reminds me of the earlier FF games (though the underlying politics reminds me of FFXII specifically).

    And that’s another thing I’m curious to see: reactions from other FF fans. How will they react to a pure Action RPG as a main number FF game? In general, FFXV seems to have taken great leaps away from what one could assume is a FF game. Ironically, I remember reading some people bashing FFXIII for being so different, so I’m curious how FFXV will be received.

  • Potionzmaster

    I don’t care. We are getting Versus/XV and it is looking totally extravaganza!
    BTW, why are his eyes red in the pic, while in the trailer they were blue? :P

    Edit: nvm, at first they were red, and later they replaced them with blue eyes :)

    • Aldridge517

      In the trailer he has an ability called “Link Form”, I’m betting it’s some transformation that changes his eye color.
      By transformation, I just mean eye color :P

  • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

    me supporting SE and Sony has come to an end after ffx hd and FF13-3 comes out,I will not get ps4,its not interesting games enuf except for vs13,but I wont buy a new console AGAIN for the sole purpose,thats what I did with ps3,
    I will stick with the ps3 next gen,got loads of games to play more anyways.

    • KingNigma

      PLEASE don’t tell me that your Sony support will end because of a game originally for the PS3 inevitably ended up on the PS4 and multiplat as if you never looked forward to and enjoyed any other PS3 exclusives or what the system had to offer before.

      • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

        my sony support will end,I wont support ps4 due to vs,ive been thinking of vs13 for years and actually had dreams to.altho I have alot more ps3 games now,but vs13 and ff13 was the actual reason why I bought the screw se and sony for this.
        I have no interest in it,only games that would be nice to own is vs13 on ps4 and driveclub,not any fighting games like SC or MK has been announced there,no hack n slash games which is my favorite genre.

        • KingNigma

          I get you’re not crazy about the PS4 (definitely don’t agree with your reasons why though) which is cool but instead of acknowledging what IS there, you’re bashing it on what isn’t and focusing on the unrealistic expectations of Versus remaining PS3 exclusive and having the entire PS4 library announced at E3.

          But I guess Sony still would still have your support in the end whether you say otherwise. You said yourself you’d be sticking with the PS3 and playing loads of games anyways :/

          • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

            right,you would have bashing on it to if your ff fanboy and you have been waiting for vs13 for years,ppl that are ff fans and those who have waited for vs13 since 2006 should relate to me,its clearly your not a ff person.
            how is that unreleastic if its been announced in 2006 by sony/se????
            ok,go with me on this one,okay???
            say you have been waiting for a game,in 1 of your favorite franchises/games that ever have graced upon gaming. and you hear almost nothing news,except 2trailers which are so epic that you could jizz your pants,but no release date,just tba and no show ups on e3,tgs year after year…
            and you have bought a ps3 just for this game,that and ff13.
            ohh and its ps3 game only.
            and towards the end of cycle of ps3,its been announced ps4 and e3 comes up and they announce its not a ps3 game,not eksklusive anymore,and its showed on MS conf at E3 and its moved to next gen.

            try wrapping your head around that,and then your at where im at.

            and the entire ps4 library hasnt been announced,I can guarantee that,it wasnt much games at release of ps3,but over the years more and more have come,and the graphics is beeing more polished and polished,its the same with ps4.

            and I wont get next gen consoles,so you can imagine how frustrating that may be.
            I really hope vs13 does shitty in terms of sale so SE can go bankrupt so I can piss on their HQ.thats how frustrated and pissed off I am.

          • KnifeAndFork

            The thing is though, it looks like it’s still running on Crystal Tools so releasing it on PS4..the only reason I see them doing it is to avoid competing with FF XIII-3 and also to justify releasing it for XBox One (since it would be IMPOSSIBLE to release it on 360).


            If the game was totally redone using Luminous Engine 100%, then I could obviously see the reason for bringing it to PS4.

            • KingNigma

              This is true. Completely forgot that LR and Versus are on separate systems. Guess I’m still adjusting to the new gen :P

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    regardless that its become officially Multiplatform. We all know why gamers aren’t as worried and that is because Xbox ONE is $500, and PS4 is $400. We all know which console will Sell more overall “PS4” duh.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    If anything the Namco Tales 20th Anniversary title. will very likely be for PS4. Hideo Baba said he’ll make a game for the most popular console which’ll be the PS4.

  • Aldridge517

    Noctis oji (OG) lol

  • sunK1D

    Getting this for XB1.

    • Nhiroz

      Lol nice joke

      • sunK1D

        On you.

  • Red-X

    Although I will buy this game (and also KH3) for PS4 (not just the policy but including every circumstances that I think XBONE is not quite fit to where I live), I still find this news to be a good news for both SE and Xbox’s gamers. If it was in the past, I would be really pissed off, but not anymore when I think as the developers, or Xbox One’s gamers themselves (this in itself, depends on each and individual opinions to choose which platform he or she will own as their main next generation console).

    I think that if I were to be a developers (the team) themselves that has been working on something not just a month or two, but for something like 7 years in order to create a great(?) game that will take the gaming community to the next level. When the development on that so called title has finished developing the game, I think I will be really proud of it. And when you are proud of something, you are most likely want people to experience the game that you are so proud of as much as can. That in itself is understandable, right? Well, money is also a main factor here too, but I don’t think money will be the only reason for game developers to create a game in the first place anyway.

    As for the gamer on other platform. Well, games are for people who enjoys them. You are suppose playing the game for fun (or enjoyment?). That is mostly the main basic reason for every gamers. So, I think the more games you have, the more fun you can experience. It is not like you will be hurt or sad when other people beside you playing the same game as you, eventhough he or she is playing on one totally different system. For me as long as I enjoy the game, I am more than happy enough.

    P.S. I am not a native english speaker, so I am apologize for anything that might sound off, or bad.

  • kiri25

    Well if ppl want to spend a $100 more to play ffxv and kh3 on a weaker system developed more for TV that’s their choice, but I prefer to enjoy ffxv and kh3 in its fullest glory on ps4 :)

    • KnifeAndFork

      Also imagine you’re playing the game, you save it, then the next day your internet goes out and you wanna play…hurr durrr you’re X’d out…

  • kiri25

    Wow really. Xbox one not due out in Asia till late 2014 and Japan mysteriously absent from the asian territories list for it to release in.

    Guess ms has given up on Japan if this is true

    • artemisthemp

      Kiri25 they haven’t given up on Japan, they just have given up upon been a GAMING console and now focus on been the best TV Box/Movie Player on the market

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    PS4 all the way

  • Dustin Barlow

    Hmmmm i don’t know it looks like its a step in the right direction but why does it feel like final fantasy is becoming more and more like a soap opera with every instalment? I understand the difference in East and West cultures but why can’t we play as a gritty, angry protaganist, like an ex mercenary or something, who has seen the horrors of war and is broken. Anybody remember Cecil from FF4? instead we get the cast of laguna beach with a main character who is prettier than the most women. I want to play a badass!